This section, and it is huge, looks at cases, dirty cops and what the Police do not like you to see about themselves.

I will not bore you with their claims of unfairness on my part and the denials they continually issue to cover up their malpractice.  They are at the moment enjoying mass coverage on TV programmes showing how wonderful they are, but some time ago we applied to a commercial TV station to present them with a show on ' corruption in the police force ' it was turned down.  Firstly they gave the reason it was bad for business, then on the grounds it would sour relations.  It also came about that the police would only take part if they could have a script and cases they were willing to discuss (we would be forbidden to ask anything they did not like or unexpectedly put to them of an embarrassing nature)  We said no, as this would not get a proper response on air especially to cases they would prefer not to discuss.  So they have declined in favour of the image they prefer to be fed to the public, the propaganda and the lie they perpetuate like the Judiciary and Lawyers.  It appears that ' unaccountability ' wins.

THE GOVERNMENT KNOW IF THEY GO AFTER POLICE CORRUPTION THOROUGHLY, THEY WILL BE COMPROMISED, AND IN MANY CASES BE GOING AFTER THEMSELVES!...........that is why no inquiry has ever been successful in rooting out bent cops....it's politically dangerous!

There is so much material to cover and volumes already compiled that we will first begin with recent news items such as the 742 Police Officers arrested and another item by the Liberal Democrats announcing that 1,063 police officers have criminal records and are serving officers in the police.  This might shock, but it is a fact the tip of the iceberg and not a full picture of police corruption --- it goes much deeper than those figures and encompasses all ranks -- as you will see if you go to ' The Bent Cops' list, which is just a snapshot of what we have in our files.

The Dawning of a Police Force and

'Where it all began'

1829 -- ROBERT PEEL created the Police Force of today, but then they were known as 'PEELERS' and gained the nickname of 'Bobbies' later. The City of London section was annexed off and omitted from the National Policing, coming to be known as The MET POLICE.  These forces were formed from the existence of 'The Bow Street Runners' and in 1809 there was a 'Bow Street Mounted Patrol' formed exclusively to deter and capture Highway Robbers.  Even so there were Magistrate's Constables still around in the 1820's.  History on this brew of law officers relies entirely on newspaper reports at the time, and corruption was rife as it existed in every division, often blamed on poor pay and lousy conditions in the workplace.  Bribe taking was the main dish of the day and officers easily succumbed to it.  There was no commission or CIB to root out bent cops, they just existed and took what they could when the opportunity arrived.  The many brothels proved a reasonable source of income and some divisions had their own 'protection rackets' going on.  Some cops were 'muscle' for rich influential gentry and a dark part of this corruption featured 'setting up' people for crimes that they actually committed.  Politicians and the very rich were to blame for most of these elements due to the fact they imagined they owned the Police, and could use them as they wished.  It took many years before daring moderate and caring influences made noises in Parliament, which eventually changed things from being 'a private police force' for the privileged who kept the Public in line (for landowners and businessmen), and attempted to 'Protect and Serve' the Public who routinely could not afford the Police.....Parliament was forced to up the budget and pay them more so that they didn't turn to the crooks and villains.

THE REALITY OF THE BOW STREET RUNNERS:  Somewhat of a legend in early policing and Victorian times, likened to the police and on occasions linked to 'Sherlock Holmes' novels, they were often mistakenly seen as young boys, but not so, Conan Doyle used the 'Baker St Irregulars'.......Henry Fielding, novelist and Senior Stipendiary Magistrate at Bow Street established the 'Runners' in 1748.  They were as one would expect, commissioned by Law Enforcement to carry out activities (watching and gathering information on gangsters) and paid Eleven shillings and sixpence per week (later rising to 25 shillings).  They would often undertake security work, especially at the Bank of England.  They were not a bunch of kids as we pointed out and the youngest were solid built teenagers of which there were few, they were mainly men in their late thirties and beyond...they often took work as 'bouncers' at theatres.  There was however, a dark side to the runners, evidence of corruption and brutality followed them around the city, and in 1828 Chief Magistrate Sir Richard Birnie told The House of Commons that such practices were not to be tolerated quoting for the first time 'Police brutality and Police malpractice' (which stayed around until 'The Fall of Scotland Yard' in the 1970's).  It was discovered that monies recovered in robberies the Runners investigated, was less each time as they reported back, and it was not until they nabbed two main leaders of the Runners that they became aware that they were keeping some of the cash and distributing it among themselves.  It was also discovered that the two main Runners had large bank accounts of thousands which could not have been saved from wages.  This spelt the end for the Runners, and their days were numbered and The City Police were given a proper squad of 25 officers, properly kitted out and paid the same as other constables.

THE BOW STREET RUNNERS -- 'George Vaughan  1821....sentenced to transportation.

In 1821, The House of Commons Select Committee set into motion 'a thorough investigation into the condition of London's Police Force', George Vaughan was a member of 'The Foot Patrol' at Bow St Police Station, who had been copying his hero and notorious predecessor in 'thief-taking' Jonathan Wild*  In that he was actually carrying out robberies, and then arresting his accomplices...a practice of playing both sides and gaining on it while maintaining that he was a 'law enforcer'...on one such occasion he arrested two of 'his gang' and they were ex-City of London Officers.  But Vaughan had not learned much at all from the hero he emulated, and he was actually caught when a 13yr old boy who he'd actually recruited to burgle a wealthy widow Mrs Macdonald's house, Vaughan was himself arrested and convicted of two robberies and duly sentenced to transportation.

* Jonathan Wild, Law Enforcer and Thief Taker 1724.......He was the most notorious 'bad cop' who had a colourful past of being sent to prison on several occasions for theft, yet he went on to serve under City Marshal Charles Hitchin who taught him the trade of 'playing both sides' which would earn him large sums of money (all under the noses of the government) using the 'Parliamentary Reward System'   However, his greed go the better of him (as it often does) as ministers allowed him to set up a lost property office for the robbed citizens of the city.  But Wild began selling the recovered items from the robberies to their owners who were prepared to pay more for the return of their goods than he would have got selling them.  But he paid 'his thieves' poorly and their loyalty to him waned.  Yet amazingly, in 1720 of all things, the government was naive enough to consult him about the rising crime rate in London! and to this he got them to increase the rewards for capturing criminals.... which was one of his own sources of profit.  He was soon arrested, and even though in court he claimed he had brought 67 criminals to the gallows via his own law known as the Jonathan Wild Act, approved by parliament in recognition of his services to law, he suffered the same fate as them!

1829 -- POLICE ACCOUNTABILITY UNDER SUSPICION -- Complaints against the Police were rising even though the police had just formed on a national level (even though London was the prime area).  In 1829 the Middle Classes and Rich were concerned about the new powers 'which the police had assumed' came with the job.  To remedy this and appease the Gentry, the Police were subject to rigorous discipline, low standards of pay, and small compensation for injury and bereavement.  Balancing the need for a recognised police force meant their 'loyalty had to be paid for' and it was clear they rejected criticism and complaints badly, rejecting any kind of outside or independent body looking into their systems of 'upholding the law'.... and much of this was already suspicious!


On another interesting note we discovered the following 'historic' piece:

'CAMPAIGNING AGAINST THE UNNECESSARY BRUTALITY DEALT OUT BY THE METROPOLITAN POLICE'  -- This was a cause led by Martin Attlee (son of Clement Attlee Prime Minister), 2nd Earl, and Social Democratic Party Spokesman.  In correspondence to The Daily Telegraph newspaper, he intentionally drew attention to 'horrific stories and accounts of Police Arrogance, especially when it comes to picking up boys with a Public School accent'.....It later emerged that this son of the Prime Minister had himself been picked on by Police when he was a boy and falsely charged and thrown into a cell after going to the police station on a late night to enquire about finding a taxi.



We begin with THE BRIBERY SCANDAL OF 1877.  Although the Police Force was in it's formative years and malpractice was a regular event, the conviction of four senior officers for taking bribes caused the public to doubt the integrity of a force that should have been law abiding.  Paymaster and tycoon, a man called Benson, paid the officers to inform him of raids and if necessary, make evidence disappear.

Benson was an ingenious swindler.  He teamed up with 'racing swindler ' William Kurr and together they issued ' Le-Sport ' which included many references to the wealthy Mr. Yonge who lived in a mansion on Shanklin, the Isle-of-Wight.  Many bookies suspected Yonge and the unusual large winnings at the race course.  Benson knew Yonge personally.  Yonge was a trickster and he chose victim Comtesse de Goncourt for a swindle acting as the betting agent using an alias.  Madame de Goncourt invested £10,000, and that was the last she saw of it.  William Kurr enlisted Chief Inspector John Meiklejohn and paid him not to investigate or derail investigations into previous swindles.  Second police officer Chief Inspector Nathaniel Druscovich was in financial difficulties, Meiklejohn introduced him to Kurr, who now had two cops on his payroll, this was soon followed by a third cop - Chief Inspector William Palmer.  Meiklejohn warned Benson and Kurr that nosey cop Chief Inspector Clarke was getting ready to pounce.  Yonge entered the plan, and got Clarke to visit him on the Isle - of - Wight.  He told Clarke he had information.  This turned later, and Yonge said he'd paid £50 to Clarke.  Clarke was trapped, he'd been to Yonge's several times on invites - they were both brother freemasons.  A villain, Walters, also said he had bribed Clarke and had a letter proving it.  All four cops ended up on trial along with Benson and William Kurr (plus a lawyer).  Wealthy businessman and Freemason Yonge escaped, he was too powerful to bring down.  Benson admitted that the senior detectives had been in his pay since 1873.


MEIKLEJOHN got 2 years hard labour having committed corruption connected with The Bank Of London fraud.

MET POLICE COMMISSIONER RESIGNS OVER RIOT (1886) -- Sir Edward Henderson was forced to resign over his 'mishandling' of a riot in Trafalgar Square, London. which went badly wrong.

'CHIEF INSPECTOR ABBERLINE AND THE CLEVELAND STREET BROTHEL SCANDAL' (1886) ---  Abberline and the brothel rumours,  this notorious cop has been featured in Jack the Ripper films as having been on the case, and would appear to most as being fiction, but this is not so.  Chief Inspector Frederick Abberline was a London cop of high rank, and his connections with government officials and the gentry was 'intriguing' if not highly suspicious.  Abberline could do more than most cops in neighbouring divisions and to some degree he was feared by the rank and file.  His methods of brutality mixed with cunning went overlooked, and it was only when he 'failed' to make his usual 'vigorous swoop' on a brothel; allowing the proprietor (Charles Hammond) to flee to the continent that questions began to be asked.  They said he had been 'deliberately' slow to act, even though he already had the warrant, which allowed the 'aristocratic clients' to be elsewhere when he raided the brothel.  Enemies of Abberline tried to have him suspended and charged with dereliction of duty, but this failed, as Abberline had powerful friends?

1893 - Policeman kills girlfriend, PC GEORGE COOKE was said to have had a stormy relationship with prostitute Maude Merton and beat the girl to death.  PC KEMP his friend and helper was forced to resign, and Cooke went to the gallows despite an appeal that was dismissed.

There was little wonder that Peel's Police Force wasn't exactly like he thought it was going to be, his ideals were only shared by a few who were under pressure to bring order to the streets of London.  Scanning newspapers and the Strand Magazine the 1800's clearly shows that corruption in any walk of life flourished, and stopping it was near impossible.  Walking into a police job was easy, but the pay was lousy and when that happens the door of corruption opens.  The idealists were unaware that 'police' officers were taking bribes to supplement their incomes, and what started as 'small time' grew to ambitious as some realised that business and politicians had secrets and financial dealings that would jail them if they were caught.  The more intelligent officers took advantage of this and took the lion's share, involving junior officers in the plot so that their backs were covered.  Which of course, was a good business move: take one cop down and you must take the lot, and that would prove too difficult and of course ruin the police ethic and reputation...and as there was no 'inner corruption units policing the police' at the time, some police were running the police in the way they wanted, clamping down on the poor and unfortunates, and looking after the rich so that they had a foot on the power base and earned extra cash.  Peel was quite unaware as Parliament was pressurising him into having more police, so he had to trust his ministers and District Forces led by Commanders and Chief Inspectors to get more.  However, 'the game was afoot' as Sherlock Holmes put it, the game of corruption was already mapped out and the cops were getting more like the robbers every day, and it was only the uniform that separated them.

THE BETHNAL GREEN CORRUPTION INCIDENT  -- 1898,  We are calling this an incident because much of the report was 'sketchy' and tucked away in a two inch column of 'Latest News'....and appeared in the local newspaper in connection with a story about a row between a magistrate and several constables who were on trial for three robberies in the area of the East End of London.  It says that Mr Thomas JP objected to the City's intrusion and deliberate meddling into the Court Administration.  And it only goes on to say that the Commissioner reserved the right to intervene, along with a quote of his power and duties,.....and that's all we can find so far!

1901 - Constable Frank Whittle was removed from duty after being suspected of running a brothel.  It was stated at the Inquiry that several women testified against him, and that he deliberately interfered with and obstructed the course of the investigation by bribing two witnesses not to attend and one other of stealing notes and documents that had his signature on from the premises in Bow Road.


From this beginning, the police were never able to shake off corruption, its smell never escaped the corridors of power even though some introduced 'sweeping' and 'special teams' to eradicate it  --- they were not successful, and never have been.  All such investigations have been 'cosmetic' and ' a publicity stunt' in order to allay public fears.  Its success lies in honesty and accountability, and that cannot be achieved even now.


'Corrupt Policeman Horace Ashton (1870 to 1935)'

When CONSTABLE ASHTON appeared in Court, he was commended by the bench as being 'GOOD AT PERJURY' and in 1905 found himself the subject of a Royal Commission Order into corruption, which at that time was a rare decision in the House.  They were to investigate Police Malpractice and PC ASHTON in particular.  It was while the lengthy investigation was ongoing that in 1906, Constable Ashton (thought well of by colleagues), fell out with a young man named Gamble over a prostitute he was going out with, which apparently so was Ashton, and as a result an altercation happened and Ashton brutally attacked Gamble and hospitalised him for nine months.  Ashton tried to cover it up and made several false statements all the way to a court hearing.  The Commission found him guilty of gross misconduct and he was sentenced to nine months of hard labour.


'The Criminal Cop 1907'

Bartholomew Smith, known as 'Bart' to his fellow police officers, he was a Police Constable in the Limehouse Division, London, a former 'pickpocket' turned cop (it wasn't unusual then, his past was not uncovered until later).  Smith was a blackmailer now within the police who decided to use his police status to compromise other officers so that he could ensure a fairly tight safety mechanism.  It was reported at the time when he was found out and captured that up to 13 officers were 'silenced' by Smith and wouldn't testify against him, despite him being involved in running a brothel protection racket and organising petty robberies on his 'patch'.....it only went wrong when he got ambitious and moved out to other districts south of the river which upset other criminal chiefs who had their own cops in their pockets, and Smith was trapped when he was conned into a meeting which had cops he didn't know who were there to arrest him.  He claimed he was 'set up' by the force and tried to implicate the chiefs who he believed were attempting to silence him because they were taking bribes.  But this failed and the judge wouldn't allow time to go down this route or order an inquiry.  Strangely enough, Smith was thrown out of the police and did not go to jail....the cheap newspapers at the time claimed it was a 'fix'....and the matter eventually faded along with the truth probably.

Note...in those days there were no background checks, a man applying to be a cop had to be able bodied and good in a fight, there was very little training.......some cases appeared in the Strand Magazine and in the suburb or district editorials, which came and went frequently?




We now plug the gap in this historic beginning and go to 1929

'The Corruption Case of 29 -- 1929'


The 1929 Royal Commission looked at misconduct in the Police focusing on a major problem in the Liverpool area, they looked at just several cases of police misbehaviour, including one case of corruption.  8 Former Liverpool Constables were found guilty of conspiracy and corruption in 1928, and one additional cop just on the conspiracy charge.  Amazingly, the officers were 'bound over' because the sitting Judge thought them to be 'decent police officers who fell into temptation?' -- this was the result of the first inquiry, and a second Inquiry within 18 months in Liverpool netted two other Liverpool officers on bribery in connection with unlawful street betting, and the bribe was £1 a week.  Both police officers were dismissed from the force and a further 11 police officers resigned?  It was also discovered in the investigation that in Liverpool's E Division, bribery was systematic, organised and passed on to 'incoming new officers' and that the experienced cops concocted 'dummy arrests' to hide their activities.   A 'Clean Up' was ordered into the force by the Commission.


'Met Sergeant runs protection racket for clubs and brothel'   (1929)

FORMER STATION SERGEANT George Goddard of C.Division in the Met Police received an 18 months prison sentence, a fine of £2,000 and costs for corruption and conspiracy in 1929 for taking bribes from clubs and brothels. Besides warning his 'clients' of impending police raids it was said in court that he had worked in the Metropolitan Police for 26 years, and that Senior Officers trusted him completely!  In court he claimed that all of the charges were unfounded and stuck to this even to the point of using fellow officers to speak out on his behalf.  But evidence of a 'false name' current account and a letter proved him to be a liar.  Eventually it emerged during the trial investigators had discovered over £12,000 in bank safe deposits in his name and an untouched account at a house 'said to have been purchased by a good friend' for him containing £1,600 in cash, and with some of the notes traceable to the club owners.  Even when his arrest was ordered due to an anonymous letter sent to the Yard, they found £900 in cash in his possession, and at that time in 1929 a copper of his rank was paid a weekly salary of just £6.  All in all he had a secret fortune of £18,000.  The report says that others were suspected, but were not brought to trial and the matter was hurriedly dropped?


'Former Cop commits murder' (1932)

MET COP MAURICE FREEDMAN appeared at The Old Bailey on a charge of murder, in that he killed his fiancée.  Freedman wasn't actually liked by Annette Friedson's parents who grew suspicious of the cop's delay of his divorce and the promise to marry their daughter.  This matter ended when Annette finally broke off their relationship having realised it was going nowhere and that she was being used by Freedman.  This breaking off culminated in the murder of Annette in a city office.  In Court they heard Freedman make up a bizarre defence that he actually intended to kill himself and take his own life, but accidentally slashed Annette with the razor he was about to use, and then threw it away into the nearby canal.  But this didn't pan out and no razor was found in a search of the area....and due to a transport worker the murder weapon was recovered from a bus where it had been left.  The stick with an attached razor blade still had blood spots that of Annette and Freedman's alibi collapsed and he was found guilty of murder.


AS WITH 1918...and no corruption cases being brought out, THE SECOND WORLD WAR WENT FROM 1939 TO 1945 when the Nation were too busy looking the other way...and even after 1945 the country was involved in getting itself back on its feet, but it would not have prevented corruption being there in some form.


'Lying Cop convicted of brutal murder 1950'

MET POLICE CONSTABLE JAMES ROBERTSON was found guilty of murder after a 'long' Court Trial in which it was proved he lied to cover up his crime several times.  It was stated in court that he murdered Mrs Catherine McCluskey in Prospect Hill Road on the 27th of July by using his car to kill her, and that he reversed and ran over her body again to make sure she wasn't alive.  In court he claimed that his car had been stolen, and that he found it again, but admitted not to having informed his colleagues that he did this.  And he continued using it without any report being made despite it being on the stolen register, to which he had access to.  He also claimed he was off-duty on the night of the murder doing repairs to his car (which wasn't stolen yet).  At first he said he didn't know the victim, but suddenly changed his mind when prosecutors made short work of his lies.  It turned out that Robertson not only knew the woman intimately, but was having his second child with her...and it was on this news that he went to see her and decided to terminate the affair.  It was also proved that he had planned this and on the night tampered with police report logs in order to throw suspicion off himself.


'The Chief Constable of Cardiganshire 1944 to 1957'

1957 The year he resigned -- RESIGNATION OR DISMISSAL?....... that was his choice when he was brought before The Police Authority.  11 Disciplinary charges were lodged against him, and just three were proved in 'a private disciplinary meeting'      79 Officers primarily based in Aberystwyth were under investigation by The Authority under the supervision of H.J.Phillimore QC, but no offences were revealed in the report?    Shortly after the Chief Constable left, more things came to light.  He apparently failed to take action in 1956 over 'misbehaviour' in the Force's Traffic Branch.  One case involving a woman officer that had become pregnant by another officer had been 'misfiled' and more or less lost, both officers involved resigned.  In that year, Alderman Williams JP, announced his allegations at a meeting of The Police Authority against Chief Constable W.J.Jones who had been appointed in 1944 after his predecessor 'resigned under a cloud of suspicion'                         His tenure was to last until 1954, but had it extended for a further 5 years....until relations with the Police Authority worsened.  Letters to Jones from the Authority were unanswered and reports on him surfaced.  News of him using officers and the CID estate cars for his personal use when setting up his new home arrived via messages.  He even received a full travelling allowance which he took advantage of even though he didn't have a car?  The list grew bigger and it was revealed he was failing to discipline accused officers who had been reported for things that qualified as misconduct.  It was also found that he failed to keep proper records, and lastly, being found in a 'state of intoxication' at the Police Headquarters in Aberystwyth...all this and more finally brought down an officer who was 'difficult to remove'


'One of the most bent cops in the 1950's'

Said to be from the 1950's to the 1970's, DETECTIVE INSPECTOR ALEC EIST is the holder of this badge....according to friend and villain Reg Dudley, a North London Career Criminal, who says he had a close working relationship with Eist.  He said confidently 'If my friends got into trouble or saw trouble on the horizon, a few grand channelled through me, and Alec would do what he could to make the evidence 'disappear'  Eist it was said preferred to work alone in this area of bribes etc, rather than within 'a firm' of bent coppers. He said he didn't trust them and worked with the London Underworld his way.  Reg Dudley was said to have boasted about Eist profiting from the proceeds of the 1972 Baker St Bank job.   Even though he dodged getting caught for many years, he was eventually charged with corruption and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.


'Profumo and The Police Frame-up of Stephen Ward'  (1958 /1960's)

THE FOUR COPS WHO CONCOCTED AND FABRICATED EVIDENCE to convict Stephen Ward were only just a small part of the conspiracy that emerged with the downfall of the government and Minister John Profumo. There was a Judicial and Government cover-up with a trail made deliberately confusing that led all the way to the Lord Chief Justice whose intervention made sure that Stephen Ward was found guilty -- he had to be sacrificed for the sake of John Profumo the then Secretary of State for War in the Macmillan Government in the 1960's -- when the State decided to lie, cheat and deceive, using its powers to put an innocent citizen in prison for the sake of minimising a scandal and what they considered; the greater good!                                                                                                                                                                                        Of the four police officers? one died, one retired and went into hiding in Australia and simply vanished? The two Junior ranks, Detective Sergeants, now immune --- waited 25 years before admitting that Ward had been set-up by the Law and an adversary that he could not escape --- the British Legal system did everything it could to make certain that Ward was convicted; and later information uncovered showed that Lord Justice Parker played a major part in carrying out the miscarriage of justice.       One must consider beyond any doubt, that the four man team of cops were not acting alone to frame Stephen Ward, that conclusion or suggestion would be preposterous to say the least, they were acting under orders from their bosses throughout.                                                                                                                                                              At the helm of the conspiracy was Home Secretary Henry Brooke, and he had become anxious and annoyed with Roger Hollis of MI5 who said a prosecution against Ward under the Official Secrets Act would not succeed. Brooke was absolutely determined to get Stephen Ward by whatever means, fair or foul, and the latter was chosen.  So he went to The Metropolitan Police, and they were up for it.  An investigation began immediately into Stephen Ward -- with instructions to 'find something and everything useful no matter how trivial'     The CID were employed headed by CHIEF INSPECTOR SAMUEL HERBERT and DETECTIVE SERGEANT JOHN BURROWS, who chose DETECTIVE SERGEANT ARTHUR EUSTACE and DETECTIVE SERGEANT MICHAEL GLASSE who were considered as 'The Hunters' -- this special team of four were assembled and briefed by COMMANDER FRED C. PENNINGTON.  DETECTIVE SUPERINTENDENT JAMES AXON was in charge of the 'field-work' and made the prolonged search for any evidence that would tilt the scales towards Ward.  Burrows and Eustace said (25yrs later), the case and investigation was not normal police practice as one usually investigated the circumstances after a crime had been committed, but this one was to 'invent a crime and find things to support it'   Apart from this, everything found had to be logged and the Prime Minister had to be kept informed and receive copies of all the evidence and reports-- ' A closed copy for his eyes only'  They realised they were being employed to go on 'a fishing expedition' to justify an expected catalogue of charges ---'Go and find one that will stick in a court of law' was the order from the Met Chief.

Things got very difficult when they came up with virtually nothing -- the decision was then made to lean on friends and acquaintances' of Ward, -- and have them testify to false statements and fabricated evidence -- this order was leading the police into dangerous territory; Ward still had a few powerful friends he could call upon for support, and any questions in The House Of Commons would not be welcome by the Prime Minister.

The police continued to turn his friends by coercion and threats until all the selected witnesses told lies and anyone supporting him was suppressed. The eventual 'fit-up' trial was at the Old Bailey in Court No 1. on July the 22nd 1963.   Even at the Court of Criminal Appeal, Mr. Justice Marshall failed to conceal his hate for Ward for bringing the scandal down on England.  He remained bias and belied anything said favourable of Ward by his defence Lawyer --- his brief was to silence Ward and put him in jail.  The tragedy here is that the police and judiciary succeeded and were about to impose a sentence of up to 14 years when Ward took an overdose and died in hospital.

This is the story of Christine Keeler, Many Rice-Davies, a spy and sex scandal that involved a prominent Minister

In addition --- from Christine Keeler herself,  she said that the Scotland Yard Cops -- Chief Inspector Samuel Herbert and Detective Sergeant John Burrows were, 'A Double Act' --- one supposedly good and the other bad...they conducted the intense and long interview sessions usually called 'interrogations' with her.  It was quite clear that they had no interest or agenda to look into what part the members of government played (or paid) in this -- they were there to nail Stephen Ward at all costs, and Christine Keeler, but left the latter fairly secret, pretending to be on her side so long as she gave them what they wanted.  It was obvious they were 'Puppets of a Whitehall brief', yet they denied it when she asked.  They just kept saying it was 'A matter of Security' and that they had to know everything.

It was also interesting to know that Roger Hollis of MI5 was very uncooperative in this, and the American FBI complained of him stone-walling them several times they requested information on the matter.


'The 'Big Red' Affair' of the 1960's (beginning in 1953)

This 'cop corruption' saga began with two constables in 1953 in the Yorkshire area, LEEDS.  They were dismissed from the Yorkshire Police for 'accepting money' from local bookmakers.  Investigators began looking into other cases which revealed that 11 police officers from the Leeds division were charged with a variety of offences from indecent assault on children, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice etc.  Details of the 'Affair' now raised came to light when the two fired cops alleged a 'cover up' within the Force, and their insistence that they had no confidence in superior officers?   The case after intense investigation (which was not appreciated by the area command), led to prison sentences for Brian Nicholson and INSPECTOR GEOFFREY ELLERKER, each getting nine months.  But that wasn't the end of the story or the investigation. A new team began to unravel the career of Inspector Ellerker and targeted but one case in particular that was to reveal facts that would not look favourable on the entire Yorkshire and Leeds Police Division.  It was the case of 'David Oluwade' a disturbed Nigerian who was discovered drowned, but no-one came forward with ant explanation, and the force seemed reluctant to investigate, and just shelved it away.  But the team pushed until it was revealed that Inspector Ellerker and SERGEANT KENNETH KITCHING had been 'unofficially' tormenting David Oluwade.  It transpired that a 'few silent officers' had witnessed the Inspector and Sergeant assaulting Oluwade, yet had done nothing.  More disturbing was the fact that 1,100 police officers in the Leeds and area force 'were interviewed in secret' showing that police 'camaraderie' and buddy boy alliances were stronger than justice.  Inspector Ellerker and Sergeant Kitching were later tried in court after investigators finally got at the truth.....Ellerker received 3 years, and Kitching, 27 months in jail.


'The fall of Tommy Butler-- Detective Chief Superintendent)

IT WAS 1963, and The Great Train Robbery.  The Scotland Yard Detective Thomas Butler was heralded as a man who could get things done fast, and he could, and it was how he achieved this that brought him down.  His fellow cops were inspired with his determination, and so were his bosses.  'Tommy' was a good man so they thought, and basically he was, but his desire to get his man took him over the line and cutting corners began to worry his closest men who said nothing.  His methods were finally exposed while he was investigating the Great Train Robbery when he 'fitted' up one of the suspects.  No one was quite sure how many times he had planted evidence in order to get a conviction they didn't see this coming.  It was discovered that Butler had put yellow paint on suspect William Boal's shoes to incriminate him and put him at the hideout farm.  Butler was Head of the infamous 'Flying Squad' a unit eventually disbanded over corruption allegations and charges brought against them.

NB: You can read more about this squad in books 'The Fall of Scotland Yard' and 'Bent Coppers' see General Information.



THE 1960's and an emerging pattern of corruption in the police.

1963 saw the sensational trial of the corrupt and vicious career of Detective Sergeant Harry Challenor.  The papers centred on the madness he showed before going on trial and this helped to cloud many truths of certain squads.  The convenience of this state helped other bent cops and the public were led to believe that he was just ' one rotten apple.'

DETECTIVE SGT CHALLENOR was perceived as a paranoid schizophrenic, and termed as ' a bullying and treacherous policeman' (as they would have us believe?). But there were undeniable suspicions the top brass used smear campaigns to full use, in order to throw off and deflect suspicion on themselves and other police officers. It was obviously better to do this than allow the public to believe there may be widespread corruption in the force -- but this would have been so if the public had been aware of three other officers on trial with him were being sent to jail for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. The Press were actively if not covertly, encouraged to concentrate their stories on Challenor -- and unfortunately -- they did, and the three other convicted officers quietly left the court for a journey to prison by the back-door so-to-speak. Amid the furore of ' a crazy cop' little was said or printed about the police manipulating and twisting evidence to get convictions -- using criminal records on other people, who were particularly vulnerable, to beef up a thin case when they were quite aware they lacked real evidence.

1969 saw enquiries into the Lancashire Drugs Squad and six detectives were committed for trial, none were named!

THE DRUG SQUAD JAILINGS --- Detective Constable Nigel Lilley was said to be a key member of the corrupt crew of police officers in Scotland Yard's Drug Squad under the Operational Control of DCI Kelaher and headed by Detective Sergeant 'Nobby' Pilcher.  It was found during investigations into the 'secretive' squad that they would arrive at a suspect's residence armed with the warrant, and a bag of drugs which they would 'plant' in the house as they carried out the search, suddenly able to find it, and then falsely arrest the people.  It is said they got away with this for 'a long time' besides helping themselves to cash and anything they found without the ordinary 'plod' being there and getting in their way.  Lilley, Pilcher and two other officers received jail sentences for perverting the course of justice.....and of course, Victor Kelaher was allowed to retire? (see below 'Police block Case against DCI in Cover Up).  Although they could not get them all, the squad was disbanded.

1973 saw Deputy Assistant Commissioner Gilbert Kelland whose inquiry led to 20 officers being dismissed. (none were named)

THREE ENQUIRIES were going at once over this period.


12 Officers from the elite and 'moralistic' police squad were arrested in February 1976

Three Senior Officers were arrested - Commander Wallace Virgo of Area Command and Commander Kenneth Drury, former Head of the Flying Squad (which gives one cause for thought on what later came out about their corruption), and William Moody former Head of C.I. Obscene Publications Squad.

After appointing Detective Chief Superintendent Bill Moody, Jimmy Humphreys a major pornographer was arrested.  40 officers were arrested after Humphreys Diary was found.

1976 - After police officers from the Obscene Publications Squad were seen to be too friendly with ' the dirty books brigade ' 15 police officers of Drugs and Pornography went to trial. All were charged and convicted of being involved in 'issuing special licences' to crooks within the Soho area for around £14,000, and a protection weekly rate of £200 which ensured the crooks freedom from prosecution.  It was also stated at the time that 'top brass officers' had cash envelopes make their way into the pockets of 'honest' officers to implicate them in case problems arose.

It is interesting to note that out of the 12 officers in the initial trials, only three names were ever published.....other officers were not referred to.....and out of the 40 officers named in Humphrey's diary, none were named and a trial was not set or ever heard of?

Update:  'The Moody connection and Detective Inspector Brian Robson' labelled 'The Met Villain'... He was the Head of 'Operation Coathanger' and was featured in the Publication 'The Fall of Scotland Yard' in 1969.  He was linked to two other officers, Detective Sergeant John Symonds and Detective Sergeant Gordon Harris.  'THE TIMES' ran a story in which Robson and his two colleagues were practicing 'extortion' on Michael Perry, a small time thief.  Under so much pressure from Robson, Perry sought help from Crime Boss Joe Pyle who had a contact at the Paper.  A plan was set up to catch the three crooked cops and Perry was 'wired up' for his next meeting with them, and the recorded conversation was sent to Scotland Yard.....unfortunately, it landed in Detective Chief Superintendent Bill Moody's lap (he later received 12 years jail for being one of the most corrupt cops at the Met).  He gave the tape to the Inspector of Constabulary, Frank Williamson and a rookie cop, but they didn't know Moody.  Behind the scenes, John du Rose Operational Head of the Met CID had already got Moody to sabotage the inquiry and Williamson's investigation was unsuccessful!"


THE 1970's were a playground for unaccountable cops and cops that turned a blind eye to what other cops did in the 'misconduct' arena.  One such account leads us to revealing what happened at a Police Station near Earls Court in Kensington -- The lair of The Met Police:   Cops had nabbed a young motorist, a Mr Richardson who they accused of being a 'banned driver caught driving' -- it really didn't happen like that, he was spotted with a vehicle but not actually driving it.  What followed won't shock those who know how the police behave when they are in the confines of a police station.   He was detained in a cell at South Kensington, and three police officers; one of Senior rank hit him across the face demanding that he confess to driving while disqualified.  He was bullied and threatened by these cops.  He was convicted at West London Magistrates, but in those days it was quite easy for the cops to lie their way to a result......it was their word against his, and they had the magistrates on their side!


'Police block case against DCI in cover up'

This refers to a 1971 case we unearthed about Drug Squad boss Detective Chief Inspector Victor Kelaher who was caught in a raid by HM Customs officers at a prostitute's house, and confiscated jewellery the officer had given her.  They later caught him at a hotel where members of a drug smuggling operation were meeting, and nabbed Kelaher when he arrived at the Melba House Hotel in Earls Court.  They were able to question him for five hours but 'had' to let him go.  A power struggle ensued between the Customs, Home Office and Scotland Yard.  The Customs wanted a full investigation into Kelaher and the Drug Squad, but this was 'blocked' by Deputy Assistant Commissioner Dick Chitty who said that a prosecution of Kelaher would harm relations between the customs and police and wasn't a wise move.  The cover-up deal was accepted and Kelaher was put on restricted duties and moved to Tintagel House.  Even in court at the trial of one of the 'gang' Basil Sands, the Judge warned the jury not to let their opinion of DCI Kelaher sway their verdict even if in private they believed he was in the middle of the smuggling ring...........Kelaher was never tried, he was allowed to retire.       (the full story is in 'unaccountable civil servants, HMRC stuff)


We begin with a case that has only recently come to our attention:

'The Oval Four Case and the frame up'

This happened in 1972, and it has taken 47 YEARS to 'legally' clear the men who went to prison on the strength of 'one?' corrupt detective as it leads us to believe.  It is fifty years since Winston Trew was jailed by a court along with Sterling Christie, Constantine Boucher and George Griffiths. The report strongly wants us to believe that a DETECTIVE SERGEANT DEREK RIDGEWELL of The Transport Police engineered the whole plot to frame up these four men (which we don't accept).  The Appeal Court referred to 'and others of this specialist group' none of which are mentioned in the Appeal.  It said that Detective Ridgewell was involved in several 'controversial' cases culminating in the 1973 acquittals of 'The Tottenham Court Road Two' which involved two Jesuits studying at Oxford University (which we will flag up for later).  It went onto say that the corrupt detective was moved to another department investigating mailbag theft.  And it was only at this point they say that he teamed up with two criminals sharing the profits from stolen mailbags.  It reveals that he was caught in 1980 and was jailed for seven years having stolen £300,000.  It says that he died in jail.  Winston and his friends were sentenced to two years, and the younger George Griffiths was sent to Borstal.  It does report that they launched an appeal and the sentence was reduced to eight months.  However, more came out on Detective Ridgewell, these were not his only victims.  In 1976 Stephen Simmons was jailed for mailbag theft on the strength of this officer's evidence! he was aged 20, and he served 8 months.  Later, his conviction was overturned on appeal.  An LBC radio luckily had a businessman who called the radio's legal advice team to mention this detective, was steered to look him up on the Internet (as we do and so should you) and that's when the search revealed this corrupt detective's career....and him going to prison.  The past of this detective has not been really revealed in its entirety, especially within the police, this is all blank and the cops are not coming forward on this Met Cop....and are simply trying to give that impression it is just 'one rogue cop', a cop who did a great deal of damage to several innocent people who were actually convicted by 'the evidence?'.....The Court in this final twist came to the conclusion that the convictions were 'unreliable' based on the Police Detective's evidence which he gave in three cases as we see here.  The state should be ashamed that it has taken 47 years to reach this conclusion.....the appeals, and 'behind closed doors' reviews that led to nothing being done.  Ridgeway is not the only guilty party here, there are others, and they are 'the nameless ones' who always walk away and tell themselves it didn't matter.    (6/12/2019)


Having pulled up everything we can from research and Internet leads, we now reveal more on this corrupt cop, showing at least two others who were involved from 'the team'.....London Transport Police.    We already know that Detective Ridgewell made a profession from his criminal tendencies to be 'bent' and one of his favourite moves was to confront black males on the tube, and then accuse them of stealing or pickpocketing.  And as he hoped, in the event they resisted, arrest followed, and they'd have an additional charge of resisting arrest.  Many rumours of Ridgewell and his unit nicknamed the 'Northern Line Mugging Squad' floated around the Underground system at the time, but Ridgewell knew it wouldn't get much attention.  It was only when he grabbed two young black students from Oxford 'The Tottenham Court Road Two' and this went wrong despite a conviction, and it was overturned.  It should be noted that Ridgewell also 'starred' as the chief prosecution witness in all of these trials, and it was his 'evidence'........Another case which fell on appeal to do with Ridgewell, was 'The Stockwell Six' which we tried to get, but somehow it's missing from Ridgewell's history so far!.....and we also unearthed a clue to another case involving Ridgewell and Co....they detained Anthony Jeff and another man (un-named)...Jeff got 3 years and the other 12 months suspended in a similar situation set up by Ridgewell.   It was interesting to know that Ridgewell admitted to being bent when he went to jail in a conversation with the Prison Governor.  Ridgewell's cohorts (squad) Douglas Ellis (jailed 6 years) and Alan Keeling (jailed two years) were brought to justice.   Finally, for now, as we will dig deeper on this, Ridgewell fled from Rhodesia in 1965 and then joined the Met Police.


' The Noel Fellowes Miscarriage of Justice Case '

LANCASHIRE POLICE -- Noel Fellowes had been a Policeman, and it was his colleagues in the Lancashire Police that arrested him for a crime that he did not commit (in 1970).  Ludovic Kennedy in 1986 was pioneering cases in the TV domain in 'Rough Justice' looking into Miscarriages of Justice involving people wrongly convicted on tainted or fabricated evidence.  He opened a new file on this case, 'the murder of debt collector Harold Parkinson in Overton, near Morecombe'   What amazed Ludovic was the behaviour of the Lancashire Police, especially the CID under the direction of Detective Chief Superintendent Mournsey who relentlessly went after an ex-cop for the murder on the flimsiest of evidence. The CID cops 'persuaded' witnesses to testify that Fellowes had a grudge against Parkinson despite failing to get a confession in an 'all-night' long interrogation.    Noel Fellowes was a taxi driver now, and he'd never met the deceased.  Ludovic said that it was evident that the cops had suppressed evidence pointing to other likely suspects.  Fellowes served four years of a seven year sentence, and nine years after being convicted, Appeal Court Judge, Lord Chief Justice, was very critical of the Lancashire Police.................... saying that their conduct left a lot to be desired in a situation of 'a misbehaviour of errors' 'misconclusions' and 'misfortunes' which resulted in the injustice and conviction of an innocent man.  Interestingly, Noel remarked that in the interviews the CID treated him like a buddy obviously to gain his confidence (and confession), but when they failed and he was charged, there was hostility towards him, it had all changed, 'I was treated like a dog, thrown into the cell and my food bowl was on the floor'

LORD LANE remarking on the case said' It would be an understatement to say this is an extremely disturbing case, it is clear that Police Officers handling the case either ignored or deliberately withheld evidence'

LUDOVIC KENNEDY said 'During his thirty years of studying miscarriages of justice, he found that the most common cause of miscarriage happened due to overzealousness on part of the Police.  What tends to happen is that they light on a tiny circumstantial piece of evidence to connect some person with the crime, and when they are unable to discover further evidence and get desperate to get results, they allow their suspicions to become a certainty.  And despite their protests and denials, they are known to browbeat the suspect into a confession, and persuade witnesses to say what they want them to say, and when needed, suppress or ignore evidence...particularly evidence that leads them away from their objective which is suggesting they've got the wrong person, and to make sure no-one finds this they lose those documents that support the suspect's alibi, and make out they never existed.


'1977 and the sacking of the Masonic Cop'

Two books were published concerning the connection of police to Masonic Lodges....but much of this was denied by the Force.....however, one cop, Lancashire Chief Constable STANLEY PARR was dismissed from his position after it was agreed that he had interfered in cases involving Masonic Friends in the Brotherhood.



We now come forward to OPERATION COUNTRYMAN of 1971 to 1977.  This was the biggest investigation into police corruption ever mounted, It was flawed from the start, and was headed by different Investigators.  They found police uncooperative, and police officers being on leave when they were due to be interviewed.  Some were being tipped off and others left. They also had grief from the Police Federation who took steps to be uncooperative whilst not admitting to having advised members to go sick and take leave.  Well over 100 police were in the frame, but the Government pulled the funding and it collapsed before a conclusion could be reached.

We can reveal that the inquiry collapsed due to pressure by the Police Federation who told the government that the investigation was damaging morale in the police force and that recruiting would be damaged if the inquiry continued......several weeks later after that meeting with a Minister, the investigation funding was pulled!

During the four years Sir Robert Mark held the position of Police commissioner, 478 police officers left following, or in anticipation of criminal proceedings.

The level of corruption was unprecedented and police were covering police, fabricating documents and losing files as fast as they could.  They thought themselves untouchable and perceived this as a right, telling the government if they went down so would the present government too.  Moves were made to appease the Federation and stem the tide of leaving cops...... the dark side of policing was being exposed and the cops that saw themselves as good guys were being compromised and leaned on......only a few were ever prosecuted, and this was less than 20, the others walked away or were transferred...... the police wanted this affair forgotten!

Other forces around the country were watching the 'Met Thing' with interest wondering if some of this would lead to them, they sought reassurances from the Home Office that should any Met officer under investigation point to them that it would be suppressed.  This was granted and Operation Countryman hit the dust with hardly a notice from the ill-informed public of the time......this was a successful operation by the Government who were determined to see that the police were not harmed by crooks within.

THE ROTTEN ORCHARD - a book by criminal John Mc Vicar was about to see the light of day.  It was written in conjunction with Laurie Cork, an ex-flying Squad member.  McVicar wanted to tape record his memoirs involving bent cops and Cork was helping substantiate incidents.  Things fell apart between them when Cork found out McVicar had been recording with a second tape recorder strapped to his ankle.  Cork would cease the accounts of police misconduct on the main tape recorder when it became too personal, and that's when McVicar turned on the secret tape recorder.  Cork obtained an injunction on the publishing of the book when he saw extracts published in the Daily Express.   The book was never published?

One would have thought these events should have changed police actions, and that they had learnt from them.  But no,, they got better at it, and it was not just the City of London Police, Manchester Police, the West Midlands Crime Squad would be the next big story in Police Corruption.  The disease was spreading throughout the whole police organisation.  As one retired officer told me, and he wasn't clean either,  ' if two or three officers are nicked in a sting, there are dozens of others who knew about it and turned a blind eye.  This idea about one bent officer is ludicrous, the others get away with it because of a lack of evidence, and they know it.'

UPDATE -- Revisiting the Countryman Inquiry:

'THE FAILED COUNTRYMAN POLICE CORRUPTION INQUIRY' --- and what actually took place behind the scenes!

Big Police Corruption investigations are doomed from the outset, even though it is the government intention to 'look truthful and honest' just to save 'a Public Face' whilst hiding as much as possible from the Public in the hope it all blows over.  Such cases illustrate the fundamental flaws in government approaches to the question of corruption in Public Life.  It was once said by a 'constitutional 'criminology' expert and lecturer 'If any political or public sector activity presents the opportunity for corruption, then the benefits or profits obtainable through its use offer the incentive, while the weaknesses in the laws, procedures for accountability, and means of detection correspondingly minimize the risk; which effects the decision to offer or accept a bribe must take account of these questions'    The Met Police had a problem of 'rotten apples' within its ranks determined to exact maximum personal advantage; determined to escape, and if necessary, determined to take down others on the other side of the fence (the government).  There was also another question -- Was the barrel corrupted itself? rather than just a few rogues, and investigators on The Countryman team had to travel carefully knowing they were being 'monitored' by others on both sides of the fence (Police hierarchy and Government), hence -- the task was not easy and some of these investigators at command level had their wings 'clipped' and fell by the wayside as we already know.                                                                                                                                            The Home Affairs Committee (government) had a meeting with Sir Peter Matthews the Chief Constable of Surrey, tabling the subject of Police Complaints Procedures....which in reality was the minor issue because the real topic they had come to discuss was The Countryman Inquiry, but found him 'very guarded' in his comments, and it became obvious he preferred to position himself on police behaviour by saying ' I do not think there is any more corruption in the police service than there is in any other walk of life' (the Public).  When asked about corruption specifically he answered by posing his own question, 'Just what amount are we dealing with?' and added that he considered that it was a bit dangerous to try and assess it.  On the question of 'obstruction' by some interviewed officers during the investigation, he would not go there and suggested it would be a little unwise for the Committee to request the Investigating Officers to appear before them to explain, and that he would not be in agreement with such a move!                                                                                                                                                                      In February and July of 1980, the Attorney General denied obstruction in relation to the Inquiry and told the House that it would not be halted before it was properly concluded, yet later he was tarnishing the investigators by saying their evidence was 'highly suspect' and also took a pop at the Director of Public Prosecutions who refused to offer general immunity to certain officers.  PM Mrs Thatcher became agitated and believed this was a campaign at 'hitting out at the police' making it quite clear she desired an end to 'this Inquiry' because it was doing a lot of harm to the reputation of the British Bobby at home and abroad (especially the London Met).  Arguments raged on as officers on the team were sent back to their own forces; ninety officers were seconded from 13 provincial forces, 62 officers were considered corrupt so far out of 200 officers scooped by the team which were now stored secretly on the West Sussex County Council's computers....the inquiry had become too political and considered too wide-ranging...and besides all of this the animosity was building between the DPP and the Investigators...and the inquiry suffered setbacks and the Home Secretary suggested that the Inquiry was getting into channels that it was never intended to do, and that is deep into the Metropolitan Police...three factions were now 'ganging up' against Countryman, Senior Officers at the Yard, some officers in the Met on the investigation and Lawyers at the DPP.  Police Commissioner Sir David McNee called it a 'witch-hunt' saying 'Corruption is a reflection of the moral state of society, it is not a one-way process, in every case there has to be both corruptors and corrupted -- A police officer cannot take a bribe unless one is offered'.....the Home Secretary William Whitelaw agreed......steps were afoot to debunk it and others wanted it over....the police were highly unsettled and it was having a bad influence on recruiting....Countryman had to be closed down by any means possible and without fuss?

NB: We have much more on this but decided not to make it too long and focus on as many important points that can be raised.


'The Holloway Incident -- Van Police beat up boys'

August 1983 -- Georges Road, Holloway, North London. This blew up into a full corruption incident, thanks to the tireless determination of The Mirror's Paul Foot to get justice.  A Police SPG vehicle drew up alongside several boys --- between ten and twelve officers hiding their identification numbers jumped out and attacked the youths with fists, kicks and truncheons. No explanation was given for the assault, but luckily one boy ran and the public noticed he was splattered with blood and shouting for help. The police later said there had been a disturbance in the vicinity of the fairground that had come to Georges Road. But the police were too late to suppress interest in the matter and The Islington Gazette and Hornsey Journal ran stories. The police were forced to identify the officers involved and Scotland Yard had the occupants of three vans patrolling the area in for questioning. Up to thirty police officers refused to give testimony or identify colleagues, even though they were required to do so in the Police Rules and Conduct.  Two of the boys, brothers, Baltimore and Eric Ranger received a police payout of £4,000 each for injuries received.  The case rolled on for months until finally, five policeman were charged and sentenced at court......what really matters here is the fact that 25 other cops were willing to hide the five cops who committed a crime.......luckily, the Met split these officers up and sent them to other stations.

NB:  The five officers convicted are named in The Bent Cops list -- 137, 138, 139, 140, and 142.

Months later, Paul Foot was summoned to Scotland Yard where it was revealed that the 30 officers were pulled into the Chief's Office were going to be charged, --- but in stormed the Police Federation who said if any were, they would defend them to the hilt no matter what and that it would be very costly to the Met...so no criminal action was taken! -- this is the story and account they didn't want you to know.


'Police Racism 1982 -- the rejection of Lord Scarman's Recommendations '

At this time, it was obvious that racism was rife in the force, and at the Police Training Centre in Hendon, regular racist taunts were frequent. Out on the London Streets and other Cities, racist cops were not being held to account for the way they behaved. The Home Secretary rejected Lord Scarman's recommendation that racist behaviour should be made an offence under the police discipline code.  Evidence of Senior Officers talking to an American journalist, Bruce Porter who covered police issues in America, said the officers came out with vile and awful remark in his presence, two being ' The blacks we are told, breed like rabbits ' and ' It makes me cringe to see a black bloke going out with a white woman, it shouldn't be allowed '  But in spite of this, the Home Secretary and Police Federation saw nothing wrong in it, and stated that it didn't justify dismissal from the police force?


' Police Complaints of '82 -- 17,514 -- Only 46 Disciplinary Charges?'

A clear case of do you believe it or not, and most people did not despite the claims by the police who arrived at these figures themselves.  This was at a time when complaints were going up by 5 percent each year, yet the Police Complaints Board recommended just 46 go to the Disciplinary Tribunal.  The complaints covered a wide range of accusations --- unnecessary arrest, detention, wrongful imprisonment, harassment and incivility and the interrogation of juveniles plus other failures.  Of the 46 cases, 15 officers were found guilty of serious allegations and wrongdoing, 11 were dismissed and four cases remained outstanding....the other 16? no-one knew.

THE MET POLICE HAD 8,617 COMPLAINTS LODGED AGAINST THEM -- 253 were substantiated and dispensations not to proceed were granted by The Police Complaints Board in 693 complaints. Of the 253, ---- 26 resulted in Disciplinary proceedings, ten officers were dismissed or required to resign after criminal charges had been brought against them, but before such proceedings were finished 8 more resigned while under investigation for criminal matters.  Another 9 officers resigned before internal disciplinary cases were heard, 8 were dismissed, and 21 were required to resign on the outcome of their hearings, as with the above paragraph, some were not even explained or talked about.  

CIVIL ACTIONS AGAINST THE MET POLICE --- These payouts only refer to actions brought against the Met Cops -- from 1973 to 1982 there were 639 cases of suing the police, but only 255 had reached the courts because of the delays in the judicial system. £193,781 was paid out, somewhat of a paltry sum compared to the USA.


' The 1982 Police Corruption inquiry  -- The Bribes '

The Corruption involved officers taking bribes from undertakers for directing them to bereaved families. One London Officer  was suspended and a second retired instead of facing a court. It was said there had been arrangements made at Coroner's Officers -- who are police constables, and they supervised 'coroner's removals' the transporting of bodies to the coroner's office in cases where a post-mortem examination is thought to be necessary. The motive was said to be not the small removal fee, but a much larger kick-back with the first undertaker with whom the cops had dealings with. The Home Secretary refused to hold a public inquiry into the scope of how deep this practice went, and due to the Countryman Case he was already trying to minimise the ructions caused as allegations against DETECTIVE SUPERINTENDENT ERNEST BRAMSGROVE who'd been suspended since 1981, and several junior officers remained ongoing. Investigators involved complained to the Home secretary that they were being prevented from doing their job just like those officers on the Operation Countryman case by being obstructed by other officers.

Another trial of two other officers revealed that one of the accused, DETECTIVE CHIEF INSPECTOR PHILIP CUTHBERT alleged, in a secretly taped conversation that corruption in the Met Police 'used to got to the top of the tree, right up to the A.C's (Assistant Commissioners). During the trials it was said officers had 'sold' bail , an alternative to being remanded in custody, to men accused of armed robbery on eight occasions, and provided 'watered down evidence' for four men. The going rate for this bail was £10,000 and £20,000 for weakening evidence. The bribery payments to the police had been made through the chief prosecution witness by the six men accused of armed robbery at the Williams and Glyns Bank. The two officers were jailed, and a list of twenty London cops who had been corrupt or dishonest were not revealed as a result of the jailing of two!


' Corrupt Detectives join crook to rob Pensioner'

SCOTLAND YARD ANTI-CORRUPTION SQUAD were called in to fond four cops, detectives with the Met Regional Crime Squad no less -- who with a known crook robbed an 84 year old man who lived alone.  It was said in a report that the four detectives took £5,000 when they were searching the pensioner's home for stolen property - the pensioner was a collector and bought things from auctions.  The crook who posed as a detective investigating thefts in the area picked on the old man and took £12,000.  The Corruption Investigation Bureau CIB said four Met Detectives attached to the Regional Crime Squad were being held and questioned.  At the same time they arrested the man 'who was not a police officer' and he was bailed.  The Police in a statement said they were linking the man and police officers to one single enquiry saying the villain was working with bent cops who were given a percentage of the take.


'Thatcher's Police and the Miners'

THIS WAS THE 1980'S and Thatcher thought she was invincible which in a way was arrogance, because as a State Leader she thought she could break anyone who opposed her, even if it meant using the Police as a sort of 'private army'....and because she loathed the miners and the threat they posed she embarked on a mission not unlike a dictator.  8,100 police officers were involved costing millions to taxpayers, and they were brought in from all over the country to suppress the picketing miners, and they had the go-ahead to use 'strong measures' to end the strike.  This was all put in the hands of the Met Police and David Hall, Chair of the Association of Chief Police Officers at Scotland Yard.  Contrary to a progressive modern country, Thatcher revived 'ancient' laws to prevent picketing and protests which interfered with freedom of movement, and resulted in random searches of premises on very little authority.  Reports were coming in of heavy handedness and violence by police, especially in miner's villages were they felt intimidated and threatened by the police presence.  A woman from the small village of Blidworth recounted the situation when a police van containing around 10 officers roared up to the village hall, and at least 4 constables hurled themselves at the closed doors and burst it open, causing the the children to scream and run.  They said something was going on?  when in fact nothing more sinister was happening than tea making and a game of dominoes!  Many other residents were forcefully confined to their homes and intimidated during an astonishing 17 hour police operation.  People were threatened with arrest if they left their front garden pathways and when someone tried to phone a solicitor or local newspaper, the phone went dead halfway through dialling the number said Annette Holroyd, and squads of police were searching people's homes!  ...When I told them they were trespassing they told me to shut my mouth or be arrested?    In other news it transpired that the police were even stopping vehicles on the motorway with road blocks to see if they could round up pickets and even prevented others (not involved) from getting to where they were going.  Reports from the picket lines were even more horrendous, such as one lad being hit with a baton and attacked by five officers while he was on the ground, arrested and taken to Lincoln Prison.  Many scenes of police violence were 'covered up' as police seized cameras and tried to prevent evidence being gathered, and in one case where officers were kicking a boy on the ground at Ollerton, the DPP would not prosecute the officer some people had taken a photo of, and the NUM decided to take legal action themselves.  Journalists and photographers on business at Orgreave were penned in by police to obstruct their aim of recording events.  There were oodles of incidents and files being compiled of misconduct by the police....which were ignored when it was over and rumours of police statements being fabricated came up time and time again.                         Sir Kenneth Newman the Met Commissioner would not be drawn to comment on 'accountability' and even when it was over, refused to disclose much of the recorded material that they said they had in their possession! 

It was also revealed that a particularly disturbing process was uncovered during the arrests by police.... The Police Federation Journal revealed that Police on duty in Nottinghamshire were being asked to sign 'a standard witness statement' which had been prepared and tailored to perfection in order to cover a police officer's actions so that no-one made a slip'   (and we have one on file).


' The Stephen Waldorf shooting Whitewash and £150,000 Compensation '

POLICE MARKSMEN SHOT A MAN MISTAKEN FOR SOMEONE ELSE -- Stephen Waldorf was that victim of a hail of police bullets that entered his vehicle like the scene out of 'Bonnie and Clyde'  the shooting took place in heavy traffic on the 15th of January 1983 when police swooped on his mini car who they suspected had in it an escaped prisoner?  14 shots were fired into the car badly wounding Stephen Waldorf who was rushed to hospital in a critical condition.  The man they were after was  David Martin, and it was later said in court, that the officers made a 'horrifying mistake in assuming Stephen Waldorf was their man'  In fact no-one on the police team were certain it was, but the order to shoot was given and that led to the trial of POLICE DETECTIVE CONSTABLE PETER FINCH and DETECTIVE JOHN JARDINE being charged with wounding and attempted murder, five charges were recorded, but these two men walked free in October. They used the defence of having to shoot in self-defence, but Waldorf had no gun, they then said if it had been Martin, he would have had a gun and used it, and that's who they thought they were dealing with?  it was said in court Finch drew his weapon before making the identification (that was wrong) and an order to be ready was based on the 'assumption' the suspect was armed, which was the responsibility of POLICE SUPERINTENDENT NEE who briefed the men at Paddington Police Station.  Sadly, the court accepted all this guff about 'what if' and 'assumptions' and 'in the interests of safety' thrown up by the defence and supported by the Police Federation who were angry that two of their members had been prosecuted and brought to trial. Much of the Police defence was covered by red tape, secrecy and Operational procedures not to be aired in public.  Stephen Waldorf recovered after several months and was finally awarded £150,000, after which he quickly left this country for the safety of Europe.

NB. Stephen Waldorf was brutally handcuffed after being shot, pistol-whipped and dragged out of the car --- ..another cop named was POLICE OFFICER JOHN DEAN who was suspended, no charges were brought against him.



Now for something unusual which we came across in a search:

'The mysterious -- 'Thin Blue Jeans Squad'   1984.

References can still be found pointing to an elite Squad of Police Officers and a report that was kept by Dr Donald Hunter of the Keele University.  The passage goes 'Now that the Met Police have given up the unequal struggle against crime, it is estimated that 43% of the single men cruising the Earls Court area of London, are in fact members of Commissioner Newman's Gay Squad, otherwise known as the 'Thin Blue Jeans' or 'Pretty Police'.  Despite protests from residents in the area, tourists and businessmen, who have objected to being 'propositioned' in bars and toilets.  Sir Kenneth Newman has no intention of discontinuing his anti-vice initiative'......the last time any other info came to light was in 1985 and the Viking Press.


' The Cherry Groce Shooting that led to the Brixton Riots '


The Police were raiding an estate in South London, looking for the son (who they suspected of a crime) of Cherry Groce in 1985, they went in with an armed unit and in the incident they smashed down the door when she failed to open it and Police Officer Lovelock opened fire and shot Cherry Groce who was rushed to hospital.  Her son wasn't found in the flat at the time, and Cherry Groce was paralysed and became wheelchair bound.  This incident in which an innocent woman was shot triggered the riots that soon followed as the black people of Brixton became enraged.  Inspector Lovelock was charged in 1986 with 'unlawful shooting' but got off.  The Police later made a compensation payout to Mrs Groce.  Now almost thirty years after this, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe the Commander of The Met has apologised for the incident in which an innocent woman was shot during a botched operation.  He also apologised for the inexcusable fact that it has taken so long for this apology to be given......Mrs Groce died several years ago so she will never know.

We held onto this case in our files and on seeing the 2014 apology we decided it was time to include it.


' The Corruption Investigations of police in 1998 '

43 POLICE FORCES THROUGHOUT THE UK HAD OFFICERS FACING DISHONESTY CHARGES AND CORRUPTION - as stated in a 'TIMES SURVEY ' and the Home Secretary at the time - Jack Straw - said this alarming situation of crooked police posed a great risk to justice.  Many of the charges concerned drugs, misuse of police information, perverting the course of justice and assaults.  The survey revealed that it just didn't occur at constable level with a few sergeants, it also mentioned superintendents, chief inspectors and high ranking detectives.  In the light of this they said a new unit was to be formed called CIB3, and that would be assigned to root out corruption.  Ten years on -- and there has been no significant cases as a result of these findings -- and are we surprised? NO.

THE 1998 CASE OF DCI ELMORE DAVIES --- This was the huge case of a £10,000 bribe, notably because many friends and colleagues were very dissatisfied that DETECTIVE CHIEF INSPECTOR ELMORE DAVIES of The Merseyside Police was arrested and convicted of corruption, when he agreed to provide sensitive information to local gangsters, but 'bugged' recordings proved to be considerable evidence at the time!


' The mystery surrounding the killing of Blair Peach by police '

IN 1979 TEACHER  AND PROTESTOR BLAIR PEACH WAS KILLED BY POLICE UNLAWFULLY.  No police officer was charged with his death and the whole affair has been kept a secret for thirty years.  The Met Police say that the facts will be revealed soon, but we doubt that very much.  Blair Peach was murdered in Southall at the hands of the SPECIAL PATROL GROUP ---( they were involved in the beating up of the Holloway boys and thirty officers refused to give information regarding corrupt officers).  One man in charge -- Inspector Alan Murray was blamed for the circumstances in which several un-named officers clubbed the man to death.  He claims to this day it was too confusing at the time and denies involvement.  He admits people were assaulted and thrown down flights of stairs by his officers and regrets this.  The DPP now CPS said no to prosecuting any officers at the time and covered the incident in a 'secrecy tag' and files have been held in secrecy until now - thirty years after the event.

APRIL 2010  - It has now been officially revealed that an unidentified police officer did kill Blair Peach despite the many denials, and that many police officers on that day and those involved lied about their accounts of what happened in order to cover-up the incident.


' The Guildford Four Case '

This case was notorious in that it resulted in a huge payout for the four who were jailed for a total of 15 years based upon lies and dishonesty of the police.  Three detectives were sent to jail for conspiring to pervert the course of justice:  CHIEF INSPECTOR THOMAS STYLE, POLICE SERGEANT JOHN DONALDSON and CONSTABLE VERNON ATTWELL.  To say or pretend these officers acted alone is absurd, but that's what the police want you to believe. 

Other Cops in this sordid case of police lies came out and they are DETECTIVE INSPECTOR TIMOTHY BLAKE, CHIEF SUPERINTENDENT WALLY SIMMONS, both mentioned for their brutality and bullying. ASSISTANT CHIEF CONSTABLE CHRISTOPHER ROWE was another notable who restricted access to justice in order to further his career.

One comment that should have prominence is ' Any chance of a civilised police was shattered when I walked into Addlestone Police Station in Surrey --- abuse by all officers from Sergeant to Constables were all keen to show how nasty and unpleasant they could be '

LORD DENNING said of this case - ' British Justice is in ruins, this is a very grave matter for all those who care about justice, there has been a serious miscarriage of justice which has resulted in wrongful imprisonment'

LORD CHIEF JUSTICE LORD LANE said ' The officers must have lied ' in 1989 --- it was also stated that it took the police three weeks to fabricate and concoct the lies in 1974, and half an hour in court fifteen years later to show them as lies and a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

Only three cops were ever convicted, but there were many many more who acted and conspired in this scandal.


'Cop hinders Coroner and gets 5 years'

1981 -- POLICE CONSTABLE PETER GEORGE SWINDELL stood trial at the Old Bailey in connection with 'Bondage Practices', which led to a death (initially facing a charge of manslaughter).  It was stated in court that he liked and enjoyed tying up women, and that his habit of this had progressed to a dangerous level when he went into the 'leather, chains, manacles and zips'  Although he was acquitted of the manslaughter of Miss Krate, he had moved the body from the scene of her death and deposited the body in the woods at Epping Forest.  On this, the second charge he was found guilty of 'hindering the Coroner's Office' to which he was sentenced to five years in prison.

'A weakness in Police protection'

This is a 'little known' article that was played down in 1982, even 'The News of The World' refused to publish it at the time.  It concerned a Royal Bodyguard Cop Commander Michael Trestrail who resigned after two of his 'many' homosexual lovers threatened to reveal his private life and likes to the Royals and their staff.  One of them, Rauch, was particularly dangerous to Trestrail because he'd known him since he was just a Detective Sergeant in the Met, and had continued his relationship when Trestrail was promoted to the Royal Protection Group.  It all came to an end when Rauch was told by Trestrail their affair was over, and this angered Rauch who tried to blackmail him.  Rauch was later interviewed by Scotland Yard on the 17th July 1982, and was later found dead in his flat at Notting Hill Gate, London.


' The Cardiff 3 Case -- The Bullying Cops '

Three men, Stephen Miller, Tony Paris and Yusef Abdullahi spent four years in jail for a murder they did not commit --- The prosecution case at the Appeal Court collapsed, revealing the disgusting police tactics committed by The South Wales Police.  False confessions were obtained under duress by these un-named and protected police officers -- they used oppressive methods that were not acceptable and in direct contrast to what was claimed by the Police Federation who conducted deflective press moves. Lord Justice Taylor remarked, 'It is not right nor acceptable that relentless questioning should continue when the interview has reached a stage where a person is reduced to crying '  He noted that thirteen hours of bullying conducted at Rumney and Central Police Station went on for five days.  He was also amazed at the brazen and arrogant way officers did what they did while evidence tapes were recording. It gave rise to one coming to the conclusion that these officers thought they could do as they like and it would be given the nod and wink by any judge --Each member of this court was horrified at hearing the tape.' he said as he quashed the accused convictions.

Yusef said on being freed - 'I have a lot of hatred for the people who contributed to my jail sentence, and I have total disgust for The South Wales Police, we were used as scapegoats '

Tony Paris said on being freed -- ' I've got no gripes with the prison, all my hatred is reserved for the police, I hate what they did and I haven't finished with them yet '

Stephen Miller said on being freed -- 'The Police lied to me and they put me through hell '

Eight Cops went on trial -- and the case collapsed because 'a file went missing?' a file that was crucial to the Prosecution......yet as the case was declared over and the cops went free....the missing file suddenly appeared? and there were those who knew where it had been -- but remained silent.  Three of the witnesses were found guilty of perjury -- they said the police fabricated the statements and had them sign them and again -- testify in court.  These three 'unsuitable' witnesses received custodial sentences.  Yet, the police went free because the prosecution were inept, and many say they bungled the case.  Leading Barristers said that this case was one of incredible and unexplainable incidents that always seemed to have the police in the central role?  There was an investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission...who amazingly let the South Wales Police investigate themselves? whereas it is usual practice to have an outside force involved....it turned out that the Senior Investigator was investigating a close colleague...his former boss? besides others he well knew.

THE IPPC IS NOW TO BE INVESTIGATED ITSELF BY THE PARLIAMENTARY SELECT COMMITTEE (2012)...along with a further inquiry into the handing of the case by The CPS.

What we have here is a corruption scandal involving bent cops, judiciary, and a miscarriage of justice.....that is still hiding the truth.....and no doubt they will do everything they can to avoid it being known?


' The Roy Garner File on Crooked Cops '

1993 -- THE MET COPS -- Cockney, Roy Garner, the jailed Gangster with a reputation -- vowed he'd expose corrupt police officers who took bribes from him during his 20 years in crime.  He said the cops tipped him off about raids or traps so long as they received sizeable 'backhanders' in return for the service.  He warned The Met at Scotland Yard that he was their ' ticking time bomb' and claimed it would rank as one of the biggest police corruption scandals of all time.  Garner had been jailed in 1989 and was serving 16 years for drug smuggling.  He went onto say he had 'tapes' stashed away that would reveal many cops on the take.  Police said they are investigating the claims, but Garner said he will not release the names unless they promise him that bent cops he names, will be prosecuted.  'I paid them hundreds of thousands of pounds over the years' said Garner, who claimed his reluctance was because the Scotland Yard cop Detective Superintendent Tony Lundy was allowed to retire on medical grounds when Garner implicated the cop in being involved.


' Police and the Climbie Case '

Six Police Officers faced disciplinary proceedings for neglect of duty.  The six worked in the Child Protection Unit at Brent and Haringey, London.  The blame for mishandling the case mainly fell on the junior officers, and resulted in the senior officers able to comfortably sidestep issues.


' Police Assault, Collusion -- The John Wilson Case 1996 - 2002 '

It is always difficult to pick out the 'dirtiest case' when there is so many to choose from, but the ' Wilson Case' reveals one of their 'finest hours' --- Teenager John Wilson was in the wrong place at the wrong time -- in the vicinity of The Crown public House in Twickenham.  He was 16 years old, and was about to be hit so hard by a cowardly police officer that it would change his life forever.   John and two friends found themselves with football supporters who were being watched and under surveillance by Met Riot Cops (25 of them).  John unwisely stopped to watch some of them attacking a car belonging to the MoD.  His friends had gone, and he was about to until a cop rushed at him and all John saw was something crashing down upon him,  His skull was fractured in two places and he had a broken nose.  As a result he had epileptic fits and seizures.  CCTV discovered at the National Gallery provided some answers, in that it showed a riot cop standing over his body....it also showed the cowardly cop running off.   The Wilson family began inquiries in order to identify this cop, and Scotland Yard made every attempt to undermine their efforts.  In 1999, in stepped Solicitor Samantha Bird, who began her defence of the police by attempting to remove the Wilson's Legal Aid -- and achieved it.....just before the case was to be heard!   Solicitor Samantha Bird continued her disgraceful attempts to trash the Wilson's Case and the boy's reputation, and even came up with what can only be termed as 'intended perversion' saying her clients, the Met police, would pursue the boy for all costs; managing to mention 'thousands of pounds' just to persuade them not to continue.  The Met made many attempts to derail the case with the help of Solicitor Samantha Bird, who yet again tried to have their legal aid removed in 2001 when it was restored after a successful application by Lawyer James Bell of Liberty, who'd fought the police in other cases.  Failing that she asked the Court to strike out the case saying it was an incident of 'accidental collision'  but Judge Morland did not accept this and refused her application by saying the following -- 'that the video evidence showed the cop attacking the boy, and there was no accidental about it'   The Met lost, but decided on using a vast amount of public funds to appeal (more delay tactics).  Twenty five Officers were logged as on duty in special tasks, but strangely! they could not identify the officer, despite interviewing them, 24 of his colleagues hid this individual (who has never been discovered), which is not that unusual for the Met.....it happened at The Holloway Boys Assault in 1983 when 25 other cops went silent...and we are nearly 20 years on  showing that PACE and promises of accountability mean nothing.  The MPA who stood on a banner of 'better policing and transparency' showed they had another agenda when they were brought into the case, contrary to all expectations, they immediately secured the reputation of the police and refused to hear of any 'misconduct'   However, there is a sort of decent end to this, the Met did payout for the case before it came to the court, giving £500,000 plus costs, but they never apologised for how they had acted.....even Solicitor Samantha Bird walked away without a care so long as she got her fee from The Met police....that is a good example of British Justice as interpreted by the Police Organisation and Legal Profession...The Wilsons had to fight for 6 years!


'The Video Piracy trial and Stan Goodman Case'   1996 - 1998

This certainly leads to the corrupt Flying Squad, and it's easy to see why........This was essentially the Stan Goodman Affair, and the crooked cops at the Met.  Briefly, Goodman was a businessman charged with video piracy and a secondary matter of 'counterfeit cash'   This went to three trials over the years each one turning more against the police.  The cops charged Goodman with having in his possession £26,000 in counterfeit money....of which Goodman denied.  He was also charged with producing pirate copies of major blockbuster films on video which he packaged and sold.  At the trials he accused cops of planting the counterfeit cash.  At the same time he was accused of bribing two Police Officers in relation to offences his son was facing.  Goodman's Lawyer caught one police officer off guard while he was giving evidence which resulted in him claiming that his client had been fitted up, and that evidence had been interfered with.  It didn't take long for the Jury to acquit Mr Goodman of the charges, as they chose not to believe the two police officers that testified against him.  Mr Goodman said that most of the power behind these charges had been the work of DETECTIVE SERGEANT BARRY TOOMBS, the Officer in charge of the investigation into the video piracy and counterfeit money case.

It later transpired that DS TOOMBS had been in the CIB, an officer working in the Complaints Investigation Bureau which rooted out bent cops within the Met, which was a very worrying aspect to the integrity of the police in the Goodman trial.   It was also revealed that Toombs became an officer in The Flying Squad later!


'The Flying Squad Trial'

This was one of the most infamous and corrupt squads ever to be closed down and investigated for corruption.....sometimes referred to as the SWEENEY .....as in 'Sweeney Todd' -- Flying Quad....not to be confused with the TV programme.  There were 17 Officers suspected of being involved in varying criminal acts, some more than others, and they were all summoned to appear at the Old Bailey.  DETECTIVE INSPECTOR FRED MAY...was jailed.  DETECTIVE CONSTABLE KEVIN GARNER....was jailed.  DETECTIVE CONSTABLE TERRY McGUINESS....was jailed.  DETECTIVE SERGEANT EAMON HARRIS....was jailed.  DETECTIVE CONSTABLE DAVE HOWELL  ....was jailed on such charges as perverting the course of justice etc,  these were the only officers sent to prison for their crimes.  Twelve others were all suspected of corruption, some retired, and one was too ill to stand trial....it was said that the trial was costly and that the CIB had difficulty in getting the convictions!

PS: You can find more details and the full story in Books like 'Bent Coppers' and 'The untouchables' see  General Information page.


'The case of Detective Constable Martin Morgan and the CIB'

Stoke Newington has featured in the 'dirty cops' file and had a massive corruption case splashed liberally in the newspapers to its credit... and DETECTIVE CONSTABLE MARTIN MORGAN worked there in the 1990's, and it was reported that even before this, the CIB anti-corruption squad had a file on him.  It was said that Morgan moved into the South East Regional Crime Squad in 2000 and it was decided by the CIB the time had come to move in on Morgan, and several of his colleagues.  A surveillance was set up to monitor their movements, and like all corrupt cops, it wasn't easy to nail them for obvious reasons?  However, they soon had their chance when Morgan when Morgan put out 'feelers' within the squad to locate 'Barrett' who'd been arrested for drug offences and was now in 'Protective Custody'   The CIB knew that Morgan was cunning, clever and resourceful, he'd never been caught and knew how to avoid fellow officers.  The CIB set up a 'Sting' operation with 'Barrett' being the bate. In order to pull this off they decided to have an unknown officer pose as 'Barrett', one who could not be traced by Morgan or his pals in the squad.  The CIB realised they had to have several officers involved, in fact, more than they liked considering Morgan's reach and ability to use police contacts to obtain info he wasn't entitled to.  So putting a team together had to be away from Scotland Yard in order to reduce any leaks if any.  They chose a hotel out of the area, one that would enable them to observe anyone and everyone going into The Post House Hotel in Guildford.  The operation was costly with a time frame of three weeks in which to tempt Morgan to visit the hotel and get Barrett.  The hotel room because of the secrecy, had to be bugged on the same day due to the fact they could not alert the hotel or staff or take them into their confidence, the risk was too high. On the actual day Morgan turned up news arrived which caused them to move in and they arrested DC Morgan, DC DEDAN COSTELLO and DC PAUL GOSCOMB.  They were charged with Conspiracy to kidnap, and falsely imprison 'Barrett', Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and Conspiracy to Cause grievous bodily harm against four citizens (Barrett and his family) as recorded at the scene.  Under strict questioning Morgan dodged and tried to explain the incident of his visit to the hotel as being a part of his plan as a police officer, but this failed as no-one at the Yard or his squad knew anything about it, nor had he obtained permission to pursue a suspect.  However, with legal representations etc, for the three, things dragged on meaning long delays leading to them complaining about the covert operation, lawfulness of their arrest, and they amazingly implied that the CIB were corrupt!  But their strategy failed and they were found guilty by the Judge.  They immediately lodged an appeal delaying things further.  But on appeal they changed their pleas and Morgan received 7 years jail, Costello 30 months jail, and DC Carl Wood 4 years.   (PS the sentence on Goscomb was absent in the report)



' The James Ashley Case and Police ' - The Sussex Cops

The un-armed Mr. Ashley was killed by Police Constable Sherwood of the East Sussex Constabulary in Hastings.  The Police Squad were on a drugs raid, but none were found.  Pc. Sherwood got off all charges and three senior officers walked away too.  Charges were dropped with the explanation ' There are wider corporate laws to consider ?'

ANOTHER PIECE OF POLICE HISTORY IN SUSSEX -- The Corruption Case of Chief Constable Charles Ridge -- This was named in some Brighton newspapers as 'The Brighton Police Corruption Case' and it involved The Chief Constable, Charles Ridge, and two CID Detectives.  The year was 1957, and the facts revealed were charges of ' conspiracy to solicit and obtain rewards'  They appeared before Brighton Magistrates and were later sent for trial in London at the Old Bailey.  The case dragged for a considerable time and there were moves by the police lawyers to restrict certain evidence on the grounds of sensitivity and prejudicial to their client. The end result was chaotic as they were unable to get the Chief Constable, and had to settle for jailing the two Police Detectives Detective Sergeant Ernest Heath and Detective Inspector John Hammersley and a civilian. The Chief Constable was acquitted, but soon after - dismissed from the Force because the judge had said Brighton needed a new leader in the police that could set a good example. It was also said that the Met Cops had for some time known there was something unsavoury about the police in Brighton, and the arrests of the officers did not come as a surprise.  Although Heath and Hammersley had not acted without the nod from Ridge, the prosecution found it difficult to get him as he'd not left a solid trail that would nail him. Subordinate cops were not enough against a Chief Constable, not in the 1950's.

THE STORY ' Brighton Cops Conspiracy'  -- The Sussex Plague of Rotten Cops --- It was claimed that after the police officers appeared on trial at The Old Bailey on corruption charges -- that what followed was a better police force?  To simply accept this premise and ideological thought is absurd, it only paved the way for better concealment of police crimes and wrongdoing in the Sussex Police Constabulary.  Let us examine the trial and case -- They had now seen what was likely to bring them down and witnessed a Chief Constable's reputation swimming in the gutter with the rats and vermin (they often referred to as scum and villains).  All the facts and evidence did not come out at the trial, police lawyers fought hard to prevent the worst bits and connections to other officers by interpreting the law, procedures and rules in their favour. Some evidence was 'withheld' and declared 'not in the public interest' or 'too sensitive to have aired -- and would be a threat to security and operations within the Sussex Police Force.'  Only two of the Brighton CID team were concentrated on, the others were left in peace and given assurances that there would be no 'witch-hunt' to expose fellow officers.  The official police line was 'a conspiracy involving two detectives and the Chief Constable' -- but such a conspiracy would certainly involve many more in order for it to operate over the years that it did.  Although testimony pointed frequently at Charles Ridge, the Chief Constable -- clever legal fighting techniques got him acquitted in front of a favourable judge.  Luckily because of the interest of the public, the force could not afford the 'disease' and they dismissed him.  All three officers denied the offences when initially charged and arrested -- Detectives Heath and Hammersley showed contempt and a confidence that they could beat the charges.  In the trial it was revealed that Former Cop Barnard was compromised by Hammersley who threatened to frame him if he ever spoke of their dealings.  Evidence was being bought, sold and disposed of for cash!  Trusting anyone in the CID became difficult for those being involved with Heath and Hammersley.    Bribery, protection and crime was nothing to these cops -- it was all a 'nice little earner'   Heath under interview said the Chief Constable was in the conspiracy when he was just a Detective Superintendent! -- which gives one a good indication on how long the 'filth -- were actually being filthy'   In the trial it was announced that witnesses had been 'interfered with' on day 2 of the hearing.  Many collections for 'protection bribes' were accompanied by uniformed cops who were not required to give evidence or be called as witnesses because the Prosecution thought them to be 'insignificant' to proceed with charges of aiding and abetting --- another angle on this was  - 'doing their duty but ignorant of the fact and just following orders ' --- something often referred to as a 'get out of prison card' by those who lay the blame for their actions elsewhere?    The trial was cleverly steered onto focusing the central players and any attempt to widen the net or its scope had already been decided by Scotland Yard with the Sussex Police and Brighton.  Stolen goods were another source of cash for the detectives, but it could not be done in the Brighton area... Heath and Hammersley said that a 'local' incident would only bring complications -- and that would not be allowed.  Waite, who was a dealer and fence was receiving a quantity of stolen stuff from London testified that he'd given cash to both officers.   Hammersley tried to involve Superintendent Moody of Scotland Yard, but he was already getting nervous and suspicious of where it was all leading.  Many officers connected with the two detectives claimed 'misplaced loyalty' had obscured their judgement  --- Pc Frank Knight told the court he turned down an offer of cash from a superior officer in the CID.  Another interesting element revealed was that Heath had eleven commendations!  (yet another common factor when bent cops are caught)

' Sussex Officer is charged with manslaughter '

POLICE CONSTABLE CHRISTOPHER SHERWOOD was charged over the fatal shooting of a man in Hastings after a raid on a house -- this only happened due to public outrage.  The incident sparked fury and led to the suspension of Police Chief Paul Whitehouse.

FOUR OTHER POLICE OFFICERS were charged with misconduct in public office relating to the shooting incident.

The Sussex Police were also involved in an incident when two Police Constables beat up a Michael Smith and were withdrawn from duty; again in Hastings.

MAN TO SUE SUSSEX POLICE after being acquitted of charges - Ralph Bishop spent a year in jail and fifty-one hours being questioned - which adds up to a lot of  compensation due to police evidence launched against him at ' The Babes in the Wood Trial'  It took a jury just two hours and ten minutes to find him not guilty at his trial.  He now plans to sue The Sussex Police for wrongful Arrest and Malicious Prosecution. His lawyer accused the police of complete incompetence in the way they did the investigation.

Another case involving the Sussex Police came to light when they handcuffed and detained Gregory Nash over a £20 unpaid fine.   He was taken by Chichester Police to Dover in a police vehicle and put in a cell until the fine was paid.  The cost to taxpayers was huge.  'Wasting Police Time comes to mind, and they certainly did.

Another Sussex Police Incident involved a young man who was stopped 39 times in one year.  One officer even asked him after they had pulled him over ' Are you wanted?'

162 complaints of assault were lodged against the Sussex police according to a report in July 2008.

SUSSEX - Worthing Police, topped the list of shame in respect of police misconduct in 2008, since the year 2005 they have increased with allegations of oppressive behaviour and failures in duty.  The police attempted to justify this with the following comments ' we believe that a great deal of the increase is attributable to changes in the way we record complaints in Sussex -- this doesn't mean we received the highest number of complaints out of all the forces.'

2006 - 428 COMPLAINTS,  2007 - 774 COMPLAINTS and another rise in 2008.

SUSSEX POLICE came in for more criticism (which they seem to brush aside lightly these days) over the fact during police chases they killed people for a second time within a week.  A pensioner was fatally wounded during a police chase in Copthorne, West Sussex.  A man from Brighton died in Lancing whilst being pursued by the cops.  Although these incidents have been reported to the IPCC do not expect much of a result or any prosecutions of officers --- it rarely happens.

' Sussex Cop fined £300 for Harassment '

POLICE CONSTABLE ALISTAIR EDGAR appeared before Worthing Magistrates accused of harassing Christopher and Sophie Fox by deliberately leaving his lawn mower running so that the noise would stress them out and cause them as much annoyance as possible at their Brighton home.  The report in The Mirror said that the policeman may face a disciplinary hearing!

SUSSEX COPS AROUSE PUBLIC SUSPICION -- They had arrested around thirty protesters - EDO -- who were taken to Brighton Police Station. Subsequently to those arrests, four cases were thrown out on appeal, and others dropped without explanation....there were accusations of a 'fix-up' too.  The District Judge who faced three defendants suddenly asked the police to show evidence regarding police radio logs -- at this stage the court went silent, and after a minute or so the CPS dropped all charges against these three remaining defendants who had been waiting almost a year to see what was going to happen to them. Questions posed by the three were what was it that the police didn't want revealed in that court?

SUSSEX POLICE TO BE SUED - Beauty Queen Linda Watson approached lawyers in a bid to sue the Sussex Police for £1million in damages following the botched investigation into the murder of her wealthy husband - when they accuse her of hiring a hitman in a malicious prosecution.  After walking free from the Old Bailey, she vowed to sue police for all the trouble they had caused plus the distress.

The Sussex Constabulary

A recent look at the Sussex Police Authority handout --- newspaper goes way too far in promoting the force as being highly successful.  Considering we have reported on the complaints issue in that they top the league, one can see that they ignore this completely and pretend that corruption does not exist within the force despite the many cases we have cited so far.

' Sussex Cop in Money-laundering case '

POLICEMAN DARREN GRAYSMARK is currently on trial concerning a matter of drugs and money laundering it was said on a recent news report.  It appears that his money-laundering activities concern his drugs partner and at the moment the SUSSEX POLICE are remaining silent about this matter. It now follows that Graysmark appeared before Maidstone Crown Court, was found guilty and sentenced to 16 months in jail. It also says he had a police unblemished record for 23 years -- his boyfriend Darren Simpson was a manager on the council in Hove.

SUSSEX COPS IN ASSAULT COVER-UP --- Five cops including a Sergeant were moved to other duties after an assault on a man went wrong. The Police were not named and they refused to discuss the case to reporters, only that it appears to have been over a motoring incident.  Since the incident there has been a 'close down of all information' and the CPS were unwilling to provide any further information.

' West Sussex Cops in assault attack '

TWO WEST SUSSEX POLICEMEN -- Constable Andrew Watson and Constable Iain Pearce were seen beating up a man who was a suspect thief -- the witness was a trainee police constable Darren Nagle, who had been with the force for eight months was shocked to see colleagues carrying out the assault.  The trainee police officer was giving evidence at Haywards Heath Magistrates against colleagues who had assaulted the 17yr old suspect.


West Sussex cops have been told they will face disciplinary action over accepting free burgers from a MacDonald's restaurant.  The Deputy Chief Constable Mark Jordan stated that it destroyed an officer's integrity and could possibly be seen by the public as a sort of bribe for any possible favours that may arise out of this situation.  Apart from that he said it broke the force's disciplinary code that forbids accepting gratuities without the proper consent.

'Sussex Officers not present at shooting sue for compensation '

THE CASE OF FRENCH AND OTHERS v THE CHIEF CONSTABLE OF WEST SUSSEX 2006 --- shows a certain lack of decency in the so called 'bobby on patrol' --- Claimant Police Officers sued their Chief claiming they had suffered psychiatric injury resulting from criminal and disciplinary proceedings following the fatal shooting of a man by a police officer ---- yet none of those who were claiming were present at the actual scene or shooting?

30 SUSSEX COPS MOONLIGHT WITH SECOND JOBS -- Not enough cash for cops? so they go elsewhere to boost their incomes, Sussex cops say officers are expected to abstain from any activity which is likely to interfere, or give the impression of interfering with, the impartial discharge of their duties.......some of the comments from the public on forum groups are not best pleased.


More rubbish was doled out yet again via the Chichester News about falling crime rates in Sussex in their July to August free paper.  As we once stated in RELATED TOPICS newspaper reporters are not exactly honest or accurate as said by Nick Davies in his damning investigation into the newspaper industry - in his book 'Flat Earth News' which The Chichester News ought to read sometime.  Crime figures from a force that came out as the worst and most often complained about Constabulary (which can be seen on this page) have to be viewed as a lie or fiction created by them in the face of rising attacks and crime in East and West Sussex in general.

THREE COPS IN FATAL SHOOTING WALK FREE  --- SUPERINTENDENT CHRIS BURTON, INSPECTOR KEVIN FRENCH and INSPECTOR CHRISTOPHER SIGGS of the Sussex Constabulary were originally suspended and charged with the manslaughter of James Ashley in St. Leonards, near Hastings.  A fourth officer had already been suspended -- POLICE CONSTABLE CHRIS SHERWOOD.  A whitewash was claimed as these officers walked away without any charge.  Some sources say the investigation was hampered by senior legal chiefs and the Chief Constable, who remarkably left his post in a resignation.

' Sussex Police attack student demonstrators '

IN 2010 the students of Sussex University made it known they did not approve or condone Police Violence in the Sussex Police -- the report revealed that there were sixteen police vans present at the Demo, and the use of batons and police dogs were employed to create fear and suppress a peaceful protest.  The Police arrested three students that day using the Public Order Act.  (this info supplied by  www.socialistworker.co.uk )

SUSSEX COPS ISSUE LIE TO GO IN AND TAKE JAMES ASHLEY -- Just before the shooting police made references and statements to the fact they went to Ashley's residence on the suspicion he stabbed a person, but it emerged later in the inquiry that ' there was no evidence to indicate that Mr.Ashley had carried out the stabbing referred to ' and this was said by the investigation officer Tony Williams who claimed he'd been aware of various references which either stated or implied this was so.

SUSSEX COPS AND SPEEDING CHARGES --- POLICE OFFICER DAVID MUDDLE of the East Brighton Area, and POLICE CONSTABLE ROBERT WATTS of Hove District, were stopped by a Police Motorcyclist in Sept 2010. They were reported to be in separate Patrol vehicles on the A27 and were not responding to any emergency.  The results of this remain unanswered?

MAN TO SUE SUSSEX COPS after horrific swoop when Sussex Police in Chichester fully armed with automatic pistols mistook visitor martin Kelly to be an armed robber. Martin, a visitor from the West Midlands attending a christening was thrown to the ground after leaving a pub in Chichester and subsequently handcuffed.  When it was eventually discovered they had made a mistake, they didn't even apologise said Martin who is going to sue for compensation.

' Assault Officer to be Sentenced '

SUSSEX POLICE OFFICER CARL CHIVERALL was found guilty of Common Assault when he appeared at Haywards Heath Magistrates Court.  The Officer was on duty with the Sussex Roads Policing Unit at Polegate. He is due back in court at Crawley Magistrates in September to be sentenced.

ABUSE INSPECTOR IS REPORTED -- Sussex Cop DETECTIVE INSPECTOR KEVIN MOORE found himself in trouble when he flew into a rage and hurled abuse at a constable after he sent off four members of his team at a soccer match.  The Detective Chairman of Eastbourne Town was reported for bringing the game into disrepute and using foul language and abuse. 

SUSSEX COP IN FRAUD SCAM ---  Hastings Police Officer Resigns!   PETER YEATS, a former Neighbourhood Response Sergeant appeared before magistrates on charges of fraud involving £3,500...the case was sent to the Crown Court.

' Police pay damages to Football Manager after raid '

CHICHESTER POLICE (SUSSEX CONSTABULARY) paid £1,000 to Harry Redknapp the Portsmouth Football Manager after a dawn raid on his home.  The Judge ruled the raid as unlawful and were ordered to pay £10,000 costs along with the settlement.

SUSSEX COPS INTERNAL 'COMPENSATION PAYOUT' COSTS £275,000 --- Policewoman Barbara Lynford sued the Sussex Police Force for damages after sexist colleagues forced her out.  A tribunal lasting three years! could make the force pay an additional £300,000 it was stated.  She was taunted by male colleagues at the Gatwick Terminal (The Firearms Unit) -- it was also said the officers 'routinely faked anti-terrorist reports' and took sick leave when they were well.

SUSSEX CELL DEATHS NEED INQUIRY -- Disciplinary action was taken against three employees of The Sussex Police in the 'Reynolds Incident' which has triggered the reaction of some MP's who called for an inquiry in 2010 citing two other deaths - Brighton 2005 and the Crawley incident in 2007.

THE UNDERHILL SUSPENSION CASE 2009 -- Sussex Cop Martyn Underhill hit the headlines in the Eastbourne Herald ' Eastbourne Detective suspended for inappropriate behaviour with colleague '  The case didn't get much coverage because it was suddenly classified as 'An Internal Matter' by the Sussex Constabulary.  The Police at the time did say action was being taken against a Senior Officer.  However, Detective Chief Inspector Underhill was suspended just months before retirement.....and that more or less let them off from revealing more about this incident referred to as 'sex with a colleague while on duty'......it now appears that Underhill left Eastbourne and moved to Dorset where he is now.....and we are informed that he has taken up a post with the Dorset Cops?

SUSSEX WOMAN COP TIPS OFF SUSPECT -- Woman Police Constable Grania Hale of Newbury is to appear before Maidstone Crown Court on Misconduct Charges. She was a member of the Sussex Police Haywards Heath Neighbourhood Response Team. She has been suspended and cannot enter East or West Sussex in her bail conditions. It is stated that she tipped off a suspect about a police raid.

' Shoplifting charge Detective commits suicide '

DETECTIVE CHIEF INSPECTOR JIM TORBET of the SUSSEX POLICE was found dead just hours before he was due to answer bail in connection with the theft of wine from a supermarket.  Both he and colleague CHIEF INSPECTOR SHARON ROWE were to appear on the theft charges. 

THE CPS did not pursue the case against Sharon Rowe on the grounds of 'it is not in the public interest' but documents and files from the investigation confirmed they had all the evidence needed to charge her and bring her before the court?

It is interesting to note that this case fizzled out, making the police very happy -- as no further disclosures were made and the truth was as usual; concealed and hidden from the public.

SUSSEX COP NOT TO BE CHARGED BY CPS OVER ASSAULT? -- POLICE CONSTABLE NICHOLAS DIMMER was charged initially with one count of Common Assault in 2010 (the assault of a female), but it was later dropped by the CPS -- it turns out that he was Deputy Chairman of The Sussex Police Federation!

22 COPS INVESTIGATED OVER COMPUTER MISUSE -- May 2011 -- The report tells us that one officer was sacked and five others resigned after being found to have used the computer database unlawfully.  Further news said there had been accusations of officers falsely adjusting timesheets etc.

' Off-Duty Sussex Cop gets off causing death charge '

POLICE CONSTABLE STEWART CHALMERS of the Sussex Constabulary walked away free after an internal investigation threw out charges of causing death by careless driving, The cop killed Luke Bland when he lost control of his car. Strangely, and it is routine procedure, an outside force was not called in to investigate this matter, and the Sussex Police took it upon themselves to decide the outcome of this case?

More research on the above reveals that there was a question of 'illegal tyres' not raised in the court appearance, and that the majority of witness statements were those of police officers. This cop was driving a Lotus Exige Sports car, and he claimed to be doing 55mph on a 50 mph road? one couple described the sound as that of a speeding race car........despite all of this, it's not uncommon for this kind of case to have this outcome.

'MISFUELLING' OF COP CARS IN THE SUSSEX POLICE -- It emerged that around £20,000 of taxpayers money had been spent on repairing police cars that had been filled with the wrong fuel.  It was stated that there had been 84 separate incidents in the Sussex region in three years rendering vehicles unusable.

' Sussex Cop of Six Years is jailed over Child Porn Charges '

ACTING POLICE SERGEANT PHILIP SAVIDGE appeared at Lewes Crown Court on 42 charges. It was heard that the Sussex Policeman had 54,323 images of child sex acts etc, that he stored and exchanged with other men on the Internet.  It was stated that 1,681 images were prohibited and considered in the extreme catagory. The cop who was stationed at East Grinstead had been a policeman for six years and had achieved rank of Sergeant. In court he said ' It all got out of hand '  It was also revealed he helped out at a young boys club. He was jailed for a period of 27 months.

'THE STRANGE ACTIONS BY SUSSEX COPS --- The incident began in 1999 when Mr G.Madden made complaints about how he was harassed by his neighbour called Mabry who made threats and followed it with other mischief. Mr Madden made six calls to the police -- The police later claimed there were no calls to be found?  Neighbour Mabry knocked Mr Madden to the ground, he dialled 999 and called the police out to attend the 'crime'  The Police attend the scene -- third cop car arrives at the house.  After a while a Sergeant and Constable visit Mr Madden, saying they would take a statement on the following Monday.  However, before the aforesaid day, a constable arrives on Sunday?  who then asks the victim Mr Madden to sign a statement declaring there had been an argument that had sparked off the altercation. Mr Madden declined to sign -- later that same day the Sergeant visits, and he becomes irritated at the man's stand and shows signs of anger at the man's refusal to go along with their suggestion.  Mr Madden after research discovers that Mabry was a former Met Policeman?....more dubious incidents followed....and what can only be described as 'police misconduct' began to manifest itself in the guise of Police Constable Francis who seemed to indulge in a war against the victim, Mr Madden. There is more to this story, Mr Madden's arrest, followed by him being freed and more shenanigans, that make the police look bad in every light...unexplainable and petty behaviour.

CHIEF INSPECTOR DISCIPLINED BY SUSSEX POLICE --- A MISCONDUCT INVESTIGATION on the 30th of Nov 2011 by The Professional Standards Department said the Officer was found guilty of Gross Misconduct -- in that he had sent two inappropriate and offensive text messages... and was given a final written warning.  He was allowed back on duty -- Deputy Chief Constable Giles York said 'We take our duty to ensure the highest standards of behaviour very seriously '........you can read below who the officer was.

' Sussex Chief Inspector is Suspended over Text Message '

POLICE CHIEF INSPECTOR MARK LING who has Hastings district under his watch, is accused of sending an offensive text message, the contents of which are being suppressed by the Sussex Police.  A spokesperson said the officer's actions are being assessed and viewed seriously by the Professional Standards Dept, and went on to say the force has not officially identified the officer??

TWO SUSSEX COPS RESIGN OVER DRUGS ALLEGATIONS --- Using the escape route like ill health and diminished responsibility, two cops leave the Sussex Force Voluntarily --- Inspector Mark Andrews and Police Constable Bobby Newton were both arrested on suspicion of possessing an A  class drug...because they left the Police -- charges were dropped and no real justice occurred.

SUSSEX COPS IN 'SUPPRESSION' CASE --- Blogger Cory Doctrow (blogboing.net) revealed that Sussex Police Solicitor, Alexandra Karrouze, demanded the removal of photographs concerning the Gatso Speed Camera published on the Newspaper.com website because they were the property and copyright of the Sussex Police! -- which amounts to heavy legal tactics being used to prevent disclosure and a story being told. -- the solicitor for the police could not stop herself going for 'the threat' (as many of them do) by saying -- ' If they are not removed, further action may be contemplated ' --- the police and lawyers make strange bedfellows,,,but are united on the secrecy and cover-ups in the majority of cases concerning cops.

' Chichester Cop issues kinky invite of sex on a police motorbike '

WEST SUSSEX COP JAMES APPI invited women to have sex with him on his BMW motorcycle through his sleazy website that shows him astride his motorbike.  He wrote that he preferred sex on a remote wilderness location, swimming pool or his police motorbike. But this all backfired as he was reported by women who saw the posting on his webpage.  Sussex Police are said to be investigating the matter as it could bring the force into disrepute.

WEST SUSSEX COPS COME IN FOR CRITICISM --- it has emerged that a police escort was granted to assist the conveyance of a mobile home to an unlawful travellers site  --- this has annoyed the locals in East Harting.

CAN'T FIND A COP IN SELSEY? -- THEY'RE IN BUDGEN'S CAR PARK -- We have a confirmed report that on one particular Thursday in May, that in the car park of Budgen's stood a Police CCTV vehicle, complete with four cops all leisurely chatting for around two hours.  So now you know what happens when you can't find a policeman.

' Sussex Detective admits to 13 charges of misconduct '

POLICE DETECTIVE CONSTABLE RYAN COLEMAN-FARROW was branded a lazy cop by the prosecution when he appeared at Southwark Crown Court.  It was said that 'Sex Attackers in a case had gone free' because of his misconduct.  They said he'd lied to rape victims by telling them that the CPS had dropped their cases --- and in each case he had faked police records to cover up his lies whilst working with the Rape Unit.  He dodged having to interview witnesses and failed to follow up forensic evidence.  The Police Officer who was based at St Leonards in East Sussex pleaded guilty to thirteen charges of misconduct in public office.

AN INSIDE JOB? In the Constabulary of Sussex a hanging basket and plants were stolen. Computer equipment worth £4,000 was also taken by a member of staff and, in another incident; the force was defrauded out of £4,000 in cash. Boating equipment to the value of £825 was also taken.

FORMER SUSSEX DETECTIVE IS ARRESTED -- After police discovered the body of a police officer's wife dumped in woodland, the former Sussex Police Detective was arrested on suspicion of murder.  The Cop from Haslemere who lived in a house opposite the police station was taken into custody while further investigations are being carried out. His identity was withheld.

TWO SUSSEX COPS LOOK FURTIVE AS BYSTANDER POSES QUESTION -- An incident in Hastings down a little back street might seem nothing at all if you were to walk on by. An elderly man walking with his dog noticed that the two cops were holding a young man in an exit/loading doorway, he saw one of them slap the victim and slam him into the darkness of the doorway in an attempt to hide this. When he approached them he was told it didn't have anything to do with him and if he stayed he was liable for arrest...' just go about your business and do not interfere with our duty' one officer said.  But the man not wanting to be arrested moved forty or so yards away and stood watching. Luckily this did stop further misconduct and the officers walked off...the man saw the victim picking up various things from the floor which had been taken from his pockets...and he ran off.  (supplied by e-mail to our PI )

' Sussex Chief Constable under misconduct allegations '

Said to have been started by a whistleblower - CHIEF CONSTABLE MARTIN RICHARDS is accused of 'Undue Influence in a criminal case' -- he has not been suspended but remains at his post (6/7/2012) while investigations are being carried out by the IPCC. It has been stated that someone in the Sussex Police have used the anonymity system set up so officers can report something without being found out and targeted by others. Further news on this case has revealed that it concerns the accusation ' that he meddled in a police inquiry into an alleged sex attack incident' -- interfering in the investigation.

' CALLS FOR AN INVESTIGATION INTO SUSSEX POLICE' -- This story came via Indymedia.uk and if true, any of it, then the Sussex police have a problem.........Crime Commissioner Candidate Matt Taylor has asked for an Independent Enquiry into POLICE CORRUPTION IN SUSSEX  -- He says on a Web Blog that since running for the office of Police and Crime Commissioner, considerable information has come to his attention, which indicates Police Corruption on a massive scale -- possibly bigger than the current 'Hillsborough Police Cover-Up'   He also claims he has evidence which could indict up to 300 Sussex Police Officers involved in a cover-up, concerning the activities of 'known criminal' Mark Slade.   Taylor openly indicates that he is in contact with David Neilson who has collected hundreds of files and has over three hundred hours of taped conversations which on hearing confirm that they fabricated evidence.

' RE-INVESTIGATION OF COMPLAINT AGAINST SUSSEX POLICE -- First investigated by the Sussex police Authority, now no more.....The IPCC has now upheld that complaint having re-looked at.  The complainant Glen Wise accused the old authority of failure when his motor home was attacked and made the subject of an Arson Attack.  The Sussex Police apologised for the error of categorising the incident not as Arson.  The IPCC have ordered a new investigation......despite the Arson being committed three years ago in 2009. The IPCC felt that the original investigation had not been thorough.

SUSSEX POLICE TO BE INVESTIGATED OVER ARRESTS OF AUTISTIC GIRL --- After several arrests which did not come to the attention of the public either purposefully or otherwise, the IPCC has finally been spurred into action, finding that the 11year old girl has been arrested four times.  It was revealed that officers at different stations, Crawley being mentioned, used leg restraints and handcuffs.....before placing her in the cells.

' Police Sergeant goes directly to Jail '

FORMER POLICE SERGEANT JAMES BOWES was jailed for 10 months by the court.  Bowes a Sussex Police Officer who lived in Steyning, West Sussex, pleaded guilty to misconduct in public office.  The Judge said he had abused his position of trust and undermined public confidence in the police.... and made available confidential information concerning children to the Press so that they could use it in a story.

SUSSEX POLICE ADMIT TO USING 'GAGGING ORDERS' ON CIVILIAN STAFF --  this force and others like Hampshire are now saying that it will be withdrawn in the light of recent revelations of these orders being used to stop whistleblowers.  It was revealed in a report that 315 police civilian staff left and signed a 'confidentiality clause' in severance deals that have cost £4million.  Of course, as you would expect, the police denied the clause was used to stop any wrong-doing being revealed....but one has to look at - 'why have staff to sign such a clause if it isn't to stop certain actions?'

SUSSEX COP IN COURT FOR DATA MISUSE -- POLICE CONSTABLE THOMAS GRANT appeared before Worthing Magistrates facing six counts of data misuse -- that he 'knowingly or recklessly obtained personal data via the police computer at Bognor Regis Police Station.  The offences are said to have been committed between May the 1st and September the 24th last year (2012).....he was bailed to appear at another date and has been suspended, and will also face an Internal Disciplinary Investigation.

Update.....PC Grant was convicted of illegally accessing the Sussex Police Computers to get information on members of the public.  He was fined £800 and has since resigned from the Sussex Police Force.

THE SUSSEX COPS MISCONDUCT STORY -- Following a trail to INDYMEDIA on the Internet we see published allegations; not denied, concerning gross misconduct by the Sussex Police.  It goes on to say that a complaint against Arun District Council in 2002 concerning a paedophile ring (said to be operating within the council offices) was interfered with by the Chief Constable, who it says appears to be friends with the former Chief Exec of the Council -- and that the council used false documents to bankrupt the author of the accusing statement.  Sussex Police failed to take or chose not to take any action, and appeared to actively encourage the bankruptcy court by writing letters to discredit and diminish the defendant's credibility.   see  http://indymedia.org.uk

' Sussex Cops arrest and subject citizen to cuffs and hood '

A woman standing up for decency and against anti-social behaviour was arrested by two female officers of the Sussex Police...we can name these officers -- PC Katrina Saunders and PC Gemma Bensusan.  The victim Mrs Elaine Perry was humiliated by both of these cops after calling them to give her protection against threatening and rowdy neighbours.  She had no idea that they would grab her, cuff her and put a mask over her head (referred to as a hood).  Even her legs were taped together as they bundled her into a police van.  They actually invented the charge of 'assaulting a police officer' (often done in these arrest cases as you can see throughout the page), it's a typical ploy to add more serious charges.        However, at Chichester Magistrates Court they cleared Elaine of all charges......and luckily she now intends to sue the Police and make a formal complaint about her ordeal.  We have heard from an insider that the force are intending the 'suit' be moved to a court out of the area so as to avoid publicity.

UPDATE says that PC Saunders was making bizarre taser tweets on the Internet...concerning police work.  Calls are being made to the IPCC to consider both the WPC's futures in the Sussex Police in the light of the case.

SUSSEX COP IN SUSPICIOUS ASSAULT INCIDENT -- in fact there were three cops involved, two assisting were not named at all; little or no attention was drawn to this important fact.  The Cop Police Constable Sebastian Day who was accused of assault by the injured man, Adam Riley, who suffered injuries to his face.  The incident took place in Brighton, near a taxi rank in North St.  It was said that PC Day kicked Riley who was on the ground at the time, and that 'Three' officers were present. Riley was being charged with being drunk and disorderly ---   Not surprisingly, Day got off, but the report said he was still suspended, and that it would be reviewed by the Sussex Police.

SUSSEX COP HELD ON CHILD SEX OFFENCES -- POLICE SERGEANT MICK DEFRIES, who was with the Transport Police at Barnham appeared at Brighton Magistrates Court.  He was charged on two counts of sexual touching related to past incidents with a 12yr old girl.  He was remanded in custody and will appear before Lewes Crown Court.

Cop Michael Defries was sentenced to 2 years in prison.

' Sussex Cop in court for assault '

POLICE CONSTABLE MICHAEL PERKINS was summonsed to appear before Eastbourne Magistrates Court charged with Common Assault concerning the arrest of a woman (unnamed) in Chichester.  Further details revealed that Perkins was with The Roads Policing Unit in Chichester....saying there had been an incident where a female driver had been arrested by PC Perkins.

SUSSEX COP CALLS PROTESTORS 'SCUM' ON TWITTER -- The un-named Sussex Police Officer present at the Fracking Protest in Balcome was given 'Management Advice' according to the Police.  This was the Cop who posted the comment of scum in regard to the protestors, but his twitter account was recognised.... the police said his comments were 'unhelpful'

SUSSEX COPS IN TROUBLE ALLOWED TO QUIT BECAUSE IT IS CHEAPER! --- A Report says that Police Policy in the Sussex Police have decided that officers facing dismissal for criminal behaviour are being allowed to quit in order to save costs.  Since 2008, twenty officers were arrested, but only one faced an Internal Disciplinary Hearing.  Other meagre info tells us that a West Sussex Detective Constable was arrested on suspicion of possessing Class A drugs in 2012.  A Brighton and Hove Cop was involved in Data Misuse (Computer), he later resigned.  A P C at Gatwick who was suspected of money-laundering resigned, and a North Downs Cop accused of Rape retired before a hearing.

COPS WHO DON'T LIKE CAMERAS -- THE SUSSEX UNLAWFUL ARREST INCIDENT -- It is a fact that the Police only approve of cameras if they benefit from the outcome, but if a camera is turned on them and reveals a more sinister event showing them to act unlawful, they often try to seize the 'evidence'  --- We thank YouTube for this story of one Sussex Cop PC Blauber who arrested a woman who protested her innocence in a 'Speed Gun Radar' incident in Eastbourne Road on the 30th of April 2012.  The video shows PC Blauber reacting badly to questions put to him by a second person who came out from the property adjacent to the scene....she keeps pointing out that some of the acts he is quoting is not applicable to his reasons, but he stumbles and disagrees pathetically throughout looking very uncomfortable.  His sidekick paces about irritatingly, and is in fact irritated by what is happening in the full gaze of the public (and so he should be).  The woman pulled over by Blauber questions his authority, and he then says he's arresting her.  She continues filming Blauber and then the police try to snatch her camera and an assault occurs by the police.  'Why should this camera be so important that they must seize it?....in fact they tried to get the camera again after the arrested woman leaves it with the woman observer...they apparently called later and harassed the woman.   They also seized the arrested woman's car without any good reason....and this is not normal protocol.  The Sussex Police did not make any comment or explain why the officers could manhandle the suspect and grab at the camera.

SUSSEX COP SUSPENDED IN TASER INCIDENT -- An un-named Police Officer in the East Sussex Police has been suspended while an investigation is held regarding a threat he made to a patient that he would taser the hospitalised man.  It was said to have happened at St Leonards Hospital, Hastings. 

SUSSEX COPS LOSE THEIR SECURITY IN HACKER ATTACK -- Hackers surprised the Sussex Police Force exposing their vulnerability to being got at -- hackers were able to get into data revealing officers e-mail accounts and other information normally held private and not for public access.  Although they now claim this situation has been remedied, it cannot be certain of avoiding any future attack by hackers. (report 2014)

' Sussex Cop on Indecent Assault Charges '

A Police Officer for 10 years, CONSTABLE ADAM DUNNETT appeared in the Hastings District Court accused of sexually assaulting five women.  The charges relate to incidents that happened at parties he attended.  Dunnett is a Community Police Officer in Flaxmere, Sussex.  He applied for a 'block' on his identity when he appeared, but that didn't happen as Police Sergeant Toby Morgan opposed it.....and Dunnett was revealed.  The case is said to continue. (strangely here, he doesn't seem to have the support of his fellow officers... even after ten years?

COPS IN TASER INCIDENT KICK SUSPECT ARE FILMED -- AND ONE ATTEMPTS TO STOP THE FILMING -- As in the above incident, a Police Officer tries to stop a camera filming them......The Sussex Police yet again...four police officers can be seen on the video filmed by a bystander who got very concerned when he saw the suspect (shoplifter) being forcefully kicked in the leg by a police officer as he lay unable to move on the ground.   The incident took place opposite the Kings Hotel on the Brighton Sea front 9th July.  The man half-naked is shot by a taser and falls flat on his face on the ground and unable to move.  A cop is heard shouting ' put your hands up' which is rather pointless as the man is already on the ground.... one cop approaches the man filming and attempts to stop him filming, and then proceeds to move in front of the camera to prevent it from recording what the police do.....which rather flies in the face of 'accountable and transparent  policing'...one only stops a film when they don't want something shown or revealed.   The Sussex Police said that all allegations of police misconduct are taken seriously, and that they will investigate the incident....they now have the video?

THE STRANGE CASE OF SUPERINTENDENT LISA BELL -- The author 'Caute' an online user name says she made a complaint against The Head of Sussex Police's Professional Standards Department Lisa Bell....the same person that went on to deal with that complaint...and subsequently dismissed the complaint?  The complainant appealed and The Appeal Body referred it back to Lisa Bell!....... the author says the Sussex police submitted a fabricated and fraudulent mental health report and sent that onto the Met Cops asking that she/he be placed on the Met's database (for adults at risk) which she/he was not....the author claims that the level of maliciousness was really intense.  One cop who thought differently told the author that he couldn't go up against his colleagues citing that internal politics were the reason for what was happening. (www.goodcopdown@wordpress.com  for more)

NB: there have been other instances of people filming the police being arrested for doing so?  .....none of this is legal.....the police are a public service paid for by the public....and concealing their activities by seizing photos is not something that can be claimed as 'in their private interest' when they are on duty.

Now to something we found for your interest:

The West Sussex Police Report FOI Request

Response from Sussex Police

With reference to your request for information received on 6th June 2011 regarding disciplinary matters, I apologise for the delay in responding to you and have provided below details in respect of police officers. Data for PCSO's will follow as soon as it is available to me.

How many police officers have been disciplined in the past 12 months and in each case for what offence?

In the past year (1 July 2010 to 30 June 2011), 30 Officers have received a formal disciplinary outcome for the following offences.

Authority, Respect and Courtesy = 4
Discreditable Conduct - 6
Duties and Responsibilities = 7
Confidentiality = 3
Use of Force = 3
Orders and Instructions = 5
Honesty and Integrity = 2

How many police officers have been suspended in the past 12 months and in each case for what offence?

8 officers have been suspended in the last 12 months, 7 were for discreditable conduct and 1 for Confidentiality.

When suspended what has been their pay in each case?

Suspended on Full Pay

How many police officers have been dismissed in the past 12 months and in each case for what offence?

One officer was dismissed in this period for the breach of Discreditable Conduct however this was overturned on appeal to the Home Office to a final written warning and the officer was re-instated.

SUSSEX COPS IN BARBARIC RESTRAINT OF 11 YR OLD GIRL -- The Police Watchdog criticised the Sussex Police force after a report said that a child known as 'H' a girl of 11, was hooded, handcuffed and detained for more than 60 hours over four separate occasions.  The disabled girl suffered from a rare disorder similar to autism, which can trigger outbursts of anger.  The incidents happened between February and March 2012.  ELEVEN OFFICERS and One Police Staff member were logged by the IPCC as having cases to answer for misconduct.   It also found that the Sussex Force failed to document their use of force in relation to child 'H'   It was also noted that the mother of child 'H' was refused access to her daughter in the police cells on five separate occasions.  The IPCC also said that the Sussex Police ignored the Statutory Code of Practice in relation to detainees, which demonstrated an alarming lack of awareness of these clear requirements within the Sussex Police.  (10/6/2016)

SUSSEX POLICE SERGEANT SACKED FOR SEX SESSIONS --  POLICE SERGEANT ALAN WARD who was based in Bognor, was hauled before the Chief Constable when it was reported that on his night shifts he had been spending some of this time with two women with whom he was having sex.  It said that he was 'a response officer' at the town's police station when he appeared at the Sussex Police Headquarters in Lewes and having considered that the sergeant was absenting himself while on duty, he was dismissed without notice.  He joined the force in 2001.


TWO POLICE OFFICERS based at Brighton and Hove are to be investigated over their 'distressing social media messages' relating to the Shoreham airplane disaster. in which 11 people lost their lives on August the 22nd.  The Deputy Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney said 'The fact that we're investigating this really upsets me despite the fact that the two officers are new to the Service.  They are not suspended at the moment as I want them both to earn their pay while the investigation is carried out.  They have been assigned duties away from public contact.'

'SUSSEX GUN COPS STRIPPED ME AND THREW ME IN THE CELLS'  --- Ground worker David Donald who worked at Goodwood House told reporters of his ordeal with officers from the Chichester Police Station.  He said they stormed into his house in Portsmouth and threw him to the floor and stripped him naked before throwing him in the cells.  He said the armed police broke down his front door in the early hours in the front of his young family.  He said no-one would tell him why and it was only later that he learned that it was all to do with a robbery at the Goodwood House.  He even revealed that he'd been photographed naked by the police and held in the cell for twelve hours?  Unapologetic, the Sussex Cops four months later, said he would not face any further action.

NB: He should immediately take an action out for damages including false arrest and causing distress and more!

'SUSSEX POLICE ARREST WRONG COUPLE IN DRONE CASE' --- After much publicity on drones proving to be dangerous in air space, the knee-jerk reactions by the Sussex Police resulted in them detaining a couple on suspicion of committing an offence.  A 47 year old man and a 54 year old woman were arrested on a 'anonymous tip off' and police searched their home.  Both of them were released without charge after investigations ruled them out.  The Crawley couple made no comment as they returned home after the ordeal.  The Chief Constable was said to have apologised!       

NB: Sounds like another case for false arrest and action for damages.

'SUSSEX POLICE -- Other NEWS --- Chief Constable is being sued?  The scant report says that he is being sued for compensation for allegedly detaining a finance company car.  The Finance Company Combined Lease Finance plc are bringing the action against the police Chief.

ARREST NIGHTMARE --- This involves Custody Sergeant PAUL BUDGEN at the Brighton Custody Centre.   The scant details say that a rape victim was thrown into a cell and stripped by Brighton Police.  And that the officer has retired before the enquiry findings?

MOTHER SUES SUSSEX COPS -- In this brief item, it says that the IPCC are looking into a matter concerning an arrest (30/11/2016)

COPS FAIL TO FOLLOW UP ON DRINK DRIVER --- As the campaign on drink drivers stepped up, a report on a drink driver was given to police via the Internet and logged as a crime number.  Officers said they would alert the traffic division and watch out for the man.  Information said that the man drank up to 5 pints every day and left the club to get into his vehicle.....so far nothing has happened and the man continues to carry on as they say, so much for helping the police?

'Three Sussex Cops face Disciplinary Charges'

This reported case was yet another 'We shall learn from this' and they actually didn't --- The report was held back it says, and it all refers to a 'Stalking Case' in which the victim SHANA later died at the hands of her stalker one Michael Lane, who was known to detectives alerted to the case/report.  It was found that the Sussex Police actually fined the murdered girl Shana by way of a fixed penalty for 'Wasting Police Time' and that another case of stalking was known to them.  It was stated they treated the matter as 'low risk' initially before realising that they had got it wrong.  The Force now say 'they accept they failed the victim'   Three officers are to face disciplinary charges they said.      (10/4/2019)

'Police Constable barred from Sussex Force'

This is more on the case of a stalker who killed teenager Shana Grice (named above), in this update we learn that this particular Constable only cautioned the stalker prior to the murder.  Details emerged that Shana rang the police five times about Michael Lane who eventually killed her.  It says he slit her throat and attempted to get rid of her body by burning it.  The Constable who resigned after this, has been named as 'PC Mills' which isn't his name, and was suggested by his lawyer to protect the feelings of his wife and young family.  He was at a tribunal, barred from the police service for life.....and there the matter ends!      (11/5/2019)

The other two officers in the case are not mentioned at all?


The Sussex Police closed their custody suite in November 2018, but still pay for them?  The report says that the custody cells which have no prisoners in them are costing the taxpayer due to what is termed as a Private Financing Scheme that still holds a 30 year contract.  The Police say that stopping payment would probably lead to a hefty compensation bill being launched by the contractors which they want to avoid?  (23/10/2019)

'Police Sergeant's thoughtless prank led to near dismissal'

POLICE SERGEANT GARY JACOBS of the Sussex Police found himself being hauled before a Disciplinary Tribunal that came to the decision that they would have sacked him due to the interpretation of gross misconduct and simple misconduct, which they opted for.  Jacobs was based at Crawley in East Sussex.  He claimed it was a misguided joke that went wrong when he was out with a Jewish colleague.  It was said that he had mocked her faith by holding a piece of meat over her food 'almost touching' and when it dropped on her meal said 'oops, I will eat the incriminating evidence'.  The panel told him he had come very close to ending his career.  Sergeant Jacobs was told he will receive a final written warning as a result of the hearing.    (20/11/2019)

'Drone Case arrest couple get £200,000 from Sussex Police'

WRONGFUL ARREST AND FALSE IMPRISONMENT landed the SUSSEX POLICE with a compensation bill of £200,000.  It is reported that the couple in the 'Gatwick Drone Incident' who had police storm their home looking for clues and evidence, Paul and Elaine Gait were delighted to have won their action against the police.  They told reporters that getting justice was a very long-winded affair, and that they are not sorry for pursuing the matter to court and being finally vindicated.....they said they did manage to get an apology but they had not still had any sort of explanation as to why they had been held for 36 hours....which no-one seemed to want to answer.     (15/6/2020)


'Investigation into arrest of man held in choke hold'

With references to the American incident which sparked fury against cops around the world, an Inquiry has been set up after an arrested man tells cops holding him 'I can't breathe'.... the report says that camera footage of the scene when a 28yr old man is being detained by police has sparked an immediate investigation.  The suspect from the Bame community was arrested and brought down by THREE SUSSEX OFFICERS in Brighton.  In the footage similar to the American incident, he can be heard accusing the police of choking him -- and yells 'why have you got your arm on my neck, I can't breathe'....this report comes at a bad time for cops everywhere, especially as the American cop is now seen in prison orange and is on trial for manslaughter or murder...depending on how his lawyer can play the law.....one witness tells of the fact that he was 'down there in that position for a long time' when he spoke to the Argos Newspaper.  The Sussex Force said that the matter is now in the hands of the Independent Office for Police Conduct.....the man's name was not released.     (9/7/2020)



'Cop final warning' issued over fatal accident'

SUSSEX COP POLICE CONSTABLE RICHARD HARRIS was found guilty of misconduct when he appeared before a Police Conduct Discipline Panel, when he faced a charge of breaching professional standards.  It was read out that the motor incident happened in Brighton when the police driver hit a 79yr old pedestrian who died of multiple injuries in the late-night collision in August 2017.  It was alleged by his own force that his speed was 'not necessary, reasonable or proportionate'.....the Police Federation were not happy?         (18/7/2020)



'Sussex Cops breach Covid Rules'

The report says that a gathering of a number of Sussex Police Officers happened at a house party contrary to the Covid-19 regulations that were made law by the government emergency powers legislation.  It says that other officers from the force were despatched to the house in question following an anonymous tip-off on May the 15th, and that an investigation is under way by the Professional Standards Police Conduct Panel.  So far it was revealed that all the officers at the scene were off-duty.  Chief Superintendent Nick May told reporters that the Sussex Force took breaches of the covid rules seriously.  No officer was suspended!       (3/6/2021)

More to follow later.                     



It's being heralded as ' The biggest police scandal in decades'.  It started with a report in February saying that NINE POLICE OFFICERS were suspended from the Enfield Crime Squad.  TWO MORE OFFICERS were placed on restrictive duties and the others suspected of ' mishandling of property.'

However, the situation has been discovered to be far worse and SIX OFFICERS have been accused of ' torture to suspects ' assault and falsifying evidence.  It is said that the Officers were on drugs raids when these offences occurred.  This kind of behaviour by police was claimed to be ' no more' and will never happen again.  All six officers including a DETECTIVE SERGEANT are now under a corruption investigation, which includes theft by police and fabricating evidence against suspects. 

However, we can reveal more about THE ENFIELD POLICE, that would have pointed to something rotten being in place a lot earlier, which was ignored by the Met.  This same station were involved in a little known incident involving Police Constable Jackson 214 and Police Constable Dale 220, and Police Inspector Dewale who actively stonewalled inquiries into why these two officers were trying to fit up a motorist on the North Circular.  The two officers maintained their authority until they found out that they had been 'taped ' by the motorist, at which point they hurried away.  Inspector Dewale would not cooperate and was reported under the complaints procedure at Finchley Police Station.      Nothing more was heard of this, it was suppressed.


' Zero Tolerance Middlesbrough Force falls '

THE CLEAN-UP CLEVELAND FORCE LED BY RAY MALLON IS HIT BY SUSPENSIONS - Three more officers suspended on accusations of corruption now bring the total up to 7 officers suspended and moved from the CID after two defendants changed their pleas at a trial.  Ray Mallon the chief of the CID himself was also suspended following investigations into corruption in the Cleveland Police Force. The force once big on the 'values in Society kick ' heavily promoted by Ray Mallon on TV to boost confidence in the police leading with the slogan -- Zero Tolerance on crime, has miserably backfired on the officer who thought spinning a line was enough to make the police look good.

A later report revealed that some 58 police officers were under investigation by the anti-corruption unit.



OFFICERS DETECTIVE CONSTABLE BRENDAN WHITEHEAD and DETECTIVE CONSTABLE SEAN ALLEN were also suspended from the Cleveland CID after an inquiry into the alleged supply of heroin to a drug addict prisoner by two cops.

CLEVELAND COPS -- POLICE CHIEF SEAN PRICE AND HIS DEPUTY DEREK BONNARD WERE ARRESTED and taken with a female member of staff who was based in the Cleveland Force Headquarters. The outside Force - Warwickshire Police said they had arrested the three under suspicion of 'Misconduct in Public Office, Fraud, and the abuse of position and corrupt practice'

Ray Mallon later quit the police -- 'resigned' before any charges were brought to court and appears to have done okay with TV appearances, and yes -- stands for truth and supports accountability??


'The Newham 8 and the racial taunts by cops '

FOREST GATE POLICE STATION was a scene that had little mention during the trial of several Asian men when the jury acquitted four of affray and finding the other four of common assault and affray by a narrow margin. At the station other crimes were being committed by cops who would never stand trial for their behaviour as they were on safe ground within their own immune environment.  Dalbir Johal before being taken lay face down on the pavement with an iron bar across the back of his neck and Kabir Khelar was being beaten so badly by POLICE CONSTABLE FERZER that two women passing by came over to protest about his actions. His response to the ladies was 'F**** Off'  In court he stated that he was confused at the time and didn't want anyone interefering?  The eight defendants were taken by van to the station during which the six police officers were making racial remarks and kicking and prodding the handcuffed men with truncheons. Inside the station there were several aleged examples of police incompetence, racism and negligence.  Gurjit Hunjan remembers one cop who caled him 'a filthy paki'  It was noticed in court by the defence that there were remarkable similar 'additions and corrections' had been made to police notebooks!


'The Esme Baker victory against the police '

On   the 25th, Walthamstow Magistrates Court cleared Mrs Baker and her son of charges brought by the police after an incident on the Priory Court Estate. Five Police officers gave testimony, but none of it was believed. Instead, the bench found Mrs Baker's version of events to be more plausible and truthful, mainly because the officers evidence looked rehearsed and didn't differ in the slightest despite the officers not being together all the time. She told the court that she heard a noise and went to see what the yelling was about, as it was being done just outside her flat. She was arrested almost immediately on her opening the door and seeing her son laid on the ground and being beaten by one of the police officers. She was grabbed and had her arm twisted up behind her back. They were then taken to Chigwell Police Station, where she was racially abused, prodded with a truncheon, and one cop grinned saying ' I didn't know a nigger woman had breasts' and much more. Mrs Baker and her son were charged with assault, threatening behaviour and obstructing the police?  It was said later that in an out of court settlement the police compensated Mrs Baker and her son.  No police officer was ever charged with an offence and no apology was given.


' The UK's Jersey CID Squad in Corruption Trial '

CID INSPECTOR CHARLES QUINN, POLICE INSPECTOR BARRIE BLENKINSOP and DETECTIVE SERGEANT BRIAN FOLLAIN went on trial for 'falsifying a confession' they used in evidence to convict a man of a crime.  The three officers are accused of faking a confession to help jail a man for a £1,000 betting shop raid on the island.  The trial of the cops is the outcome following an appeal by the man jailed for the raid, Patrick McLaughlin who went to jail....the arrest later of another man who admitted taking part in the raid led to the new inquiry.  Claiming innocence throughout, Mc Laughlin was immediately freed on bail until the end of the 'Conspiracy Trial'......not quite 'Bergerac' more like the West Midlands Crime Squad and The Met Untouchables?


' Corruption Investigation into the N C I S '

THE NATIONAL CRIMINAL INTELLIGENCE SERVICE -- Often compared to the FBI at the time, suddenly became the target of a corruption inquiry after it was discovered that leaks of confidential data was finding its way to the criminal fraternity.  This also included detailed information on 'telephone tapping' and bugging.  Because this may have compromised investigations at the agency and other regional police forces, the investigation was led by Northumbria's Chief Constable John Stevens who had previously looked into allegations of collusion between terrorist groups and members of the Security forces in Northern Ireland.  The NCIS said that the matter was 'confidential' and not for the attention of the public?..... and since that time nothing was heard of the results or outcome.....just like many others that went the same way.


' Police Case against marchers is dismissed '

WOOLWICH -- Four marchers appeared before Wells Street Magistrates Court charged with threatening behaviour following a peaceful march against youth unemployment.  The marchers committee said the arrests made by four SPG officers in plain clothes were unprovoked and carried out in a very violent way by the police. The marchers were detained in cells for up to 15 hours, and despite being unemployed, were refused legal aid and representation. After hearing evidence given by the officers, the magistrates told the police that mere chanting did not add up to threatening behaviour or a breach of the peace, and that the police themselves were likely to be led into creating the fracas because they were wanting something to happen.


' Guilty cops in White Case, accused of monstrous, wicked and shameful conduct'

MR JUSTICE MARS-JONES, the High Court Judge in the White Case had no doubts in his summing up when he said to the officers that 'they subjected David and Lucille White to a catalogue of violence and inhumane treatment by young officers. He went on to say the officers had been guilty of monstrous, wicked and shameful conduct in the raid on the White's home in Stoke Newington. He also added that the police had instigated a five-year cover-up of that night when 17 officers entered the premises.  The judge said several of the police officers were 'liars' and very well trained in it.  ' This court has been misled by an orchestrated attempt by the police to deceive in order to justify an illegal use of excessive force when they entered the house on a warrant to look for stolen goods. No stolen goods were ever found and the warrant was not produced to the family at all. He also said it was brazen and appalling that the police had a cheek to charge the family with offences, which were thankfully thrown out in an earlier court.  He awarded the couple £51,392 in damages against the Met Cops.


' Jury decides against police and awards damages '

The police brought a charge of obstructing the police against a freelance photographer, who they claimed jumped on a police officer's back with intent to obstruct him from his duty.  The jury at Westminster County Court found the claim ridiculous and an abuse of process because their was insufficient evidence to support the charge. They awarded him £150 for false imprisonment and £1,850 for malicious prosecution, he was also given costs in the case.

TWO SIMILAR CASES -- An 18 year-old boy who had been frequently stopped and searched, refused to give his name and address when he was stopped for the umpteenth time. The Police Sergeant arrested him for being drunk and disorderly. The court accepted the boy didn't drink alcohol after hearing medical evidence of an allergy that alcohol would make the boy very sick and in need of treatment. The Thames Magistrates dismissed the case and awarded costs against the police.    In the second case -- A man accused of threatening behaviour by a  police officer who it was claimed harassed him for twelve years, was halted when the policeman gave his evidence. The magistrate at Bow St, Magistrates Court said 'the police's story contained 'not a scintilla of threatening behaviour and could not be relied upon'  They dismissed it and awarded the man costs against the police.

POLICE PAYOUTS DURING 1997 TO 2002 WERE SAID TO BE £13.6 MILLION -- Commissioner Ian Blair for The Met Police told the Press there were 1,555 cases and claims made against the Met Cops costing over thirteen million pounds....officially that is.......the real cost is much higher, but never revealed.


' Cop photographed carrying pickaxe handle - three cops reprimanded '

THREE MET POLICE OFFICERS, DETECTIVE INSPECTOR WALLACE, POLICE SERGEANT JONES an POLICE CONSTABLE WOODS who worked in the Brixton Police Station received a 'ticking off' by their Chief. The light sentence was challenged by an MP John Tilley who wrote to the Home Secretary.  It later emerged that the photographer David Hoffman photographed 10 to 20 officers emerge from the back of the police station carrying a variety of things that could be described as staves. Yet only three were identified by the police themselves?  There still remained the question -- which officer authorised them to go out carrying these weapons that were deliberately chosen to conceal professional identification? this was never known or answered.


'The Karen Brazil Strip-Search Incident '

STRIP SEARCHES, PUBLICLY DONE OR IN A POLICE STATION has the deserved label of being a forced invasion of a person's dignity and clearly affronts human rights, but  because it is the police, it is deemed okay by this government and other governments whose contortion of the law permits these incidents -- we cite but one case here, THE KAREN BRAZIL CASE:  Karen Brazil was indeed a little intoxicated when police arrived at the public house following a disturbance report lodged by the landlord.  The cops sought to eject Karen, who refused, and she was arrested.  At the police station she did comply with officers and emptied her bag and pockets of all contents. She was not aware that being arrested for a breach of the peace allowed a strip-search and lashed out at the officer who suddenly began to strip her. She was told the search was going to happen, and they introduced the 'defence' of it being necessary to search her for drugs, although the call out had nothing to do with drug-busting or narcotics involvement. She lashed out again, and after it was done (finding nothing) she was charged with assault. The magistrates being police friendly in this case, convicted her....but on appeal, the judge came to a very different decision...he said in principles laid down and quoting case law of 'Lindley v Rutter' 1981, that everyone brought to a police station had to be strip-searched could not be upheld or allowed to be common practice....and that the police officer 'assaulted' had not acted in her execution of duty when attempting to carry out the search of Karen Brazil, and that it was an affront to her dignity for this to be imposed on her by police or anyone else claiming to have the authority. He also went onto say to the police that she might have a case for sexual assault against the police if she wished to pursue that course. Even the BMA object to the random use of intimate body searches by the police.  Lord Justice Robert Goff overturned the conviction and suggested she pursue things by contacting a lawyer for further advice.


' The Bethnal Green Strip-Search leads to accusation of abuse '

MET COPS AT BETHNAL GREEN have been accused by a man of 'sexual abuse by police' after he, Mr.Kelly, was subject to a strip-search after officers arrested him.  He said they refused to say why he had been arrested and he was kept in a cell for several hours before being released without charge.  Mr Kelly revealed to reporters that the same police had arrested him four times previously and that he had been acquitted of charges brought by those police. But on this occasion he said, they decided to humiliate him and conduct a very intimate and embarrassing inspection of his body, and there was nothing I could do about it having about five cops around you ready to force you to bend over, he said. Mr.Kelly lodged a formal complaint and contacted a solicitor to begin a case against the Met Police.


' Sydenham Cops pay damages for Assault '

THE HIGH COURT AWARDED DAMAGES OF £8,030 after hearing of the brutal attack by police officers who not only assaulted a mother but ransacked her home. Judge Justice Park in his summing up said he strongly disapproved of the 'outrageous manner' in which the police conducted their duties in order to search for imaginary items when they concocted their story to represent the truth!  Mrs George was beaten and had to receive medical attention besides suffering the trauma of her door being kicked down by a Detective Sergeant who said he was in charge of the raid.  Seven officers broke in on the pretext of arresting her son for a crime they would not tell her. The Judge said it was plain to see that they immediately opted to invent a false story when they realised she might sue the police.  During the search they pinned her to a radiator while pulling out drawers, opening cupboards and throwing her property strewn over the floor. When she moved she was kicked and suffered blows to the stomach, chest and arms. The hospital recorded bruising and a black eye when she was admitted.  He said the police deliberately lied to him about the incident and awarded exemplary damages.


' The attempted suppression of the 'Junior Service' Incident '

SUPPRESSION OF POLICE CASES IS NOT NEW NOR UNCOMMON -- This is one of those that finally found itself in the Press ( The Observer)  Reggae Singer Junior Service, who did gigs in the South London area was arrested and accused of handing a stolen cheque in Brixton. On his arrest he was bundled into a van by officers, and a 'denied' assault took place by the officers.  He was so badly injured that he was hospitalised with severe injuries sustained and inflicted by 'ghosts' -- officers said he hurt himself in the van?  The hospital concluded he had been viciously kicked in the groin area and did not accept that a fall in a van would explain it.  Police guarded him in hospital as he was on a 'drip'  A fight occurred with the patient after they insisted he give names and addresses and dates of birth of his visitors who arrived to see him. Staff intervened when Mr Service's Catheter was dislodged during the struggle.  Amazingly, at Camberwell Magistrates, the charge of dishonestly handling a stolen cheque was withdrawn on a lack of evidence, and they added a new one of ' assaulting a policeman and doing criminal damage to a police van'


'The Jailing of a Bent Cop that injured a Suspect '

POLICE CONSTABLE BRIAN RENTON (mentioned in the Bent Cops List) --Deserves more explanation here than simply indicating the charges brought against him --- The assault took place in Upper St Police Station, Islington, north of Kings Cross. The brutal attack happened to Mr.Carlisle at a restaurant, Renton was off-duty and not alone; other officers were at his table. Renton did not like Carlisle who objected to his course and objectionable behaviour in the restaurant. Renton decided to deal with him and in the fracas Mr Carlisle suffered a horrible injury that dislodged his eye in the station charge room after he arrested the man on trumped up charges. Due to the fact the restaurant staff seeing the flare up, a Police Sergeant came forward and told the court that Renton had asked him to to cover-up the incident. The Judge sentenced the cop to two years in jail, with six months suspended. He also suggested that one might be forgiven for thinking that some of the actions by police officers and Renton was to some extent, pre-planned?


' Jack Straw says Police must stop policing themselves - 2000 '

It is indeed a kind of mockery when one considers that Jack Straw, home secretary in 2000 said that the police should not investigate themselves.  He claimed that complaints against police should be done by an independent body. Yet, in the same year he claimed that the police were 'cooking the books'.   Crime figures were being manipulated and down-played he said in order to confuse the public and make it seem like crime was being reduced effectively. 


' The Corruption that never goes away '

DESPITE 800 POLICE OFFICERS FORCED TO LEAVE and a Commander jailed, the clean up of corruption leaves a lot to be desired.  Using a dirty cloth to remove the stains only leads to a murky patch that waits to be whitewashed over or ignored as something permanent and part of the design.  The Infamous porn squad was disbanded due to the discovery of top senior officers in the unit having links to Soho sleaze bosses who bribed them. Even the setting up of new squads to tackle that problem only led to cracks and more revelations about bent cops emerging in the new 'clean up'  The former 'Operation Countryman' cost £4million and failed as we have already mentioned - its conviction rate on bent cops was abysmal despite the uncovering of hundreds of likely suspects who obstructed the investigation.  In the 90's ' Operation Jackpot' was launched to combat corruption -- two officers were jailed and another caught in a £2million cannabis ring.  JOHN DONALD a Senior Officer of the Regional Crime Squad was caught selling secrets to underworld crime leaders and was jailed for 11 years. A score of other officers were investigated but never charged despite rumours of around 250 officers taking payments from crime bosses being publicly talked about and boasted about by cops in Scotland Yard.


' We don't have corruption says  Devon & Cornwall Chief Constable?'

It would be fine if this was true, but it isn't.  And what you read next certainly questions that, and it is but a snapshot of the real problem.  DEVON AND CORNWALL POLICE have the following -  FIVE POLICE OFFICERS were found guilty of falsifying accident reports when they raced and crashed police cars.  POLICE SERGEANT David Baker was given 3 months for deception.  SEVEN POLICE OFFICERS were arrested for perverting the course of justice in a corruption Inquiry.  POLICE CONSTABLE Colin Doyle was found guilty of a child sex attack.  POLICE CONSTABLE Chris Vercoe was fined for assault.  DETECTIVE INSPECTOR D. King was fined for speeding (120 mph).     POLICE CONSTABLE Paul Mason committed suicide after an inquiry into an assault on Mr. David Coker, he said that Officer Hepburn had done the assault.---PC Mason was accused of framing fellow officer Bryan Hepburn according to a report, and was to give witness testimony against him. Five other officers were involved, and a payout of £45,000 was made to the victim.  Hepburn remained with the police despite the controversy surrounding the assault.  TWO un-named officers faced a 'failed disciplinary' hearing over the shooting of Mr. Fitzgerald-Hay, a farmer.  The incident at Barnstaple revealed THREE DETECTIVES who colluded and conspired to hide the truth.  POLICE CONSTABLE WHITE 3834, POLICE CONSTABLE MITCHELL 3536, and POLICE CONSTABLE HOGG 4077 all claimed innocence to a 'lie' they perpetrated about a stolen motor vehicle that was not stolen?  They denied oppressive conduct and misconduct.  POLICE SERGEANT DAVID MOORE was demoted after being convicted of assault. DEVON POLICE SUED for injury to Mr. Sylvester as a result of a police chase.  POLICE CONSTABLE PETER FARQUARSON, WPC JAYNE HUMPHRIES, DETECTIVE CONSTABLE CHRIS RIGGS were convicted of perverting the course of justice.  POLICE CONSTABLE ANDREW DANIEL killed two sisters in high speed chase.

' Former Cop get six years for Robbery '

EX-POLICEMAN DAVID COX of Launceston appeared before Truro Crown Court of robbing £4,090 from Paula Edwards at the Midland Bank in Launceston.  The cop from Helstone, Camelford, terrified the cashier as he pointed a imitation semi-automatic pistol at the female cashier in the robbery demanding cash.  It was said in court that this all resulted from him being very depressed after leaving the police force?

SPECIAL CONSTABLE JANE WAKEFIELD appeared before Exmouth Magistrates on fraud charges. It was stated that she fraudulently claimed benefit of £2,804 from the DHSS thus making false representation in order to defraud the state whilst in work and being supported by her husband lorry driver.  She was given 18 months probation and 70 hours community service.

DEVON COPS IN BRAWL - Cops from the Devon and Cornwall Police threw punches and brawled with CPS staff at a Christmas bash in Plymouth.  It said an internal inquiry was launched after two police officers came to blows during the get together. A policeman was asked to leave, but then a fight broke out among the party goers.

COPS DISMISSED OVER SEX AND BOOZE PARTY ANTICS -- Police Constables Darby Allen and Pc Tim Eden based at Heavitree Road Police Station, Exeter, were dismissed from the Devon & Cornwall Police after a late night romp involving 20 special constables in a training course went wrong.

' Suspect framed by Devon & Cornwall Police '

THE POLICE COMPLAINTS AUTHORITY gave the Appeal Judges a report that papers relating to the murder case from the initial trial were ' stolen' from Exeter Crown Court by officers from the Devon and Cornwall Police.  Brian Parsons spent 11 years in prison for the crime, which he did not commit after police on the case constructed a false case.  It was suggested that evidence was planted by an over-zealous and dishonest police officer. 

' Cop steals from Social Club '

POLICE CONSTABLE ROY MILLER of the Devon and Cornwall Police appeared before Torbay Magistrates on charges of theft.  The cop, a treasurer of the Exeter Police Social Club admitted to taking £1,250 who was based at Tiverton Police Station was remanded in custody so he could be sentenced at Exeter Crown Court.

' Cop is finally charged after nine years '

COP NICHOLAS STONE who served with the Devon and Cornwall Police managed to evade charges and even get a Chief Constable's Commendation in 2003, before moving to the Avon and Somerset Police.  Whilst with the Devon force he raped a woman, and is now due to face trial in Exeter: see Avon and Somerset Police section.

' Cop on sick leave runs and jumps about on TV Game Show '

DEVON AND CORNWALL POLICEWOMAN LESLEY HART is off work due to stress, and was allowed sick-leave, but soon appeared in Argentina on the all physical and mentally demanding BBC Total Wipeout game seen by millions.  It now transpires she is suing the Devon and Cornwall Police because they did not offer her enough help to return to work. The Police Force declined to comment as they say it is an ongoing legal matter that will be settled in the High Court.

' Crime Squad Detective arrested over porn '

DETECTIVE CONSTABLE GRAHAM FLYNN   of THE DEVON  & CORNWALL POLICE was arrested after ordering hard porn videos on the Internet.  Computer equipment was seized at his home after customs officers intercepted a package ordered by the Crime Squad Cop.  He was suspended pending further investigations.

' Police Sergeant fiddles expenses for son '

DEVON AND CORNWALL POLICE SERGEANT DAVID BAKER defrauded his force out of £1,400 in university grants for his son. Baker received a suspended sentence of three months jail after he admitted to charges of deception.

' Arrested Man found dead in Police Cell '

DEVON AND CORNWALL POLICE are to be investigated over the death of a 66 year old man, Mr Lloyd, who died in a police cell at Torquay Police Station.  He was apparently arrested for failing to appear in a London Court. An arrest warrant was issued and cops incarcerated the man overnight. He complained of being unwell and was examined and returned to the cell -- he was found dead the following day?

DEVON AND CORNWALL POLICE GET ANNOYED OVER STOLEN BISCUITS --- It seem like the thief might be closer than they'd like to admit, as the loss of a biscuit tin from a police station upsets the force.  It is already a fact that cops at the station suspect a colleague, but anger has provoked them into recording the event as a crime........it seems like regardless of value, stealing biscuit tins from a police station must qualify as a crime....but this isn't the only theft, during 2012 it is said that other things have gone missing including a cop car petrol cap and eight DVD's.

THE DEVON AND CORNWALL TASER INCIDENTS -- Yet again Devon and Cornwall come under the spotlight, and considering that they are a force who attract controversy, never seem to get the point.  This time when using this 'electronic gun' Andrew Pimlott was engulfed in fire and burned to death.  This police force used the taser 34 times in 2010 compared with 65 times in 2011.  In 2012 DEVON POLICE PAID OUT £5,000 IN COMPENSATION to an un-named man who was tasered by a cop at close range in a crowded Plymouth Public House!

DEVON AND CORNWALL COPS -- TASER SPECIAL NEEDS BOY OF 15 --- Several cops from the Devon and Cornwall force are back in the spotlight over 'Taser Guns'  The incident happened at the Special Needs School, The Cheltenham Senior School near Plymouth... two boys were involved.  Solicitor Sophie Khan who often represents claimants against the police has called for an inquiry..... saying that the police action may have been excessive,,,, especially on a child.  Devon and Cornwall Police refused to comment!

DEVON AND CORNWALL POLICE SERGEANT IS TEMPORARILY REMOVED?  ... Sergeant Gary Watts has been suspended amid accusations that he committed gross misconduct in public office.  The Falmouth cop was seen on YouTube in a 'Gangnam Style' spoof production.  Mention of his Twitter Posts once available to anyone can now only be viewed by request....apart from that the Devon and Cornwall Police will not comment!

' Four Officers to be charged over death '

FOUR DEVON AND CORNWALL POLICE OFFICERS over the death of a caretaker who was restrained by them.  The mentally ill man who acted as a Church caretaker was arrested following a disturbance in Paris street, Exeter.  He was arrested at 11 am and taken to Heavitree Police Station.  At 12-15 just over an hour later he was rushed to the Devon and Exeter Hospital suffering from head injuries. The man Thomas Orchard was found slumped in the cell and died five days later in hospital.  It was reported that 7 officers restrained him.  All four cops from Exeter are not being named (as per usual) and a file has been prepared for the CPS....this follows an investigation by the IPCC .....the report says 6 police staff (which includes two civilians) have been put on restricted duties.

PS Its not the first cell death in police custody in the Devon and Cornwall area... (see arrested man found dead in cell)

' Woman Cop covers-up arrest, and weapon, is charged '

A DEVON AND CORNWALL POLICE CONSTABLE SARAH COHEN faced charges of hiding an offensive weapon and covering-up an arrest when she appeared before North and East Devon Magistrates.  She was accused of intention to pervert the course of justice at Meldon on Dartmoor.  She was suspended from duty.  The case was sent to the Crown Court.  The offence was said to have occurred whilst she was on duty as a police officer.

DEVON AND CORNWALL POLICE PAYOUT OVER WRONGFUL ARREST --- Jackie sued the Devon and Cornwall Police after she was wrongfully arrested and accused of assault.  This was originally termed a neighbour dispute with a policeman, PC Nicholas, and was obtained from 'The Nightmare neighbours file online.  It was said that the officer used his position to get Jackie arrested and that the neighbour trouble was over a period of 8 years.  However, the police made an out-of-court settlement in March 2017.

DEVON AND CORNWALL'S CHIEF CONSTABLE IS CHARGED -- This news item was brief and did not mention the police officers who arrested Thomas Orchard who was held down and handcuffed when he was taken to Exeter Police Station.  The Church caretaker was a paranoid schizophrenic who was prone to attacks.  It was said at his inquest that the officers had used a large webbing belt and placed it across his face.  He died a few days later.  The IPCC and CPS approved a charge against the Chief Constable in the role of 'vicarious liability' which no doubt will just be a formality to him.   (the case can be seen above - Four Officers to be charged over death)

'Devon & Cornwall £234,500 Payout'

It appears that the Devon and Cornwall Police are not pleased with this payout according to the report, they even suggest it may result in fewer officers?  This all comes about over an incident when they restrained a man they had in custody and applied the so named 'bite belt' something the claim is quite safe according to their own findings!  They restrained one Thomas Orchard who it is said had mental problems, and as a result of this method of a heavy belt placed across his face died a week later, and the medical opinion was that this played a part in his death.  The Force had earlier denied that they had breached any rules in relation to its use on the Church Caretaker, but changed their plea and admitted to breaching health and safety rules at Bristol Crown Court who fined the Constabulary.     (3/5/2019)

'Cop quits over lack of support from senior officers'

POLICEWOMAN LAURA BEAL who joined the DEVON AND CORNWALL POLICE, said after 13 years on the job she's had enough of it and is stepping down due to 'a total lack of support from senior officers' and the government.  She joined the police when she was 19, and thought this was her career, but said she lost faith in it when it came down to a routine on most days when she was left to patrol all of mid-Devon with just one other officer.

'Cops fail to act on Perverted PCSO Cop'

THIS DEVON AND CORNWALL case of PCSO officer PETER BUNYAN revealed that Bunyan was previously jailed in 2013 for having committed misconduct in Public Office.   Yet, the Redruth Constable appeared in court were he was convicted of three rapes and one sexual assault against two victims aged between three and five years in 2016.  The Court heard that Bunyan had used his position in the current conviction, just as he had in 2013.  It even revealed that six complaints had been made against him by fellow officers....and the fact a Sergeant had just ignored the lewd and sexual behaviour that Bunyan was displaying at the station.  He was sent to prison for 16 years.    (18/10/2019)

'On-duty Cop in sex case'

POLICE CONSTABLE RICHARD HOSKEN-JOHNS appeared before a misconduct tribunal.  The Devon and Cornwall Police Officer was accused of having sex with three women while being on duty.  It was said at the tribunal that the officer had been visiting the women at their homes over a six year period without being discovered.  One of the women said she had become attached to his sex romps when he came to her house to arrest her son.  The Exeter Tribunal heard that he instructed two of the women to lie for him if asked or contacted about any question of a relationship with him.  The Constable from Helston, Cornwall resigned before the hearing was called.   (23/6/2020)


'News of choke-hold case'

Note:  It was also revealed that last month, in June, the Independent Office of Police Conduct launched an Inquiry into the 'death of Simeon Francis' who died in custody in Devon on May the 20th.  News of this came after a separate arrest by the DEVON & CORNWALL POLICE in July in 2019 when he was filmed telling police 'I can't breathe'......which should be of concern and looked into a.s.a.p.


'Devon Cops payout £5000 over false arrest'

The DEVON AND CORNWALL POLICE paid out damages to a man who they arrested and held for wrongful arrest. It was said that the man, Brett Chamberlain paid for fuel at a petrol station using a £100 coin which was not accepted by the station employee of a Tesco branch in Exeter.  The manager without checking anything phoned the police who charged him with 'making off without payment' even though this was incorrect as he had not left the Tesco petrol station at all.  Mr Chamberlain from Tiverton, in Devon told reporters that the officers wanted to prosecute him for using Royal Mint coins, which was ridiculous.  He said he was held for four hours before they let him out of a cell and said there would be no charges brought.  But as for charges, Mr Chamberlain decided he would do the charging, and hired Solicitor Iain Gould who took legal action against the Devon and Cornwall police after his client 'did not receive an adequate apology or any assurance that the incident would be removed from the police national computer or records'   The police seemed to be unaware that the £100 coin under the 1971 Coinage Act the 2016 Trafalgar Square £100 pound coin is legal tender in the UK.  The police would only say that they have taken steps to recognise and rectify the issues raised....the cops were not identified in this and the petrol station attendant at the Tesco Station was not held to account either.         (26/10/2021)


So no corruption there, eh?



FIVE POLICE DETECTIVES of the now disgraced South eastern Regional Crimes Squad have been jailed after selling confiscated drugs seized in raids.  DETECTIVE CONSTABLE ROBERT CLARK, DETECTIVE SERGEANT CHRISTOPHER DRURY, DETECTIVE CONSTABLE THOMAS KINGSTON, DETECTIVE THOMAS REYNOLDS and DETECTIVE SERGEANT TERENCE O'CONNELL.  Another detective turned queens evidence in exchange for a lenient sentence was co-conspirator DETECTIVE CONSTABLE NEIL PUTMAN.  Scotland Yard once again pledged to rid the force of corruption as they have done so many times before?

Commander Hayman vowed that their pals would be scrutinized and backgrounds of the jailed cops.  Again we hear that these officers were 'first class detectives with commendations and bravery honours' -- which really means nothing, --- these cops were bent, and so were a number of colleagues who kept silent in return for favours  -- they will never be exposed once the story fades from public view.


' One year earlier Condon removes 20 Detectives in corruption probe '

Police Commissioner Paul Condon with his elite anti-corruption squad rooted out twenty detectives after discovering malpractice in the Met.  The activities of these officers included fraud, drug allegations, misbehaviour and impropriety.


' Man takes Police Chief Commissioner to Court '

BANKRUPTING the Metropolitan Police Commissioner was tempting enough as a reason to pursue his claim. Director Michael Alt had been a victim of a £97 penalty by the police for parking, but the meter was found not have been working properly.  Michael sued the Commissioner for repayment of the £97 and won when the police ignored the court and failed to appear.  The case was not even contested so an order was made against the Police Commissioner, but he ignored the court and the money was not paid.  Michael went back to court again and was immediately granted another order against the chief for £297, but that too was ignored by the police. Michael returned to court again and took out a garnishee order demanding the police chief turn up at court. The Judge assured Mr.Alt that if the chief ignored the court again, the court would without fail, deduct the increasing amount from the Commissioner's bank account.


' The Wolfpack Probe -- and the Derbyshire Police '

SERGEANT LOUIS MARTIN, SERGEANT DAVID SIMMONDS, and POLICE CONSTABLE IAIN PARKER were charged with assault and submitting false statements.  It is reported that these three ran a police brutality squad in the city and up to being arrested were completely unchallenged.  The called themselves ' the wolfpack ' and all three appeared before Chesterfield Magistrates Court.


' THE OLD BAILEY - 12 Police Officers - all committed for trial '

Court 6 was busy with four un-named cops on trial.

Court 8 was busy with DETECTIVE CONSTABLE AUSTIN WARNES who admitted conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, his co-defendants were in court 6.  Warnes was accused of a plot to plant drugs on a mother so that the husband could get custody of their sons.

Court 11 was busy with POLICE CONSTABLE DAVID EVANS, DETECTIVE CONSTABLE CHRISTOPHER CARTER, and DETECTIVE CONSTABLE LEONARD GERRARD all charged with the theft of ecstasy tablets. The drugs with a street value of £500,000 (40,000 tablets), were to be sold on the streets to junkies and pushers.

Court 17 was busy with POLICE CONSTABLE ANDREW WIGLEY and POLICE CONSTABLE SIMON WILSON, both charged with aggravated assault and attempting to pervert the course of justice.  Wigley was accused of helping Wilson to cover up the crime by falsifying his notes.

Court 18 was busy with POLICE CONSTABLE RICHARD SAMS and WOMAN POLICE CONSTABLE PATRICIA McGOVERN who were charged with false imprisonment and attempting to pervert the course of justice.  They are said to have stopped a motorist late at night and said he was in the bus lane.  An arrest followed in which Constable Sams assaulted the man occasioning actual bodily harm. This latter charge was added to the other charges the constable faced.

This was just one day in court!


' Unlawful Arrest led to three police officers being dismissed '

THE MANCHESTER POLICE CONSTABLE MATT PERCIVAL, POLICE CONSTABLE JOHN DAVIES and POLICE CONSTABLE PAUL PRESTON were found guilty of an abuse of authority, falsehood, and neglect of duty and were fined £100 each.  Had it not been for an independent witness the incident would have not turned out so lucky for the man arrested.  The three police officers claimed the man had provoked them.


' Policeman on unlawful wounding charge '

POLICE CONSTABLE SIMON ATKINS of Middlesborough found himself in Teesside Crown Court on a charge of unlawful wounding after bystanders intervened to insist that he stop hitting a banned driver so ferociously.  He damaged Lee Scott's teeth with his baton and punched him in the face three times. 



In this next session we look at the drinking sessions when cops behave badly and go onto committing crimes.

FOUR POLICE CONSTABLES were suspended after having attacked and raped a secretary at their police party.  The Met Police launched an investigation and the four officers were bailed to appear in court.

A POLICE SERGEANT based in Suffolk was demoted to constable after drunken behaviour in the bar at his own station.  It was revealed that FOUR OTHER POLICE OFFICERS were disciplined for misconduct -- One officer is alleged to have exposed himself, a second constable scrapped with a colleague, another was caught urinating in public and the fourth ' not behaving in a befitting manner '.  Alcohol was banned in the bar for six months.

DETECTIVE CONSTABLE MICHAEL PARFITT was arrested at the officers party when he was 'snorting coke' along with a woman officer held on supplying the drugs.  The Nightclub staff alerted the police after seeing them on security cameras.

ELITE CRIME SQUAD OFFICERS are under investigation after a brawl in the bar of the Regent in Chelmsford, where they were holding a party.  It started after a National Crime Squad Detective abused a girl in the cloakroom and began fighting with security at the hotel.  The other officers, all much the worse for heavy drinking piled in and a huge fight followed.  One senior officer of twenty years experience told the Essex tactical support unit to get lost when they were called to intervene.  40 officers were involved including a Chief Inspector and Two Superintendents.  Two Firearms cops had their gun licences revoked because of ' aggressive behaviour shown in the fracas.

POLICE SERGEANT DAVID STEVENS was arrested during a police party for sexually assaulting a young male constable at the Christmas bash in Elstree.  He was bailed to appear before St. Albans Magistrates.  Dozens of Met Officers were at the party.

THREE POLICE CONSTABLES - CONSTABLE NICHOLAS JONES, CONSTABLE JOHN WALSH and CONSTABLE JONATHAN LEHRIE attacked a family at their home after a night of drinking at the local cops pub. They assaulted Francis Milburn after they made comments about him and then followed him home.  The three officers lied and found themselves at the Old Bailey on charges of ' attempting to pervert the course of justice '

There is much more on this kind of thing so we will come back to it later.



Another report showing that coppers were using their warrant cards to get favours, free drinks. goods and entry in to clubs emerged.  It stated that perks included £100 watches, free takeaway meals and deals with off-licence shops.  Rudeness by cops and arrogance topped 6000 complaints by the public.  The report urged that the police tackle the grave issue spiralling out of control, to be addressed.  ' A LACK OF INTEGRITY IS NOT ACCEPTABLE' said the report.   Another promise to eradicate bad behaviour was issued yet again.


' ' Rank has its privileges says sex pest police sergeant '

CUMBRIA POLICE SERGEANT DAVID ROYTHORNE an ex-Met cop, found himself facing charges under the Police Reform Act of 2002 in the Newcastle Upon Tyne Crown Court.  He suggested to colleagues his rank held favour in high places and what he did was 'locker-room behaviour accepted by all at the station'.  The sexual assaults and bad language was no more than a game he said.


' Sex pest Detective spared jail after on duty assaults '

DETECTIVE CONSTABLE JOHN RICHMOND a ' two commendation' cop with the Met Police was given a nine month suspended sentence and ordered to pay £500 costs for misconduct in public office.  He admitted to having sex with a vulnerable woman who he was supposed to check on after she took an overdose.


' Sex Attacks Sergeant jailed for four months '

ACTING POLICE SERGEANT DAVID CARSON of the Norfolk Constabulary appeared before Ipswich  Crown Court after being charged with sex attacks on junior female colleagues.  He was found guilty of indecent assault  and jailed for using his position to dominate other officers into having his way.



POLICE CONSTABLE ALAN PAULL a Met Cop, was found guilty of rape after he took advantage of a drunken colleague at a police party.  He crept into her flat and got into her bed while she was still under the influence and decided to have sex with her.  The Judge said he would be put on the sex offenders register.


' Chief Constable quits after inappropriate e-mails to women '

CHIEF CONSTABLE TERENCE GRANGE of the Dyfed Powys Police stepped down after investigations revealed that he sent a number of inappropriate message to women via e-mail. A separate investigation was also ordered into his mileage expenses claims -- the IPCC said they were looking into financial irregularities.


' Cell sex Policeman is dismissed '

POLICE CONSTABLE BERNARD EVANS of The Norfolk Police  was found guilty of having sex with a woman in the cells suggesting to her he would secure an early release for the detained suspect.  The woman was awarded an out-of-court settlement and the police officer was sacked.


Threats by officer in love vendetta lead to court case '

WOMAN CONSTABLE MICHELLE BEGLEY made threats to stab and wound rival Karen Noble who was having an affair with her boyfriend.  She unlawfully used the police computer to obtain her rival's home address and said she would fit her up with a drugs charge and plant the evidence.  Begley who worked with the Birmingham police was suspended and appeared before a court in Coventry. The West Midlands Police said they would review the position after the trial.


' Cop slaps detained youth and says ' no one saw me do it ' '

THIS INCIDENT took place in South Kensington and in the police cell in South Kensington Police Station. The youth had been picked up on a motoring offence and thrown into a cell. Shortly after three police officers entered the cell and one began questioning the young man. Things got very confrontational and because the youth did not cooperate, one of the officers slapped the boy across the face. The suspect said he wanted to report this immediately, and the officer pushed his face up against the boy and said ' no one saw me do it, and no one will say I did.' and there was two other officers who were present, who of course were willing to lie and perjure themselves if it came to it. Sadly, this kind of thing still goes on despite CTTV as the cops have learnt to work around it and make sure a blow cannot be seen easily enough for a court to determine.


' Womaniser Police Chief commits suicide as investigation begins '

GREATER MANCHESTER CHIEF CONSTABLE MIKE TODD took his own life after affairs with women were exposed and suggestions of ' open to blackmail' surfaced.  The married police chief was said to have embarked on an affair with a business woman and that this exposure led to his decision to take his own life.


'Cop slaps boy and keeps his job'

BIRMINGHAM CONSTABLE ROGER HATELY appeared before magistrates charged with assaulting a 12 year old boy in an incident which happened at the boy's school while he was investigating a robbery.  Magistrates found him guilty of common assault after the boy's parents reported the matter.  However, at a private hearing his Chief Constable told him he could keep his job.  It was said in court that the cop from Tile Cross, Birmingham had an unblemished record of 27 years.


' Retrial for two cops in rape case '

POLICE CONSTABLE MARK WITCHER and POLICE CONSTABLE ANDREW LANG were committed for a retrial by the judge after the Winchester Crown Court Jury failed to provide a unanimous decision.  The two constables were found guilty of misconduct in public office and will be sentenced after the next trial.  The two will face trial for the raping of a drunken woman. The two Surrey Cops from Hampshire were charged with rape, indecent assault and wilful misconduct.  It was said by the prosecution that the patrol officers rushed back to Guildford Police Station in order to fix their stories and get them in first before the woman made her complaint. One of them admitted to having sex whilst one denied it, only to admit it later.




'The Spotlight on the Hampshire Police for the first section'

' Hampshire Police Inspector jailed for sex abuse of prisoners '

POLICE INSPECTOR GERALD HUTCHINGS based with the Hampshire force was jailed for sexual offences against 11 prisoners in his care.  He received 16 months for strip searches and abuse concerning boys at the Lyndhurst station.

POLICE INSPECTOR GERRY HUTCHINGS of The New Forest area was dismissed after he inappropriately cautioned a youth and made him strip below the waist. Detectives from The Hampshire Force's Professional Standards Unit acted upon a complaint from the boy about his treatment. They arrested Inspector Hutchings and accepted the incident wasn't sexually motivated. He later appeared before The Chief Constable Paul Kernaghan who dismissed him from the force. It was said that Hutchings worked throughout the Hampshire area going to Havant in 1994.

The above two reports obviously relate to the same cop, Gerry or Gerald, and in doing so throws up either a cover-up or case of misdirection.  The second report says that detectives accepted there was no sexual motivation in how he treated the boy, but in the first report we can clearly see that he was nailed for sexual offences against 11 prisoners and strip searches on boys?   The next glaring question is what came first, the dismissal or the jailing? and if this is so and using visa versa if he was jailed first and came back to the force then why did detectives accept no sexual motivation? and looking at it the other way, how does a dismissed cop get back on the force and then commit the acts on prisoners knowing about the boy's treatment by Hutchings?

Is there two Gerry Hutchings, both Inspectors, both in the same force, both working out in the New Forest District?  I think not, not by any stretch of the imagination, What we have here is a scandal unexplained.

NB. Obviously the Hampshire Police hoped that these two cases and reports might never be connected.

' Abuse of girl by Police Officer went on for ten years '

HAMPSHIRE POLICE OFFICER GARY CLARK based at Southampton faced trial at Kingston Crown Court for a catalogue of sexual abuse that remained undetected for a period of ten years.  The offences began in 1995 and went until 2006.  Some of the attacks would take place in the back of his car.  He was finally caught and charged with 20 sexual offences including rape, indecent assault and indecency with a child.  He was jailed for 10 years.

' False Arrest by Hampshire Cops '

SERGEANT ABDUL HAQUE and POLICEWOMAN CONSTABLE CLAIRE SCANNELL were both charged with misconduct in public office leading to a false arrest after they took the law into their own hands.  It was described as a revenge mission after Pc. Scannel became annoyed in a personal incident involving her brother.  Sergeant Haque was already awaiting trial over a previous incident involving misconduct prior to this incident.

' Hampshire Sergeant in murder attempt on wife '

SERGEANT DUNCAN WARRY was jailed for four months after assaulting his wife in a murder attempt.  The Sergeant strangled his wife in a furious attack leading to bodily harm.  The Hayling Island based cop with 29 years in the force was dismissed after doing two months of the jail sentence.


In October a Police Community Support Officer was arrested for involvement in a crime.  THREE OFFICERS were disciplined on the 22nd of July.  POLICE CONSTABLE ROBERT SIMMONDS was the subject of misconduct allegations in that he was rude and displayed conduct unbecoming towards the public.  A report showed that 20 POLICE OFFICERS had criminal convictions, which was shortly followed by other information which revealed that 42 convictions existed.


POLICE CONSTABLE NICHOLAS TOLSON was jailed for six months by Winchester Crown Court after it was stated that he planted a bomb hoax in a Andover shopping centre. He was on patrol and radioed in to say that he was watching raid suspects , a group of masked men near a shop. On examination of the bomb hoax it was found samples taken from his car matched the making of the bomb. No raiders were ever found. It was just a lie that if not so serious, would have been seen differently said the judge.


HAMPSHIRE POLICE appeared before Winchester County Court over a false arrest, wrongful imprisonment and assault of Mr. Dennis Fricker. He told the court that he was seized by cops who accused him of kerb-crawling.  He had been collecting for a charity when police grabbed him and took him to Southampton Central Police Station. Mr Fricker 64, is deaf and medically unable to have sex it was said, at the police station he asked for an interpreter, but it was ignored and not provided. When Mr Fricker of Botley, near Southampton tried to take the sergeant's number, the policeman deliberately covered it up. The charge for kerb-crawling was dropped.

'THE MYSTERY OF THE SUSPENDED 'STOLEN PROPERTY' COP ' --- A HAMPSHIRE POLICE INSPECTOR WAS SUSPENDED after he was accused of selling stolen goods.  In a press statement at the time, they said their inquiry was into the disappearance of expensive goods. The Inspector based at Portswood, Southampton, was not named -- all they would say is that a serving police inspector had been suspended in relation to a criminal inquiry.

'HAMPSHIRE COPS DRAG OUT SUSPECT IN TERRIFYING ORDEAL '  --- Tracey Edwards was subject to an ordeal when officers entered her bedroom and dragged her out naked. They arrested her on charges of drink/driving, merely suspected of, the charges were dropped later. -- Bitterne Police Station.


DETECTIVE IAN THOMAS of the Hampshire Police was convicted of making sexually explicit phone calls to six victims who he must compensate at £75 each. He made 57 phone calls from the police station it was stated. He was ordered to attend a sex offenders program. The officer of eight years service was allowed to resign?


Sean Hodgson went to prison for 27 years based on a false confession probably coerced as around this time, many detectives employed these tactics.  He was jailed for murder on the Hampshire police evidence which was held together by the 'confession'.  The West Midlands Crime Squad were practicing this at roughly the same time along with other units around 1979 and into the 80's.  The real murderer David Lace admitted the crime, but this was dismissed, but now DNA has revealed it was him.  The Hampshire police say this is most regrettable and they wish to put things right.  They can't, the man has lost 27 years of his life and by our reckoning he should get a payout of around £3million, but the cops will make sure it doesn't get anywhere near this figure in case it sets a precedent, ------- they've done this before in compensation cases --- their lawyers will be actively seeking to deprive the man of any decent or proper payout; pursuing it aggressively no doubt.


This matter borders on a Major Corruption Probe, a probe that never happened due to 'in-house' police tactics by Chief Constable John Hoddinott in 1999.  Good cops are hard to find, and easy to set up they say.  One good cop - POLICE CONSTABLE GRAHAM CRUTTENDEN found himself charged with sexually molesting a young man after a routine motor check.  This charge actively led to his death -- he committed suicide.  The young man actually dropped the charges, but this did not help this officer.  A fellow officer who was on the Isle of Wight with Graham Cruttenden spoke out about the file prepared against the Pc.  He said it was one of the worst proposed cases he'd ever seen and police procedures had not been followed.  The PCA rejected the Hampshire Police Force's findings twice and ordered that a new inquiry be set up by an outside force.  It was felt by his wife who lodged a complaint against the force, that they were trying really hard to ruin the officer at the time of the allegation.  And why would fellow officers and top brass be willing to do this?

Consider the following:  Police Constable Cruttenden gave evidence against six Met officers in 1980.  He refused to remain silent and disclosed that six officers helped themselves to several thousands of pounds worth of goods at a break-in at a branch of Austin Reed in Fenchurch Street, London.  The Squad had been called out on a 999 call.  The corrupt officers were convicted in 1981, and were jailed.  There is a code of silence when it comes to being called on to name corrupt officers, and this cop broke it and suffered their ' long arm of vengeance '  During his final period before transferring to Hampshire, he said he would go into the canteen and every other cop would upturn their cups and saucers (a traditional show of police contempt).  He was threatened by colleagues and received anonymous phone calls.  However, due to the case being discussed in police stations throughout the Greater London area, it wasn't long before some members of the Hampshire force became aware of his betrayal -- the cops in London made sure of it.

Threats by Hampshire Cops -  When Richard Barrymore (our Private Detective ) began looking into this he was told he would have an 'accident' by one of the cops we already mentioned.  Others too said he would be healthier if he did not make waves over the Cruttenden matter and stay out of Hampshire?

' Conspiracy? Collusion? Or Corruption?


The case concerned a resident on the Isle of Wight and an ' altered a letter' submitted to the court knowing it had been tampered with, and it contained an additional passage so the court would be made aware of what they thought about him.  They as usual, deny this claim saying 'some phantom policeman' must have done it without their consent.  Their lawyer in court claimed at one time that the letter was not sent and it did not exist, yet he revealed that the offending part against the man had been ' cut and pasted' from an internal police report?  He also claimed for the police on examination of two letters, that there had been a 'typographical error' so one question remains - how did he know the unsent and non existent letter had been altered at an official level within the Hampshire Police Force? Unfortunately the judge accepted it being an error and that was that. On researching our files in similar named 'forged and altered items by police officers' we found that no officers were ever charged or convicted and in just two cases at a tribunal stage judges made the comment that the officers had 'acted unwisely' but it didn't reflect on their honesty or integrity??

NO COP HAS BEEN CHARGED IN THE ABOVE CASE-- The presenting of a 'false instrument' false evidence, is a criminal offence, and although the Hampshire police say the document was an error, it is more than an error to put this document into court, especially when its use and intention was to pervert the course of justice, which in fact it did, and it was done by the police, their lawyer and the judge played his part in aiding and abetting the crime to go un-noticed and unpunished. The police knew the stated article was altered and what effect it would have but they still presented it through their lawyer who also had prior knowledge that this evidence was disputed by the plaintiff, and that a complete new paragraph had been pasted onto the letter in order to give a different impression, an impression that was intended to reduce the plaintiff's case.

' Hampshire cop faces jail for sex pest activities '

POLICE CONSTABLE GARY BAYLDON based on the Isle-of-Wight appeared before Kingston Crown Court on charges of three offences of wilful misconduct involving sexual relations with women whilst on duty.  A cop for 16 years, Bayldon .  The Judge warned him of a possible 12 months jail sentence which would be considered for pre-sentence options.

' Sex with girl earns cop a jail sentence '

ISLE OF WIGHT POLICE CONSTABLE STEPHEN COTTREL of THE HAMPSHIRE POLICE was sentenced to six months jail after being found guilty on two counts of indecent assault. The officer had sex with a 15 year-old schoolgirl it was said at Lewes Crown Court.  One charge of perverting the course of justice was not dealt with by the judge?  and neither were five other charges of indecent assault.  Further to the court case, the police admitted they were looking into an internal matter involving the officer --- that he indulged in sexual activities in a police car while on duty.  He is to be placed on the sex offender's register.

' Hampshire Police Inspector faces theft and perverting the course of justice charges '

ACTING POLICE INSPECTOR JASON BOLWELL appeared before Guildford Crown Court on three charges of theft and one charge of perverting the course of justice.  The suspended officer from Ryde on the Isle of Wight, faced allegations of making false representations and misconduct in public office. Bolwell was a Police Sergeant in the CID based in Newport.

' Four Hampshire Cops lie in court over attack on innocent man '

POLICE CONSTABLE JAY HEWES, POLICE CONSTABLE PAUL LONGDON, POLICE CONSTABLE JERALD ARMITAGE and POLICE INSPECTOR DAVE WALLER fabricated evidence and lied to the court over a vicious attack and unlawful arrest of Daniel Thompson.  The Judge also criticised POLICE INSPECTOR MIKE ROSS who supported the officers.  The judge said the prosecution of Mr. Thompson had been malicious and hit out at the CPS.  The most serious assault on Mr. Thompson happened in the interview room at the police station instigated by officer Hewes.  The judge concluded that the Hampshire Police wrongfully imprisoned Mr. Thompson and violently began assaulting him because they did not like him.  The court awarded Mr.Thompson, £25,000 exemplary damages, £10,000 for false imprisonment, £7,000 for malicious prosecution and £2,000 for the assault.

' Hampshire WPC worked as a prostitute '

WPC LYNN GOODCHILD was mainly seen on her beat looking for lawbreakers and preventing crime, but that was her day job -- at night she was a prostitute or as they term it ' an escort '  She met wealthy businessmen and charged £100 an hour.  She had to quit the police and her£12,000 a year post after her boss was tipped off.  Besides sex on offer was spanking sessions, the secret schoolmasters always liked that.  These happened oh her off-duty days as it was best to have the spanking and caning sessions in the afternoon.  She was based at Hythe Station in Southampton.

' Hampshire Police Constabulary Pay £5,400 for wasting court time '

DETECTIVE CONSTABLE NEIL HATCH was blasted by Judge Thomas Longbotham for submitting a ' chaotic case ' to the court.  Two days were wasted as a result and the judge came to the conclusion that it amounted to a serious misconduct.  The Detective claimed he sent an e-mail to the CPS in relation to certain evidence, but they denied receiving it.  The accused was acquitted and costs sent to the Hampshire Police.

' Strip-Search girl of 16, receives £4,500 from Hampshire Police '

THE HAMPSHIRE FORCE were ordered to pay the compensation after hearing how the teenage girl had been subjected to a frightening and humiliating ordeal by police officers.  The Judge at the Portsmouth Combined Courts unanimously backed her claim of false imprisonment against the Hampshire Chief Constable.  Officers had conducted a full strip search disobeying the laid down rules in the case of a minor by not calling in her parents or having an adult present to oversee that her rights were not violated.  The girl Kerrie Crouch was just sat in the grounds of a Petersfield Church when the ordeal began.  Despite having no evidence of any crime two constables insisted that she go back to the station for a search.  She was awarded the damages for false imprisonment  and the unlawful strip search of a juvenile.

POLICE CONSTABLE MARTIN JACOBS was accused of lies by Judge John Wroath.  He said this was a serious matter when lying to the court.  But Hampshire has not laid perjury charges against this obviously corrupt cop.

' Isle of Wight Bully Cops escape court justice '

HAMPSHIRE CONSTABULARY entered another scandal only to deny one bullied woman real justice.  Isle of Wight Officers - DETECTIVE SERGEANT GEOFF CROWE and POLICE CONSTABLE DAVE BRUNT were found to have caused the worst kind of harassment on a female officer by a tribunal.  Both officers made gestures in the workplace aimed at her and most of a rude sexual nature.  It was said in the tribunal that the all male CID Division except for Evans actively or passively engaged in this behaviour, considering what they did as amusing.  Crowe and Brunt were moved from Hyde Police Station after their three and a half years torment on Evans and the Chief Constable sent an apology?

HAMPSHIRE COPS ARREST MAN WHO DISMANTLED CLAMPERS SIGN IN FRONT OF HIS WALL AND PROPERTY -- Mr Godfrey Hibbert suffered the indignation of being arrested, fingerprinted and having a sample of his DNA forcibly taken --- he was accused of removing a clampers sign, which he claims is on his property, and therefore done without permission.  Tango Security the clampers accused him of criminal damage to their property - the sign and four plastic ties valued at around 4p that he had cut. He did say he would recompense them to this amount but nothing else.  The Hampshire Police were called by the clampers and they imprisoned Mr Hibbert in a cell for four hours!  The CPS apparently through the charge out, obviously not wanting to have egg on their faces...and another spate of public disquiet.  The Police trying to salvage something and not have their heavy hand tactics amplified press-wise backtracked and said the matter was one now of a land ownership dispute between the clampers and him in a civil procedures court.  The police will automatically say they had to act on the word of law, but where was the commonsense and why must they throw someone into a cell without giving the matter more thought?

' Fraud Cop in denial over charity cash incident '

HAMPSHIRE COP JASON BOLWELL appeared before The Crown Court on charges that he falsified loan forms to get money from a police fund.  Isle of Wight Policeman Jason Bolwell in the Guildford Crown Court was arrested and suspended and faced two charges of fraud and false representation. The allegations were that he attempted to get a £300 loan from the police welfare fund by saying he had travel expenses to the mainland to consult solicitors over another case he was facing. It also came out that he hid information from creditors and lied about the value of his car in connection with a £11,000 loan.

' Cop in Porn plot is jailed '

PORTSMOUTH POLICE CONSTABLE DEREK BURCHETT appeared before the court on charges of stalking a woman and hatching a campaign to discredit her with advertising her in a porn magazine inviting replies of a sexual nature.  It was said in court he began his plan whilst on duty in the Central Police Station in Portsmouth. He was eventually trapped by his handwriting supplied to the magazine owners.  The Hampshire Police Officer was jailed for four months.

' Senior Cop rapes woman sergeant at training college '

A SENIOR COP (UN-NAMED) WAS SUSPENDED after an incident when a woman police sergeant was raped at the Police Staff College in Bramshill, Hartney Wintney in Hampshire.  Hampshire police confirmed that an inquiry would be carried out by officers from the Thames Valley Police?

' Nuisance and dirty calls cop receives 2 years probation '

HAMPSHIRE POLICE CONSTABLE CARL JARMAINE appeared before Aldershot Magistrates charged with making obscene telephone calls and harassing women over six months.  The officer from Havant in Hampshire left three women victims very frightened as he called them from various telephone boxes in the area.  He was banned from going near the three women involved and faces dismissal from the Hampshire Constabulary.

' Detective and CPS Lawyer in Cover-up '

HAMPSHIRE DETECTIVE CONSTABLE NIGEL PHILLIPS was over the drink/drive limit by three times after he left the hotel DeVere in Southampton.  Journeying back to his cottage with CPS lawyer Penelope Schofield he hit the kerb in his precarious state, had a puncture and called in at the Bitterne Police Station where he was based.  It was there that he was breathalysed and arrested.  It was then that lawyer Schofield began a lie to get him off a charge by saying she was the driver.  Eventually it fell apart and Schofield was charged with perverting the course of justice.  On the same charge Detective Phillips appeared at the Old Bailey and was sentenced to four months for drink/driving and the conspiracy to deceive. 

' Hampshire cop nailed by own breath test '

POLICE CONSTABLE DAVID YOUNG appeared before Southampton Magistrates, where he admitted to driving over the limit.  The cop who did the night patrol conducted a test on himself before colleagues as a gesture to see how fit he was to drive when it registered he was over the limit.  The shocked constable was ordered to do it again but officially this time, and was then charged with drink/driving.  He was banned for a year and fined £350.

HAMPSHIRE COPS PAYOUT £25,000 as a result of falsely charging lorry driver Lino Clemend from West London who they stopped on a roadside pull over and charged him with ten offences.  They dropped charges later and said there was an error?  at the time he was stopped in Winchester, and it was thought to be the tachograph. Lino said when suing the Hampshire Police -- I thought of a sum in my head of £25,000 and went for it.

' INFORMER SUES HAMPSHIRE COPS -- A Portsmouth crook who worked with the Hampshire force in giving them information on other crooks is claiming £30,000 which he says is owed by the force. His case was initially turned down, but he successfully won legal aid to continue.

HAMPSHIRE COP FINED FOR ABUSE -- an un-named officer was fined £4,030 for abusing a domestic cat and was banned form keeping pets for twelve months.

HAMPSHIRE POLICE PAYOUT £30,000 over arrest bungle- Isle of Wight cops hounded and stalked Paul Prescott for a staggering 15 years, recording his movements and actively seeking to bring him down because they believed him to be an 'armed robber' convicted previously. The incident was hushed up and only came to light when Mr.Prescott applied for a job at a Children's home, and his application was blocked.  Mr.Prescott of Whippingham was given an out-of-court settlement of £30,000, when it was discovered there had been a mix up on the police computer. It was said that he had a similar name to the known criminal?

'Hampshire Cops and the Data Breaches '

In 2011 HAMPSHIRE POLICE were exposed as one of the worst police areas 'for abusing confidential Information' according to a report by 'Big Brother Watch'  it began with two officers and two police civilians being dismissed for data breaches, soon followed by Three Police Officers and a civilian being sacked having misused the police computer.  It finally reveals that 22 Police Officers and 11 civilian staff faced an internal disciplinary hearing.  A force spokesman was quick to say these breaches referred to info of a personal nature rather than criminal?

HAMPSHIRE COP ON SEX RAP AFTER WPC COMPLAINS -- A 22 year old WPC reported a male colleague for sexual harassment -- and constant jibes and a string of sexual taunts using a banana to illustrate what was meant. The Male cop was suspended by chiefs at the Cosham Headquarters in Hampshire. She specifically mentioned an incident in a police van when male colleagues handcuffed her and made her go face down on the floor of the police van. She said many of the others were involved in the abuse, but only one handcuffed her.

HAMPSHIRE COPS TO BE SUED BY ISLE OF WIGHT RESIDENT -- Steve Redhead intends to sue for wrongful arrest after being accused of threatening a woman. He spent a day in custody accused of sending texts to a woman, but he didn't even know the woman's name or do texts on his phone. He said police on the Isle arrived mob-handed, seized his phone and kept it for well over a week.

HAMPSHIRE COPS HUMILIATE WOMAN TO SATISFY THEIR BIAS TOWARDS CHILDREN'S RIGHTS -- Yet another typical 'paedophilic response' to children who must be satisfied and paid homage to in this 'kids rule society' and don't say 'boo' to them in case you breach their human rights.  Hampshire cops arrived with three cars it is said to arrest Mrs Cole when she refused to hand back a ball kicked onto her land by kids -- and not for the first time either.  She was finger-printed and had her DNA taken, and locked in a cell for five hours.  And what's more those buffoons at the CPS are to consider the case as theft?  Mrs. Cole only wanted to teach these teenagers a lesson, a lesson of respect for other people, but she cannot do that, and no-one else can when it comes to kids rights, they have been given the right to do anything and have everything, because if you deny them this you are abusing them?  She never kicked their ball into her own garden, they did, and probably too many times to look the other way.  12 police hours were spent on this, and what of the cost to the taxpayer?  Her mother-in-Law's car was damaged to the tune of £100, were the police interested, no, because it's a civil matter then, and can she sue the kiddies? no, they cannot be sued because of age, can she sue the parents? yes if she can afford the costs of a County Court case, but evidence against kids? do me a favour -- the judge will throw it out, and even if at the slightest chance she won, they could ignore paying the judgement, figures of payouts by County Courts show that nearly ninety per cent do not pay any damages or costs, they just throw it in the bin.

AN ISLE OF WIGHT WOMAN POLICE OFFICER THERESA STREET was first arrested on suspicion of arranging to handle stolen property, but changed later to not carrying out her duty in that she did not pass on information needed, and was dismissed at a misconduct hearing.

' The cops on the 'patrol car roof ' mystery on the Isle of Wight '

HAMPSHIRE POLICE are acting mysteriously over the fact that two officers, as yet un-named, were caught on rooftop of their patrol car just outside the Travelodge hotel and opposite the offices of the solicitors, Roach Pittis. It appears an eye-witness saw the off-duty cops climbing onto the vehicle. At the moment, the Hampshire cops are not disclosing why or what these two officers were up to or observing?  Both officers are said to be under investigation and face professional misconduct charges, and that the Hampshire Constabulary Professional Standards Department is conducting the investigation.

' Detective Superintendent refuses to take breath test '

HAMPSHIRE DETECTIVE SUPERINTENDENT DENNIS LUCY a cop who launched a crusade against alcohol and driving, refused to be breathalysed and was arrested.  He was found to be twice over the drink limit after a police woman smelled alcohol on him after he left the Park Gate Police Station. Aldershot Magistrates fined him £1,300 and he was banned for 16 months.  The cop from Southampton has since retired on health grounds.

HAMPSHIRE COP CAR CLAMPED AT GUN WHARF --- Cops arrest clamper employed by Shoal Enforcement, there were no officers present when the clamping took place it is stated, and they charged the man with obstructing the police in their duty.  It certainly looks like Hampshire cops are above the law, and this amply shows this to be the case.  It shows one could not arrest a cop in a 'citizens arrest' without the tables being turned on them, even if the cop was bent or up to no good.

WHEN THE COPS MAKE A SPECTACLE OF THEMSELVES --- and Hampshire Cops have done that most proudly in the case of arresting a musician on the Isle of Wight for what they say is a 'racist song' which the public may found utterly laughable.  This kind of thing makes you wonder what they are really up to?  Hampshire police arrested pub singer Simon Ledger for singing ' Kung Fu fighting' a 70's record hit for Carl Douglas in 1974. I would suppose the song was aired on the radio for thousands of plays,,,but no racist accusation, Carl Douglas was not charged, nor did he appear in court, and the record was not banned by the BBC. One would think common sense might be adhered to,,,but no, the cops made the claim they have to respond to a complaint made by the public...and it was just one Chinese man who made a fuss in the bar...all the other patrons were okay.. One should be aware that any complaint made about the police is not so diligently carried out, they often ignore and mess a complainant around before making any move to write out a statement... and we have witnessed an officer lean up against a filing cabinet and look disinterested as he delays things to the point the claimant demanded to speak with someone of higher rank.

THE STRANGE CASE OF FORMER DETECTIVE CHIEF INSPECTOR NEIL KINGMAN of the Hampshire Police: It was his belief, of which he had no doubts according to his findings when he headed the inquiry into ' the Isle of Wight alleged child abuse and Paedophile ring and sacrifices' that he had no doubts what he was told by community social workers, were true. This strange case was one that David Icke featured in one of his books and regularly featured it on his blog. The police headed by Kingman began investigating when it was claimed that a number of businessmen, prominent heads on the island were engaged in secret societies. We have since been told that Kingman has now retired, and the other matter never resolved.

HAMPSHIRE COPS DEFEND EMPLOYING COPS WHO HAVE CRIMINAL CONVICTIONS, who still work on the force and in the public. A spokesperson would not comment on allegations that the cops had been convicted of Benefit Fraud, Discharging a firearm, Possession of Cannabis, Drunk and Disorderly, Assault and Theft.  Members of the public in Hampshire were not pleased to hear this, and top cop John O Connor formerly of Scotland Yard said ' It is totally inappropriate that these officers have been allowed to stay in their jobs '

' Eight Hampshire Cops in Misconduct Case '

The Recent Murder of Jamie Dack by monstrous killers has not only led to criticism of the way Hampshire police responded to the Southampton victim, but the charge of misconduct on eight police officers: Two Inspectors, four police sergeants, two constables and one member of the civilian staff.  The independent Investigation by the IPCC revealed a catalogue of errors and shoddy policing.  The outcome was that these accused all received ' management advice'....... they said they were taking further action against a police constable who will be the subject of a misconduct hearing?

DISQUIET OVER 999 COP ACCIDENT LEADS TO COMPLAINT - Isle of Wight Police have now had a formal complaint lodged against them over the surrounding activity concerning a police driver who crashed into the family car of Mr. Graeme Howlett, a holidaymaker from Essex.  It was said by witnesses that the police mondeo car sped through red lights. Mr. Howlett was very unhappy with the way police dealt with him after the accident, as the ambulance only took the officer, and his family had to wait for a second ambulance before being taken to hospital for treatment. He said his wife was cut and suffered bruising and the children were in shock besides his own injuries. Hampshire Police said they would be investigating?

N.B. In certain profile cases mentioned it has been discovered that police have shredded evidence and strangely 'lost files' even amid an investigation carried out by the PCA and IPPC. This happened on ' Operation Countryman ' the massive investigation into corrupt cops, and --' The West Midlands Crime Squad Investigation ' just to name two, there are several more on this site.

' Excessive force Police Sergeant reprimanded '

HAMPSHIRE POLICE SERGEANT STEVE TURNER and one other police officer, were reprimanded by the Hampshire Force's Professional Standards Unit after a complaint was made against them and CCTV evidence examined. The incident happened at a Southampton Police station  in the cells custody suite -- teenager Gerard Shannon was held by the throat and kneed by Sergeant Turner aided by another 'un-named' policeman. It was confirmed that both officers were receiving 'management advice? '

HAMPSHIRE COPS SUED FOR WRONGFUL ARREST  --- Mr.Nawrot took his case to the Court Of Appeal against the Chief Constable of Hampshire after confusing evidence dealt him a blow in another court.  Lord Justice Woolf, Lord Justice Neill and Lord Justice Scott overturned the claim of the Chief Constable that his officer's arrest of Mr.Nawrot was lawful.  At the previous lower court Mr.Nawrot was found guilty of abusing and threatening a police constable.  However, the Appeal Court Judges found that the police were seeking to avoid an award of exemplary damages for unlawful arrest and assault by the police constable because the appropriate sum or figure would be extremely difficult to be ascertained without the police constable being able to explain fully his actions.  Mr.Nawrot was given leave to sue the Hampshire police for compensation.

HAMPSHIRE COPS WORST FORCE FOR RECORDING CRIME DETAILS -- In a report rating police forces in the country, Hampshire police only met minimum requirements out of 43 police forces, making it the worst. The ratings by the Audit Commission said the record keeping by the Hampshire Force was poor in respect of the investigations into violent crime, criminal damage and domestic violence.

HAMPSHIRE POLICE ORDER PURGE ON MOTORISTS -- Hampshire cops ordered patrols to catch five speeding drivers a month, and arrest at least 24 people a year for other road offences. Bosses also added that officers should meet monthly targets of five seat-belt offences, four mobile phone offences, eleven drink-drive offences and two commercial vehicle checks. Hampshire Police said when asked about their anti-motorist purge - ' It is a minimum expectation of what we expect officers to be doing, we are not saying that at all costs someone must be arrested' said John Campbell.

HAMPSHIRE COP ARRESTED OVER POSSESSION OF INDECENT IMAGES --- POLICE CONSTABLE NICHOLAS OLIVER of the Fratton Roads Police Unit resigned after being caught having fifty illegal and indecent images on his computer.  In recognition of his resignation the CPS and Police decided not to proceed with the case?

HAMPSHIRE COPS are named as 'THUGS IN UNIFORM' by some residents of Portsmouth according to David Griffiths who told of innocent members of the public being faced by grim faces and batons as police barred the way.  They were asked to produce match tickets in order to proceed along the public highway? the cops in riot gear not only looked ready for trouble, but were actually waiting for it no matter what. Three Public House Landlords blame the trouble in Fratton Road on the police. He now has little wonder there are wrongful arrests and unsafe convictions, the thuggish behaviour by 100 cops goes a long way to confirming this.

' Chase Cop appears in court '

HAMPSHIRE POLICE CONSTABLE JAMES HOLDEN was charged and appeared before Guildford Crown Court resulting from a 'dangerous chase' incident that ended up in Cosham ending with a stolen car crashing through the railway gates. The officer is accused of dangerous driving and making the capture and pursuit of the offenders 'personal' --- It was stated on a news item that an onboard camera in the patrol car showed the officer taking risks that were not within the authority granted --- his trial continues.

ARRESTED OVER COMPLAINT MADE TO OFFICER -- A man who approached a Hampshire Policeman to make a complaint about an assault incident (claimed to be head butted by a Mr.Evans) was promptly arrested and held in a police cell at Alton in Hampshire.  Mr.Kelly said when he was eventually released the cops advised him not to press charges against his attacker??

' Hampshire Cops pay £800 plus Compensation '

THE HAMPSHIRE POLICE PAID OUT £829.68 in an out-of-court settlement to a man who became a victim after helping police arrest a serial offender. What followed was a blunder that led to his name being supplied to the offender, and he was subsequently attacked by a gang of supporters to the offender. Later after purchasing a field, the man found a 'man trap' set on his property, but the police failed to respond to his calls. He alleges that POLICE SUPERINTENDENT DEAKIN of The Police Professional Standards blocked his e-mails and acted contrary to public expectations.  He then complained to POLICE INSPECTOR READING at Hythe Police Station about the disappearance of his expensive coat at the station. CCTV video footage was requested formally to Roger Trencher, solicitor to the Force, but it was not forthcoming, and they dealt with the issue of the coat by paying compensation.  Deakin retired amid the inquiries, which were ongoing in 2010, and it remains a mystery as to who at the police station walked off with property not belonging to them, and why no-one was interested in identifying the person who must have been on the station CCTV.....If they do know, they aren't saying!!

HISTORY REVISITED -- THE HAMPSHIRE COPS COVER-UP  -- Back in the days of GCHQ and illegal moves by MI5 and MI6 -- Portsmouth CID helped MI5 to have a certain hotel register 'sanitized' to ensure there was no record of two MI6 agents who booked a room there.  (The Crabbe Affair) 1955-75.

HAMPSHIRE POLICE INTERNAL PROBE LAUNCHED -- April 2013, An Internal Investigation has been ordered into whether police involved in a previous 'Stanbridge School Investigation into sex abuse claims' should be subject to a disciplinary hearing.  The Force was said to have agreed to investigate its own handling of the case.


' WPC  tipped off Criminals '

A HAMPSHIRE, SOUTHAMPTON based Police Woman PC REBECCA SWANSON appeared at Basingstoke Magistrates Court (first before going to Winchester Crown Court) -- she appeared on three counts of disclosing police intelligence data to 'thwart' colleagues investigations into certain offenders.  It was said in court that she had committed the offences during 2012.  She had been the subject of an anti-corruption probe, and was then dismissed from the force at a 'misconduct hearing'  (Aug 2nd 2013)

In October 2012 a Report in the 'Police Specials' mentions that two female officers were arrested in Southampton -- one of them on suspicion of supplying class A drugs and perverting the course of justice.

HAMPSHIRE COPS IN BULLYING MISSIONS --  In a case (2012) Hampshire police demanded that pensioner 73yr old Margaret Walker of Fareham attend the magistrates court charged with 'anti-social behaviour' -- having committed the 'crime of writing complaints to councillors and politicians' regarding the issue of 'The Downes Case' -- they actually compiled a case file of her complaints......for the court to examine?        Apparently, free speech and a citizens right to complain seems to have been dropped from The Human Rights Act in Fareham.  It shows a very 'devious and suppressive' side to the Hampshire cops, which writer Mike Whitby agrees with.

THE INTERNAL HAMPSHIRE COPS MYSTERY -- W.A.Galpin (possibly an ex-cop) of Fareham tells of a ludicrous dispute arising from casual remarks in a police canteen, which took two and a half years to resolve.  He says that 11 high ranking officers were involved, two police sergeants and eight constables...... and at a cost of £50,000 to the taxpayer.......as to why, we have no explanation, or contact to look into this, but it did happen.

THE CASE OF THE SPECIAL CONSTABLE ARRESTED OVER ON-THE-SPOT FINES -- A former Special Constable was arrested for posing as 'a genuine policeman' (so the item says) while committing offences.  The 43yr old former Southampton Special Cop was arrested by cops investigating incidents involving motorists being subjected to on-the-spot fines.  It is stated that officers apprehended him on New Years Eve and he was bailed to appear before Southampton Magistrates.

SUPPORT OFFICER PCSO  LEE WRIGHT was bailed to appear before Portsmouth Magistrates.  The Cop who was suspended by the Hampshire Police Force was charged with shoplifting and arrested on August the 3rd.  Although covered in the local Press, The Police Community Support Officer denied the charges.

' 3 Hampshire Cops sacked for gross misconduct '

DETECTIVE SERGEANT MARK HALL, DETECTIVE CONSTABLE ANDY HOLT and POLICE CONSTABLE COLIN CAMPBELL based at HAVANT POLICE STATION were found guilty of gross misconduct at a Disciplinary Hearing and instantly dismissed.  It was said that the three Officers showed a complete lack of respect for their fellow officers.  They were found to have used demeaning language regularly and had done so for a long time, as this case started in 2013, a year ago.   The Chief Constable said that their behaviour and conduct was detestable...and on hearing evidence about them using sexist and homophobic comments besides bullying colleagues, they were told to go immediately after the hearing.

( Pulling something from the files, we found that a member of the Legal Profession complained about a police sergeant and said that he found their attitude insulting at the Havant Police Station)

'Man waits 20 years for apology from the Hampshire Police'

JOHN PICKERING was forced out of his job at the University in 1994 after he made a complaint about another employee of a senior position.  The allegations were of a serious nature, but the University decided not to act on it, and neither did the Hampshire Police......and Mr Pickering even went to them a second time.  Now its been revealed that the man accused was found out and fired........and after 20 years of trying to get an apology, the Chief Constable Andy Marsh said they should have investigated it more thoroughly......they offered Mr Pickering their apologies and said they were sorry!

'Three Isle of Wight Cops Arrested '

Amid something of a lock down on public exposure and a mystery forming, news came in on December the 11th 2014, that there had been the arrest of six men on the Isle of Wight in Hampshire, and three of those turned out to be police officers.  Julie Fry the Isle of Wight District Commander said the arrest of the three police officers were the result of a victim coming forward to complain about incidents that have been going on during 2014.  The arrests are said to 'Be on suspicion of conspiracy to commit serious sexual offences on the island'   The investigation is ongoing.

'Two Cops bagged for the price of one '

This is the strange case of an 'investigating cop who ended up on a drink/drive charge because of the cop he was investigating on a charge'....it doesn't get anymore stranger than that.  But DETECTIVE SUPERINTENDENT DENNIS LUTY who was in charge of The Complaints Department and led a campaign against drink-driving was nicked.... and he even refused to take a breath test when he was stopped.  Luty was arrested on his way home from Park Gate Police Station where he had been interviewing an officer who was the subject of a complaint.  That Officer was WPC  ELAINE BUCKELL who was the subject of a complaint made against her.  She said she could smell alcohol on his breath during the interview, so she reported him to the station Officer, and Luty was followed home by cops who stopped him and arrested him.  He later appeared before Aldershot Magistrates and was said to be twice over the limit when tested.  Buckell said 'I was in a very awkward situation but it was only right to report it'   As to the complaint against her.....that was never made known?

' Whistle-blowing on the Hampshire Police '

We at first had to ask ourselves was this a genuine cop 'spilling the beans' and we are currently looking to find the cop who heads a website ' GOOD COP DOWN'.....who gets others to respond, but never names himself.  It certainly does no favours for the beleaguered cops of Hampshire and only helps to show that things are going on they'd rather the public did not know.    Ex-Cop Aubry Hendy (if actually true) says he resigned after almost 18 years of service in the Hampshire Police...the cop from Southampton thought that life was good in the force when he joined, and he was dedicated to uphold the service to the community....then, he suddenly met another force?  within the Hampshire cops...bullying him, despite him being a big guy on his claims!  He says he is now taking the Hampshire Police to Court.  He also touches on Freemasonry in the force... a disease that has been going on for a seriously long time.

Citing a second case....one reply accuses the Hampshire Force of 'stone-walling', ignoring people and lost evidence for a start.....fairly serious if it were anyone else but the cops.  The Nettles Family - Valerie and Damien Nettles, say their son disappeared, and after little joy with the Hampshire Police, contacted the IPCC for an Independent Investigation, but it was referred back to the Hampshire Force to actually investigate themselves?  they accused the women of wasting police time and dragged things out for 14 years!  'Our son was just 16 at the time, but the police marked him down as being 19 and said he was therefore old enough to leave...inferring that this case was no longer of interest.

Citing a third case...There was a minor complaint against a PSD Deputy Commander in the Hampshire Police.. the person who made it says doing this can be the end of a police career....they involved the Professional Standards Department....who goes onto say the Department then went onto to investigate me, and told me she would continue until she found a way to get rid of me!

PS - We shall be watching this site and the Hampshire Cops reaction to this. ( www.goodcopdown@wordpress-com )

'COPS IN INSURANCE SCAM CASE --  PC ANDREW ROBERTS and WPC PERKINS risked their careers when they both admitted to lying to receive an Insurance Payout the report says.  They both appeared at Winchester Crown Court.  Roberts admitted to 2 counts of deception and one of forging a car registration plate.  He also admitted to fraudulent use of the registration.  His wife, Serena Perkins admitted one charge of attempted deception. They had denied the charges initially, and both officers said their car was stolen, in order to claim insurance.  It was mentioned in court that they'd both appeared in a TV Documentary 'Cop Shop' featuring the Gosport Police Station and viewers saw the developing relationship of Roberts and Perkins, who he later married.  The final episode shocked regular viewers when they broadcast the actual arrest of the pair!

'HAMPSHIRE POLICE ACCUSED OF RACISM' --- The Force has been accused of appalling racism by the Travellers Movement Charity who have written to the Hampshire Police about a poster published by the police warning the public about the arrival of a group of travellers and encouraging the reader to boycott their businesses.  It says the poster was created by a neighbourhood policing unit in Hythe.   Amazingly the police forgot or didn't read that travellers are classed as an ethnic group and are protected by equality legislation making discrimination against them illegal!    The Complaint has been lodged with Hampshire Police and the Human Rights Commission who are to investigate it.

'HAMPSHIRE POLICE FINALLY ADMIT TO FAILINGS IN DEATHS INQUIRY' -- Hampshire's Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney admitted that its inquiries into the Gosport War Memorial Hospital deaths were not fit for purpose.  She said her officers would hand future investigations to another constabulary after a 'damning' report found that they had failed to examine properly the multiple reports by families, whistleblowers and others, that doctors were giving patients dangerously high levels of opioid drugs.  She said the Force could not hide from the considerable damage to confidence after it was criticised by the Gosport Independent Panel which found that at least 450 people had their lives cut short as a result of the prescribing regime at the hospital.  She admitted that three investigations by her force between 1998 and 2010 did not result in any prosecutions, and that the police did not properly consider pursuing charges against the hospital and individuals.  It was also brought up that nursing staff raised concerns 30 years previously and were silenced by management.  She agreed that relatives were not happy and that they approached the police several times over Gosport, but sadly the investigations were not of the high quality expected.

'Hampshire Cops pay rape victim 20,000 pounds'

HAMPSHIRE POLICE who accused a rape victim of lying received a payout of 20,000 pounds when she won her case on the grounds that the police force had subjected her to inhuman and degrading treatment violating her human rights.  The un-named woman had suffered the sexual attack in 2012 and she reported it to the Hampshire Police.  The report said they failed to carry out the appropriate tests on the clothing or fully investigate the allegations.  Two months later after lodging the complaint she was asked to return to the police station and was arrested on suspicion of attempting to pervert the course of justice.  It then took the cops nearly five months to actually examine the shirt of the shirt she had on at the time, and it was found to contain the rapist's DNA, he was subsequently jailed for 5 years in 2013.  Hampshire's Chief Superintendent David Powell apologised to the victim and admitted that the force handled the case very poorly!

'The Hampshire Cops Investigation'

16 HAMPSHIRE POLICE OFFICERS and three Police Staff members have hit the news in an investigation that was kept under the radar for at least a year before it was finally revealed.  It concerns accusations of racist and homophobic comments which amounts to misconduct in today's terms!  This is all centred around the Basingstoke Unit following a report by a 'whistleblower' and reports emerging tell us that five people involved have already been suspended as a result of investigations so far.  It says that the others involved have been placed on 'restricted duties'.  It is also reported that the recent investigation was taken over by the IPCC.   (25/2/2019)

'Havant Cops pounce on motorist breaking into her own car'

Despite not having received a formal complaint yet, this report of the Hampshire Police raises concerns.  It was reported that Chef Terri Finney was seen trying to get back into her van, and that the Havant Cops suspected her of being a thief.  It was at this moment that they moved in and grabbed the woman 'armed with a screwdriver' and forced her head to the ground whilst handcuffing her.  As a result of the trauma, Terri needed an operation and six weeks off work.  She said she had locked herself out and the keys were inside the vehicle.  It was reported that the police 'de-arrested' her!           (29/2/2020)

'Hampshire Cops to get 67 taser guns'

At a time when these weapons are being looked upon as dangerous, even in the hands of cops, the Hampshire Police Force have been given the funds to buy 67 taser devices the report says.  It says the Home Office are giving them £55,275 pounds to buy the extra guns.  The force already has 507 authorised cops allowed to use tasers in the force.  Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney has already spent £1 million on the taser devices before the latest announcement was made public.      (7/3/2020)

'6 Hampshire Cops face misconduct panel'

A POLICE CRIME UNIT consisting of POLICE DETECTIVE INSPECTOR TIMOTHY IRESON, POLICE DETECTIVE SERGEANT OLIVER LAGE, POLICE DETECTIVE SERGEANT GREGORY WILLCOX, POLICE DETECTIVE CONSTABLE ANDREW FERGUSON, POLICE CONSTABLE JAMES OLDFIELD and POLICE CONSTABLE CRAIG BANNERMAN were all charged with gross misconduct in public office.  It was said to be a 'racist' situation who in the unit used language and behaviour that was offensive to blacks.  It was alleged by the prosecutor that the unit had an abhorrent racist culture, and even though they saw it has banter and ordinary feature in most police stations throughout the country, the jokes and their behaviour was highly offensive.  He said their comments were so frequent he could not stand in court and list them all.  The Inquiry and Conduct hearing at Eastleigh in Hampshire continues.    (23/10/2020)

'Detective Constable charged over forged signature'

HAMPSHIRE DETECTIVE ROBERT FERROW was charged with forging a witness statement in a murder investigation.  The Independent Office of Police Conduct investigated the police officer in relation to the offence during the investigation into the murder of Lucy-Anne Rushton who was murdered by her husband, who was jailed for 17years.  On completion of their probe into DC Robert Ferrow, they referred the file to the CPS who made the decision to charge the officer.  He was subsequently charged with making a false instrument with intent for it to be accepted as genuine.    (1/12/2020) and (20/1/2021)

Update:  the trial resumed of Detective Constable Robert Ferrow at Winchester Crown Court.  It is said that he forged signatures on a witness statement during a murder investigation.   (10/8/2021)

'Chief Special Officer is fired from force'

HAMPSHIRE CHIEF SPECIAL OFFICER, TOM HAYE, was found guilty of 'gross misconduct' at a hearing after it was discovered that the officer had used an offensive term to a colleague via the use of the media site WhatsApp.  The report says that he sent a text to a friend house-sitting for him using a derogative term for travellers meaning he was doing good by keeping them out of his house, squatting etc.  It was said that the 50 year old was a volunteer cop for 30 years and worked in the IT section...he was sacked by the Hampshire Police and barred.   (13/2/2021)

Isle of Wight Police Assault'

It was reported that due to an incident on the island, filmed evidence had been shown of an officer punching a man on the ground and being held down by four officers.  The man named Scott, claimed that one of the cops assaulted him in the vicinity of the Castle Inn Public House.  A report and the filmed incident has been sent to the Independent Office of Police Conduct for investigation.  Scott was released from custody without charge and further action it was said.  The Police quickly claimed he was resisting arrest by an officer in the execution of his duty according to a statement made by the island   Hampshire Cops.     (22/4/2021)

'Former Assistant Chief Constable is jailed over child porn'

This breaking case concerns the jailing of PETER JONES, the Former Assistant Chief Constable of Hampshire who was arrested in connection with downloading and hoarding images of child sexual abuse.  It was said that the retired cop who also served as a Detective Superintendent of the Cheshire Police Force for 21 years rose to the position of Hampshire's Assistant Chief Constable before he retired in 1999 from the Hampshire Force.  Even though he denied making indecent images of children and possessing them along with extreme pornography found on his computer, the 74 year old ex-cop was found guilty at his trial at Chester Crown Court.  He was duly convicted on counts of 53 category A images and 387 category B images along with 19,701 images that were considered the most serious in category C.  He was committed to prison for 15 months with a further additional 12 months on licence.  He was also told to sign the sex offenders register for 10 years and also given a 10 year sexual harm prevention order.  The cop in charge of the case said 'he was well aware that what he was doing was wrong....and wasn't just a one off incident or casual interest, because it was carried out over a sustained period of time almost totalling 20,000 indecent images of young children for his own gratification'    (23/5/2021)

UN-NAMED HAMPSHIRE POLICE SERGEANT in text slur ban to a lover has been removed from the police service said Hampshire Police Chief, Olivia Pinkney.  The Officer maintained the messages sent did not amount to misconduct because they were done outside of his work.  He also called the investigation an unnecessary intrusion into his private life.  She maintained that he would have been fired had he not quit the Force, but ruled that he could not be named.

'Cop in abusive behaviour is fired'

POLICE CONSTABLE DOMINIC GODBOLD, an officer with the HAMPSHIRE POLICE FORCE was dismissed from the Police without notice after the Disciplinary Tribunal found him guilty of misconduct.  At his hearing it was said that he behaved drunkenly and abused two female paramedics in Portsmouth.  They had been summoned to attend the drunken officer lying on the ground, after which he turned aggressive and banged on the Ambulance doors.  It was also said that he'd gone out celebrating after being promoted from being a PCSO and was also 'drowning' other personal troubles.      (18/8/2021)

'Officer in Sex Texts case is dismissed'

AN -UN-NAMED POLICE OFFICER in the Hampshire Constabulary appeared before a Police Disciplinary Panel for trying to have a sexual relationship with a domestic abuse victim the report says.  At the hearing it was stated that the officer had sent the abuse victim 51 messages in just one day, with texts including kisses.  The Tribunal found the police officer guilty of committing gross misconduct.  He was dismissed from the force, but there was no reason given for the 'cloaking' of his identity despite being found guilty?      (22/10/2021)


We will be back shortly with more!




' Cop has sex with teenage boy '

POLICE CONSTABLE MARK BRIGHAM a Met Cop from London, was charged with having sex with a boy he picked up in Portsmouth.  The shamed cop was to appear before magistrates and has been suspended.


' Police Sergeant  groped boy in public toilet '

POLICE SERGEANT DAVID JEWELL of the Newcastle Police, was found guilty of sexual misconduct and indecent assault on on a minor.  He was fined £400 and costs of £1,200.  He ran off after being discovered by a citizen who grabbed his coat which yielded a bank statement with the officer's name on it.  He was put on the sex offenders register.


' Cop sexually assaults two boys '

POLICE CONSTABLE MICHAEL COX admitted four counts of abuse against one boy of 11yrs and one 13 yrs at his home in Epsom, Surrey.  The disgraced cop had two commendations for his work in the police.  He appeared before magistrates in Staines.


' Suffolk Cops face child porn charges '

DETECTIVE CONSTABLE BRIAN STEVENS faces two charges of indecent assault against a 13 yr old girl and six charges of keeping indecent images of children on his computer.  Another officer, un-named is also charged with keeping child porn images.  They appeared before magistrates at Bury St. Edmunds.


' Cop is sacked for trying to groom schoolgirl '

THAMES VALLEY POLICE admitted they had dismissed a police constable for discreditable conduct after using details given by a schoolgirl witness to ask her out, the girl  under the legal age of consent was asked for her phone number at the scene of the incident.


' Policeman jailed for grooming under age girl on the Internet '

POLICE CONSTABLE MICHAEL CONLON of the West Yorkshire Police was jailed for two and a half years after approaching a 14 yr old girl via the Internet.  It was alleged that he performed sex acts in front of a web cam in close up for the girl and said he wanted sex.  An investigation team seized his pc and found 370 images of child porn with children as young as five. The Policeman appeared before Leeds Crown Court.


' Suspected Child Sex Attacker allowed to Join the Met Police '

A POLICE COMMUNITY SUPPORT OFFICER was suspended over an indecent assault on a woman colleague, and investigations revealed that the officer was being investigated on a child sex attack.  The Met cop was allowed to join despite the reference on his application form.  A spokesperson said there must have been an oversight when the vetting system failed in this particular incident.


' Surrey Cop jailed for Internet grooming of 13 year-old  girl '

POLICEMAN KEITH BROOM formerly of The Surrey Constabulary, was jailed for 18 months after admitting attempting to incite a child to engage in sexual activity and possession of indecent images of children.  The former cop was trapped in an Internet chat room sting.  His seized computer revealed a stash of 149 photographs showing children in lewd poses.


' Indecent Assault on girls by Cop '

POLICE CONSTABLE TONY WHITE was bailed to appear before Derbyshire Magistrates on sex charges.  The cop who won a medal in the police, is charged with indecent assault on a girl of 15 and another aged 16. 


' Police Inspector in vice and porn inquiry '

POLICE INSPECTOR JON DUFFY of the MERSEYSIDE POLICE is facing seven counts of discreditable conduct.  It is alleged that he used the police computer to contact two 12yr old girls in the USA, gather information on prostitutes, paedophiles and homosexuals, consort with a prostitute and exchanged photo images with with a fellow officer.  The officer who was stationed at Liverpool's Anne Street Station was suspended while further investigations took place.


' Cop indecently exposes himself to girls '

POLICE CONSTABLE LEON CHRISODOULOU appeared before Redbridge Magistrates charged with exposing himself to for teenage girls in a public place.  Unluckily for the constable, he was set upon by two other lads who came to the girls rescue.  The Judge gave the constable one year conditional discharge and ordered him to pay £230 costs.  The officer stationed at Wanstead Police Station, London, refused to comment as he left the court.  The Met Police said a resignation would be expected.


' Cop arrested for sexual abuse of three girls '

POLICE CONSTABLE SEAN SMITH formerly of the Manchester Police and now serving in the Met was charged with offences which happened between 1992 and 2001.  Three young girls have accused him of sexual attacks that took place in the Tameside area of Manchester.  Based in Eltham, South East london, the constable has been bailed pending an appearance at court.




' Telephone Investigator Cop is caught himself doing silent calls '

POLICE INSPECTOR STEPHEN LAWMAN of the Lancashire Police Force was arrested after making pest calls to women.  The officer was actually involved in tapping the phone lines to catch offenders doing the same thing.  When caught he tried to blame his son, but this failed and Preston Magistrates fined him £1,000 with £350 costs.  He was convicted of making nine malicious phone calls.  After 24 years in the force he faces dismissal.


' Obscene calls by Pervert Cop '

POLICE CONSTABLE ERIC DOHERTY was given a two month suspended prison sentence  by the Basildon Magistrates.  He made a string of vile phone calls over the period of a year before being caught.  He  was convicted of making 11 indecent phone calls.


' Luton Cops in porn investigation as computer crashes '

A Cyber Cafe set up by cops at their Luton based station in Bedfordshire came to a halt as cops tried to hack into porn sites on the Internet.  The computers were installed with ' no go ' barriers, but officers tried avoiding these by making attempts to get into the system by a back door method. 


' Porn in Cop's locker at the House of Commons '

POLICE CONSTABLE ALAN WALTERS was found to have sixty hard core porn videos in his locker after a fellow officers said he'd seen the stash.  Cops carried out a further search in his home later, and found another 100.  The cop who is on duty in the house of commons is to face disciplinary action.


' Special Operations Squad Police Officer ran a fake firm scam '

POLICE CONSTABLE PAUL PAGE of the Royal Protection Squad lived the high life at the cost of others while he fleeced a total of £3m in offering non-existent property developments to colleagues and other unfortunates.  The officer of the Met used a Porsche and two other expensive cars while running up gambling debts.  Page appeared before Southwark Crown Court along with his wife on charges of fraud, intimidation, and fraudulent trading besides threats to kill.


' Robbery Squad Detectives demoted over golfing activities '

A TOTAL OF EIGHT DETECTIVES WERE DEMOTED in the Met after being caught playing golf whilst they were supposed to be on duty.  The South West London Flying Squad lost three detectives to demotion in September and another five in October.  One of the eight was a Sergeant and their activities on the Barnes Golf links came to the attention of the CIB.  It is said that many other cops are annoyed with the anti-corruption department.


' Theft charge Detective is Jailed '

DETECTIVE CONSTABLE KEVIN McCOTTER of the Bedfordshire Police was given a prison sentence of eight months for the theft of £50, which was meant to go to an informant.  Luton Crown Court heard that he had signed for £100, and paid the informant £50, making £50 for himself.  He was charged for perverting the course of justice.


' Police Officer steals from crash vehicle '

THE SUFFOLK CONSTABULARY confirmed that a 41 year old Police Constable was suspended over theft from a vehicle at a crash scene.  The owner reported items missing - power tools, a search was made of the Constable's home and his locker.  He was suspended pending other investigations.


' Detective Sergeant in false expenses claim fiddle '

DETECTIVE SERGEANT TREVOR HOWLETT of the Met Police is accused of making over 40 bogus expenses claims that total around £100,000.  He forged signatures on claims of senior officers to get payments authorised.  Taking trips to Florida and keeping expensive cars appealed to his greed to live in the luxury fast lane.


' Trainee Constable suspended over 'yob' image '

CHRISTOPHER KING TRAINEE CONSTABLE with the Essex Police was suspended after photos of yobs and hooligans at a football match revealed him to be shouting abuse and making obscene gestures to a player.  He was identified out of 12 people the police wanted.


' Bigamist Cop is suspended '

POLICE CONSTABLE JOHN COUSINS of the Cleveland Police was suspended over charges of bigamy when it was discovered he had married a new wealthy wife, without getting divorced from his existing one. 


' Police Officer in Blackmail Plot '

POLICE CONSTABLE AMERDEEP JOHAL blackmailed eleven registered sex offenders demanding up to £31,000 for his silence.  The Constable took the eleven addresses from the Police Database on the National Computer.  He also faces a charge of misconduct in public office.


' Lancashire cops in fit-up of old man '

BLACKPOOL COPS fitted up an innocent holiday maker from London who was accidentally caught up in a bust and surveillance operation on a public toilets where it was said 'men met for sex' --  Mr Allen from Finchley had no idea what these toilets were used for other than the normal situation when he popped in on his walk around the town. Therefore he was quite surprised to find a man inside the toilet suddenly offering to do things. No sooner had he declined and turned to leave when officers swooped and arrested him, charging him falsely of ' importuning  in a public toilet '  It appeared that the man who'd spoken to him in the toilet was an undercover officer. Mr.Allen was manhandled and bundled into a police car and taken to the station. All the way to the police station Mr.Allen protested his innocence, but the officer next to him said ' We've got you and no matter what, you will do for us, so shut up'  Luckily at the station the duty Sergeant wasn't so convinced, and Mr.Allen was told he could leave with a caution. Mr.Allen never went to Blackpool again after that.


'Met Cops Misconduct exposed when Secret Recording is played '

A man was cleared of making threats at Snaresbrook Crown Court, when Mr Natt produced a tape recorder and asked the judge if it could be played as this was his only defence against 'police lies'.  The Judge said he had no objection and on hearing it-- it revealed them abusing him.  The Judge immediately disposed of the two charges brought by the Plaistow Police Station, those being threatening behaviour and assaulting a WPC.... and promptly suggested that an inquiry should begin into the two policeman and the WPC... and what roles they played in the false arrest and tainted testimony given.  The Court suggested Mr Natt pursue a civil case for damages using the deliberation of this case to support the claim.  The Police declined to comment as they left the court.


' Cop on Murder Charge '

POLICE CONSTABLE ADAM LOWE was charged with the murder of a Barrister's Clerk in a London Bar.  He was charged with others of assault and murder of Mr. Cook.  Lowe was with the City of London Police Force.  The attack was unprovoked said witnesses at the scene.



DETECTIVE CONSTABLE MARK PARFITT  a Met Police Officer was discovered snorting Cocaine in a toilet.  The drugs were found to be drugs used in evidence at another trial.  Snaresbrook Crown Court sentenced the Officer to four months imprisonment.  He stated that the he had found the drugs after another officer left them at a party?


' Confiscated Drugs used by Police Officer '

POLICE CONSTABLE PAUL SMITH stole and smoked cannabis held by the Holborn Police Station he was stationed at.  He said  he turned to drugs because of stress?  He was caught by security cameras which showed him taking the drugs from evidence caches etc.  Smith was allowed to resign and walked free from the court.


' Scotland Yard Detective jailed '

DETECTIVE DUNCAN HANRAHAN was jailed for eight years for corruption.   The Police Officer bribed other detectives to assist him in drug dealing. sabotage of investigations, and a conspiracy to commit a robbery.  He an ex-cop Martin King were caught when they tried to bribe another Detective Chief Inspector with £6,000 to destroy evidence.  Sadly for the cop and ex-cop it had all been recorded.  The Old Bailey judge jailed him.


' Four cops beat up a suspect after car chase '

POLICE OFFICERS - POLICE CONSTABLE DARREN FENTON, POLICE CONSTABLE KEVIN ROGERS, POLICE CONSTABLE RAYMOND HAGGETT and WOMAN POLICE CONSTABLE JANE BRAMBLE appeared before the Old Bailey Court charged with assault after an outrageous attack.  The four officers went berserk after seeing a two fingered gesture, and gave chase to the two occupants of a car.  The officers were also accused of perjury along with occasioning actual bodily harm. The Met Officers invented a story and tried to have one man convicted, but an earlier jury dismissed the charges.


' Wigan Cops beat up War Veteran '

THREE POLICE OFFICERS of the Greater Manchester Police were seen on CCTV beating up a former soldier.  A Judge described their actions as 'one of the worst acts of aggression he had ever witnessed '  The filmed evidence showed POLICE CONSTABLE PETER LIGHTFOOT punching Mr. Aspinall eight times.  He said the statements given by the officers in relation to the events contained some 'untruths'.


' Police Commander removed from office '

POLICE COMMANDER CHRIS JARRETT was removed from his post after failures and a bungled investigation into a sex attacker.  The Met Police Commissioner accepted that the case was not handled properly and that several opportunities were missed which resulted in the attacker to go free and commit 29 more attacks.


Avon and Somerset Police:

'Bristol Cops assaulted handcuffed man '

AVON  & SOMERSET POLICE OFFICERS paid out £1000 to a man they assaulted after he took a photo of a police vehicle illegally parked and flouting the law.  The man was handcuffed and detained in a police cell and then later released.  It is said the force offered an apology for the unacceptable behaviour and payment for the unlawful assault -- without admitting it of course!  --- one of the standard claims when paying compensation -- as you will see later when we cover payouts and compensation paid by the police.

THE GUILDFORD FOUR CONNECTION -- PCA appointed The Somerset and Avon Police ---In 1987 to look at the way the Surrey  Police handled the case after complaints of lies and corruption --- huge amounts of evidence were sent to Bristol and remained there, a whole warehouse full, and hidden away in notes and files were scraps of evidence, evidence that would later free the four jailed men.  But they did nothing and just sat on it, they even recommended to the Home Secretary that the case should not be re-opened?  Was this just bad policing or them assisting other officers to do as they liked?  it certainly stinks, and luckily others shoved hard and found that evidence without police co-operation and three senior cops went to jail for corruption and the four freed.


' TRIAL COLLAPSES as Police notes suggest collusion '  -  Just as 25 police witnesses were to be called at Deane Magistrates Court, in a case that was scheduled for a week, it collapsed amid suggestions of a fit-up by police in Taunton.  It emerged that police made notes after a debriefing session some two hours after the incident.  Doubt was cast on the identification procedures too.  Identifications were put together later and not independently, and cops were sent down to the cells to see if they could match the detainees with the descriptions.  The court heard that officers met together to discuss identification and that evidence acquired as such could only be described as tainted.  The court dismissed all charges and ordered costs be awarded to the accused.

COP ON THEFT CHARGE - Avon & Somerset Policeman PETER WRIGHT was accused of stealing a car.  He got a garage to fit it with false number plates after requesting an RAC patrolman of his acquaintance to get into the car and change the ignition key barrel.

Avon & Somerset Cop Michael Beer was charged with deception after obtaining a bank loan from one bank whilst owing thousands to another.  He was charged with stealing money to pay off debts.

Cop in Drugs Bust - Avon & Somerset police officer James Best admitted to possessing cannabis and was fined £100 with £35 costs at Taunton Magistrates Court.

Assault Cop fined £100.  Avon & Somerset officer Steve Guscott appeared before magistrates after assaulting a youth.  Smear tactics were used by police to show the youth in a bad light before the trial.

Drugs found at Avon & Somerset training college -- they were growing cannabis plants.  more on this later.

Cop threatens motorist - Somerset and Avon Police Officer Constable Paul Prowse acted for another when he passed on information contrary to the Data Protection Act.  He also entered a blackmail plot with a relative in order to compromise his relation's foe contrary to criminal law and professional standards.

Cop car drives onto pavement -- A police car was suddenly seen driving onto a busy shopping area pavement of Taunton, -- the police driver got out and went to the cash machine. The author of this says that a relative was booked and fined for having her car on the pavement, but the police seem exempt from the law when it suits?

Cop assaults bystander -- Police Constable Mark Rayfield cuffed and pushed bystander Raymond Lewis who was simply interested in what was happening at an incident.  The cop assaulted Mr. Lewis when he refused to be dealt with in the aggressive manner shown by the constable.  Unable or selectively for reasons of collusion, he engaged the help of fellow cops to throw the young man to the floor and arrest him.  Lewis emerged from the police station with bruises and various injuries, an official complaint for assault was lodged against the Avon and Somerset Police.

COP DRIVES AWAY FROM PETROL STATION WITHOUT PAYING -- Avon and Somerset Cop Constable Graham Woodward left a petrol forecourt without paying the £25 fuel bill it was stated.  The officer later made a joke of the incident saying he had been in a hurry to attend a call.

COP CAR TAILGATES INNOCENT DRIVER with intent to make him commit an offence. Mr. Warner was driving along Whiteladies Road and was eventually pulled over near the Blaise Castle Estate in Somerset.  A WPC from the Avon and Somerset Police got out of the patrol car to exam Mr Warner's car hoping to find some faults.  The car was reasonably new so in the end she asked for documents, which were produced. Mr Warner asked her why they drove so close behind him as he found it threatening, especially in a 30MPH zone.  She accused him of not wearing a seatbelt and gave him a slip to produce his documents at a police station despite having already seen them.  This case stinks of a 'fit-up' having been attempted, and thankfully failed.

SOMERSET COPS FIT UP INNOCENT MAN -- James Cornock found himself arrested because he looked like the person the cops were hunting.  The cops claimed his T-shirt matched the clothing worn by the man who did the crime and that James had run from the scene of the incident.  Somerset magistrates, who still have the ridiculous idea cops speak the truth, found James guilty and fined him £150 and gave him a criminal record.  His father questioned the evidence and finally proved to a judge in a Crown Court on appeal that his son was convicted on lies and false evidence.  The judge quashed the conviction and refunded the fine after overturning the magistrates decision.  The officers and Constabulary were not charged with perverting the course of justice?

SOMERSET MINEHEAD COPS MIGHT HAVE PLANTED DRUGS ON ME -- said BBC RED DWARF actor Danny John-Jules who went through a 'real-life nightmare' when Somerset cops grabbed him as he returned to his Minhead Hotel after a filming shoot.  They said they were arresting him because he was a suspected drugs dealer. Danny was immediately cuffed in front of other guests coming out of the hotel and driven off to the police station.  The actor was still in costume with 'fitted dreadlock extensions ' and the car keys he held were taken by one officer.  At the station he was immediately taken to a cell for searching, and suffered a humiliating strip-search and intimate body search -- something he will never forget. ' When they forced me to bend over I felt awful, degraded and embarrassed, and I knew I hadn't any drugs, I kept wondering how a law could allow personal abuse like this of another human being lawfully -- and it went through my mind that I'd heard of cases and horror stories of false evidence being planted. I thought 'my God! suppose I'm being set-up, and I thought of all those people in courts saying they'd been set up by police and no one believing it possible, and I knew now that it was.  I wondered if they had put some stuff in my clothes to make sure they could get a result.  Then it all lifted luckily as they said they were going to search my car! I said it wasn't mine and that it was hired by the BBC. Several minutes later two cops returned with red faces and suddenly they were all out of the cell and I was allowed to get dressed. I left the station without an apology and nothing was said. My lawyers are now preparing to sue for wrongful arrest, detention and causing me unnecessary suffering and humiliation.

ASSAULT COP FOUND GUILTY - POLICE CONSTABLE CHRISTOPHER BOOK of the Avon and Somerset Police was convicted of assaulting an arrested man by Bath Magistrates. The suspended cop along with six other police officers of the same team were described by the court as ' deplorable'. Book dragged the suspect out of a van and then punched him in front of the other six policemen who made no effort to stop him.  Book was told to pay £300 costs.  The incident happened in Keynsham.  The Police have thrown a cloak of secrecy over the matter and we can report that the other six officers remain unaccountable to this day.

THEFT POLICE INSPECTOR FACES TRIAL - SOMERSET POLICE INSPECTOR VIC JENKINS was committed for trial in Taunton Crown Court on theft charges and false accounting.  The Cop from Yeovil is said to have stolen £5,596.52 from a Sports and Social Club and falsifying payment slips.

POLICE VENDETTA AGAINST PUBLICAN - the CPS dropped charges against pub landlord Gordon MacDonald of Fore St. Chard after six charges concerning firearms failed.  Publican Gordon said the Avon and Somerset Police set out to cause him trouble over a period of six years originating with threats to close him down when he got his pub disco licence back. ' They were not happy about it at all, and saw it as failing and they don't like that because it dents their power and authoritive character in society.'

ABUSIVE ATTITUDE OF SOMERSET POLICE -- Communications Room Civil Employee Eamonn Doyle was subjected to a string of verbal abuse from POLICE SERGEANT RAYMOND GOODHIND repeatedly over many months. Things like ' Scum ' ' Meatless Rabbit ' ' Oh you've come back to bleed the system ' ' Well rid of ' and much more. Mr Doyle took his case to a tribunal after getting nowhere with Chief Superintendent Blackmore -- Mr Doyle had been taking time off for stress due to the constant misbehaviour of the Sergeant, and claimed 'Constructive Dismissal ' at the tribunal after The Avon and Somerset Police failed to act on his complaints. 

SOMERSET COP SGT BLACKMORE ARRESTED IN DRUG RAID -- Sergeant David Blackmore (possibly a relative of the above? or him getting promotion?) was arrested by cops who were called out by neighbours near a warehouse were excessive noise was heard in Frome.  Blackmore was celebrating his divorce when the raid took place.  He was charged and suspended as he was found to be in possession of cannabis, he was bailed while an internal investigation continued.

COPS IN PATROL CAR TAUNT BLACK CITIZENS IN BRISTOL -- Six Police officers were brought before the Chief after it was learned they put up a Union Jack flag in their patrol car and deliberately went through the St.Paul's district of Bristol, once the scene and hotspot of race riots in 1986, taunting the black community with the intention of outraging. All six officers were moved to other duties as a result.

SUSPECTED MAN WAS IN BED WITH GAY COP AT THE TIME - Avon and Somerset Cops arrested a man who they thought committed arson after a house fire in Cheltenham, Gloucester, but astonishingly he had the perfect alibi.  He was in bed with an Avon and Somerset Police Officer at the time -- the un-named officer is said to be facing an Internal Disciplinary Board over the matter. The PC was established as an officer who patrolled the St. Paul's district of Bristol.

POLICE TO BE SUED AFTER COPS BREAK WOMAN'S WRIST -  The Avon and Somerset Police faced a private prosecution after a case they brought against her was dropped at Bristol Magistrates Court.  The case of her assaulting a police officer failed, and Tunde Clinton who had her wrist broken by officers is suing officers in the county court.  The cops said a complaint had been lodged and that they would await the outcome of her writ before deciding on any other action. She was injured in a scuffle at her home in the St Paul's area of Bristol at the time of looking after a friend's children. Social workers and police barged in and she reacted to the attack. Charges against her assaulting the police were dismissed by Bristol Magistrates. 

SOMERSET COP ON ASSAULT CHARGE OF A 12YR-OLD-BOY -- Police Constable Martin Childs an Avon and Somerset Police officer from Bridgwater appeared before Taunton Magistrates on a charge that he assaulted a 12 year-old-boy with a karate kick and punched another boy in a street confrontation. 

EXCESSIVE FORCE COPS MADE TO RESIGN --Avon and Somerset Police Officers- Police Sergeant Mark Whitfield and Officer Steven Eldred were told to resign by the Chief Constable after an incident concerning Mr Kennedy who suffered severe bruising and other injuries after the Wincanton Cops used excessive force and showed aggressive conduct towards the public.

THE MAURICE KIRK STORY AND SOMERSET POLICE -- This is the amazing story of police deceit and the hounding of 'the flying vet' Maurice Kirk, who was thrown about like a 'punching ball' from one police force to another, beginning with the antics of the Avon and Somerset Police....see the full story later on this page......''''The Strange Case of Maurice Kirk and Police Victimisation''''

SOMERSET POLICE -- PCA SAYS 'No need for a Public Inquiry' --- There was another side not talked about amid the 'Fred and Rosemary West Killings' mainly because it shielded it nicely if not conveniently for The Avon and Somerset Police.  25, Cromwell Street figured in something else.  The PCA were investigating claims that officers in the Somerset Force were visiting 'the brothel' (25 Cromwell St).... the house used by The West's for sex and drink activities.  It was said that a Senior Investigation Officer from The West Mercia Police would be assisting the PCA......MP Chris Mullin said ' It is the Police investigating the Police, and the PCA has made up its mind not to pursue anything that might be uncovered.'


' Accused Police use Misdirection Tactics '

CHIEF CONSTABLE STEVE PILKINGTON of the Somerset and Avon Constabulary gave the ' brush-off ' to residents of Milverton near Wellington in Somerset, after they had complained about policing.  In order to dodge and delay the issue, the Chief Constable passed the matter down to Chief Superintendent Derek Walsh, Commander for Somerset West District.  He then demoted the issue down to trivial and handed the matter to Police Sergeant Viv Calloway of Wellington -- who would discuss the concerns more fully.  -- Remember Sergeant Keith Smith, the rude and arrogant cop who abused his position and faced a private prosecution?  -- Wellington!  and what's more, this station is only part-time.  Parish Clerk Peter Gladwin of Milverton said ' The Chief Constable has shown he is not interested in the slightest '


' Somerset Cop on theft charges '

POLICE CONSTABLE PETER COKELL of THE AVON & SOMERSET POLICE was charged with theft.  The incident happened at a branch of HMV in a mall where the Cop regularly makes his beat.  He is accused of taking £75 worth of computer games.  He has since resigned and his awaiting a court appearance.


' Avon & Somerset Officer on Dangerous Driving Death Charge '

THE TRIAL OF DETECTIVE CONSTABLE CRAIG HEWLETT was transferred to Bristol Crown Court as charges of perverting the course of justice accompanied one of causing death by dangerous driving.  The Police officer claimed his car had been stolen and tried to destroy the evidence.  Hewlett caused the death of Anthony Brent on the M5.


' Somerset Cops Payout £20,000 to assault victim '

Avon and Somerset Police appeared at Taunton County Court accused of assault and malicious prosecution -- and were found guilty, which led to a compensation payout of £20,000 to victim Robert Bridge who was wrongfully imprisoned by the police.  The award came after a 5 year battle to get compensation after several police assaulted him and arrested him in Yeovil.  Mr. Bridges needed stitches to a head wound after the incident. A spokesman for the Avon and Somerset police declined to comment on the civil case.


' Sergeant and Constable face child sex charges '

TWO SOMERSET COPS - POLICE SERGEANT MARK LEWIS and POLICE CONSTABLE ANTHONY HENLEY faced several charges - indecent assault on a boy under 16, two indecent assaults on a girl under 16, raping a girl under 16 and indecent assault of a boy under 16.  The two police officers were due to appear at Exeter Crown Court.


SOMERSET COP CHEATS GARAGE -- Police Constable Keith Walters appeared before Taunton Magistrates on charges of obtaining property by deception.  The cop got £1,400 by selling a car he did not own. The new owner suddenly got a finance claim for £2,200 which Walters had not paid, and was alarmed by this especially as the seller was a cop who he thought could be trusted.  The new owner phoned Walters who told him to join the line of those he owed money, but that did not please Mr.Dedman who reported the incident.


AVON AND SOMERSET COP CAUSES DEATH IN CRASH --- TRAFFIC COP Police Constable Martin Williams faced Magistrates in Bath charged with driving without due care and attention, that led to the death of Florrie Moxon at the crossroads of Filton Road and Gloucester Road as he chased suspects. Williams of Almondsbury, Somerset was fined £450 for careless driving with costs of £40.


COPS TASER DRIVER BY ACCIDENT?  Somerset and Avon Cops in trigger-happy mode shoot an innocent man in the groin with a laser stun gun.  The driver Peter Cox was pulled over because they 'wrongly' thought he was driving without insurance. Mr Cox has yet to decide if he is to sue the Avon and Somerset force over the roadside incident.  This came as the force admitted the laser gun had been fired accidentally. 


' 4 Somerset Cops on trial for corruption '

CHIEF INSPECTOR BRIAN DOBSON, DETECTIVE CONSTABLE CHRISTOPHER GLOYNE, SERGEANT MARTIN DENNETT and DETECTIVE CONSTABLE KENNETH CHIDGEY all appeared before Bath Magistrates Court charged with perverting the course of justice. The four Avon and Somerset Police were committed to a Crown Court for trial.


' Somerset Cop on Rape Charge '

POLICE CONSTABLE NICHOLAS STONE of the Avon and Somerset Police was charged with a rape that happened when he was on duty some nine years earlier. A further charge of assaulting the woman was also revealed and Stone of Taunton in Somerset, will appear before Exeter Magistrates.  Although he now serves with the Somerset force, the offences took place when he was with the Devon and Cornwall Police. He is said to be on restrictive duties?


' Somerset Cop faces charge of sex assault on young girl '

POLICE CONSTABLE JAMES WILLIAMS of the Avon and Somerset Police was suspended from duty and has been charged with a sexual assault on a young girl below the age of 13.  Bristol Police would not give any details, only to confirm that a serving officer will appear before Bournemouth Crown Court.


' Former Somerset Cop in court over rape charges '

FORMER COP BRIAN DAVIES of the Somerset and Avon police appeared before Bristol Crown Court on charges that he abused four youngsters and accused of rape. He faced 20 charges of a serious sexual nature against young girls. He denies seven indecent assaults and six rapes, and the case continues.


' As yob beats up woman cops stay in their car '

AN INVESTIGATION STARTED after a woman was assaulted while two Somerset police officers were sat in their car nearby. It appears the victim was lying on the pavement in full view of the police car, and ignored her pleas for help. It was also revealed they refused to leave their police car and only responded when a friend of the victim banged on the police car window. By this time the assailants had run off. The Somerset Police are looking into the incident and interviewing the officers in the car --- and that's all they will do, this case will probably be sidelined and disappear without a trace.


' Award Winning Somerset Cop is dismissed '

POLICE CONSTABLE PHILIP HEADLEY of The Avon and Somerset Police Force appeared before his Chief Constable for a disciplinary hearing.  He was required to resign!!  He was found guilty of 'Discreditable Conduct ' because he taunted a 28yr-old female officer, she said Headley along with another Constable and Sergeant took part in sexual taunts while she was stationed in Bristol.  Strangely enough, no action was taken against the other two?


' 60 AVON AND SOMERSET POLICE OFFICERS HAD NO LICENCES '  Sixty cops at an angling contest were lined up on the bank after it was discovered not one of them held a current fishing licence. The competition had 80 competitors of whom only twenty had a licence.  The competition was organised by a police officer?


' Somerset Chief Constable in Contempt of Court faces jail '

THE HONOURABLE  LAWMAN OF AVON AND SOMERSET POLICE decided which law he would take notice of, and CHIEF CONSTABLE COLIN PORT chose to ignore a court ruling by the High Court. He could now face jail said the court, after he refused to comply with an order telling him to return computers seized. The suspect turns out to be an expert analyst -- a man called Bates of Bristol, who appears for the CPS and Police in many prosecution cases. Bates was accused of falsifying his qualifications, and is now suspected of having child porn on his computer. However, the judge ruled that taking a computer by such a profile crown witness could jeopardise future cases as it was learned that the computer holds evidence in other trials pending and is subject to Crown protection, therefore making it unlawful for the Chief Constable to withhold. Port was served with a ' Contempt of Court ' writ.

MORE NEWS ON THE ABOVE:  Chief Constable Colin Port quits Somerset Police rather than re-apply.  After eight years the top cop has resigned after he met with the PCC Sue Mountstevens.  The strange part here, is that the above article and his conduct has now clearly been kicked into touch, but retirement does that as you well know.

'Six Cops under investigation over death of disabled   Bristol Man '

THE IPCC are looking into charges of gross misconduct concerning six police officers who were involved in the incident concerning a disabled man in Bristol.  The IPCC said that four constables, a Sergeant , an Inspector, have been served with notices.  The Avon and Somerset Police referred itself to the IPCC after the death of Bijan Ebrahimi.  It was said that the deceased contacted the Force days before his attack by two men.

' Police make £50,000 payout to wrongfully held landlord '

AVON AND SOMERSET POLICE PAID £50,000 COMPENSATION to a landlord wrongly suspected of murder.  The Landlord Mr Jeffries received an apology for the suffering he endured when it did not clear him publicly, which allowed the Press to continue thinking he was a murderer.  The apology and compensation were ' a part of the legal settlement with Mr Jefferies '

'Avon and Somerset Police may face charges '

A Disturbing report where a man 'falsely thought and suggested to be a paedophile' was murdered by a neighbour.....despite the Somerset Police being contacted by the man who reported that his life had been threatened.  Three Police Officers from the force have been interviewed under criminal caution in relation to their treatment of disabled man Bijan Ebrahimi who was killed in Bristol.  He was beaten to death and his body was burnt by the offenders...seen on CCTV footage later recovered.  One man got 18yrs, and the other 4 yrs.

PS: Don't hold out too many hopes that justice will be done.

'Chief Constable hit by two inquiries and accusations '

AVON AND SOMERSET'S POLICE CHIEF CONSTABLE NICK GARGAN is already facing accusations of sexual harassment from four young colleagues who came forward to complain about his behaviour, and now he is facing a criminal inquiry centred around the data protection act.  The IPCC has revealed that they have uncovered evidence of possible e-mails concerning police business to 'outside' individuals which contain personal data.   The IPCC said that he is to be interviewed under caution over allegations that breach the Data Protection Act......the matter is ongoing.

SOMERSET COPS PICK ON SLOW MOVING VEHICLE --- 45 MPH in the left hand lane of the M5 heading south to Plymouth....... Cops threaten them by saying they'll book them if they don't speed up!   Chris Jephcott and his wife Sue were travelling in a camper van with their two daughters when they were pulled over.  It was poor weather conditions so they stayed doing around fifty miles an hour.  She said the two officers were grinning and asked if the van could go any faster, and that eighty would be good, but later denied making these remarks.

'Two Avon and Somerset Cops dismissed for slur on teenager'

POLICE CONSTABLE SAMUEL DEXTER and POLICE CONSTABLE HANNAH MAYO appeared before a Disciplinary Panel after they were caught on an answering machine, and were heard to say that they hoped a vulnerable 14 year old boy got raped.  Had it not have been for the wrong button being pressed the officers would have got off.  They said in defence that they were frustrated in having to go out looking for him, but the laughing on the recorded tape which lasted two minutes indicated something quite different.  The Chief Constable said he was outraged at their behaviour which he said the public would not like at all, nor expect officers to behave in this way.  Both admitted gross misconduct.

POLICE CONSTABLE CHARGED WITH ASSAULT --- POLICE CONSTABLE CLAIRE BODDIE was filmed tasering a 'Race Adviser' by a neighbour at an incident in Easton in Bristol.  It was reported that she fired her taser at Mr Adunbi in a case of mistaken identity, yet arrested him for assaulting an officer?  However, it turned out that Judah Adunbi was the Avon and Somerset Police Race Relations Expert.  Constable Boddie was charged and is to appear before Taunton Magistrates in August.

TWO POLICE OFFICERS ARE DISMISSED --- POLICE CONSTABLE HELEN HARRIS and POLICE CONSTABLE LEANNE WINTER were dismissed by the Disciplinary panel of the Avon and Somerset Constabulary.  This resulted from a case involving Bijan Ebrahimi (which can be seen above in Avon and Somerset Police may face charges)-- it says they were dismissed without notice.

It also says that following the investigations into 'The Ebrahimi Case' that along with PC Kevin Duffy and PCSO Andrew Passmore being jailed. the Disciplinary process for 10 Avon and Somerset Police Officers and 9 police staff involved in it resulted in Police Sergeant Jonathan Hill being given a final written warning...... and nothing on the others?

POLICE APOLOGY TO STREET PREACHER -- The Avon and Somerset Police were said to have forced Preacher Dale McAlpine to leave Bath City Centre, and threatened him with arrest.  Mr McAlpine was with several other people peacefully walking the streets of Bath when they were issued with a 'dispersal notice' by police officers, who claimed they were committing a hate crime in their preaching.  The Force said 'there should have been no threat of arrest and we apologise for that'.

'Cop in car sex incident faces court'

POLICE SERGEANT LEE COCKING found himself reported for having sex with a woman in his patrol car on Christmas Eve.  The incident happened in the off-peak area of Weston-super-Mare.  The AVON & SOMERSET police Sergeant is charged with misconduct in public office and will appear before Gloucester Crown Court in August.   It is said that the officer is from Chedder.    (10/1/2020)


Update: It appears that Sergeant Cocking has told the court that he entered into sex with the woman in his patrol car 'unwillingly' -- but admits that it did take place.


'Road Rage Cop takes it out on driving instructor'

POLICE CONSTABLE KEITH JAMES was dismissed from the Avon and Somerset Force after it was discovered that he was trying to set up a driving instructor who 'beeped' him because the officer just pulled out in front of him without notice.  The enraged officer overtook the man and pulled him over (with his lights flashing) and accused the instructor of 'poor driving'.  But this wasn't the end of it, still bearing a grudge, the officer took it upon himself without authority, to go to the man's house with a note of prosecution and furthermore resorted to giving testimony against Mr Lee the instructor, which he knew to be false.  At his disciplinary hearing the officer was told he had no right to be investigating an offence of which he was involved in.  He was found guilty of gross misconduct and dismissed from the police.   (11/3/2020)


'Cop in theft incident is sacked'

SOMERSET POLICE CONSTABLE TIM SILVERWOOD has been dismissed and branded a 'disgrace to the uniform' for stealing £3,200 when he was meant to be hunting for a missing child the report says.  It says that he has been a policeman for some 16 years.....and that this incident of theft lends itself to him 'coming across a substantial amount of money' and on doing so tried to involve a colleague by getting him to book in only a part of it.  It was reported that he admitted theft last month when he was hauled in front of the magistrates court.  It says he will be sent to Bristol Crown Court for sentencing.  The Police misconduct inquiry at Bridgewater, Somerset, said that his actions amounted to 'the most serious end of dishonesty'      (9/7/2020)


'Gross misconduct cop is fired'

POLICE CONSTABLE TOBY RIDEOUT of the AVON AND SOMERSET POLICE was dismissed from the force for behaviour that amounted to gross misconduct by the Chief Constable Andy Marsh.  He was accused of abusing his position by embarking on a relationship with an un-named woman...and taking pictures of himself exposed and sending them to the woman while on duty....it was said that he met her when he was attending a road accident and exchanged phone numbers with her.  He was dismissed from the police force.    (25/7/2020)


'Cop gets to keep her job despite sick joke incident'

POLICE CONSTABLE PAULA  MANOS a beat officer with the Avon and Somerset Police was allowed to keep her job when she was summoned before a panel which was looking into the post she she made on a media platform aimed at the McCanns and the Maddie news.  The disciplinary panel decided that even though the incident fell short of the standard of behaviour expected by the public and police, the matter should be dealt with under the 'practice requires improvement process'       (July 2020)



'Cop sacked for Islamophobic remarks'

AN AVON AND SOMERSET COP was dismissed from the force for making offensive remarks during training it was said. THE SPECIAL CONSTABLE was hauled up before a disciplinary Panel who considered his 'jokes' as inappropriate and derogatory.  The joke about Muslims was not acceptable even if it was shared with other officers he was told.  The un-named officer was dismissed.   (15/8/2020)



'Un-named Police Detective faces 44 allegations'

AN AVON AND SOMERSET DETECTIVE who they have chosen to keep secret, was described in the news report as a 'Predatory Officer' and was only referred to in court as DC-X at the Bristol Court.  It disclosed that he was married and that he had allegedly groped a colleague and took naked photos of her on a works 'night out' --- It also says he made sexual comments against two others.  The hearing was told that his actions were 'inappropriate and uninvited' -- he faces 44 allegations of conduct breaches.     (16/2/2021)


UPDATE to the above case:  The Police Detective was found guilty by the Police Disciplinary Panel the report says.  He was found guilty of gross misconduct. and will be dealt with at a later date.  It was said in comment 'that the officer had no 'meaningful understanding' why his conduct was inappropriate?     (22/2/2021)



'Computer misuse cop is fired'

AVON AND SOMERSET POLICE CONSTABLE TERESA LINES found herself in deep trouble when it was discovered that she was using the Police Computer for her own use.  It was said she had been doing research into a man she intended to date.  It was also said she lied in her notebook about her reason for visiting the man's house, along with a false allegation about the person who reported her.  She was dismissed for gross misconduct and committing a serious breach of policy.    (31/6/2021)





' Man killed by cop car in police training incident '

LANCASHIRE POLICE OFFICER SEAN SCHOFIELD was driving at 104 mph when he he killed Mr. Peter Williams in 2008.  It was said to be during the course of 'police training '  Officer Shofield was fined £500 and banned from driving for two years.


' Drunk Detective at the wheel of unsteady car appears before the court '

POLICE DETECTIVE STEVE PENNINGTON of the Cleveland Police could hardly stand when he was pulled over by colleagues after they saw him hitting the kerb and swerving erratically.  The car mounted pavements and when finally stopped he urged the two constables to forget the incident and let him off.  He was four times over the limit.  When he was told he was to be arrested he said ' You must be joking, take me home instead. '




' 34 Kent Cops in 'crime-figures rigging '

WHISTLEBLOWER PC RON WALKER of the Kent Police shocked bosses as he exposed a 'crime figure scam ' at his station involving 34 colleagues.  He revealed that convicted criminals were being bribed into giving confessions in order to boost crime clear up figures and detection rates. 28 officers were reprimanded, five other officers were fined between £300 and £500 each, and one Detective Sergeant was dismissed.

' Kent Cop in Dangerous Driving Crash '

POLICE CONSTABLE PAUL CARELESS of the Sevenoaks Police was charged with dangerous driving after a near-fatal car crash.  He was in his Police Car travelling at speed when he hit a Fiesta carrying four occupants in which one passenger suffered serious injury and coma.  The Officer appeared before Maidstone Magistrates.

' Cop held for raping woman '

A Bromley Police Officer was arrested on suspicion of raping a woman whilst on duty.  The incident surrounds a 999 call and a disturbance involving the woman's boyfriend.  The offence was said to have happened when colleagues left the officer alone with the attacked woman after taking the boyfriend into custody. 

' Two Cops jailed for fraud '

POLICE OFFICERS DAVID THEWLESS and ROBERT GORDON appeared before Maidstone Crown Court and found guilty of theft and fraudulent trading.  The Company they ran as advisors collapsed with debts of £700,000 the Court heard.  Thewless was sentenced to five years in jail and Gordon three years.

' Detective Sergeant steals from police station '

POLICE DETECTIVE SERGEANT DALE HOOPER of the Kent Constabulary pleaded guilty to stealing £8,000 from police station safes at Maidstone Crown Court.  He admitted four offences of taking cash from Gillingham and Sittingbourne police stations, and asked for 22 other charges to be taken into consideration.  He was jailed for nine months.

' Kent Cop uses sick leave to run stolen car ring '

POLICE SERGEANT DAVID LEATON of the Kent Police was discovered to be running a stolen car racket while he was off-duty and on sick leave for three years the court heard.  Leaton was a fanatic of car racing and high powered banger racing.  It was said he organised professional car thieves who stole only cars he pointed out to them and then took them to a breakers yard.  Canterbury Crown Court heard how he was nabbed by cameras. The cop who'd been on the force for 12 years was told he could face jail.

' Superintendent removed from position improper sex comments '

POLICE SUPERINTENDENT ROBERT CHIDLEY was removed from his command after making saucy and inappropriate comments to women colleagues. The cop from Ashford, Kent was moved to a desk job in Maidstone the report says. Chidley of the Weald Division was said to have been over familiar with three women civilian workers.

' Speeding Cop is fined after killing man in car crash '

POLICE CONSTABLE GARETH COOMBER was fined £3,500 by Maidstone Crown Court and banned from driving for two years after killing a man in an oncoming vehicle.  The Jury found him guilty of dangerous driving.  The crash happened between Selsey and Chichester in West Sussex.  The road is narrow and single and asks that 40mph is observed.  Witnesses said the police car was racing along the country-type road.  He was driving the marked car at speeds of 60 mph plus when he crossed the white line and into the path of the victim's vehicle.  From the jurisdiction of the Court it appears that Coomber is yet again a Kent Force cop.

' Cop kills grandmother in 100mph trip back to base '

A UN-NAMED newly qualified Kent police driver of 23 was suspended after killing Sandy Simpson because of his awful driving and careless attitude to other road users.  The officer from the Kent Force in Swanley was rushing back to the station with his siren going and lights flashing.  There was no emergency, in fact he'd just delivered a birthday card to his sister and given a relative a scenic tour in the police car before dashing off back to the police station.  Why this cop isn't named should be in question.  The Kent force show a degree of secrecy here despite hiding behind the jargon ' with the PCA and Investigation unit ' -- I shall show you more of the Kent force as we travel through these accounts --- The Chief Constable was another cop who said there was no corruption in his force,  I will show you there is.

' Cop pleads guilty to conspiracy '

KENT COP - DETECTIVE CHARLES BATEMAN a Sevenoaks Detective, appeared before Maidstone Crown Court where he admitted to passing information to unauthorised persons whilst being a policeman able to access confidential information that could be useful in committing a crime.  The detective was released on bail and due to be sentenced at a later hearing.

'11 Kent Cops rip up coach seats in bus '

Much is said about football fans, but not that much about ELEVEN KENT COPS who went on the rampage damaging coach seats and vandalism.  These Rugby players, yes players caused £200 of damage when they were at a fixture in Bedfordshire.  The Kent Police XV were booked to appear before the Chief Constable.

' Kent Cop poses as Trading Standards Officer to steal '

POLICE CONSTABLE DAVID EVANS of THE KENT POLICE posed as a Trading Standards Officer so he could steal cash at a local boot fair. He went round traders saying that he was confiscating goods because they were counterfeit. He used his warrant card to seize bags and other items that were worth money. The disgraced cop has a dubious past in the Kent police as he was kicked out for dishonesty. Maidstone Crown Court sentenced the constable to 14 months in prison.  He admitted to two charges of fraud.

' Punch up Cop is suspended after party bash '

POLICE CONSTABLE MARK NORTON of the Kent Police was suspended by bosses after a fight broke out at a police party in Swanley, Kent.  The fight was said to have been between two police officers and Police Constable Christopher Bye was taken to hospital. It is reported that the injured cop suffered a broken nose and cheekbone.

' Cop gets six months for indecent assault '

POLICE CONSTABLE MARK DAVIS  of Kent Police was originally sentenced to 12 months for indecently assaulting a teenage model. But, on the order of justice Ebswoth, the sentence was halved on appeal.  The cop from West Wickham was a ' highly regarded' community policeman the article said?

' Kent Cop to appear before Magistrates '

AFTER ATTACKING A WOMAN DRIVER -- An unnamed Kent Policeman was due to appear before Bromley Magistrates on a charge of assault that left Carole Brierley in a Farnborough hospital with fractured ribs.  This was a result when she was pushed out of a Volvo Estate Car, which was then driven at her in a car park in Bromley. The driver got out and dragged her behind bushes and continued the attack, witnessed by her friend.

' 716 Complaints against the Kent Cops in one year '

In just one year the records showed that Kent had 716 public complaints made against its officers. One officer resigned after committing an assault, another stepped down before the end of an investigation into him, two others were fined a week's pay, five officers were disciplined for unlawful arrest, two others for incivility, and another three for neglect of duty, one for mishandling property, and 199 accusations were informally resolved, and only one serious complaint led to criminal proceedings in court.

' Kent Police 'Poisoned Tree' Exposed '

THE YEAR WAS 2000 and five detectives of the Dulwich Crime Squad were sent to jail (see 'Another Police Corruption Scandal that shouldn't surprise!  -- to be found at top of page )  for corruption in a significant Drug Case.  Maidstone Crown Court in Kent was about to give judgement --Judge Crush was presiding -- Kent Police and Scotland Yard's CIB3 were in for a scathing attack -- 'Operation Nectarine' was about to reveal a 'tree of corruption' in the Kent Police Force -- something the Chief Constable of Kent did not really want.  The case involved ' £12 million pounds worth of Cannabis' --- The Judge said he'd not heard anything like this since being called to the Bench.  Police had hid vital information from the Court and Defence Lawyers -- and it takes several individuals backed by several others to pull this off before coming to court -- it's not a case of one rogue individual being responsible...fooling a court and having the power to misdirect and conceal needs high-power authority......when it comes to suppression of misbehaviour by the Police, non disclosure by the Police, Police officers acting contrary to PACE...safeguards meant to be adhered to, police committing acts in deference to the rules of practice contrary to Professional Standards of behaviour.....it takes planning and high ranking officers to organise and arrange the situation whereby they could keep operational misbehaviour from being admitted into court....but they did with the help of the CPS Lawyers (this can be read in 'featured lawyers).

' Kent Cop fired in Brothel Incident '

An un-named Special Constable with the Kent Police Force has been dismissed when colleagues; detectives on assignment raided the brothel ' The Clinic of Health and Happiness' on the Isle of Thanet in Kent.  After seizing the client list in the raid, they discovered the constable's name on it.

' Five Kent Cops arrested for manipulating the Crime figures'

THIS IS THE SECOND TIME AND CASE OF RIGGING by Kent Police....this report is for January 5th 2013, Five Detectives have been arrested, four men and a woman with the Kent Constabulary.  The Detectives were detained and accused of persuading suspects to admit to undetected crimes they had not committed in order to improve the Unit's performance figures -- these were then to be labelled as 'Taken into consideration'   The five officers arrested by the Anti-corruption Squad were a Detective Inspector, Detective Sergeant and three Detective Constables from Maidstone.  They were released on police bail.  (See article 34 cops arrested for rigging crime figures beginning the list on Kent Police)

' Kent Police in Cover-Up Claim '

THE CLAIM BY A FORMER POLICE SPECIAL Mr Bailey only emerged as he became more frustrated by the Kent Police and their non-cooperation over his son's accident.  Mr Bailey could not and would not accept the situation of secrecy surrounding the circumstances of his son's death in a road accident.  Michael died in a motorcycle crash which involved no other road user, but getting answers as to what and why proved near impossible when he confronted the Kent Cops.  He alleged a cover-up and demanded to have a meeting with the Chief Constable and said ' Sometimes the Captain of his ship does not always know everything that is happening around him' making his point that the lower ranks were not in line with what was expected.  Mr Bailey from Upper Halling in Kent, said there were many questions to answer and up to now they'd been left unanswered, and it was obvious that the rank and file had no intention of doing so....not without a nudge.  He says at the time of the accident there was talk of a wooden pallet being left in the road being removed, but the police said nothing of this, and that their son's clothes were not returned to them despite requesting it.....they were also aware of an eye witness who saw oxygen equipment in a police car at the scene which was not used?.....My wife and I are determined to get to the bottom of this mystery he said.   A meeting was arranged with the Chief Constable.



' Police Car kills Children in crash '

DURHAM POLICE confirmed that one of their cars on a special task was involved in a collision resulting in the death of a young boy and his sister.  The three car accident was being investigated by the relevant authority.


' 999 Police Van in collision with woman '

BEDFORDSHIRE POLICE said that their marked police vehicle was on call when it hit a woman who suffered serious head injuries at the scene.  A full inquiry was launched into the circumstances after the woman's injuries were said to be critical by Addenbrooke's Hospital.


' Pub Watch Scheme Cop in Drink/Driving Arrest '

INSPECTOR PHILIP TOULSON of the Northumbria Police Force admitted Drink-driving, driving without due care and attention, and failing to report an accident.  The incident came as a blow to the force seeing as the commended officer was head of an ant drink/driving campaign.  The incident happened after he had been a cops party bash.  He was arrested and suspended from the force and appeared before South Tyneside Magistrates.


' Deputy Chief Constable in 97 mph incident is fined £150 '

DEPUTY CHIEF CONSTABLE JOHN BLIGH was caught in a speed trap doing 97 mph just days before the launch of a get tough policy on speeding and drink/driving.  Magistrates in Norfolk endorsed his licence, fined him £150 with costs.  He said ' it was my first offence in thirty years '


' Police run down boy on pedestrian crossing '

A RACING POLICE CAR collided with an eight-year-old boy on a pedestrian crossing in Hastings, Sussex.  The boy suffered serious injuries in the accident which was only 500 yards from the police station.  A thorough investigation was said to have been promised.


' Drink/Driving Cop is busted by Colleagues '

DETECTIVE CONSTABLE NEIL MARSH of the South Yorkshire Police was suspended from duty pending a court appearance.  The Detective called in colleagues when he broke down on the roadside, only to be arrested when they discovered he had been drinking heavily. The Detective of the Sheffield Station was said to be an officer of good reputation by colleagues.


'High Speed Police Chase kills Pedestrian '

THAMES VALLEY POLICE confirmed that a police car collided with the man as it was pursuing a stolen TVR sports car.  The Wallingford accident is to be investigated by an internal unit.


' Detective Jailed over Drink/Drive Accident and falsifying the facts '

POLICE DETECTIVE STEFFAN GDULA appeared before Swansea Crown Court charged with perverting the course of justice after drink/driving and crashing his car.  He drove the car after attending a police party bash and then crashed,  He phoned his own station and lied saying that his Rover Sports vehicle had been stolen.  But this was soon discovered to be false when two other officers admitted they had seen him walk away from the scene of the accident.  He was jailed for two months and dismissed from the force.


' Cop in 112 mph incident is banned '

POLICE DRIVING INSTRUCTOR COLIN YATES was banned from driving for two months by Loughborough Magistrates after travelling at 112mph so he could get his girlfriend home in time for a good night's sleep.  Although it was late at night on the M1 he was pulled over by other cops.


' Cop charged over road killing '

POLICE CONSTABLE JOHN JAMES of the Northumbria Police was charged with causing the death of teenager Hayley Adamson when he collided with her as she crossed the road.  She died instantly when his patrol car sped along the road and failed to avoid the victim.


' 94mph Cop kills schoolgirl in 30mph zone '

POLICE CONSTABLE JOHN DOUGAL was jailed for three years by the Newcastle Crown Court.  He claimed he was in pursuit of a suspect car when he gave evidence.  The Jury decided he had taken unacceptable risks which resulted in the death of the teenager and returned a verdict of guilty to dangerous driving.  His resignation from the police force was accepted.


A REPORT BY DR. DAVID BEST said that police officers are pursuing too many motorists suspected of relatively trivial offences.  He urged the forces to improve training and to ban high speed chases by unmarked police cars or by convoys of squad cars.  He analysed 85 accidents involving police cars before making his recommendations.


The readers probably need a break here, so we shall come back later with more incidents of drink driving and police misconduct in chases etc. --- we have many more.


' TARIQ ALI and the Police lies Incident of the 1960's  and Today's G20 Scandal '

We look at this archive case because it still has value for where we are today with the police, they are still misleading and conning the public.  Tariq Ali was with a protest group at the time and it has now emerged through a Freedom of Information leak  --- that the Police Authorities concocted a list of false targets so designed as to create panic in a 'terrorist style plan' in order that they could subdue this group and apply for exceptional powers to move against them.   This misinformation by the police was kept out of the public arena on the grounds that it was too sensitive for publication and therefore kept secret.   Even now the documents have sentences and paragraphs blacked out (not unlike the recent government expenses scandal and the blanked out bits they printed as ' transparency ' when forced to reveal accounts to the public). 

THE G20 DEMONSTRATIONS and Police misbehaviour are strikingly similar as we will see later.  A report published July 29 2009 says the police were badly trained, and the conduct of the police was condemned by many after a man died at the hands of a police officer who hit him with a baton, unprovoked, and we also know that police took off their numbers so that they could not be identified?/

The Account with Tariq Ali and the 1960's demo do not look that very different, and could be worse.



THE ANSWER IS YES, and the following item shows they are equally at home fabricating evidence as well as investigating it.  Police set up a mock death scene to snare a murderer a court heard.  The Old Bailey listened how officers plotted and executed a fake killing in order to catch Guney who was accused of arranging to have his late father's former lover murdered.  The Police had actually staged an accident near Miss Holiday's home, she was the intended victim. 

Apart from other evidence in the file so far, this certainly confirms that the police are quite adapt and experienced to fit-up a person and fabricate evidence in order to get what they want.  They can equally dispose of it as officers did in THE WEST MIDLANDS CRIME SQUAD -- Papers went missing even under police guard?


' Police Officers will not cooperate with Freemason survey '

When it was suggested that police volunteer information as to who was in the Freemasons, only just over a third responded to the study, which was first carried out in 2000.  Jack Straw at the time said this was an unsatisfactory response rate from the police and proposed that they should be legally forced to give the information.  This however, never came about as one could expect, power of the Masons is wide and far reaching.   Mr. Straw said public confidence in the police would not be good in the light of this.


'Police notes books seized and three to face disciplinary charges '

IN A REPORT it was revealed that Officers from an 'investigation' unit swooped on the Swansea Police and seized 500 police notebooks.  In a statement they said that three officers could face disciplinary charges over 'irregularities.  In one case a book contained notes about matters that had happened BEFORE the book had been manufactured let alone issued to an officer!


' Public Confidence in the Police is at an all time low '

A recent report showed that dissatisfaction in the police was rising, and that many did not trust the police at all.

Examples show why -  Sharon Turner from Worthing said she wrote to the police to comment on the hierarchy of crime which had grown and developed in Worthing.  No one bothered to reply.  Another Worthing resident Ben Keightly said he saw around 20 under aged youths drinking alcohol, all acting rowdy and misbehaving in the street.  Fights broke out and the police were called.  52 minutes later they arrived.  When he spoke to one officer in charge he was shocked to hear the response ' there were more urgent incidents for Worthing Officers to attend to in an evening.'  Tony Barlow of Havant visited the police station to enquire as to whether he had enough video evidence of a theft for them to prosecute.  The uninterested officer asked what type of evidence.  But at no stage was the evidence viewed or asked for.  The officer said even if the evidence was good enough the offender would only receive a caution.  It was unbelievable that I was having such a conversation when we are supposed to inform them of any crime, they didn't really care he said..  This same station in Havant acted much the same way to another resident who reported a serious threat and the officer acted dismissively and rather rude.  One passer-by heard a community police officer tell a bunch of alcoholics who were assembled on someone's steps - I can tell you how to get around the law when it comes in on public drinking regulations?


' Crime figures altered by Police '

A REPORT ON THE 23RD OF OCTOBER 2008 revealed that crime figures were fixed so that it looked like crime was falling -- yet, violent crimes were on the rise?  POLICE LIES?


' Four cops who got off after laughing as man died at their feet get £500,000 pensions '

POLICE CONSTABLE NIGEL DAWSON, CONSTABLE MARK ELLERINGTON,  CONSTABLE MATTHEW BARR and SERGEANT JOHN DUNN who faced manslaughter charges over the death of Christopher Alder escaped under the lack of evidence thus watering it down to a disciplinary hearing.  All four who chatted and laughed as the man died have received early retirement pensions of around £500,000 each.  A fifth Officer POLICE CONSTABLE NEIL BLAKEY remained on active duty he too got off like the other four.  A review was ordered of the case and Mr. alders sister was told she could pursue a civil action against all five police officers based in Hull.


 ' Race jibe policeman is dismissed from force '

TRAFFIC POLICE CONSTABLE STEPHEN TAYLOR found himself before a tribunal for a sick joke which had the words ' sent back to the jungle '  The Police Officer from the Essex Police who made more arrests than any other officer said he would appeal against the sacking.


' Police Sergeant convicted of assault '

POLICE SERGEANT STEPHEN PIPER of the West Yorkshire Police was convicted of common assault by magistrates in Bradford after they had heard that the Sergeant hit the girl.  He was ordered to pay £150 costs and will face a disciplinary board in Wakefield.


' Detective complains about the behaviour of  another Detective '

DETECTIVE CHIEF INSPECTOR COLIN GRANT accused DETECTIVE SUPERINTENDENT DAVID CROMPTON of humiliating and it being a very sick joke.  He filed the complaint and the Greater Manchester Police were said to be investigating the matter.


' Text message joke constables are fired but the Superintendent keeps his '

FOUR CONSTABLES IN MANCHESTER were dismissed for sending racist text messages on their phones, but POLICE SUPERINTENDENT DAVID KELLER remained in his job despite Keller having remarked 'that machine guns could be set up to stop Muslims entering the city '  The four constables accused the force of double standards. 


' Whistle blowing Cop loses his claim to anonymity '

DETECTIVE CONSTABLE RICHARD HORTON called himself ' night jack ' on his website in which he advised members of the public to   ' complain about every officer, --- show no respect to the legal system or anybody working in it '  He was often  strongly critical of senior officers and behind the site name was able to say what he liked.  But a judge refused to grant an injunction on a newspaper who had discovered his true identity.  The Lancashire based police officer faced the disapproval of other officers and in the meantime deleted the site.


' Who are the Cops, and who are the Robbers? '

NOVEMBER 2008 saw the headline on page 6 - 'COPS and ROBBERS '  saying that police with convictions for theft, assault and dishonesty were allowed to stay in their jobs.  HAMPSHIRE POLICE were singled out with a graph or notice board showing officers - convicted for - Common Assault - Theft -- Criminal Damage  -- Possession of an offensive weapon  -- Drunk and Disorderly   -- Actual Bodily Harm  --- Affray  --  Discharging a firearm   -- Benefit Fraud and  -- The Possessing of Cannabis Plants.  The report is said to annoy the Hampshire force as it will alarm the public.




' No hands on the steering wheel cop in 70mph stunts '

POLICE CONSTABLE DAVID MAYES of the South Yorkshire Police appeared before Halifax magistrates for careless driving.  He was caught on camera posing with his fingers up in bravado-style no hands on the wheel doing 68 mph in a 40mph limit responding to an emergency call.  His colleague can be clearly seen enjoying the whole thing similarly with thumbs up.  The other officer is not brought in for this, but by any account they are party to this criminal act of negligence and danger.  The magistrates said it was an act of sheer stupidity.  He was banned for six months and ordered to pay a fine of £400.


' Jailed Crash Cop leaves force with payout '

POLICE CONSTABLE LEZLIE COLLINS a  West Midlands Police Officer from Birmingham invited outrage when he received a settlement payout which was likely to run into several thousands of pounds.  Police Constable Collins killed Neil Homer while chasing a stolen vehicle.   He was travelling at 93mph when he collided with another car containing Neil Homer, his colleague PC Robert Dallow also died as a result of the crash.  Collins was convicted of Dangerous Driving, banned from driving for two years and given a three month jail sentence. 

The victim Neil Homer's sister, A SPECIAL CONSTABLE with the same force and at the same station as Collins was shunned by other cops as they blamed her for Collins being jailed.  She resigned after four years as a result of the attitude of some officers at the station.


' Police driver in crash going wrong way round a roundabout '

POLICE CONSTABLE STUART RODGERS of the Ayrshire Police was fined £1,000 and received nine penalty points on his licence after killing Campbell McClure when he drove the police car into oncoming traffic as he negotiated a roundabout going in the wrong direction in an attempt to get ahead of other road users.


' Police Van kills man in Camden '

POLICE CONSTABLE PETER WADE of the Met Police was driving a marked police van when he hit and killed Gregory Brown as he crossed a road in Camden north London.  The Police Constable received four penalty points for careless driving?


ONE REPORT ON HIGH SPEED POLICE ACCIDENTS revealed that in one year alone 22 motorists and pedestrians were killed in police crashes.  Following that it revealed that 192 people were killed and 9,240 were injured as a result of police pursuits. 


' Cop is killed as his car goes out of control '

POLICE CONSTABLE TONY HAINES died as his police car went out of control and he crashed into a bus shelter.  His vehicle was in a high speed pursuit in the early hours of the morning when the accident happened.  The Met Officer suffered fatal injuries. 



P.J.ATKINSON relates this account -  On my drive to work one morning I witnessed typical dangerous driving by police.  At 6-30am southbound on the M23 I was travelling near the 70mph limit when a police Range Rover went past me at 80 plus and pulled into the middle lane.  I watched the Rover tailgate the driver in front of him.  The Police driver pulled out and then swerved back in front of the other driver causing him to brake sharply.  He remained in this little game of cat and mouse for a while before speeding off at really high speed that could have been 110mph.  I was shocked to see this behaviour on the roads, especially by the police.


' Traffic Radar Cop jailed for false charge '

RADAR SPEED COP ROGER BLENCH was jailed for four months and fined £40 after it was found that he was using a turned off radar to back up a charge of speeding against a woman motorist.  The court found that he was obsessed in 'nicking as many drivers as he could by any means possible ' --- and that meant false ones too, but this landed the once respected cop in court.  He was jailed for perverting the course of justice.


' Radar Cop No.2 caught breaking the speed limit '

POLICE CONSTABLE SIMON WRIGHT was caught breaking the speed limit three times by an independent camera team who turned the tables on the infamous lawman.  Wright boasts of nicking 7,520 speeders in the Basingstoke area. 




' Two detectives on corruption charges on full pay for five years '

DETECTIVE INSPECTOR JOHN REDGRAVE and DETECTIVE CONSTABLE MICHAEL CHARMAN have been suspended and on full pay for five years the Met admitted.  Both men take a combined annual salary of around £75,000, amounting to a taxpayers bill of £375,000 for staying at home.  They were charged with offences under the Official Secrets Act and perverting the course of justice.  The Met refused to discuss the case and said ' it can take some time to sort these things out.'

THE ANTI-CORRUPTION SQUAD in the period of 2002 reluctantly published figures to the public saying that 121 people in the police had been charged --- police officers and ex-police personnel.  The report indicated 66 criminals and others seeking to corrupt officers were also listed. 


' The Sunshine Squad -- and a £4m bungled inquiry at Scotland Yard '

FOR 21 MONTHS A SCOTLAND YARD POLICE SQUAD WENT TO INVESTIGATE CORRUPTION IN THE CAYMAN ISLANDS -- Assistant  Commissioner John Yates made five visits, Chief Superintendent Martin Bridger was booted off the island, Commissioner Stuart Kernohan was suspended and Judge Alexander Henderson was arrested.  The Judge later received an apology from the Met and compensation of £1million.  Sometimes 12 officers a time arrived at the sunshine island, The British run island called in the Met Police in 2007 to make investigations involving corruption in their own force of 360 police officers.  It was found that Chief Superintendent Bridger's team had misled the courts', made 'deliberate misrepresentations' leading to the gravest abuse of the process.  The Yard team uncovered new allegations about other senior officers such as Commissioner Stuart Kernohan and Detective Chief Superintendent John Jones, they were suspended.  The farce and consequences backfired on the Met and it became a case of ' which of us is corrupt -- the force we came to investigate or the investigating force?'  The Met said later ' some mistakes were made '

THE CORRUPTION INQUIRY THAT FELL APART -- It now appears that in 2013 this saga has come back to haunt the police just when they thought they had 'got it tucked up in bed'    A new investigation looking into the cops and Cayman Islands, the original Corruption Investigation having been dropped in 2009..... and nobody was ever charged!    The new team are looking into whether the original inquiry was 'misled' by then Governor Stuart Jack and other Foreign Office officials.  At the time a wrongly arrested judge was awarded £1m and the removal of a British Police Chief......plus a 12 man police squad from London being sent home amid claims of drinking and booze ups at parties on the island.  Now retired, Bridger has requested that the police re-look at documents in the case particularly looking into Mr Jack and the Foreign Office.  Former Officer Stuart Kernohan who is still fighting a claim for wrongful dismissal said that 'the probes into the investigation were resisted at every juncture and in some instances, significant reports were concealed and covered up by those with the power to release them.  In 2010 Bridger presented an official complaint about Senior Foreign Officials and members of the Island's Judiciary.  The complaint was rejected and the findings held 'secret'.......The Foreign Office declined to release the report because it feared 'the fall-out (what is revealed) could damage the Cayman Islands -- and off-shore banking..........the Island's new Governor, Duncan Taylor is challenging The Foreign Office's decision, and wants the truth exposing....despite a possible loss of confidence within the International Community or its reputation.


THE MORAL HERE IS - sort out your own corruption in the police before investigating another police inquiry.



POLICE CONSTABLE ALAN HUGHES, CONSTABLE GREG WOLFE and CONSTABLE MICHAEL ORCHARD appeared before Teesside Crown Court charged with theft.  Hughes loaded stolen whisky into the boot of his patrol car while is two pals took care of the van.  Hughes had stashed 73 bottles and the others accounted for 36 more.  Constable Wolfe struggled with a superintendent as he tried to remove stolen booze from his house when a search was ordered.  Hughes left some of his haul at his father's house. 


' Cop stole handguns given in during amnesty period '

POLICE CONSTABLE DESMOND PEARSON WAS JAILED for six months by Sheffield Crown Court after it was found that handguns handed in by a member of the public responding to an amnesty went missing from the police locker that kept firearms to be melted down.  The Constable gave away one gun and kept the other two the court was told. 


' Assault Cop spared jail in school incident '

POLICE CONSTABLE IAIN MYERS of the Merseyside Police was sentenced to 28 days jail after head-butting Mr. Greaves at the Merchant Taylor's School during a fund raising event put on by the school.  South Sefton Magistrates were told this was an unprovoked attack and that the wine had its part in the officer's behaviour.  Lawyers for the police persuaded the magistrates to suspend the jail sentence.


' Cops in  oppressive attitude are under investigation '

TWO WARWICKSHIRE POLICE OFFICERS are under investigation as a result of a complaint lodged by a mother who said that one of the officers told her to eat the tax disc of her car while the other one smirked.  ' It was very cruel and embarrassing ' said Joanne Whetstone.  Her tax disc was out of date, but she maintains that the police did not have to act in the way they did. 


' Police Officer in Wrongful Arrest is criticized by Judge '

POLICE CONSTABLE MICHAEL PAIN of the Cleveland Police was condemned by the Judge after he heard that the constable had dragged a mother away from her baby.  He was abusive and rude - the court were told as he manhandled Lyndsey Auer.  The constable arrived at her house to arrest her boyfriend, but decided in his absence that he would roust her.  The judge delivered a damning indictment of the force and the constable saying that Police Constable Pain's notebook contained concocted entries to support his defence when he realized what a mess he was in.  She was awarded £5,000 damages for wrongful arrest.

' Cleveland force in Corruption Probe '

THE ABOVE CASE revealed that the Cleveland Police were involved in several corruption scandals and a protracted £2million inquiry in which 58 POLICE OFFICERS ARE UNDER INVESTIGATION.


' Huddersfield Cops in scam and ticket-fixing '

West Yorkshire - Huddersfield Cops came in for heavy criticism from one man who told us about subversive cops who got away with crimes and others covered it up. This comes as no surprise to this file, and only serves to prove this is more than an accusation. He told us of being banged up in the cells after he announced to cops that he'd photographed them committing a crime. This all came about because of an unpaid fine when the cops broke down his flat door and arrested him. His dossier on the cops with all of his evidence was seized by one of the four officers who took it without a lawful excuse, as this didn't have any connection to the unpaid fine. They had no search warrant either as the man told us. He was thrown into a cell and appeared before the court and paid off the fine. While he was in front of the magistrates he mentioned the file that had been seized and what it contained. The magistrate said it was no concern of the court? and one of the arresting policemen denied that a fellow officer took it. The man before being led out, shouted out that he'd been watching over twenty cops in the district, and said several were taking bribes over parking tickets. After paying the fine he went round the building and into the adjoining police station to demand his property back, but was threatened with arrest if he stayed within the building-- they said he was ' in breach of the peace '

NB -- We give this advice to anyone collecting evidence on the police -- make a copy of your file, copy all the contents and leave it with a trusted friend. The above case did not do that.


POLICE PAYOUTS to victims:


' £220,000 compensation to man in Wrongful Arrest '

THE MET POLICE were ordered to pay out £220,000 compensation to Mr. Kenneth Hsu by the Central London County Court after it was heard that they had assaulted Mr Hsu after he refused the police entry to his home.  He was thrown into a police van handcuffed and punched by officers who went on to kick him.  No police officer was disciplined despite assaulting the victim?


' Met face bill of £150,000 for race attacks by officers '

POLICE OFFICERS ASSAULTED AND HUMILIATED A DISABLED STUDENT outside a cinema in Park Royal, North west London. Another victim had their trousers taken down and one was hit in the face the court was told.  Mr. Sharma was awarded £8,000 damages plus costs, Mr. Antigha got £3,500 for his humiliation.  The third person got £5,000 plus costs.  These cases highlighted false imprisonment, assault and battery by police all occasioned on suspicion.  ONE OFFICER REFUSED TO GIVE HIS NAME despite repeated attempts. 


' Met Payout over beating and arrest '

THE MET POLICE paid a six figure compensation payout to a man accused of stealing his own car.  He was attacked by three police officers and dragged to the pavement when he refused to own up to stealing the car he was sat in.  They went on to concoct a story that he had assaulted them when they eventually discovered that the vehicle was his.  Colin Tomlinson said he had blood all over his face as they punched and kicked him.  The force afterwards would only say -  Mr. Tomlinson has accepted a sum of money paid into court and that ends the matter as this shows full satisfaction of his claim.  The Met said they did not admit liability.  No officer was charged at all.


' Theatre Group get £55,000 payout for gunpoint ordeal by Met Police '

THE MET POLICE PAID OUT £55,000 DAMAGES to a Kurdish Theatre Group who were in rehearsals doin a play concerning oppression.  Armed police burst in on the group and handcuffed the actors, then bundled them into the back of a police van.  Before the case was about to be heard in court, the Met Police agreed to a payout saying they did not admit liability in the case.

THE MET POLICE PAID OUT A STAGGERING £2,309million during 1998/1999 according to official compensation figures.  The bulk of this was paid out in 'Out of Court Settlements '


' POLICE SUED FOR £100,000 '

THE MET POLICE faced an action by musician Mark Price for £100,000 after he had been falsely imprisoned and under unlawful arrest.  His claim was the result of being stopped and searched; along with racial abuse, nine time over a 16 month period.  He was never charged with any crime.


' Strip Search Victim gets £5,000 damages from Police '

WEST YORKSHIRE POLICE lied under oath in the case of David Smithen the Dewsbury Court decided.  Mr Smithen was falsely imprisoned and strip-searched during a 35 minute ordeal.  POLICE CONSTABLE JONATHAN LEY the officer named said that he made an error, but this was only accepted by the force itself.  The police said no action would be taken against the constable. 


' Assaulted Schoolboy wins £100,000 from Met police '

16 year-old John Wilson was given damages of £100,000 after he had been hit over the head by a policeman at a public event.  The Judge at the High Court decided it was a 'deliberate unlawful assault'  The boy said the officer came running at him with a deliberate intention of doing harm. 


' Gloucester Police payout Damages of £2,000 to TV Presenter '

Dog Show Presenter Robin Page received £2,000 compensation after being arrested and locked up in a cell by the police after making a pro-hunting speech.  Two officers went to arrest the BBC presenter.  In order to satisfy the court he obtained legal documents showing the Attorney General had ruled that no crime had been committed  ---in a freedom of information disclosure.  Gloucester Police were not prepared to comment further.


' Cops pay £10,000 and apology to couple '

THE LANCASHIRE POLICE apologised and paid out £10,000 to Joe and Helen Roberts after police interrogated them in their home over their views reported by a council.  The police admitted there had been no real crime or threats by the couple over their remarks to the council concerning leaflets. They regretted the distress they had caused.


' Teacher wins £1,000 damages from cops over false allegations '

Matthew Wren a teacher won a payout from police after a pupil had laid a false allegation of assault that the police supported.  Tyne and Wear police accepted that his arrest had been unlawful in the circumstances because the teacher had volunteered to attend the station.  It was later discovered the boy lied about the circumstances.


' £60,000 awarded to suspect in police raid by the Met '

THE MET POLICE paid damages of £60,000 to a man arrested in a raid.  The High Court heard how Babar Ahmed was subjected to unjustified violence and abuse after being arrested. Following a dawn raid on his home in Tooting, he had been dragged along the floor, and in the police van -- punched and stamped on by officers.  Lawyers for the Met agreed to pay compensation to the victim, the court also heard that one un-named officer was to face criminal proceedings over his actions during the raid.


' £51,392 damages awarded to assaulted couple '

David and Lucille White were awarded the payout after Mr Justice Mars-Jones said he found the police officers in the arrest of the couple was a 'brutality' that cannot go ignored.  he went on to say they suffered a catalogue of violence and inhuman treatment by young police officers. The Judge said they persisted in a five-year cover-up and he was not prepared to accept police evidence of what happened considering 17 officers raided the home of the couple. In his summing up he said ' I regret to say I am forced to the conclusion that there has been an orchestrated attempt to mislead the court in order to cover up illegality and unjustified use of force.'

The police in the White Case made up charges of ' assault against a policeman' and they were acquitted, these kind of charges are seemingly made by all police in these cases in order to justify their wrongdoing.


' Police Compensation to victims should be £1 million per case '

POLICE PAYOUTS -- COMPENSATION to their victims of malpractice were capped at around £60,000 per claim after police authorities said the bill was crippling and the insurance too high.  Sadly for the public this was in most cases adopted.  But having realized that big payouts actually made the police look worried, it should have stayed and a basic £1 million per compensation payout to a victim would have served the general public better.  It might have as suggested, bankrupted the insurance company or the police authority, but central government would have been there and perhaps a lesson learned by the police --- instead they are blasé and learn nothing these days because the sums paid out are small and derisory. In American courts victims of police brutality can expect a $million dollars at least and many have topped that to around $5million dollars, which is more realistic and shows its British counterparts are unwilling to learn the proper price for their wrong-doing.

POLICE CHALLENGE SIZE OF PAYOUTS --- The police should not worry about the size of the compensation payouts, they claim their insurance would be in doubt over large claims, but we say the Government would step in as the payers, and if that was a problem, then a 1penny on tax would suffice to cover £1million payouts, so it could easily be done.



WE COME TO THE INFAMOUS DISBANDED CORRUPT POLICE - WEST MIDLANDS CRIME SQUAD.  George Lewis was made to sign a false confession by detectives and ended up with five years in prison for a crime he did not commit.  The High Court in Birmingham awarded him damages of £200,000 .  Officers fabricated evidence and forced confessions by having the suspect beaten.

TORTURE BY POLICE forced another victim of this police squad, namely Keith Twitchell.  He appeared before the Appeal Court claiming that he was forced to sign a false confession by the West Midlands Crime Squad.  He said they handcuffed him to a chair and put a plastic bag over his head.

DETECTIVE CONSTABLE JOHN PERKINS and DETECTIVE CONSTABLE PETER REYNOLDS were the ringleaders in the Squad that ran several corrupt officers in 1987.  No member of the corrupt squad have been successfully prosecuted and the reason for this is - tampering with evidence, evidence disappearing and collusion within the West Midlands Police.  DETECTIVE CONSTABLE GRAHAM LEAKE was involved in forged confessions,  DETECTIVE CONSTABLE DAVID WOODLEY and DETECTIVE CONSTABLE ROGER CLIFFORD involved in stealing interview notes and perverting the course of justice.  SUPERINTENDENT JOHN BROWN and DETECTIVE CONSTABLE COLIN ABBOTS were fined £1,500 for disciplinary offences.  DETECTIVE CONSTABLE TONY ADAMS and DETECTIVE CHIEF INSPECTOR BOB GOODCHILD were found guilty of disciplinary offences.  DETECTIVE SUPERINTENDENT MICHAEL HORNBY retired conveniently.  SUPERINTENDENT GEORGE READE, DETECTIVE SUPERINTENDENT COLIN MORRIS and DETECTIVE TERENCE WOODWISS were charged with perjury but retired shortly.  INSPECTOR JAMES PRICE, DETECTIVE CONSTABLE ALAN PICKERING and DETECTIVE CONSTABLE TIM RUSSELL never appeared in court despite  the decision not to pursue them was criticised by the judge.   Although the Chief Constable does not dispute the corruption organised by the two detectives, none faced trial and he quickly disbanded the whole squad.  The West Midlands Serious Crime Squad is believed to have fitted-up many suspects and been involved in crime for quite some period before the downfall.  Even now, wrongly convicted suspects are taking legal action to overturn their sentences and claim compensation.

DETECTIVE INSPECTOR PATRICK SULLIVAN and DETECTIVE CONSTABLE RICHARD HOUSTON were fired from the West Midlands Squad for allegations over stolen cannabis and cash.  Sullivan was dismissed for disreputable conduct, neglect of duty and falsehood.

POLICE CONSTABLE MANJIT SINGH MARVA along with POLICE STAFF DAVID VIDGEN and ADAM WARWICK of the WEST MIDLANDS POLICE were charged with fraud amounting to £200,000.  The three along with three of the civilian staff were charged after a year long probe into the submitting of false invoices.  All six were charged with conspiracy to defraud and misconduct in public office.  The case will be heard by Nuneaton Magistrates.


' Cover-up by police over 999 call '

NORFOLK CONSTABULARY were accused of a cover-up after failing to respond to a 999 call they claim never happened.  The call was made as burglars were breaking into premises.  British Telecom confirmed there had been a call made to police.  In fact, the call was made by a former Met Police Officer Mr Alan Morris.  BT said the call had been lodged at 10.12pm and transferred to the Norfolk Police Control Room.

' POLICE IGNORED FRANTIC PHONE CALLS '  yet again we find another example as the above -- Miss Chapman phoned ESSEX POLICE to report that her trailer was being stolen.  A witness sped after the thieves as it went over into KENT, and again they phoned THE KENT CONSTABULARY reporting the situation.  They eventually followed the trailer into a Gypsy site, but hesitated to go in without the police.  The police suggested she go in and get it 'alone?'  Miss Chapman made an official complaint.  Both ESSEX POLICE and KENT POLICE said they were investigating the matter.

' WOMAN IN FEAR OF HER LIFE IS KILLED DESPITE CALLING THE POLICE TO RESPOND '  -  SUFFOLK POLICE failed to stop a killer despite receiving calls before it happened.  Mary Griffiths was being stalked by a man and she rang the police.  They said they would send officers --- no police ever arrived.  Hours later she was dying from knife wounds.  The police said the matter was being investigated by the complaints department.

' POLICE IGNORED FATHER'S PLEA FOR HELP AND HE WAS KILLED BY THUG ' --  Plumber Mohammed Shafiq rang the LANCASHIRE POLICE to say he was corned by a gang of thugs and he needed urgent help.  He made the call after going to help his son who was surrounded by teenagers.  The operator refused his call and shortly after he was stabbed fatally.

' POLICE CHARGE NIGHTMARE FOR INNOCENT FARMER ' -- John White a farmer in Austell, Cornwall found himself being hounded by the Devon and Cornwall Police and charged with the murder of his wife.  One particular policeman, DETECTIVE SUPERINTENDENT CHRIS BOARLAND defended the move to prosecute John White.  Even the CPS followed suit, yet the jury acquitted him unanimously.  His lawyers considering suing the police over the matter.

' NO NIGHT TIME COPS FOR VILLAGE '  --- A couple suffered an horrific ordeal in the village near Hereford.  The woman was sexually assaulted  after two attackers gained entry to their house.  Cops had to come from twenty miles away in response because there are no police after daylight wanes.

' THE NORTH WALES POLICE INCIDENT '  ---  Former cop John Atkinson found himself being arrested after his wife was attacked in front of two policemen. They did nothing, and when I made a remark he was arrested, stripped and taken through the courts.  The magistrates listened to six young cops giving evidence and decided that the evidence did not show that Mr. Atkinson intended to cause harassment or distress. They said there was 'inconsistencies' in the prosecution evidence.  John had to wait four months with the threat over his head.

' THE POLICE AND LEGAL SYSTEM ARE RUBBISH '  --- Francis Fairclough watched her car being stolen but could not stop the two youths.  2 says later it was found and they said the thieves were arrested.  She felt quite happy until I heard the two had got off with a caution.  My car was damaged but I could not get compensation.  Then to make matters worse, the police charged her £105 to get it back. 

This is only eight reports out of many showing police negligence and a couldn't care less attitude.


' £20million in speed fines to be paid back because of police errors?'

POLICE ERRORS IS A POLITE WAY OF COVERING SERIOUS MISTAKES, Chief Constable Ian Johnstone of the Gwent Police says speed cameras have alienated the public.  One speed cop we have mentioned was jailed for rigging a charge after using a turned-off radar gun. Another radar cop as mentioned broke the speed limit himself -- three times!  Chief Constable Roger Baker faces the possibility of paying back £20m after the ESSEX POLICE issued tickets unlawfully.  THE CPS and ESSEX POLICE are looking into it, and that cannot be good for those cheated motorists -- see The Bent Lawyers section on the CPS.  Another fact that connects with this is a report showing that Officers in Essex were earning £500,000 in overtime.  A pool of around 100 cops get £5,000 each for manning camera vans  etc.  The Essex Chief claimed in an interview that his force was not out to pick on easy targets such as motorists?  --- Grabbing £20 million from them says otherwise.


' Looking for your stolen car? try the Police Station '

THE MET COPS DON'T REALLY BOTHER ABOUT STOLEN VEHICLES, and most drivers have found this to be the case when they report their vehicle stolen.  This was never more true than when a distraught motorist finally went to the Tottenham Road Police Station in Crouch End.  He'd actually popped in three days before and filled out the paperwork on the day his car had disappeared. But, after many hours of looking around streets as far and wide as he could, he thought he'd check the situation with the police in the hope they might have some good news for him.  He was at the public counter asking the desk Sergeant when his eyes suddenly caught sight of his sports car through the window of the Police Station. It was sitting in the road just outside.  It was later revealed that apart from his vehicle, there were five other stolen vehicles all in the road adjoining the police station, none had been checked, nor was it known how long they'd been there.  Two actually had council notices on them saying 'abandoned vehicle, removal notice '   The Policeman didn't seem to mind the fact that it was embarrassing for them, and the young man was re-united with his car ' unlocked' and after a minute or so he left. Whether the other cars got back to the owners we don't know, maybe not, after all, telling the owners where they'd been found would not really go down well at all.


' Cop sells drugs openly at £7 each '

POLICE CONSTABLE STEVEN ALTRINGHAM of the Greater Manchester Police revealed his drug supplies sideline at a party.  His girlfriend Rebecca Holland, a police officer in the CID at Ashton-under-Lyne stood by by as he offered ecstasy tablets at £7 each, it's hard to reconcile that she was unaware -- as stated by a 'friend'  Altringham would claim he was selling the tablets for a friend and his day job was a surveyor. Carl Trail, his friend and ex-cop (Merseyside police - accused of rape and sacked without a pension after he was found guilty of discreditable conduct) runs the Public House Altringham distributed his tablets.  Altringham, a cop of five years in the police awaits the report as a file goes before his bosses.


' Police Inspector in fuel siphoning incident resigns '

POLICE INSPECTOR AUSTIN KELLY of the NOTTINGHAMSHIRE POLICE FORCE resigned after being fined for illegally taking petrol from the police car and putting it into his own vehicle.  The policeman of twenty years was not taken to court over the matter and allowed to leave.


' Pervert Cop caught after 14 years, being in 3 forces, is jailed '

POLICE CONSTABLE BARRY RICHARDSON was jailed for four months by Norfolk Crown Court.  Richardson, was first in The West Yorkshire Police, then the Met Police in London, and finally with Norfolk Police over a 14 year period.  It is stated that he had an appalling record of sexual abuse against women, but he always managed to wriggle out of being prosecuted.  The assaults were finally revealed and brought to light after a Christmas Day incident.


' Woman Sergeant lies to cover up car accident '

POLICE SERGEANT SAMANTHA HALL of the Norfolk Police lied to cover up the fact that her lover was driving the squad car when it veered into another car.  She was charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice after filling in a report that she was driving, when in fact it was Carol Jones, her lover.  The lie was only discovered when the driver of the other car stated that Sergeant Hall came out of the passenger door.  Police vehicles are only insured for police officers to drive it is stated.


' Cop four times over the limit asks colleagues to forget about it '

POLICE CONSTABLE STEPHEN PENNINGTON was stopped by other officers when he drove out of a pub car park and into the path of a van.  He narrowly missed it and swerved onto the pavement where he came to a stop.  This was his second offence of drink/driving, so he asked the officers to forget about seeing him.  Teesside Police confirmed that the officer was facing serious disciplinary charges.


' Sergeant accused of rape '

POLICE SERGEANT PETER SOLLEY of the Met Police was arrested and suspended from duty after rape charges were lodged against him from a South London woman.  This same officer was praised in his handling of ' The Stephen Lawrence Inquiry ' and sources revealed that this was upsetting. 


' Another Sergeant on trial for rape -- two rapes! '

POLICE SERGEANT PAUL BANFIELD appeared at Nottingham Crown Court on two charges of raping two women.   His first rape attack was on a woman in her own home, the second was a girl prisoner in the police cells a year later.  Banfield of the Cambridge Police admitted three indecent assaults, burglary with intent to rape and another charge of indecent assault.  The cell attacks at Parkside Police Station are said to have taken place when he was custody sergeant.  Yet we are expected to believe no other officer knew, this cannot be so.


' Racist Police Sergeants are demoted '

POLICE SERGEANT MARK PURSEY  and POLICE SERGEANT JOHN SAUNDERS were demoted to constables after the appalling treatment they showed to a Somali woman who was at a refugee centre.  The cops made racial remarks about her 8,000 mile trip to the UK and that she could find her way back.  The Croydon based cops were found guilty of ' behaving in a derisive and racially discriminatory manner '

A   WOMAN COP was fined £700 for her involvement in the above incident, she is un-named.


' Met Detective on crime spree with credit card '

POLICE DETECTIVE MATTHEW WASHINGTON of THE MET POLICE was charged with unauthorised use of a police credit card on which he spent £12,500.  The now former cop is facing imprisonment over the incident.



Although we have already covered several cases with Manchester cops being on the take, corrupt and more, we consider it only fair that we look into the force in depth similar to the West Midlands and Met.


GREATER MANCHESTER POLICE were filmed assaulting suspect Mark Boomer.  The Judge at Minshull Street Crown Court reduced a charge of armed robbery against Boomer to conspiracy to rob after watching the video tape showing the arrest.  He also threw out a charge of posessing a handgun after allegations were made of a fit-up against the officers who were accused of deliberately planting the evidence.  He condemned police evidence as ' discredited - similar the West Midlands Squad acttivities.  No police officer was named nor were they charged with perverting the course of justice as one could expect.  The lawyer for the man accused the Chief Constable David Wilmot of allowing special units to operate under ' a total domination policy' unaccountable.


DETECTIVE STEWART KELLY and DETECTIVE MARTIN HAZELHURST of The Greater Manchester Police appeared before Manchester Crown Court on racial abuse charges against a fellow constable - police woman Pc Singh.  The pair had been drinking when they began the jokes and slurs aimed at the Sikh constable.  They told her to go back where she belonged. 


POLICE CONSTABLE ANDREW BATESON of the Greater Manchester Police appeared at Minshull Street Crown Court charged with causing actual bodily harm with a CS spray against a fellow officer.  Woman constable Deborah Davidson says she was attacked by Bateson during a fracas.  The Officer denied three charges of assault and claimed that the other constable was not doing her job so he used the spray.


ANDERTON and TOPPING -- the Conspiracy to ruin Kevin Taylor, businessman and friend of John Stalker.  The Manchester Police used every tactic to ruin and destroy him.  They tried to fit him up on drug charges; a twelve man police unit were involved in a two and a half year long campaign of vindictiveness urged on by senior officers.  Millions of taxpayers pounds were spent and authorised by The Manchester Police in order to bring down Kevin Taylor illegally or otherwise.  They of course deny this, but what else can you expect.  Perjury by officers was criticised by judges during court trials, and in the end when Mr Taylor was nearly ruined, the police case was halted by the trial judge - Judge Sachs who described the police evidence as ' the fruits of the poisoned tree '.  Kevin Taylor was found not guilty on all counts and the police were ordered to make a substantial payout for damages.  His published book goes into great detail of who the cops were and that information can be found in general information.







We start with the unlawful killing of Ian Tomlinson by a Police Officer.  The Police wanted the public to think the man had an heart attack after he was assaulted by an un-named officer, but a post mortem has revealed that he did of internal bleeding.  The suggestion now by Lawyers for the man's family is that the officer should face manslaughter charges.  CCTV clearly shows the innocent man being violently pushed by the officer before falling to the ground.  Mr. Tomlinson was not a demonstrator, he was just passing by.  Police versions of the incident were contradicted day by day.  Identification numbers were either obscured by the cops or not even worn by the riot unit.  It was later stated an officer with the Metropolitan Police Territorial Unit had been suspended from duty.  Another assault, one of many, was against Nicola Fisher, whom the police sought to sully to their own ends.  The officer hit her with a police baton and behaved like a thug, he too as now been suspended while a full inquiry into the day's events takes place.



Before closing the first part of this police corruption catalogue and expose, we will look at the cops own brand of rooting out bad cops -- the Anti-corruption Squad/ PCA or internal CIB operations.  The police should never be able to investigate themselves and the next item clearly shows the flaws in this idea.

' The failings of cops investigating cops '

A report on this division that investigates complaints and looks into bent cops has been accused of bending the rules.  As a result of three cases, the squad has been accused of organising a cover-up and attempting to frame fellow officers.  The PCA is investigating claims that the squad tried to prove former flying squad officer Keith Green was corrupt. Green was caught in a CIB sting set up to catch two other officers who admitted theft. They are also investigating an issue of entrapment involving Detective Inspector Keith Pedder for trying to bribe a colleague.  What followed was even more alarming -- the squad is being sued by fellow officers!  The Complaints Investigation Bureau are said to be investigating 250 officers, mostly involved in specialized squads.  Lawyers for the officers as set up by the Police Federation are using their muscle to impede things.  This can only lead to bringing cops to book for corruption almost impossible and the federation knows this.

A website called - 'Police Corruption. co. uk ' was set up by an aggrieved police Inspector Andy Catlin, and this was shut down after complaints by The Surrey Police.  They served the Injunction saying that it misled the public.  Inspector Catlin, a cop of 20 years was exposing malpractices in the force.



' Corruption Probe into Merseyside Cops nets a Chief Inspector '

DETECTIVE CHIEF INSPECTOR ELMORE DAVIES was jailed for 5 years for his part in selling information to a crime syndicate for £20,000.  A number of officers were being investigated for corruption within the Merseyside Police Force over several months when they arrested the top cop who had succumbed to cash offered by a boss of a drug cartel.




'Met Cops in Animal Cruelty investigation '

HARLESDEN POLICE in North West London came in for serious criticism when it was discovered that several young constables played football using stray cats in the station car park.  Several dead cats were discovered and one was still strung up by the neck.  Some remains were found in police lockers --- as a joke?  -- for anyone opening a locker it is stated.  An investigation has been set up to discover the names of the officers involved.


' Police witnessed inflicting cruelty to pet dogs '

POLICE CONSTABLES CRAIG MACLEOD and ANJA MASON were filmed hitting and abusing pet dogs.  The Officers from the North Wales Police were convicted of cruelty at Denbigh Magistrates Court.  Pain and terror was inflicted by both officers over many hours and both officers face dismissal.


' RSPCA refuse to supply cops with dogs - after second cruelty case '

A SECOND POLICE FORCE HAS BEEN EXPOSED FOR DOG CRUELTY - LANCASHIRE POLICE DOG HANDLERS CAME UNDER FIRE AFTER THE ESSEX POLICE FORCE FACED SIMILAR CHARGES.  Elmsford officers POLICE CONSTABLE KEN BOORMAN, CONSTABLE JAMES ENGLISH, CONSTABLE ANDREW WHITE and INSPECTOR GRAHAM CURTIS were all charged with cruelty to animals and were due to appear before the court at Chelmsford.  Inspector Curtis satisfied magistrates that he personally did not act cruelly to the dogs, but he still faced charges of neglect and failing to stop cruel acts.  Other officers named as POLICE CONSTABLE MARK NEEDHAM and CONSTABLE STEVEN HUTLEY claimed they had been ordered to swing the dogs like a helicopter in a circular motion while suspended on a lead and kick the dogs. NEEDHAM'S dog ' Acer' died from a rupture of the liver. 

In the ESSEX CRUELTY CASE two police officers were jailed and a third officer sentenced to 200 hours of community service.

LANCASHIRE POLICE refused to name the dog team officers under investigation for cruelty- the force said that an inquiry is being carried out by the force's internal disciplinary department, though we already know that one officer resigned over the appalling way the dogs were treated.


' Cop leaves dogs ' to bake ' in car is fined and given conditional discharge '

NOTTINGHAM POLICE OFFICER CONSTABLE MARK JOHNSON was fined £2,500 and given a conditional discharge of six months when he appeared at court on Animal Cruelty charges.  The two German Shepherd dogs in his care were left in the car unable to survive the baking heat of the hot day.


' Sadistic Cop slaughters family pets '

POLICE CONSTABLE PAUL COLLEY was suspended from duty after it was discovered he killed his family puppies and then blamed it on his wife.  The policeman based at Burslem Police Station in Stoke-on-Trent admitted later to the atrocities and a statement from the force has said that a prosecution is to be considered.


' Police Sergeant in suicide bid over ' animal cruelty ' did it before '

MET POLICE SERGEANT IAN CRAVEN, of a Dog Handlers Instruction Squad attempted suicide as dogs die in his car.  Sergeant Craven was found guilty in 2004 over another incident when a 'sniffer' spaniel died in the heat of his car, he was disciplined, yet went on to be promoted to Sergeant.  Two dogs died on this occasion has he left the car unattended for some hours; rescuers tried to revive the dogs but failed. 




' Anti-Drug Cop dies from Heroin overdose?'

POLICE CONSTABLE DAVID PILLING of the Met Police was found dead after taking a drug overdose.  The police are trying to play this case as an accident? which would be convenient if it were not for the fact that he'd been on websites looking at drugs.  Claims of him experimenting with drugs so that he could gain knowledge is rather thin, as it could be said in a court by an habitual drug taker -- it would be thrown out of court.  Just because the cops cannot conceive of him taking drugs, they assume it was all a mistake, yet we know through the evidence of this site that cops do drugs and squads of officers have turned to crime actively involved in illegal drugs.


' Speeding Cop does 100 mph because he was late for work '

POLICE CONSTABLE MATTHEW STOTT of The Suffolk Police was fined £320 and received six penalty points on his driving licence by South East Suffolk Magistrates.  He was allowed to keep his licence despite the seriousness of the offence of driving at high speed on the A14 near Ipswich.


' Police Sergeant arrested over sex assault on a colleague '

POLICE SERGEANT DAVID STEVENS of the Met Police appeared before the St. Albans Crown Court charged with making a sexual assault on a fellow policeman at a Met Police Party at a hotel in Elstree.  The cop who lives in Crouch End claimed the other officer consented, but this was denied by the victim. 


' Five years jail for sex assault cop '

POLICE CONSTABLE LEE RACKHAM of the Humberside Police Force, was sent to prison for five years after appearing at Leeds Crown Court and being found guilty of two counts of sexual assault.  The Judge considered him a danger to vulnerable young women -- one of whom he attacked in front of her three-year-old son.  Each time he claimed he was single and having trouble with his marriage, but this was a lie and his wife broke down in court after hearing the sentence passed.

ONE MAN HAS CHANGED HIS NAME TO ' STAFFORDSHIRE POLICE CORRUPTION' as a protest at the number of bent officers he claims to be on the force undetected.   He says that he has a dossier on over a 100 cops that have broken the law.  We will come back to that when we know more.


' The Corrupt Cops Code of Conduct -- lie and lie again or dumb insolence '

This is indeed the case and the following account will support this absolutely.

Many years ago there was an incident involving the beating up of three youths at a fairground by an elite squad that travelled around in large vans that catered for 10 to 12 officers each.  Three vans turned up at the scene in Holloway.  Witnesses described the scene as a glorified kicking by cops and some were prevented from helping the youths.  Things turned against the police in that it was they that were facing prosecutions for assault and as the investigation began to falter due to police officers remaining silent the entire response team were called in for questioning.  The Police Federation did its best to hamper this by saying it was unfair for all the officers to be paraded in front of the Commissioner.  All thirty officers would not speak out against their fellow officers and said nothing under questioning.  They were warned that this amounted to ' withholding evidence and impeding an investigation' and that it was an offence in the police code of practice.  He warned them they could be charged and this was later dropped after the Police Federation said 'that if he were to charge or suspend all the thirty officers, it would have a serious effect on morale within the service'  No officer in the thirty were charged, but merely moved around into other areas.  Some six months later after involving the public and pressure, three detectives and a sergeant were charged with the offences.  At their trial it was revealed how many lies had been told by other colleagues in order to support them and suppress the truth.  The youths each received payouts and the police involved were jailed.


' Reckless Endangerment by Police Marksman in shooting Incident '

POLICE FIREARMS INSTRUCTOR CONSTABLE DAVID MICKLETHWAITE of the Thames Valley Police shot Keith Tilbury whilst demonstrating the capabilities of a 44 magnum revolver.  The civilian employee was rushed to hospital with life threatening injuries.  At Southwark Crown Court they heard how Constable Micklethwaite pointed the gun at the worker several times as he was showing off his expertise.  Bullets, blanks and live ammunition was in sweet tins and Tupperware containers randomly collected.  There was 22 live bullets in a Quality Street tin at the time of the incident.  It was also revealed that the officer had failed a previous firearms course.  At the moment it is stating that the police are admitting breaching Health and Safety?

What about charging the officer with Reckless endangerment to life besides negligence of duty and occasioning grievous bodily harm?

POLICE WILL NOT BE CHARGED OVER SHOOTING BARRISTER  -- yet again no officer faces any charge of unlawfully killing and why is this?  because of collusion in altering the circumstances which they know will lead to insufficient evidence.  Out of fifty cases of shooting including killings no policeman has ever been successfully prosecuted.  It all comes down to cops closing ranks just as they have done for years and years.

The Micklethwaite case just cited gives you an insight into the tactics of these marksmen when they are not out shooting people by order under the licence of the government.

UPDATE ON THE PC GUN CASE -  Constable Micklethwaite has been fined £8,000 and the Thames Valley Police a fine of £40,000 plus £25,000 legal costs, -- all incidentally to be paid out of their budget which means the public taxpayer.  They admitted to serious failings in their force.  Keith Tilbury the badly injured man intends to sue the police for around £330,000 in compensation.  His case and claim will be heard in 2010.


BACK in 2002 a Police Sergeant in the Met shot Derek Bennett who it was said -- had a cigarette lighter in the shape of a gun.  As per usual an internal inquiry said there was insufficient evidence to support a charge of unlawful killing, and let's face it -- the evidence would not be there anyway no matter if it really existed.  The Brixton killing by the marksmen sparked anger and violence  --- a new investigation was promised, and as to the outcome?


BREAKING NEWS FROM RICHARD BARRYMORE -  He has come into the possession of a confidential report that is of great interest here -  Apparently, a cop of fifteen years was nicked by fellow officers for a minor offence, and as a result, this officer has turned on eight officers who are now under corruption investigations as a result of him 'shopping them all' in a revenge move.  This clearly shows that many officers get away with corruption unless like the aggrieved cop they are turned in by information supplied by an angered colleague.

The cop in question has been moved from the station he worked at for his safety?


NEWS IN BRIEF -- ESSEX POLICE are to be sued by the footballer Jermaine Defoe after he accused them of harassing him.  They stopped his Ferrari and later conducted an interrogation.  The footballer said this was not the first time and has suggested that the police are targeting him in a sort of vendetta. 


' 80,000 complaints against the police '

This marks the highest known figure regarding complaints against the police.  In a report the Police Federation made light of this by saying many complaints were withdrawn, therefore indicating them to be trivial.  What they do not say is that the investigations into complaints are dealt with in a off-hand manner by some and the lengthy time involved makes many give it up.  Some get very suspicious of the police investigating police and they have good reason for thinking this.


' Lancashire Police in mess over Porn Pc's and Suing Pc's '

News has come in concerning an Inspector using the computer for viewing porn sites and the cases of cops suing the force over police radios causing illness.  The Inspector and others in the area force have been caught in a 450 police staff involvement concerning the misuse of the police computer.  Sergeants and constables besides staff have been under disciplinary proceedings for using the computer to view porn and use for other gain throughout several forces.  Lancashire have also come under fire along with the Met for spending huge amounts on hire cars, -- estimated in the report at £70,000 a day.  It says that forces such as Lancashire, Merseyside, West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Thames Valley and Mercia are spending £500,000 a year on hire cars.  It has been dubbed as wasteful by MP's...and they can talk?  The cops who are suing for compensation regarding 'radio illness' have their claims currently pending.


Many of the cases featured, regularly point to lies by police ' perverting the course of justice ' and this alone should worry you. Perverting the course of justice means those police officers lied, fabricated evidence or concealed the truth, and the cases you have seen in this category and the bent cops list are in the main perjury and perverting the course of justice, --- and this should worry the reader.  You might get the idea to suggest not all cops are bad and that many are good, but, that is hard to justify if we look at the Hampshire case of 'good cop police constable Graham Cruttenden.  Other cops set him up as revenge for the London whistle blowing that led to several officers being jailed, and this shows that a good cop cannot survive in the average police force. The police deny this but corruption inquiries have failed every time and this file page shows that to be evident. 



SECRECY OVER IDENTITIES IN 'UNREGISTERED CHILDMINDERS'  - the two women at the centre of a recent newspaper article over two women that looked after each others children in connection with their jobs has turned out to be two police officers - detectives Leanne Shepherd and Lucy Garrett who were accused of breaking the law by Ofsted.

POLICE NEGLIGENCE AND MISTAKES OVER TERROR BY YOBS has revealed that the Leicestershire Police failed the two people who died by declaring the 33 calls as 'not worth following up'.  The coroner looking at the Barwell case concluded the police were a contributory factor in what finally happened leading to the suicide of the mother and daughter -- Fiona Pilkington and daughter Francecca.


' Police use  TV  Programmes and successes to hide other facts '

It is a fact these days that the police are very fond of being press friendly when programmes on the TV show certain forces looking like heroes.  Turn the sheet and see what happens when a cop is corrupt  --- hardly any comment nor are they willing to discuss the matter  --- they cannot be seen for dust  ---- this is the real situation that makes these programmes a propaganda exercise that the cops hide behind in order that too many questions are never asked  --- and it fools the public   ---- something they are very fond of doing.  When the G20 incident arrived they actually lied in first statements in the hope a cover-up could suppress the real events.


' You don't blow the whistle on a fellow cop '

THIS ISN'T JUST A PHRASE -- IT IS THE POLICE CODE FOR THE MAJORITY OF CONSTABLES, SERGEANTS AND INSPECTORS.  Police forces of today try to tell the public that this kind of thing has been stamped out, but an ex-cop I had dinner with recently tells me that it goes on behind the scenes in every area of policing throughout the UK.  Any cop under investigation for a crime gets the backing or silence from other colleagues instantly  from the moment they have been suspended.  No one helps Internal Affairs or the PCA, it's not done and no-one would ever trust you if it happened he said.


' Wiltshire Cop arrested over sex images on computer '

A POLICE CONSTABLE - un-named, was arrested after it was discovered that he had inappropriate sex images on his computer.  He has been suspended while further investigations are being carried out.   Other investigations into pornography revealed officers looking at indecent and obscene material and images.


' Cop uses databases to pass on information to crook '

POLICE CONSTABLE MARK BRENNAN was jailed for corruption at Southwark Crown Court for three years after it had been discovered he had been passing on information to a drug dealer for more than six years.  The Met Police Officer carried out more than 475 checks so that crook Syed Imtiaz Ahmed would always be aware of when and where the police would be in relation to his own operations.  In return for the information the cop received free drugs.  Both Brennan and his wife were incarcerated.


' 12 Police officers in fiddle over pay '

AN OVERTIME FIDDLE BY 12 DETECTIVES was uncovered after one disgruntled and disgusted officer exposed the elite squad that saw itself like the FBI.  The Fiddle involved £100,000 left in the overtime budget allowance.  The twelve cops could not resist the temptation to seize the cash.  All the detectives served at the same London base, and 28 further cops in the unit are now being investigated in connection with the fraud.


 ' Three anti-terrorist unit cops are charged over rent fraud scam '

DETECTIVE SERGEANT NEVILL CALDERCOURT, DETECTIVE SERGEANT PETER ALLBUT and DETECTIVE CONSTABLE DAREN POOLEY were charged with defrauding the met police.  They were involved in a scam costing thousands in rent claims on lodgings in Leeds.  They were also misusing American Express cards and have been also charged with misconduct in public office.  Other friends and relatives to the cops have also been charged in connection with the fraud.



We have two case here of bullying and threats by cops.

Our first incident involves an elderly pensioner who was wrestled to the ground by POLICE CONSTABLE DAVID MORTON of the Derbyshire Constabulary.  The matter was over a parking ticket, and Mr Gordon Slack 90yrs, was left bleeding with cuts to his face.  The Row continued even after Paula Martin a police community support officer arrived.  The pensioner's daughter saw the whole thing and she was also manhandled by Morton.  He denies using excessive force and who is supporting his version?  why of course, -- Paula Martin the PCSO?

Case 2 - the recent headline case of POLICE CHIEF ALI DIZAEI a now disgraced cop, who has been under investigation for years, and for most of that time escaped going to jail for corruption.  This would not be so appalling if it were not for the fact that this man had great power and was a COMMANDER at SCOTLAND YARD. He was in a corruption scandal seven years ago accused of corruption and taking bribes, but the prosecution failed and he walked away with an£80,000 payout.  Strangely enough, it was this little case that was to be his undoing.  In a restaurant he was approached by web-designer Al-Baghdadi whom he owed money to. The encounter turned ugly as The Commander did not like being shown up or having his authority thrown aside by this ordinary citizen.  Threats ensued from the Commander who then used his power to have the man arrested and thrown in a cell.  He then fabricated a story of assault against himself and used the police force to back up his claim.  They of course did, except for the ones that had lost the 2003 case, this was the break they had been looking for.  They knew he was telling lies and using bully tactics, he had done this at the former trial.  Luckily, the Commander is now serving four years in jail for attempting to pervert the course of justice and trying to frame a man on a fabricated charge.


' Race-Hate mail Officer sacked from force '

METROPOLITAN POLICE SERGEANT GURPI VIRDI was unmasked as the mysterious ender of racist hate male to 18 colleagues (and himself - in order to throw off suspicion).  His campaign against officers and civilian staff at Ealing Police base was proven and accepted by a disciplinary panel. 


' Chief Inspector dismissed after car offences '

POLICE CHIEF INSPECTOR COLIN HALLINAN of the North Yorkshire Constabulary was fired from his job after admitting a list of driving offences.  He appeared before the court for driving a car without the proper registration plates, without an MOT or tax disc and was fined £200.  His career of 23 years came to an end over driving offences, but years earlier he was involved in a scandal that cost the force £1 million.  He was at the time disciplined after reports of harassment of women officers and bizarre rituals at the Harrogate Police Station in 1992.  The women colleagues received cash payouts in out-of-court settlements.


' Theft Cop is jailed for nine months '

POLICE CONSTABLE MICHAEL POWELL, a 23 year serving cop in The West Midlands Police was jailed for nine months for stealing £10,000 from a social club over five years to fund a gambling addiction.  Powell was the treasurer at the police social club in Willenhall it was said at Wolverhampton Crown Court.


' Police Officer jailed for theft on pensioner '

POLICE CONSTABLE KEN DAVIES of the West Yorkshire Police was jailed for nine months after stealing £700 of life-savings from 80 year-old Doris Midwood.  He appeared before the Leeds Crown Court.  He visited the pensioner as part of a crime prevention task, and told her to put the money in a tin in the cupboard, but while she was out of the room he he took the cash from the tin.  The £700 was found hidden under clothes at his Bradford home.


' Chief Super launching corruption clean-up resigns '

CHIEF SUPERINTENDENT ROBERT TURNBULL - Deputy Chief Constable of the Cleveland Cops suddenly quit the force after a 999 call was made from his home.  Turnbull actually sacked Ray Mallon the ' zero tolerance' cop earlier as he launched a corruption probe into detectives at the Middlesbrough base.


' Merseyside Detective Chief charged with corruption '

CHIEF INSPECTOR ANTHONY DOYLE, the Deputy head of the Merseyside Drugs Squad was arrested in a raid at his home.  He appeared at Liverpool Crown Court on 24 charges under the prevention of corruption act.  TWO OTHER OFFICERS ALSO ARRESTED AT THE SAME TIME have been charged


' Police Sergeant is nailed by video evidence '

COCKY POLICE SERGEANT IAN VALE who boasted that fellow cops know only what I tell them, was caught on video by a vice girl who was co-operating with a Scotland Yard Anti-corruption unit.  Vale was blackmailing the girls and taking cash so that he remained silent and kept other cops away.  Sergeant Vale of the Met Police was jailed for eight years.


' Detective Inspector on theft charges '

DETECTIVE CONSTABLE BRENDON WHITEHEAD of the Middlesbrough Constabulary was charged with theft of items from his own police station.  This concerned two recovered stolen boilers for central heating.  One was fitted at the home of Russ Daglish -- DETECTIVE INSPECTOR RUSS DAGLISH who was also arrested and charged with handling stolen goods.  Incidentally, Daglish shared this luxury home with partner SALLY ANN KNOWLES A LAWYER WITH THE CROWN PROSECUTION SERVICE.



DETECTIVE SERGEANT JIM McSORLEY AND DETECTIVE CONSTABLE DAVE BROWN with the Middlesborough Police Force stripped out a van so that it would contain a huge booze haul.  The illegal trip to france resulted in a stash of contraband spirits, beer and cigarettes which they drove through customs at Dover without declaring it- and only declaring they were cops.  As a result the two officers were fined £1000 by the Customs. Officers in customs reckoned the pair had made around 12 trips to Calais without being stopped on the way back.  The booze and cigarettes were sold cheaply to other cops in the station.  Apparently, the two appeared before the resigning chief Robert Turnbull who is featured earlier.


' Chief Inspector charged with theft '

WOMAN POLICE OFFICER CHIEF INSPECTOR KIM MOLLOY of The Nottingham Police Force was charged with shoplifting at a Tesco store.  The officer of 20 years standing was said to have stolen cosmetics to the value of £12.72. 


' Cop passes information to suspect criminals '

POLICE OFFICER CHARLES FLETCHER OF THE NOTTINGHAMSHIRE FORCE was sent to jail for using police computer data to benefit suspects in the murder of Nottingham jeweller Marian Bates. Fletcher was also using data to pass onto other outside contacts in return for favours.


' Detective uses unmarked car for seaside trips '

AN UN-NAMED WEST YORKSHIRE DETECTIVE IS DISMISSED FROM FORCE after it was discovered he was using his unmarked car to take family and friends to the seaside and other trips.  The officer based in Leeds was only caught because the car had a ' bug ' attached as this officer was being investigated for corruption. His colleague with the same crime unit was suspended for taking bribes from an informant who provided information about drug dealing in the city.


' Council of Europe investigates the U.K. Police '

AMID DISSATISFACTION OF THE U.K.POLICE  and the complaints of failure to carry out proper disciplinary procedures, THE COMMITTEE APPOINTED UNDER THE 1987 EUROPEAN CONVENTION FOR THE PREVENTION OF TORTURE AND INHUMAN OR DEGRADING TREATMENT OR PUNISHMENT began an investigation into ill-treatment to suspects by the UK Police.  This follows three successful high court challenges.  This involves deaths in custody, a problem that the UK police hoped would go away after many such incidents in the 1980's.  One case they were looking at involved torture by police officers.  The Crown prosecution Service were yet again criticised over decisions not to pursue ill-treatment prosecutions of officers - one high court challenge was against the Director of Public Prosecutions.  The Committee which was not happy with the way the CPS conducted cases of police torture accusations is authorised to carry out broader ranging investigations into police discipline. They are to examine why a significant number of police officers escape disciplinary charges, despite jury awards of damages to claimants in civil cases for assault, malicious prosecution and false imprisonment.  They said there was huge failings in the Crown Prosecution Service who seemed to fail the public in the evidence of clear wrong-doing by police officers and attempted cover-ups by police authorities trying to ignore the problem.  The Commission intend to inspect documents of the relevant police areas, the police complaints authority and the Crown Prosecution Service. ' We are not here specifically to look into police corruption, but it is an issue that needs serious tackling in the U.K.' said one spokesperson.


'Complaints Authority not fit for purpose '

LORD BONHAM-CARTER was once alarmed about the failure to discipline police, which spurred him onto putting pen to paper in the public domain.  One particular case of a fabricated confession involving Anthony O'Callaghan and a subsequent damages award of £30,000.  He had spent 76 days in custody before being acquitted, and suffered an 'horrific experience'.  The Case Judge, Mr Justice Brooke said that the verdict by the jury decided that the police had 'cooked up the confessions' --- but even this had led to no prosecutions being brought against the police officers, nor had the Authority recommended any disciplinary hearings!

He quoted the Case of Roc Sandford. a man charged with having cannabis who was arrested by Met Police during a licensing raid on a Soho club.  He was acquitted at Knightsbridge Crown Court.....the jury was out for 15 minutes.......and he was awarded £15,000 costs out of police funds, plus £10,000 damages and £4,000 costs in settlement of a civil case for wrongful arrest, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution.  The Barrister for Mr Sandford said ' the drugs came from a stock of drugs kept at West End Central for the purpose of planting on people'   Six other cases of drug possession were dropped by the police....with no disciplinary action against any officer despite accounts of malpractice by the police.


' Two cops on forgery charges '

WEST MIDLANDS POLICE OFFICERS STEVEN BAKEWELL and MICHAEL SABIN were charged with forgery after falsifying detection figures.  The charges relate to documents filed in the year 1995 and 1996.  Both officers were bailed after appearing at Birmingham Crown Court.


' Cop raped nurse in police section house '

POLICE CONSTABLE BARRY BYRNE of the Met Police assaulted the nurse during a party. The hospital worker refused his advances yet the constable refused to abide by her words of No, he went ahead and raped her.  The trial continues.


' Cop runs over pensioner's body in the road '

POLICE CONSTABLE CHRISTOPHER JAYNE of the South Wales force was fined £180 for careless driving by magistrates at Abergavenny.  It is not known whether the pensioner was already dead when the constable drove over him.  Blood was found on the tyres of the officer's car but no impact evidence.


' Off-Duty Police Officer rapes woman '

MERSEYSIDE POLICE CONSTABLE ROY FRASER was charged with raping a woman. He appeared before the magistrate's court and given bail.  He was arrested by other officers at his home after the incident.  He has been suspended but police declined to give any details or information.


' Porn video seen by children in a Merseyside Police Station '

CHILDREN WAITING IN A FORMBY POLICE STATION IN MERSEYSIDE claim they saw pornographic material after one of the two children turned on a TV in the interview room.  Both children were put there after being collected in a truancy round-up.  The Police Complaints Authority launched an investigation into the matter.


' Lawyer tells of threat by Police Chief '

BIRMINGHAM SOLICITOR Mr Steven Jonas told reporters and the court that after he'd made bail applications for his client, he was approached and confronted by Detective Chief inspector David Speake who appeared to be extremely annoyed.  'He marched up to me and told me he had reported me to the Chief Constable and to the DPP for getting access to my client.  He came right up to me and waved his finger at me saying ' I will get you for this'


'Wrongful arrest Cops payout £4,112 to Magistrate '

MAGISTRATE DOUGLAS FENN accused Police of making up lies after conducting a 'spy mission on a Public Toilet'  The magistrate who was arrested for Indecency with a young Asian man said it was obvious they were getting bored having not found anyone to arrest, and they justified this by trying to take me out.  They took their chance and hoped their evidence would stand up said the magistrate who regularly sat at Barking Magistrates Court.  His lawyer Gary Jacobs said the officers' evidence was not believable nor could it stand up to scrutiny.  'Distance and vantage point meant that in no way could an officer see what they alleged'  The court found Mr Fenn not guilty and ordered police to pay costs of £4,112.


Public Relations Award to Cops in bad taste and insensitive

NORTHUMBRIA POLICE slammed by parents of a child who was killed by patrol car in Newcastle, nominated themselves for a Charted Institute of Public Relations Award over the handling of Hayley Adamson's death when a police officer ran into her.  The un-named officer was jailed for three years, yet the police think they are qualified to claim they did a good job?


' Cop fails in his appeal against jail sentence '

DISGRACED COP ALISTAIR STRACHAN a Dundee police officer began his 18 month jail sentence for an assault after judges at the Edinburgh Appeal Court threw out his appeal against a sentence awarded at another court for what was described as 'an awful ordeal on a terrifying car trip took place in which he punched and stripped 23 year old Vanda Allan.'


' Police Constable on Rape Charge '

POLICE CONSTABLE IAN AMADO-TAYLOR with the Cumbria Police faced rape charges at Carlisle Crown Court. He was charged with raping an 18year-old virgin girl, and later assaulted another girl aged 19 and to have raped a third girl of 19.  The police officer is said to have resigned from the force.


' Drug Cops do a bit of stealing '

DETECTIVE CONSTABLE THOMAS KINGSTON, DETECTIVE THOMAS REYNOLDS, DETECTIVE TERENCE O CONNOR appeared before the court charged with stealing drugs which had been seized in a raid.  They then put these drugs out for sale for financial gain said the prosecutor.  A fourth DETECTIVE CONSTABLE NEIL PUTNAM turned 'queens evidence' and testified against his three colleagues even though he had been involved. He received a reduced sentence and went to jail for four years. The London officers in the South East Region were to be sentenced later.


' Cop charged over making malicious phone calls '

GREENWICH POLICE CONSTABLE GARY PORTER was suspended and charged over making sexual and malicious phone calls to around a dozen women.  The young women said that they had been bombarded by calls from the cop over a period of six years.  He was found out when they were traced to his mobile phone.


' Drug Cop faces ten charges'

DETECTIVE CONSTABLE BREAKWELL has been mentioned in a High Court writ by two officers who are suing the force along with ten charges including selling heroin, discreditable conduct and neglect of duties.  The cop even appeared on tv in a Panorama show.  He was investigated during 'operation Gunter' which was looking into what was happening with drugs and money seized in raids.


' Grope Cop appears before Crown Court '

POLICE CONSTABLE EIFION NICHOLAS appeared before Swansea Crown Court on sexual charges connected with a search on a woman went on to become an arrestable offence.  The offence is said to have taken place at the police station.


' Blackmailed Cop stole £90,000 from friends and colleagues '

SENIOR POLICE OFFICER BARRY MASON was jailed for 18 months by a court after hearing how he stole money from those around him in order to pay £1,000 a month to a loyalist order in Ulster over a period of five years.


' Indecent Assault Cop is Jailed '

ACTING POLICE SERGEANT DAVID CARSON was jailed for four months after indecently assaulting  two WPC's. The officer based at Bethel Street Police Station, Norwich appeared before Ipswich Crown Court.  Carson, an officer with commendations touched up the fellow police officers; one in a patrol car while he was talking about sex.  The other was in the station office where he demanded sex from her.


' Cop tries to swindle investigated jockey '

FORMER DETECTIVE SERGEANT ROBERT HARRINGTON approached jockey Jamie Osborne and suggested he pay £2,500 to get an inquiry dropped over price-fixing in horse racing.  Osborne phoned his lawyers who brought in the police.  Harrington was charged with deception and corruption.


' Two cops jailed over torture of girl '

POLICE CONSTABLE JASON HARVEY and POLICE SERGEANT ANDREW KENNEDY were jailed over an incident involving two girls.  Harvey, who had a previous conviction for assaulting a suspect grabbed one of the girls by the hair and handcuffed her whilst threatening to rip her head off.  The incident happened in Manchester City Centre .  Harvey was jailed for 18 months and Kennedy, who watched and did nothing was also jailed for misconduct in public office.  Kennedy was an officer who had served on the force for 27 years.


' Death Crash Inspector over the limit '

FORMER POLICE INSPECTOR KEITH BRIDGES said he felt in control when the car smash in France killed his wife and three passengers.  The French police found that he was twice over the limit. He faced charges of manslaughter, drink-driving and speeding.  The Avon and Somerset officer was partying with a fellow policeman Anthony Fuller before driving,  Fuller lives in France and lots of drinking had taken place.


' Boozing Party Cops ignore 999 call out '

Humberside Police are conducting an internal inquiry into the behaviour of the police in Hessle, East Yorkshire after a shopkeeper tried to apprehend thieves at his shop and on stopping a patrol car got the reply ' call the cops '  Graham Taylor rang 999 and the station assured him that they were on their way.  When no one turned up he went to the station and found there was a police party in progress. Humberside police said ' professional standards are probing the matter.'


'Cops leave list of banned drivers in pub bar '

South London Police having a drink in an Earlsfield Public House left a confidential file listing banned drink drivers tucked in a newspaper on a table in the bar.  The Three page list had offenders names, addresses, registrations and other data from court records said Steve Blackshaw who found the file after the officers left the Pub.  On returning it to the local police station, the cop behind the desk said ' It's just one of those things!'


 ' Frame-up kit carried in patrol car '

THE FLYING SQUAD CARRIES FRAME-UP KIT JUST IN CASE?  It was discovered that cars driven by the elite squad often carried a kit of imitation guns, masks and burglary tools when they went out on operations such as stakeouts, raids and ambushes.  It is said they were there to bolster evidence against suspects so that convictions could be more successful.  It was also used in case they shot an unarmed suspect in which case a gun was planted so they could say the suspect pointed a gun at an officer -- this would justify opening fire. Three case have been reopened and are going to the Court of Appeal based on the officers who arrested them.  The Internal Investigation unit are said to be looking into allegations of corruption.


' Jail sentences for two thug cops '

POLICE CONSTABLE STEVE WATSON and POLICE CONSTABLE BARRY VARDON were jailed for three months each after a court watched video evidence of the officers beating up Peter Crane of Bedford. They handcuffed him and carried on with the brutal assault just minutes after he had been running away from a gang of ten men who came after him and a friend.  Peter was beaten, but managed to run.  On seeing the two cops he thought he was in safe hands, but this turned out so wrong and in some ways was a lot worse.  Peter suffered a broken nose, a black eye and multiple bruising to his body, he was also held for 18 hours in a cell.  The officers had the cheek to charge him with assaulting them and fabricated statements to support this with colleagues.  After magistrates saw the video, they dismissed the charges and jailed the two officers.  Both officers were ordered to pay him £500 compensation.  Peter is planning to sue the Bedfordshire Police.  His father, an ex-cop was shocked, he said ' when I saw the video it looked like a scene from the Rodney King beating in the USA.'


' £70 million on policing quango '

The National Policing Improvements Agency spent over £70 million of taxpayers money hiring consultants who wanted £71.4 million for their services.  The agency said a tight funding settlement and a wide and complex portfolio of inherited activities posed difficulties in the early days of establishing the new agency ?


' Cops join in the expenses game '

SARA THORNTON CHIEF CONSTABLE OF THE THAMES VALLEY POLICE claimed £135 the cost of hiring a suit for her partner, despite earning £150,000 a year.  Miss Thornton also claimed £1,887.70 in other expenses.  The CHIEF CONSTABLE OF HAMPSHIRE, ALEX MARSHALL claimed £357.90p for food and 50p for a car park ticket.  ASSISTANT CHIEF CONSTABLE BRIAN LANGSTON who earns £89,106 a year claimed expenses of £2,588.55 which included £245 to paint his home.  Thames Valley Police claimed it was all allowed within regulations.


' The Cops, the Stork Club, and Spanking Sessions '

This could be a case of morals in high places?  The Stork Club in London offered the right kind of service to the police.  Hostess Charlotte told the reporter ' We get the police in here all the time, we have to look after them or we would get closed down for prostitution.'  On the private list is sex, oral sex and a caning at £250.  The policeman punters allow us to operate so long as we tend to their needs first.  We also serve champagne and sandwiches she said.  She was then joined by Diane who mentioned that there was a fee of £50 for the agency.


' Solicitor hits out at Uncivil, rude and dismissive Police '

LAWYER PETER LAWRENCE hit out at the North Yorkshire Police describing their attitude as uncivil, rude and dismissive when dealing with the public.  This outburst of ill-feeling was over the poor way the investigation into the disappearance of his daughter was going.  He said their was also a lack of openness' and excessive secrecy in the way they chose who, what and where they were willing to discuss things.  THE NATIONAL POLICING IMPROVEMENT AGENCY has been brought in for a second time to carry out a review of the investigation?

It's taken this solicitor some time to realize the attitude the police have throughout all the separate forces, one would have thought he'd seen it in his dealings with them at some stage earlier.  This laughable National Policing Improvement Agency must be a joke, to improve the police would take a miracle?




' Cop in spanking and vice show '

POLICE CONSTABLE BOB STEVENSON performed in show thrashing a drunken T A Soldier's  buttocks with a belt, stripping girls and finishing it all off with squirty cream.  The cop who worked at Slough Police Station in Berkshire collected cash for the show that was held at the Rose Public house in Maidenhead.  The cop told the reporter he could provide and arrange anything at a price. 


' Police Constable stole to get books on spanking '

COP GRAHAM FEARON was jailed for three years by Wakefield Crown Court for committing offences of theft and burglary.  He admitted to assaulting two eleven-year old boys and smacking their bottoms after catching them in a derelict building.  A search of his home revealed a mountain of spanking magazines and pictures of corporal punishment.  The court heard how he embarked on theft in order to get extra cash for his fetish.


' Two Cops suspended over caning antics '

A POLICE CONSTABLE AND POLICE WOMAN were suspended after colleagues raided a health club suspected of allowing kinky sex sessions.  The officers were removed and remain un-named after owner Monica Shenton who was fined £500 said the male officer enjoyed being caned.  The two officers from Stoke-on-Trent were to be interviewed over their involvement at the Sunsplash Centre.


' Spanking Cop faces dismissal '

POLICE CONSTABLE DAVID BELLWOOD faced dismissal for 'neglecting his duties and bringing discredit to the force' after he was discovered to be having kinky romps with Carol Conway whilst on his beat as a community policeman.  Neighbours would see his patrol car parked outside the girl's house in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire.  Neighbours were well aware of Bellwood's spanking games and Bellwood was brought to book when Carol found out he was having another affair.  Bellwood was already married.


' Police Sergeant told Massage girl to spank him '

SERGEANT ALAN BURTON was giving evidence at court when it was revealed that he asked the girl to give him a lesson in correction and said he'd like a good smacking.  She said I told him I could not do it in the parlour because the walls were too thin.  Acton Crown Court heard that the Sergeant was doing it for evidence and mentioned spanking to withdraw from the Orchid Club.  This was denied by the girl who said ' he knew what he said because we don't offer that kind of service.'


' WPC performed in spanking videos '

COP SARAH ALLAM was hiding her own secret as she helped nail a racist cop - John Blott of the Cleveland Police.  Sarah was involved in a World Tickets Scam when it was revealed that she appeared in spanking videos and took pills.  Sarah admitted to doing blue movies as a sideline and intended to resign after the news was printed despite the force being overjoyed that vile cop Blatt faced a long jail sentence.


' Cop beat boys buttocks because he liked it '

BURLY COP PAUL KEANEY enjoyed spanking and caning youngsters so much so that he managed to go undetected.  The facts came to light when he left the force and ran a home for boys.  It was found out that for years he beat boy's bare bottoms regularly for the slightest offence, but no-one dared speak out.  The many accounts were exposed by a diary of one boy and the seizing of diaries belonging to Keaney.


' Motorcycle Cop approached girls to smack their bottoms '

POLICE CONSTABLE PETER BREWER of the Met Police resigned from the force just as he was about to face an inquiry.  It was said that the motorcycle cop pulled alongside cars that had women in them and made sexual innuendos about spanking and naughty girls.  One young woman came forward and said the cop flagged her down three times a week saying ' You know you've been a naughty girl, and naughty girls get their bottoms smacked.' The cop from Hayes, declined to answer questions by investigators and sent them a written statement in his resignation.


' Child Cop Protection Officer in Porn Movie Inquiry '

DETECTIVE INSPECTOR PETER HILL of the Child Protection Team was suspended after it was discovered he copied seized pornographic videos on a machine in his own office.  The porn movies were ordered to be destroyed after cases, but the inspector secretly copied them for himself.  The Detective from the team at Northwood, Middlesex, was immediately suspended and a search of his home produced a cache of porn videos.


' Cops regular clients at Spanking Club '

THE STORK CLUB in London are proud to disclose that they have many police customers, Charlotte said to the reporter --' We get police in here all the time, we have to look after them or we would get closed down for prostitution in seconds.'  A good time is offered said Charlotte, ' sex, oral sex and a caning, all for £250 a time.' Susse's provided Sophie on a personal service, and she told us ' I get all sorts really, but richer all sorts in the main and I've even got policemen punters.'


' Corruption Case backfires on police '

HERTFORDSHIRE POLICE - namely DETECTIVE CHIEF INSPECTOR GRAHAM HUNT and DETECTIVE SUPERINTENDENT STEPHEN READ accused and arrested Journalist Neville Thurlbeck on a charge of corruption involving one of their own officers - DETECTIVE CONSTABLE RICHARD FARMER, who they said had taken payment from the journalist to gain computer information.  Neville Thurlbeck was thrown into a cell and had papers and computer equipment seized.  The incompetent officers failed to find out that the journalist was registered with the National Criminal Intelligence Service.

PROSECUTION CPS LAWYER STEPHEN KRAMER QC conducted the case knowing ' there is no direct evidence of payment from Thurlbeck to Farmer '  it was all based on circumstantial mishandling.

The trial was wound up at Luton Crown Court halfway through at a staggering cost of £1.2million, and what of the officers who should have been on charges of perverting the course of justice or misconduct in public office?  nothing! they simply walked away!


' Cop uses the law to conceal the truth '

SERGEANT TERENCE CLARKSON may appear to be a fine upstanding officer of the law to some, but this Hampshire cop places little value on truth and relies on the tactics of ' masquerade' when silencing a foe.  This officer used an event to make himself look like an innocent party -- easily done when you know you have driven the man you laugh at to desperate lengths.  Concealing his own actions using the blue uniform has been done by many cops listed on this page and in the bent cop list -- and they all cry ' innocent '  Ex-Royal Navy Lieutenant Commander Andrew Goodhall doesn't just attack a cop, -- a sergeant and risk everything, no, there is more to this Sergeant Clarkson than meets the eye.  Perhaps if we send our Private Investigator Richard Barrymore to look into his past, there may be some worms that have not seen the light of day.  Mr. Goodhall outranks this cop in a pro rata point of view, and it is sad or possibly convenient to the police and CPS that the Navy were not present to dispel the battering the prosecution made. Knowing the CPS they could have actually tampered with this side of things and made calls to the Navy to steer clear and offer no character references, thus making a clear position to having the man discredited and seen as a pathetic accuser.  CPS Lawyers are by nature - liars.


' Racist Cops face inquiry over conduct in case '

LANCASHIRE POLICE were to be investigated over claims that they allowed thugs to conduct a campaign of racial violence against shopkeeper Mal Hussein.  Despite being attacked regularly, on one occasion he was being punched by two men, the police actually charged him with intent to cause grievous bodily harm when all he was doing was to try and protect his home.  Hundreds of incidents were logged with the police over a period of two years -- and all the police had to say was -- ' we were a little slow on the uptake '  The Hussein's were finally forced to move in order to escape the frequent attacks, the police got away with their attitude again!!


' Cops make up their own laws '

H.  JONES of SWANSEA said ' I have seen police regularly speeding along roads and motorways while talking into a mobile, radio and handset.  I was not aware of any exemption in the law for police officers regarding being in proper control of a moving vehicle.'


' How to bribe the Cops '

LAURIE TAYLOR went undercover in the criminal world, aided by John Mc Vicar for support.  He visited THE ALBION a pub in Ludgate Circus, London.  Two cops were involved in a scuffle on the floor, the cops were - DETECTIVE SUPERINTENDENT JOHN KEANE and DETECTIVE INSPECTOR BERNARD GENT.  Although they resembled average villains, they got to their feet and said ' Don't worry, we're cops '

KEENE'S scuffle on the floor with Gent concerned the snatching of a tape recorder from Inspector Gent who had this machine in his pocket.  The scuffle followed an agreement of accepting a £10,000 bribe in return for doing his best to secure the release of a man involved in a robbery.

It emerged at The Old Bailey, that Superintendent Keane knew the suspect rather well and subsequently phoned Bernard Gent to meet him so that he could find out ' if anything could be arranged '  Gent was the officer in charge of the case.

Police Corruption allegations were hardly sensational at the time, plenty of it was going on if you knew where to look, -- and if a criminal mentioned he'd paid 'two grand' it was no surprise.



' Former Cop tells of colleagues who used confiscated drugs '

MET COP GREG SIMPSON told reporters how colleagues smoked cannabis, took ecstasy tablets and cocaine from bundles that were kept in the evidence lockers.  he said ' now that I have left the force there is nothing to stop me telling you that we used to take the drugs off the kids and keep it for ourselves. When things were a bit thin on the ground we'd organise a locker raid, but one had to be discreet and careful.'  I used to smoke cannabis at the police section house and nobody really cared. I became quite addicted to the drugs and in the end there were a number of cops who regularly stole and took bribes to get a fix.  The top brass never knew, even though they often claim they know everything, it's rubbish really, we always dodged them and kept it between a few of us.  I was never caught doing drugs, but I was caught drink/driving and left the force voluntarily.'


' Fraud Office Cops Forge letter '

It has been revealed that a second forged letter by a Fraud Office Policeman - the letter said to have come from a London Solicitor David Freeman, suggested that his client Mr. Virani might jump bail on fraud charges. Inquiries prompted by Alex Carlisle a QC has shown the letters were prepared by one or more police officers who were then working as part of the SFO.  The fake letters were spotted only when they were to be entered into the courtroom.  The Attorney General Sir Nicholas Lyell requested the that the SFO boss explain the fake letters.





' Cop escapes driving ban on ' special' grounds '

POLICE CHIEF INSPECTOR JOHN ARMSTRONG of The Met Police obviously pulled the old pals favour card when he escaped a driving ban for a drink/driving offence.  The Cop was caught after leaving a pub in Hertfordshire and breathalysed.  Hampstead Magistrates just fined him £300 despite the fact that he could have caused an accident or run someone down. The policeman from Chinnor, in Oxfordshire must have had some favours to pull in or friends in the CPS.


' Demotion for Drink/Drive Police Chief in Manchester '

CHIEF SUPERINTENDENT STEWART HINDLEY was convicted of drink/driving after pleading guilty to criminal conduct before a disciplinary hearing.  It was heard that he had appeared before Rochdale Magistrates and was fined £300 and banned for 18 months. The Wigan Divisional Commander was demoted, but no spokesperson was willing to speak to the press after the hearing?


' Cop in toilet pick up finds himself arrested '

DETECTIVE SERGEANT DAVID SKIRVIN of the Lancashire Police was arrested in a sting observing toilets where males picked up other males for sex.  He was charged with 'importuning in a public lavatory' and arrested by officers from the Merseyside Police.  The officer who lives in Longton near Preston was bailed to appear before magistrates.


' Drunk Cops of elite crime unit cause affray in pub '

DETECTIVE SERGEANT MARK HOSTY, and DETECTIVE CONSTABLES KEVIN BUXTON, PAUL ATTENBOROUGH, and PERVEEZ RASHID were found to be in a drunk and disorderly state as they caused a rumpus in the bar of a public house. All four have been put on CID duties after appearing before NOTTINGHAM POLICE BOSS Detective Superintendent Mike Ward.  They are to face a Disciplinary inquiry after the force had recently given assurances of a crackdown on hooliganism within the force.


' Speeding Traffic Cop uses squad car for six fellow cops in pub '

POLICE CONSTABLE DAVIDSON IRVINE was clocked by cameras doing 130 mph as he drove home six fellow cops he picked up from the pub.  It was discovered he was still on duty when he chose to give these cops a lift home after a drinking session. It was stated that he may face charges of dangerous or reckless driving.  The cop has now been transferred to uniform duties pending the outcome of an internal investigation?  Irvine claimed he had been stitched up by police force chiefs who didn't like him.


' Data Misuse Cop is fined over illegal use '

POLICE CONSTABLE ANDREW SKORSKI of the Gloucestershire Police was fined £150 by the Bristol Crown Court after being convicted of one count of illegal misuse of personal data via the National Police Records Computer.  It was heard that he was tracing the former wife's lover using a colleague to trace a car registration number he'd obtained. Strangely, the colleague here has been given immunity and an identification blackout?


' Cops in CS Spray incident on a Chef make up story '

POLICE CONSTABLES STUART WALES and MARK HOOLEY made quite a gaff when they sprayed a man who was trying to get in his own house.  The officers leapt on Mr Madley as he tried to get in his home when he found he had no keys with him.  He told them he lived there and they could check, but they continued their assault and he ended up spending time in a cell. The officers even met up with the wife of the man and said they had caught a burglar.  Magistrates cleared him of the alleged offence and dismissed the charge of threatening behaviour against the officers.  Mr Madley has made an official complaint against the South Wales Police indicating that the two cops once they discovered there was a mistake, invented the threat story to cover up their actions.


' Cop shops Detective after he steals watch from station safe '

DETECTIVE WILLIAM ROBERTS a former Special Branch Officer of Luton appeared before Luton Crown Court on charges of theft after he was reported for wearing a watch he took from the safe after it was booked in with other stolen property. His pal Detective Constable Andrew Stone shopped him after he saw Stone wearing it at a card game.  Roberts was jailed for four months. 


' Police Station Thefts -- 2 Cops Suspended '

CCTV CAMERAS at the Ellesmere Port Police Station caught one officer stealing a special soccer shirt which was a signed Brazilian World Cup Edition.  A Detective and police constable were nicked in the separate incidents.  Both officers were not named and the police would only say that a file was being prepared for the DPP.


' Investigating Officer steals from victim '

POLICE CONSTABLE ALLEN ROBERTS appeared before Nottingham Crown Court on charges of theft whilst attending a call out concerning a burglary.  It was said that he almost got away with the perfect crime, as he attended an incident at a newsagents, which had suffered a break-in.  On seeing a bag of money he assumed that it had been taken with a hoard of cigarettes, which had been mentioned by the shopkeeper, so he grabbed it and listed it as stolen in his report.  However, when further interviews were made by CID the shopkeeper said the raider had missed the bag of cash and had only taken £2,500 worth of cigarettes. The police constable was jailed for six months had commendations for his police work?


' The Police Fund Disappearance and Cop arrested '

DETECTIVE CONSTABLE NEIL PUTTNAM of The Met Cops was arrested by CIB2 after it was embarrassed by the way their accountant ANTHONY WILLIAMS scammed £5million of funds meant to pay for anti-terrorist operations.  Williams was finally caught and jailed for just over 7 years.  Another un-named Detective has been suspended over plundering the fund to the tune of £110,000.  Puttnam has been charged with taking £800 and supplying cannabis.  His arrest was kept secret and his appearance before Bow St Magistrates was also hidden by JP's.  Puttnam worked in the South East Regional Crime Squad, mentioned already on this page for criminal activities.'


' Cop gets 2 years for harassment of victim '

POLICE SERGEANT TIMOTHY STEPHENS received a two year jail sentence after appearing before a jury at St. Albans Crown Court. It was heard that he stalked and harassed his female victim whist being an officer in the Bedfordshire Police Force. Stephens from Ampthill, Flitwick, received commendations in his 17 year career, committed the indecent assault on the Leighton woman, his ex-wife.


' Moonlighting Cops escape justice using ill health grounds '

DETECTIVE SERGEANT THOMAS BRADLEY - DETECTIVE CONSTABLE BARRY PORTER - DETECTIVE SERGEANT IAN MARTIN, whilst drawing salaries from the Met Police also worked for Television Mogul Reg Grundy, supplying him with personal protection.  The cops escaped disciplinary charges on hearing they were about to be collared and went sick.  Bradley and Martin were suspended and 17 offences were listed. Porter was to face 7 charges, but all three played the ' sick' card, and after consulting solicitors they were granted ill-health pensions of £18,000 a year.


' Nuisance Calls Inspector appears in court '

POLICE INSPECTOR STEPHEN LAWMAN of the Lancashire Police appeared before Preston Magistrates Court charged with making pest calls to a Mrs Sharrock who worked at the County Council.  The cop denied making the calls via his cordless phone and claimed it had a problem, but this lie was exposed when a BT engineer told the court that it was almost impossible for this model of phone to be hijacked by any other caller because of its inbuilt security signals.  The Police officer of 27 years caused the woman to seek refuge after BT traced all the calls to his phone.


' Expenses fraud Police Chief on theft charges '

CHIEF SUPERINTENDENT COLIN MACDONALD of The West Midlands Police Force was suspended and due to appear before Birmingham Magistrates charged with several counts of theft in connection with an expenses fraud.  The Cop from the Queen's Road Police Station was arrested and charged when the fraud was discovered.


' Midlands Drug Cops on fiddle are dismissed '

DETECTIVE CONSTABLE RICHARD HOUSTON and DETECTIVE INSPECTOR PATRICK SULLIVAN were both fired over stolen cannabis and missing cash.  Sullivan a cop for 22 years and Houston 18 years were dismissed for disreputable conduct. Another four officers from the the same crime team have received fines and reprimands for their part a statement said.  It was said by informant Pat Wheeler, that the officers had arranged for £150,000 worth of cannabis to be stolen from the station strong room and offered to him.  It was said that officers in charge of the evidence locker that contains drugs and seized cash etc, have been changed in the light of this.


' Drugs and Conspiracy Cop is charged '

WEST YORKSHIRE POLICE CONSTABLE NEIL HAIGH appeared before Halifax Magistrates on charges that he made attempts to pervert the course of justice with two other men after being arrested on drugs charges of possessing amphetamines with intent to supply.  The Dewsbury police officer was remanded in custody.


' Rape Cop is jailed for four years '

POLICE CONSTABLE MICHAEL FIGGINS of the Wales Force - Dyfed Powys Police was convicted of raping a woman when he appeared before Swansea Crown Court.  The 18 stone cop sexually attacked the woman after she had shown a kindness in cooking him a meal.  Although said to be her lover, the cop took it into his mind that he could have sex whenever he demanded it.


' Pensioner is sprayed with CS gas by irate cop '

POLICE CONSTABLE ANDREW TAYLOR of the Bedfordshire Police appeared before Luton Crown Court on charges that he unlawfully used the spray in an unprovoked manner on a pensioner.  The Pensioner was said to have parked on a double line and was dropping off his disabled wife at the hairdresser's.  The Policeman driving in a patrol car behind the pensioner shouted angrily at him when he stopped. Taylor, the cop car driver got out of the car and became aggressive. The seriousness of the charge amounted to occasioning actual bodily harm the prosecution said. The fellow officer in the car was not called and held back by the force who refused to comment.


' Cop in fight with Senior Officer '

POLICE CONSTABLE ROBERT HAMILTON found himself being accused of assault after being found with another man in a cubicle at a Public Toilets.  He said he was on a 'clean-up crusade against perverts' when questioned over the incident that led to him hitting a senior officer.  A Tyneside Jury cleared him of assault against the other officer!


' Cop four times over limit is booked for drink/driving '

POLICE CONSTABLE FAHKER MALIK of the South Yorkshire Police is the third cop from the same force to be caught drink/driving in just one month.  The Rotherham based constable was banned by Sheffield Magistrates and was due for sentencing later.


' Merseyside Cops in car scam worth £500,000 '

FIVE MERSEYSIDE COPS are to be investigated over a car scam that netted £500,000.  Merseyside's DETECTIVE CHIEF INSPECTOR JIM FITZSIMMONS of the National Criminal Intelligence Service's drug liaison is to be brought in over the illegal importing of cars from Europe to Britain.  Another Merseyside officer has been arrested in connection with the scam and three others are expected to be arrested over the importing of 400 vehicles.


' Liverpool JP says Police lie in Court '

NIGEL TAYLOR a JP for 21 years in Liverpool attacked the police for committing perjury in court, and said that some cops deliberately try to mislead the courts -- ' it's only now and then they trip themselves up under cross examination' he said.  Speaking out after a case ' where police fitted-up' a man after they decided he was homosexual and needed dealing with. Other obvious lying came to light in a traffic case where it was obvious both police officers had colluded. He concluded these cops were left in the main unmonitored and free to indulge in perverting the course of justice when the situation appealed to them.


' Hero Detective assaults fellow cop '

DETECTIVE SERGEANT ADRIAN TYSON of the Essex Police is to be charged with assault and is due to appear before magistrates at Southend.  It is stated that he assaulted fellow cop Paul Daley following an incident at a police party bash.  The Essex police declined to comment on the case.


' Police Inspector stalked colleague after complaint '

POLICE INSPECTOR COLIN MEADS of the Met Police was charged with harassment by a woman pc after an incident at Heathrow Airport when she called for the assistance of fellow officers.  She feared for her safety when the Inspector harassed and attacked her in a corridor.  It is said the Inspector was outraged by the fact she had criticised him over a case.  The tribunal in Croydon heard how the Inspector would not leave her alone.


' Cop bragged about sexual prowess and rape '

POLICE CONSTABLE JOHN BLOTT of the Cleveland Police was found guilty of raping two teenagers. Blott was convinced he'd get off so much so that during the trial he went off to play cricket saying to force pals that he was bound to get off despite his crime.  However, the jury did not find him so appealing and they brought in a guilty verdict -- Blott was remanded for sentencing.


' Boozy female cop drives on 3 tyres down motorway '

POLICE CONSTABLE JOAN THORPE was three times over the drink limit when she was finally stopped on the M13 near Barnsley in West Yorkshire.  Sparks were flying from the wheels as she drove erratically on just three tyres.  The court banned her from driving for 30 months and she was put on probation for two years.


' Deception Cop jailed for 15 months '

POLICE CONSTABLE ANDREW MAGOWAN of the Lancashire Police, was so heavy into debt because of gambling conned victims out of £40,000 to pay them off.  It was said he used his warrant card to assure people he was a fit person to trust?  He pleaded guilty to 16 charges of obtaining cash by deception and was jailed for fifteen months by the Liverpool Crown Court.


' Cop tips off brother about intended arrest '

POLICE CONSTABLE ANDREW POULTNEY of the Bedfordshire Police was hauled up before the Deputy Chief Constable after it was discovered he called his brother Stephen that the police were going to arrest him for drink/driving. Poultney based at Luton was cautioned and disciplined so it is said.


' Met Cop on Drugs Charges '

POLICEWOMAN MAUREEN BUTLER appeared before Exeter Crown Court on charges of possessing cannabis with intent to supply.  It was stated that the Met Cop of London is now a resident of Exeter and lives in Alford Crescent.  She was committed for trial.


' Cop sets up other cops in drug bust '

A Southwark Crown Court Judge ruled out a jail sentence on CONSTABLE JOHN CAPELLO and CONSTABLE KEITH ROBERTS of the Paddington Green Police Station when he heard that another policeman POLICE CONSTABLE HALLIWELL decided to frame them in order to sell a story to a Sunday Newspaper.  Even though both the police officers supplied Halliwell with drugs the judge sentenced them to 200 hours community work instead of prison.  Judge Norman said that in view of the circumstances in that another cop 'fitted them up' he was inclined to think Halliwell was the true villain who used information on them to bring about their downfall and capitalize on it with cash for the story.



' Cop tells all --- Or does he? '

BIOGRAPHIES are subject to choice -- to leave something out or expose it --- TOP UNDERCOVER COP sounds a bit over-the-top when describing this cop's experiences (says our ex Met PI)....Retired Met Police Officer Duncan MacLaughlin makes colourful references to himself as being 'A little tarnished because of having to mingle with the Criminal fraternity' of which he became a member when he aspired to the elite squad of undercover cops.  MacLaughlin spent 20 years in The Central Drugs Squad and Regional Crime Squad at Scotland Yard during the 1980's and 90's.....he says 'lifting the lid on a side of the police force that may not seem as acceptable' is just one of his opening remarks in his book 'THE FILTH' .....saying that's the way it was...and suspects it is still going on in today's police, 'because there are a few rotten apples in the basket -- and some more rotten than others......and many a little bruised?      He joined the Police in 1978 aged 18.  He picks out certain incidents like the 'Retirement on Health Grounds Scam' citing one 'un-named cop (referring to Reg)' near to retirement who he observed seize the opportunity to capitalize on an arrest incident unfolding at the station.  Two cops brought in an arrested suspect, and 'Reg' needed to get 'injured enough' to hoodwink the Chief Medical Officer....so he waded into the situation (which was not his bust) and cause an affray as the drunk struggled,,,he feigned a blow and fell on his back....hence the claim of injury (this also caused the drunk to be falsely charged with assaulting an officer) but 'Reg' didn't care...he went off to hospital claiming huge invisible pains in the back, and months later he was invalided out of the force with a nice fat cheque!

The Cops even had a 'Criminal Damage Scam' involving the court!  Highbury Magistrates in London, where they had a chair ready to collapse under the suspect's weight...and then add on a charge of criminal damage...seems a bit fanciful, banal even,....but the cops have fabricated much over the years and endorsed silly pranks....in this case the chair was finally ordered to be replaced by a magistrate who thought it was happening a bit too regular.  MacLaughlin openly tells of the abuse of the suspect's right to make a phone call, and says it wasn't adhered to because they wanted the 'arrested' to be 'banged up' for a week and cause his lawyer as much as an inconvenience as possible (have him run around trying to figure out where his client was).   Prior to PACE - The Police and Criminal Evidence Act the police were a law unto themselves and they liked it he says.  Leaving prisoners banged up in a cell for ten hours without a check was normal....and if one should be found dead, they employed the trick of propping up the corpse against a radiator so that he 'warmed up' before the doctor was called, that way they could fix the time check. (citing Islington Police Station where this kind of practice went on.

Those questionable 'Sus' laws whereby one cop can stop anyone they chose because they suspect a person of committing an offence -- or not, was easy under the Vagrancy Act of 1824 enabled this....later in the Criminal Attempts Act 1982 (thought to be fairer by the Government) was in fact to the detriment of the person and made it easier for cops to pick out anybody on the streets says MacLaughlin.  He talks of the 'Dirty Dozen' meaning the Crime Squad as he recalls the 'planting of a few lumps of cannabis in the pocket of a known suspect, which he claims was not an unusual or rare practice.  HE recounts the intrusion of the CIB -- The Internal Police Corruption Squad (loathed by beat and squad officers) who would occasionally get in the way.  Whenever they seemed to get close to harming the Squad and be near to exposing them they would meet up in a Sauna attached to the Clerkenwell Public Swimming Baths where they conducted an 'Extra-Ordinary General Meeting' - the reason for the location being so that no one could record the conversations,,,,,they knew that their Scotland Yard Office was!    He recounts a time when they were almost discovered...and despite having got rid of incriminating evidence that could cause trouble, they had forgotten to dispose of the 'Stop Book' an A4 size ledger that was for recording stop and searches, a diary with dates that would contradict their own accounts...The CIB suddenly announced that it had gone missing, so they would discontinue their investigation as a result....and when they left the Office, Squad Boss, Dennis produced the Red Ledger....he'd been sitting on it throughout the CIB interview.....he then ordered it to be incinerated, thus eliminating all proof of wrongdoing against the Squad.

In May of 1989 The Central Drugs Squad occupied half of the 16th floor of Scotland Yard, and part of the 14th floor having six teams -- A B C D E F and a Seventh team called 'Operation Lucy' situated near Vauxhall Bridge.

Richard our PI (ex Met) says that in his opinion many things have been pulled from this and MacLaughlin's frank accounts are not as Frank as he would have the reader believe.....Richard knew MacLaughlin and met him on several occasions during his time in the Met.

MacLaughlin retired from the Met is now in the USA working with a Security Business.


'THE ASSAULT AT PARTY and the SOUTH EAST REGIONAL CRIME SQUAD -- Disciplinary charges were brought against two officers of the South East Regional Crime Squad after a fight broke out at a party when an ex-black cop was racially abused at the Stansted Airport Hilton Hotel.  Both officers (detectives) were not named.

In the same year concerning this squad, there was also a CIB raid on the elite crime squad team by the anti-corruption officers who grabbed six secret strong boxes used by members of the Crime Squad.  Cash amounting to £13,000 was discovered.  Detectives who rent the bank vault boxes were to be investigated how they got the money........strangely on reading 'A Policeman's Tale' above, one cannot dismiss the squad playing games with CIB and disposing of evidence that might incriminate them!


' Assault on boy brings down Cop '

POLICE CONSTABLE ROGER HATELY of the West Midlands Police was found guilty by magistrates of assaulting a 12 year old boy.  Wolverhampton Magistrates heard how he snapped and reacted with violence against the boy who shouted at him.  The cop was suspended from the force after the incident and ruined a 27 year career it was said.  He was fined £250 and faced dismissal from the police force.


' Deputy Chief Constable steps down amid suspicion over agenda '

DEPUTY CHIEF CONSTABLE PHIL DAVIES suddenly announced his retirement after a tribunal criticised his handling of a complaint suggesting that he and others were trying to divert attention from the woman police officer's claims by pursuing disciplinary action against her.  She had levelled sex discrimination against the force and The Chief Constable Peter Bensley who was also due to step down.  Inspector Cydena Fleming pursued the complaint only to find senior officers were suddenly changing the game by making complaints about herself.


' Regional Crime Squad Detective is jailed '

POLICE DETECTIVE ROBERT MILLER of the Regional Crime Squad conned building societies and banks out of £80,000 it was said in Court. He was jailed for 21 months for fraud.  It was heard that he loved the rich romeo lifestyle, and in order to do it he turned to crime, which he knew something about?  It was stated in court that he created a new identity for himself by stealing the identity of an innocent motorist he came across in his job.  Guilford Crown Court heard that Miller pleaded guilty to another six offences of theft to be taken into consideration.


' Child Porn Cop is charged '

POLICE CONSTABLE ZAK TATOU of the Met Police and based at the Tottenham Police Station, was charged with possessing indecent photographs of children.  It was stated that the Met have suspended the constable pending further enquiries and future proceedings. He was charged on two counts and will appear before Harlow Magistrates in Essex.


' Three Cops are subject to private summons '

POLICE CONSTABLE ANDREW WOOD - CONSTABLE PAUL DAY and CONSTABLE JASON SMITH face a private summons accusing all three officers of assault and collusion by a couple who said they were the subject of a questioning by the police that turned violent in the area of Cheltenham.  The magistrates are said to have adjourned the case against the officers to a later date.  The couple claim that the officers have delayed things so that they can pervert the course of justice, whereas the magistrates claim the police are on duties that prevent them appearing together on the same day.  Where have we heard that one before?


' Cop on rape charges is remanded '

POLICE CONSTABLE MICHAEL CHARLES formerly of the West Midlands Police appeared before Birmingham Magistrates charged with six rapes and four counts of other sexual attacks, including wounding and making threats to kill.  The officer who also worked with the Wolverhampton police was remanded in custody.


' Probation for Deputy Chief over Drink/Driving offences '

FORMER DEPUTY CHIEF CONSTABLE DAVID HOWE of the Merseyside Police was caught driving whilst over the limit by three times.  The court in Kendal, Cumbria, put the policeman on probation for 12 months.


' Police ordered to give back the cash '

Magistrates gave Mr White a conditional discharge for running an illegal drinking club and told the police to return the seized £1,268 they took in the raid.  This didn't happen..... until the High Court intervened, and Mr Justice Tudor-Evans ordered they do it immediately.  The police appealed against the decision, which was dismissed.


' French Police Swoop catches Birmingham Cop in Drug bust '

POLICE CONSTABLE JOHN McANANNY of the Midlands Regional Crime Squad was based at Steelhouse Lane Police Station in the city.  His arrest came as French Police and Excise Officers were following a £1million cannabis smuggling operation.  The operation with the French was to smash the drugs ring, and they arrested five men and three women besides the Birmingham cop.


' CID Detective jailed for 18 months for drug scam '

ANOTHER BIRMINGHAM COP - SOLIHULL CID DETECTIVE SIMON GOODRICKE was caught in a Columbian drugs raid involving £100million.  The Detective Constable passed secret information to a contact in the gang who were posing as Columbians they already knew in order to raid Swiss bank accounts and grab the cash themselves. The Detective was jailed for 18months for his part in the scam. The court also revealed previous on the policeman in that he was convicted for dishonesty when he robbed a pensioner of £1,000 in 1995.


' Robber exposes three bent cops in Flying Squad '

VILLAIN HECTOR HARVEY blew the whistle on three cops who freed him from jail to carry out a £1.5million raid. Harvey was promised for his part in the raid £400,000 by the three detectives in the Flying Squad when they hit a security van. But when the officers refused to share the robbery cash, Harvey went into protective security and the three detectives were arrested. It is said they got him out of Mount Prison, Bovington, Herts, on the pretext he was to help in identifying burglary suspects.


' Petrol Bomb Cop is Arrested '

POLICE CONSTABLE MICHAEL CARRICK of the West Yorkshire Police was arrested over a petrol bomb attack on his ex-wife's car.  Carrick of Bramley, Leeds, was taken in for suspected Arson and Criminal Damage.  It is said the cop has served on the force for 23 years without a blemish on his career?


' Cop's assault on girl leads to court '

POLICE SERGEANT STEPHEN PIPER of the West Yorkshire Police, was acting custody Sergeant when he slapped a prisoner in a police cell.  The incident at Wakefield, brought the case to the attention of Bradford Magistrates who found the sergeant guilty of using unreasonable force. He was ordered to pay £150 costs and will face a disciplinary police board later.


' Expenses Fraud Cop is forced to resign '

POLICE SUPERINTENDENT DAVID WITHEY of the West Midlands Police, was suspended from his position as the head of the central motorway police group in the force when it was discovered that he fiddle expenses claims to the value of £300. The Senior Policeman tendered his resignation following the charges.


' Police Inspector on Rape Charge '

POLICE INSPECTOR GEOFFREY SMITH of The Met Police and Working at the Paddington Green Station that deals with Anti-Terrorist cases, faces trial for rape.  The Sex attack on a woman who lives in north-east London happened at her home.  The Inspector was due to appear before Bow Street Magistrates.


' Police Fake car crash to gain entry to suspect's home '

YES FOLKS, THE COPS ACTUALLY DO FAKE INCIDENTS INCLUDING EVIDENCE -- Cops faked a car crash scene so that suspect David Stanley would be lured out of his house to see what was happening.  The suspect of course did come out and the cops grabbed him and rushed into the house seizing a pc and other material.  It poses the legal question -- did they have a warrant? -- one can only surmise from this move that they did not, so beware of false arrests, and obviously crooked CPS LAWYERS who allowed this, as they clearly did -- the man was convicted later on evidence snatched!!


' Sergeant is suspended over assault '

POLICE SERGEANT RICHARD PRICE was seen slapping a woman's bottom at a pop festival and reported by a witness who took down the registration of the police car.  The officer attending the Brecon Jazz Festival was suspended and ordered to stay away from the police base while investigations continued.  The same force Dyfed-Powys was ordered to pay compensation of £5,000 to a police trainee WPC who was sexually harassed.


' Drug Squad liars are Suspended '

POLICE OFFICERS -- POLICE INSPECTOR FRANK THOM, POLICE INSPECTOR IAN McBAIN, POLICE INSPECTOR JOHN POLLOCK, DETECTIVE SERGEANT KATRONA NICHOLSON, DETECTIVE CONSTABLE JAMES DINNEN, DETECTIVE CONSTABLE JOHN KELLY, DETECTIVE CONSTABLE ANDREW CALE, were all branded liars by a High Court Judge in a drugs case concerning the Strathclyde Drug Squad.  The police attacked a suspect with baseball bats and other weapons it was said. The police witnesses accused the suspect of drug dealing and possessing £70,000 of heroin with intent to supply.  After summing up the judge said after awarding the man £3,000 damages against the police -- ' it gives me no pleasure to record that no less than seven police officers, including three inspectors and one detective sergeant, were prepared to give untruthful evidence from the witness box ' Lord Marnoch ruled.


' Sick Card - allows sex pest Sergeant to go free '

POLICE SERGEANT SIMON BROOKMAN of the Met Police simply walked away free from all charges regarding the seven counts of sexual harassment of women. As the case was being prepared he went off sick and later walked into the station and resigned, thus escaping justice -- it was as simple as that, and many officers whose cases one never hears of (and are never included in the complaints figures) do exactly the same to avoid prosecution.  There were sixteen witnesses prepared to give evidence against Brookman, but it was all a waste of effort, and the Police Federation are the culprits here, because they know officers can rely on this move, and they actively support the officers who flout the law in order to claim that corruption is low according to them.


' Lying Cop in hit and run incident goes to jail '

DETECTIVE SERGEANT JOHN PARKINSON of the South East Regional Crime Squad appeared before Harlow Magistrates after concealing and attempting to pervert the course of justice to get out of a hit and run charge.  After leaving a pub in Great Dunmow, Essex, he smashed into another car leaving the woman driver injured, and then sped away.  He later invented a story about losing his memory for 24 hours, but it was his mobile phone that caught him out because he had made three calls to colleagues from the phone in the area of the crash. He was hiding at the home of a colleague setting up a false alibi and claimed he'd been knocked senseless in a minor accident, but this story fell apart.  Magistrates sent him to prison for three months.


' Cop steals off a corpse at hotel '

POLICE CONSTABLE MICHAEL HALL of the Nottinghamshire Police appeared before Nottingham Crown Court charged with stealing from a dead man.  The cop was called out to a hotel where the dead Mr. Raby was and whilst he was going through the man's pockets he found £200 with a note saying that the money was to be given to his wife.  Hall photocopied the note and altered the figure to £20, thus taking £180 for himself.  However, the original note turned up and Hall was arrested.  He also confessed to taking £291.50 from a police box at Mansfield Police Station.  Convicting the cop the judge said this was a disgusting story of dishonesty, deception, lies and forgery.  Hall was sentenced to two years in prison.


' Detective in illegal supply of drugs '

DETECTIVE CONSTABLE COLIN HENDRY of the Gloucester Police, faced charges of stealing heroin and conspiracy to supply a drug to a informant.  The Detective was in charge of disposing expired and unused drugs collected from surgeries, but he went on to supply them to a drug dealer the court was told.  Witnesses said that Hendry was required to destroy drugs on the premises but was seen on occasions to bag them up and take them away.  Hendry a member of the drugs squad appeared before Bristol Crown Court.


' Cop is convicted of brutal assault on student '

POLICE CONSTABLE PAUL EVANS a Met Police Officer was convicted at the Old Bailey of kicking student Ben Swarbrick 20 times when he attended a disturbance outside a public house in Stoke Newington.  Evans with other officers from the Stoke Newington station were required to maintain public order, but student Ben said they seemed to enjoy being violent and in mind to give anyone a good kicking, and I was the target.  A cop for ten years, the court found him guilty of assault and he was sentenced to six months in jail - the judge branded him a bully and disgrace to the police before he was taken down.


It later was revealed later that Constable Evans had prior incidents-- Highbury Magistrates had criticised hi in a case where he had dragged a woman by the hair along the ground in an arrest.

Evans arrested and illegally assaulted another victim on duty and the Police paid compensation in an out-of-court settlement, thus keeping the matter quiet.  Two other cases of his brutality emerged, but these never reached the public domain as bosses ordered them to be 'in-house' and not in the public interest.


' Wanted Cop is sent to prison '

POLICE CONSTABLE ROLAND SMITH formerly of the Strathclyde Police escaped to the USA after carrying out a robbery armed with a shotgun at Minehead in Somerset.  The robbery was at Butlin's and he was convicted of robbing Meryl Edwards of £2,300.  But he managed to escape to the USA, but gave himself up when he returned.  Exeter Crown Court sentenced him to nine years in jail.


'Cop found guilty of cheating the Betting-Shop '

POLICE CONSTABLE RICHARD HUNT found himself appearing before The Old Bailey on charges of 'Cheating at Play'   He was known to frequent Betting Shop William Hills near his Southwark Police Station.  It was said he collected winnings of £1,547 in less than a month.  He was found guilty of tricking the bookmaker by putting bets on when he already knew the results.  Staff who 'trusted him because he was police' said they also saw him writing betting slips that were difficult to understand.... and gave him the benefit of doubt when he claimed the winnings.


' Senior Cop in Fraud Probe '

CHIEF SUPERINTENDENT ALAN BOLTON faced an investigation over his claim of a grant for his daughter deemed as illegal. The police officer was suspended while investigators look into the claim and the application form. Bolton was stated to be with the Gwent Police.


' Cop arrested over murder of wife '

POLICE CONSTABLE MICHAEL JOHNSON was arrested over the disappearance of his wife who vanished 26 years earlier in mysterious circumstances.  Due to modern DNA methods and new techniques a new team checked the house and gardens.


' Cop lies over assault on girl '

POLICE CONSTABLE ROBERT CUMMING of the Essex Police appeared before Chelmsford Crown Court for perverting the course of justice and assault.  The court heard how the police constable falsely claimed that a headmistress hit a child in the chest. He then went on to get his wife and mother-in-law to say they witnessed it.  But proof emerged that they were never in the hall where the assault was supposed to have taken place.  The judge said Cummings was the author of a ruthless conspiracy and set out deliberately to ruin a reputation.  The cop was jailed for three years.


' Cop Takes BMW and disappears amid fraud investigations '

POLICE CONSTABLE ANDREW MAGOWAN of the Lancashire Police was currently under investigation for dishonesty and fraud when he walked into a garage, produced his warrant card, and took out a BMW 325. The Garage owner thought trusting a policeman was natural as the cop asked to have a test drive of the £18,000 vehicle from the Liverpool showroom.  However, police were alerted after the cop simply disappeared and ports were alerted after sightings of him were reported in the Midlands. Luckily he was eventually stopped in Poole, Dorset, arrested and charged with deception and vehicle theft when he appeared before Preston Magistrates.


' Cop uses police computer illegally '

POLICE CONSTABLE LAWSON JONES of the Wiltshire Police found himself on the misuse of data charge at the Swindon Crown Court after he obtained ID details of someone for a friend.  The offence happened at the Wiltshire Police headquarters.  Jones was acquiring the details for friend Christine Elliott to whom he owed a favour it was said.  PC Jones was found guilty and sentenced and ordered to pay costs of £1,550.


' 40 Officers under investigation for corruption '

MORE THAN FORTY POLICE OFFICERS from a squad that prides itself on catching criminals, became a criminal target themselves when CIB officers moved in on the South East Regional Crime Squad.  This new move came about after a disgraced Detective turned informant for the anti-corruption team.  It was said he implicated up to fifty officers for misdemeanours and crimes. 


' Speed ticket Chief is suspended '

CHIEF CONSTABLE FRANK WILKINSON of the Gwent Police Force in South Wales was suspended over accusations of misconduct made by two senior officers.  The complaints are centred around a speeding ticket issued to a county councillor and the awarding of contracts. 


' Assault Cop appears in Court '

POLICE CONSTABLE WESLEY PIERPOINT of the Lincolnshire Police was charged with assault when he appeared before Lincoln Crown Court.  The officer charged with occasioning actual bodily harm denied doing this when he made the arrest of Paul Golightly after a high speed chase over two counties.  The trial continues.


' Drug Detective resigns and Woman Colleague is suspended over 'Dope Party'

TWO UN-NAMED POLICE OFFICERS in South Wales who were off-duty when they attended a party, faced a disciplinary hearing after they were identified and reported to have been seen smoking cannabis at the party in Cowbridge.


' Careless Police Driver causes fatal crash '

POLICE CONSTABLE ADRIAN WARD of the Sheffield Police Force was found guilty of careless driving after previous charges of causing death by dangerous driving was dropped by prosecution lawyers of the CPS.  He now faces civil action after being fined £500.  His Police car crossed the road and hit a van head on it was said as he touched 70 mph. A witness told how he bragged about being able to go through red lights and travel at 120mph if he felt like it.  The schoolgirl passenger called Shirley was killed in the accident, the other girl Emma survived. They were in the car accused of shoplifting and had been arrested by Ward.


' Brutal Cop is jailed for Assault '

POLICE CONSTABLE JOHN WALTERS was jailed for three months by the court after it was heard that he repeatedly beat a 19 year-old boy with his truncheon.  The cop from Peckham Police Station was told by the judge - ' the law has to be seen even-handed and that goes for you'


' Unacceptable behaviour at strip show nets 22 police officers '

TWENTY-TWO OFFICERS were to face disciplinary action when a striptease show at a police training college got out of hand and behaviour among officers became deplorable and unacceptable a report revealed.  Six officers were to be charged with discreditable conduct, one for falsehood and prevarication and the remaining formally admonished over their conduct a spokesman said -- no-one was named.  The Lancashire Police were brought in after a female officer complained about the event at the training school in Hatton, Lancashire.  Three Lancashire officers were suspended -- other officers from CLEVELAND, CUMBRIA, DEVON AND CORNWALL, ESSEX, HUMBERSIDE, NORTHAMPTONSHIRE, STAFFORDSHIRE, WEST MERCIA, WEST YORKSHIRE AND THE MET POLICE were sent home and disciplinary action recommended.


' Cop in fracas bit into man's ear '

POLICE CONSTABLE JOHN YORK of the Yorkshire Police Force was charged with unlawful and malicious wounding and will appear before Rotherham Magistrates.  The incident was said to have happened off-duty at a nightclub when York argued and fought with another reveller at the club. York was suspended from duty.


' Sergeant goes to jail for home attacks '

POLICE SERGEANT RUSSELL WEDGE of the Worcestershire Police appeared in court charged with domestic violence against three women.  Wedge from Kidderminster was said to have visited the women with violence in mind.  The court sentenced the police sergeant to four years in jail.


' Cop steals from Lost Property Department '

POLICE CONSTABLE KENNETH LUTTON admitted theft when he appeared before the Arbroath Sherrif Court for stealing £40 out of the lost property safe at his station in Gravesend. After 17 years a cop, he was observed helping himself to the cash by colleagues.  He has since resigned from the police.


' Cop is jailed for death crash '

POLICE CONSTABLE KENNETH TODD of the Glasgow Police was sent to jail for one year by a court for causing the death of lorry driver Peter Boyle.  The court heard how the cop on seeing a lorry about to overtake on the M8 veered to obstruct him, and this resulted in the fatal crash.  Besides jail, Todd was banned from driving for three years.


' Blackmail Cop jailed for 8 years '

POLICE SERGEANT IAN VALE a Met Policeman, appeared before Knightsbridge Crown Court on charges of blackmailing two prostitutes and taking money to keep silent.  Vale manipulated police investigations so that 'his prostitutes' would not be prosecuted or brought in.  One of the prostitutes paid him £5,000 protection money it was said in court. He also arranged that a number of whips and canes would be returned to one of the girls when police seized them without his knowledge so that she could go on earning, and pay him cash.  He was convicted of three counts of blackmail and jailed for 8 years.


' Cop charged with murder of wife '

POLICE CONSTABLE MICHAEL COULTON of the Met and seconded to the Royal Protection Squad was charged with the murder of his wife, who was found stabbed to death at a nursing home in Sunningdale, Surrey.  She had worked there for 8 years as a care assistant.  Coulton is to appear before Bracknell Forest Magistrates.


' Detective Chief Inspector on Drugs Charge '

CHIEF INSPECTOR DAVID WILSON of the Leicestershire Police admitted possessing 'speed' and cannabis after cops found his lost wallet which was handed into the station.  Stunned officers opened it only to find four packets of cannabis and the drug ' speed' inside. He appeared before magistrates and was given a year's conditional discharge.  He was aso suspended by the force.


' Ecstacy Cops on intent to supply charges '

POLICE CONSTABLES JOHN CAPPELLO and KEITH ROBERTS of the Met Police appeared before the court on charges of selling Ecstacy tablets.  Both officers from the elite anti-terrorist Paddington Green Station were released on bail pending further investigations by CIB.


Misuse of Police computer jails cop and Ex-Cop '

POLICE CONSTABLE DAVID KEYTE appeared before Southwark Crown Court on charges of illegally accessing names from the police data computer and selling names as many as 400 car owners to retired Police Constable Edward Gibbons for £10 a time who in turn passed the information to a private detective called Anthony Attwood. The information then ended up with insurance companies and banks who wanted to check clients and customers and paid Attwood well for this service.  Cop Keyte was jailed for two years, EX-COP GIBBONS was jailed for a year, and Attwood was fined £2,000 for deception.


' Cop jailed for drugs '

POLICE CONSTABLE STEVE HUNT of the Gloucester Police was charged with intent to supply drugs and appeared before a court who sentenced him to two years in prison.  Gloucester Crown Court heard how the policeman of nine years obtained drugs for friends and when his home was searched ecstacy tablets were found in cereal packets.

FOUR WEEKS after this incident THREE MORE OFFICERS in the Gloucester Police Force, - two men and one woman officer, were suspended over cannabis allegations.


' Bully Cop in police van assault '

POLICE CONSTABLE PETER BISSET was turned in by colleagues who heard screams coming from the van after Bisset had arrested a 19 year-old.  Kevin Jolly,19, was begging for the cop to stop hitting him, and luckily for him the other cops didn't want to turn a blind eye.  Bisset was fined £1,000 and only just avoided a jail term due to his ' exemplary record?' so it says. Cops like Bisset do not just act like a bully by chance, it is normally there from the beginning so he has perhaps got away with this many times before.


' Woman Cop caught in Drink/Drive crackdown '

POLICE SERGEANT PAMELA DE NEVE of the Norfolk Police Force was fined £1,800 and banned from driving for two years after she crashed and found to be drunk by neighbouring colleagues in Suffolk who had just begun a crackdown on drink/driving in the county.


' Cop resigns over Drink/Drive Arrest '

POLICE CONSTABLE PETER EVANS of the Birmingham Police refused to give a breath test when he was arrested by colleagues. In the magistrates court it was heard that he was already disqualified for 12 months for a previous drink/drive offence.  Evans now a constable, had been an Inspector serving in the Hong Kong Police.  Before appearing at the magistrates court Evans formally resigned from the force.


' Fraud Investigation nets Scotland Yard Detective '

DETECTIVE SERGEANT ROBERT MILES of the Met Police appeared before Horseferry Road Magistrates in Westminster charged with another man of being involved in a £4million fraud involving alcohol.  They were both charged with evading VAT and excise duty.  Both men from Surrey, were caught in a swoop by Customs and Excise Officers.


' Cop in wife squabble taunts lover '

POLICE CONSTABLE PETER HARRIS of the Derbyshire Police came in for heavy criticism by a Judge who was astonished that Harris was seen as suitable and fit to be a detective constable.  The judge reluctantly jailed the lover who hit the cop accusing Harris of provocation saying he uttered outrageous jibes that in all consideration forced the other man to react in the way he did.


' Alcoholic Drink/Drive Cop is jailed '

POLICE CONSTABLE BRIAN HART of the Staffordshire police - a scenes of crime officer in the Midlands Force was jailed for 18 months by the judge at Staffordshire Crown Court.  He was caught driving over twice the limit after being breathalysed at the scene of a crash.  It was heard that this was his second offence of drink-driving. The court heard that Hart was going at 90mph and driving in a dangerous manner when he eventually crashed.


' Cops in corruption story try to sue newspaper naming them '

FIVE MET POLICE DETECTIVES - REYNOLD BENNETT, BERNARD GILLIAN, PAUL GOSCOMB, GERALD MAPP and ROBERT WATTON were accused by defence counsel for the Guardian of using the Police Federation to try and extract a payout for libel.  They were named in a story by crime correspondent Duncan Campbell who was following a story of detectives planting drugs on suspects and the transfer of eight cops from Stoke Newington as a anti-corruption investigation was underway. The article the detectives suggested said they were dealing in drugs, and the federation suggested this was malicious. But Duncan Campbell said this could not be because at the time he never knew any of the officers before the article. 


' Cop in death crash is sent to prison '

POLICE CONSTABLE LESLIE COLLINS of the West Midlands Police appeared before Birmingham Crown Court charged with causing the death of his colleague and an innocent motorist by dangerous driving.  Collins was involved in a high speed chase and in the course of it sped through red lights thus killing another driver, Neil Homer in the crash and his colleague Pc Robert Dallow.  The speed was estimated at 100mph when the collision occurred giving no chance whatsoever for the other driver or his colleague.  Collins was sentenced to three months in jail.


' £300,000 paid to assault victim hit by cop '

POLICE CONSTABLE RHYS TRIGG of the Met Police was dismissed after assault victim was awarded £300,000 in damages against the Met Police in the Central London County Court.  Constable Trigg hit the arrested man Daniel Goswell who was handcuffed with a truncheon. Goswell claimed that over the five year wait to get compensation, the police lied over the circumstances.  Police said they would contest the amount, yet this comes only after weeks as in another case £220,000 was paid out to a man for a police assault and wrongful arrest.  Trigg appealed over his sacking and was reinstated by the Home Secretary?


' Teacher gets £15,000 over Police Attack '

POLICE CONSTABLES KEVIN NUTTER and DAVID McBRIDE of the Lewisham Police appeared before Croydon Crown Court charged with using unreasonable force when they attacked school teacher Alistair Philip.  They almost suffocated him the court heard, the teacher suffered a fractured tooth, cuts and bruises to his face, neck and wrists when he was stopped by the two cops who claimed there had been a lot of robberies in the area.  The two cops who charged Mr Philip with three counts of assault against them had these thrown out by the judge and was not guilty in the eyes of a jury.  It was later revealed that Mr Philip broke free of the officers Nutter and McBride and ran into his house -- but a while later five more officers came with a police dog and smashed their way into his home and dragged him down the stairs.  He was kneed in the groin and thrown into a police van.


' Deception Cop is sent to jail '

POLICE CONSTABLE DOMINIC DE SOUZA of the Norfolk Police was jailed by a court for three years after it was discovered that the cop had falsified reports by issuing cautions to teenagers and then altering their birth details so that they could be counted in the adult statistics. It was said he was already getting quite a good reputation in the station for 'catching adult criminals' involving weapon offences and drugs to get praise and promotion from his bosses. But in fact, the majority of the reports were 'criminalising under 18 year olds ' who were named but never knew the status they'd been given.


' Cop who demanded sex is jailed '

POLICE CONSTABLE JAMIE SLATER of the traffic patrol in the Swansea Police appeared before Cardiff Crown Court charged with harassment against women.  It was said in court that he let off women who had committed traffic offences in exchange for sexual favours.  He was finally reported by one woman and investigations by the anti-corruption squad began examining his computer records.  He admitted eight charges of misconduct relating to eight women and was found guilty and jailed for three and a half years.


' Man tells of Police Threats'

Mr B A Courtnage thought he might write to the local press on the subject of accidents and breathalysers etc, The article appeared and one paragraph involved the police -- he suggested that police drivers in accidents should also be required to do the same as the public.  Shortly after this was published he tells of being threatened by 'police heavies' near his home in South Norwood, S E London.


' Cop receives suspended jail sentence '

POLICE CONSTABLE TIMOTHY REID of the Cheshire Police appeared before Manchester Minshull Crown Court for neglect of duty as a result of ignoring 999 calls in favour of secret sex sessions at Miss Harper's House it was stated.  Married Cop Reid pleaded guilty to two counts of misconduct in public office and one count of misuse under the data protection act after signing a passport for his lover without really knowing her.  The cop was given 200 hours of community work and fined £200. The judge agreed to suspend a nine month prison sentence.


' Gay Cop charged with rape and drugs offences '

POLICE CONSTABLE MARK CARTER of the West Yorkshire Police was suspended amid charges that he raped a man at the Etap Hotel in Leeds.  Carter based at Huddersfield, is to appear before Leeds Magistrates on charges of rape and other sex offences, plus one relating to body building drugs.  The cop was crowned Mr Gay UK in 2006 in a Blackpool contest.


ANOTHER ' SO CALLED ACCIDENT ' BY COPS USING TASER GUNS  - NOTTINGHAM POLICE FORCE had to apologise to schoolgirl Jodie Gallagher over an incident when cops used a taser gun.  Jodie was absolutely innocent when cops used the gun in public to apprehend a suspect.  Instead they missed and hit the schoolgirl.  She remembers that the suspect was already pinned to the ground and he got up to make his escape? then the officer fired and hit the girl.  A witness said the taser should not have been used with so many people close to the incident. The blunder isn't the first -- see Avon and Somerset Cops for another case on this page.


' Cops take car because it was vulnerable to theft? '

SHEFFIELD POLICE DECIDED THEFT BEGINS AT HOME, AND THEY WOULD DO IT -- Marcus Morris had his Volkswagen car outside his house with a window open -- a while later it was gone, but not stolen by chance thieves, no, the robbers were cops, and they even had the audacity to charge the man £150 to restore it to him.  Of course, they do not use the word stolen -- instead they say it was confiscated?  because he left the car in a condition useful to thieves?  The only thieves one can see here are the police.


' Police Squad watch porn and fake reports '

MET COPS AT GATWICK ACCUSED BY FEMALE COP - PC BARBARA LYNFORD told a tribunal how the 18 strong force who patrolled Gatwick Airport engaged in watching porn films and making lewd comments about females. She said she saw male officers who slept on the job when they were supposed to be out on duty and others faking reports in anti-terrorism and played a game where they would have to buy the doughnuts for leaving guns lying around.  She received £575,000 in a compensation payout for sexual discrimination.


' Dorset Cops and CPS get it wrong '

It took great determination and patience to overturn the blunder that the the Dorset Police and CPS did when they chose to make a serious crime become a caution offence that left John Guest fuming about justice.  His attacker Christopher Watts left him badly beaten after the harrowing assault.  Watts was given a conditional discharge and told to pay compensation of just £200.  Due to the efforts of Mr. Guest, the case went to Judicial Review and two judges overturned the previous decision.  Watts was brought back to court on a charge of Actual Bodily Harm and received a 6-month jail sentence suspended and ordered to pay £1,000 compensation.  The CPS who made the original decision were told in no uncertain terms they had made the wrong decision, and the Dorset police apologised.


REPORT REVEALS WHY COPS AREN'T THERE WHEN YOU WANT THEM -- An Inspectorate report revealed that cops are more likely to be on the sick or on holiday than on duty.  Critics said the report raised many doubts about credibility of the police and the use of taxpayers cash.  In four of the six forces they used, front-line officers were away from work more of the time than on duty. 


HUMBERSIDE COP SAYS ' WE MAKE THE LAWS AND RULES OF THE ROAD ' ---This appears to be news, laws were thought to be made elsewhere? This was said on one of those ITV cop programmes that promote a false and misleading view designed to hoodwink the viewers. Cops make the rules when they go out drunk and hope that colleagues don't pull them over, others drive around in their own vehicles sometimes without M.O.T. certificates, and that was actually confirmed by one ex-cop we spoke to.


' Woman Superintendent caught speeding claims radar guns don't work '

SUPERINTENDENT HELEN CHAMBERLAIN of the Nottingham Police Force is now to contest the charge of speeding by alleging that her own force's speed guns are ineffectual and do not work correctly. She pleaded not guilty to a charge of speeding at Nottingham Magistrates Court. She was released on unconditional bail until her trial when seven witnesses will be called. She was recorded as doing 79mph on a road with a 50mph limit.


' Four police officers on assault charges '

POLICE CONSTABLE NIGEL COWLEY, CONSTABLE ROD JAMES-BOWEN, CONSTABLE MARK JONES and DETECTIVE CONSTABLE JOHN DONOHUE are to appear before Westminster Magistrates on charges of assaulting Muslim Babar Ahmed, who suffered several injuries as a result of the arrest.


' policeman jailed for theft and intent to supply drugs '

SURREY POLICE OFFICER CONSTABLE DUSTIN HUNTER appeared before Winchester Crown Court on charges that he stole police uniforms for the commission of a crime on an Oxted jewellers. The officer was planning a raid on Decorous Jewellers and possessed plans for the raid. He was also charged with possessing class B drugs with an intent to supply (it was claimed there was a kilo of cannabis found in his car). Hunter was sentenced to 7 years in prison.


' Cop taking prisoner gets speeding charge '

POLICE SERGEANT CRAIG NICHOLAS JONES was fined £500 with £1,000 costs at Llandudno Magistrates Court after he was stopped by police for speeding as he was on his way to Caernarfon from Colwyn Bay escorting a prisoner. Jones was ' an organised crime officer' in the North Wales Police.


' Police give stolen bikes to offenders to help them '

It seems totally amazing, especially to those who have been robbed, that Detective Inspector Richard Crabtree of the Ipswich Police sees giving stolen bikes to offenders in order to find employment a well-intended scheme. Luckily not all police forces are keen to follow this idea. it all comes at a time when a Hertfordshire constable went by bus to retrieve a shotgun in a picnic area and a police helicopter costing hundreds of pounds was sent to find or track down a man who left Tesco in Hertfordshire without paying. It is indeed a strange situation when one considers ' wasting police time' is an offence, but not when they are doing it eh?


' Careless Cops robbed by crooks for four years '

A report has revealed that the Bedfordshire police have been robbed at their own police stations of over 100 items including uniforms and items related to them - 22 in fact, and 17 pairs of handcuffs, for for years, leaving the Chief Constable rather embarrassed. However, it might be wise for them to consider the possibility of some of this being on the inside like the case of the Surrey Cop Dustin Hunter who stole police uniforms for a planned heist.   (that report can be seen two items above this)


' Convicted Shoplifter re-joins Police Service '

A FORMER POLICE SPECIAL CONSTABLE with the Cleveland Police who was forced to resign after being convicted of shoplifting, decided to evade security checks and join the North Yorkshire Police as a full time serving policeman.  His success was short-lived when a check was made on his National Insurance Number sparking an Internal Investigation that eventually revealed the conviction.  The officer was immediately fired and a file was sent to the CPS for consideration.


' When a 'citizen's arrest' points to bribed cops '

The Irish Police should be ashamed, but never are, when they act for the one who is going to be arrested. A woman who specifically tried to use the lawful citizen's arrest on Tony Blair was escorted out by police who immediately went to the aid of Mr.Blair at a book signing -- a lucrative little earner. She was unable to carry out the arrest due to police interference who ran a security net for Tony Blair, and for just how much?



' Five years for drink/drive Cop '

POLICE CONSTABLE PETER WALLACE a cop on patrol at Gatwick Airport was arrested after crashing his car. It was stated that he had drunk 7 pints and lost control when he caused the death of Mary Woods who was crushed on impact. He was convicted of causing death by careless driving and was jailed by the court for five years.


' Burglary Investigating Cop used victim's phone for sex-chat calls '

POLICE CONSTABLE PAUL HOFFMAN a Met cop stationed at Shepherd's Bush in West London, spent more than two hours on the victim's phone chatting on sex lines while the victim was out. He had gone to investigate two burglaries at the flats. Southwark Crown Court was charged with three counts of fraudulently using telecom systems with intent to avoid payment.


' Cop walks free, but a civil action would have found him guilty '

Court Prosecutor Simon Fraser told POLICE CONSTABLE COLIN CAMPBELL who was on an assault charge that if the evidence had been presented in a civil court, he would have found against him. The Cop who was on a charge of assaulting Alexander Clarke during an arrest, walked free after a verdict of insufficient evidence could not lead to a conviction. The Recorder said to PC CAMPBELL - ' I am certainly not going to give you the benefit of not guilty '  Mr Clarke was cleared of all charges made against him by the police.


' Woman Cop in revenge attack '

POLICEWOMAN KIRSTEN WHITE of the Lancashire force and based at Blackpool, appeared before Burnley Crown Court charged with grievous bodily harm with intent to Lee Erogha. It was heard that she grabbed flex and attempted to strangle the victim until he could not breathe. The incident was said to have been borne out of an insult and lover's quarrel. Both white and her lover Shaheen denied attempting to pervert the course of justice.


' Assault in Custody Sergeant goes to jail '

CUSTODY SERGEANT RODERICK ADAMS of the Met Police was jailed by Bow Street Magistrates for beating up a 13 year old suspect in a robbery. Adams of Harrow Police Station was imprisoned for 28 days for his attack on the teenager.


' Detective who punched pensioner is dismissed '

DETECTIVE CONSTABLE STEVEN GREEN from Ilford in Essex, and a Met Officer, received a suspended three month jail sentence when he appeared at the Old Bailey. It was heard that he struck out at a pensioner in a pub brawl in the Old Kent Road attacking elderly James Wiley who walks with the aid of crutches.


' Karate Cop attacks teenage boy in custody cell '

POLICE CONSTABLE COLIN LEASK considered to be a martial arts expert, launched several blows at the 19 year old boy in a cell before throwing the suspect to the ground. The boy suffered from bleeding to the head as he lay on the floor of the police cell it was heard. The Aberdeen Court found the constable guilty of the unprovoked assault. Amazingly, Leask who weighs 18 stone claimed he was defending himself against the teenager who weighed far less, and it was revealed that the cop had a punching power three times greater than his bodyweight!


' Constables in attack accused of lying, bullying, racism and perjury '

POLICE CONSTABLES - KENNETH WATKINS, CHRISTOPHER SMITH, ANDREW MORRIS and ANDREW DAVIES were accused of lying, bullying, racism and perjury by the Central London County Court after evidence was presented on an incident when Mr. Hsu was attacked by police at his home in Tulse Hill, south London. The officers entered his home without a warrant and grabbed him, twisted his arm up his back and handcuffed him. He was then kicked and insulted by the four officers.


' Black man dies at the hands of the police '

Southwark Crown Court heard how Brian Douglas suffered injuries as a result of a police attack that led to his death. POLICE CONSTABLES MARTIN TULLEY (or Tuffey) and POLICE CONSTABLE PAUL HARRISON were named in the indictment. Mr Douglas died several days later after the attack, in St. Thomas's Hospital. Pal and eye witness Stafford Solomon said he ran away for help and was verbally abused by PC Tulley?


' Brawl Cop arrested '

POLICE CONSTABLE JOHN CUDD was arrested by Solihull Police after being involved in a brawl with his wife it was said. The Officer who was ' a crime prevention cop at Stretchford Police Station, was arrested shortly after midnight.


' Cop attacks woman in road rage incident '

POLICE CONSTABLE STEPHEN DUNSDON was charged with actual bodily harm after an attack on a woman as he travelled home and collided with another vehicle. He apparently flashed his warrant card at her on getting out and hurled abuse and slammed a car door on her arm causing injury. Miss Verguson asked him for his police number at the scene in Wapping, east London. The cop was later suspended from duty. He was later found guilty by a court and ordered to pay £500 compensation. Interestingly, it turns out that he was in his brother's Citroen 2CV car, and both he and his brother policeman Nicholas Dunsdon flashed their warrant cards at the scene!! before driving off.


' Police Inspector uses truncheon on footballer in mistake for fan '

ACTING POLICE INSPECTOR JOHN GREEN appeared before magistrates in Wimborne, Dorset accused of assaulting Watford Striker Kevin Phillips after a football match where the officer was present. It was stated that the unprovoked attack by the police officer came at the end of a match as Kevin Phillips who had gone off the field for an injury sustained went to his team. The Inspector drew his truncheon and hit the footballer telling him to get off the field despite the player identifying himself as a player on the team. Even on top of that team manager Glenn Roeder intervened to ask what the cop was doing to the player saying ' he's one of my players'.


' Sexual Harassment Cop is dismissed '

POLICE CONSTABLE TONY WORRALL of the Liverpool Constabulary, and worked at the Marsh Lane Police Station, was formally dismissed from the police service for racially abusing and sexual harassment of female colleagues. It was said that he intended to appeal against the disciplinary body's decision.


' Road Rage Cop sent to prison over attack '

POLICE CONSTABLE ANDREW HAMILTON appeared before Bow Street Magistrates charged with assault on another motorist while on duty. It was heard in court that he threw Mr. Monti the other driver against a wall after dragging him out of his driver's seat. Edmonton based cop Hamilton of the Met Police lost his temper and was sent to jail for two weeks, fined £250 and ordered to pay £100 compensation to his victim.


' Love triangle leads to woman cop in catfight at pub '

WOMAN CONSTABLE MARIA O'FARRELL was at the centre of an investigation of inappropriate behaviour by an off-duty officer while in a public house. It was said she attacked a co-civilian police worker, but Luton Police refused to name anyone involved. The matter was stated to involve Police Constable Julian Byrne who works at the same police station as the accused and the civilian police worker. The investigation is still being looked into.


' PC in feud with neighbour gets just £75 '

BOTH PARTIES GOT £75 --  Avoiding a five figure sum in Legal Aid paid by the taxpayer, Judge Justice Kamil said that both men had grossly distorted their claims.  Police Constable Arthur Horne and Bill Wright a retired miner fought a long feud where accusations of harassment and the death of a dog took place.  The case at the Leeds County Court was quickly brought to an end by the Judge...who said they'd both behaved badly.  It was a fact however, that Police Officer Horne's case had been funded by the Police Federation, a fact that should not be ignored here.


' Training Exercise Cop kills nurse in 116mph fake chase '

POLICE CONSTABLE GERARD SHARRATT appeared before Norwich Crown Court after travelling at 116mph in a 'fake chase' situation that went horribly wrong and killed nurse Miss Hood who was travelling in her Citroen car at the time of the accident. It was said he was playing ' bandit' in the fake exercise. The cop who was trained at Hendon in North London faced charges of dangerous driving and causing death. However, he was found guilty of careless driving and given a six month ban along with a fine of £750?


'Gagging Order used in the Kevin Taylor Police Suit case '

The then Northern Ireland Secretary Sir Patrick Mayhew served Liverpool High Court with a Public Interest Immunity Certificate to suppress testimony in a civil police case, because Deputy Chief Constable John stalker offered to give evidence in support of Kevin Taylor.  Taylor said he was the victim of a malicious prosecution by the Police (Then under Anderton).  Stalker was The head of an inquiry into 'The Shoot to Kill' policy -- the inquiry was aborted by the government very hastily -- and the powers that be orchestrated the removal of Stalker in 1986.  Mayhew claimed that Stalker's evidence must be suppressed in the 'interests of National Security' -- and protect the confidence of ongoing criminal investigations!  In 1988 Mayhew was Attorney General and although there were 8 Royal Ulster Cops who had conspired to pervert the course of justice and obstruct the Stalker Inquiry.... he said they would not be prosecuted for reasons of National Security?   Luckily Taylor got a very substantial Payout from the police.


' Police Squad exposed over thefts by whistle-blower '

It was revealed by a 'ninth member ' of an elite squad that two sergeants and seven constables are under investigation for the theft of equipment, boozing while on duty and overtime fiddles with expenses. It is stated they regularly made false claims for expenses, setting up a private business for the servicing of diving equipment, failing to carry out searches properly and effectively, and making false statements to senior officers about working practices.  The Underwater Search Unit - branch of the police, who carry out duties covering the Thames are part of a Maritime Special Operations Unit based at Wapping.


' Chief Constable booked for Speeding by his own force '

CHIEF CONSTABLE BEN GUNN of the Cambridgeshire Police found himself caught in a speeding trap as he travelled at 90 mph on the M11. The report stated that the Chief Constable accepted his fixed penalty of £40 and three penalty points for the offence. He blamed it on a lack of concentration at the time


 ' Cops in rally trials charged with speeding '

TWO POLICE OFFICERS - POLICE CONSTABLE STEVE NICHOLLS and SERGEANT ALEX GAME were fined after speeding on Forestry Commission land. The suspended fine of £200 was given because they ignored the limit that was there for safety reasons said a spokesman for the Commission.


' Police Sergeant in drink/drive accident '

POLICE SERGEANT ROB STARBROOK was well over the drink-drive limit when he lost control of his vehicle and demolished a wall. The Derbyshire Court heard that the cop from Matlock was almost three times over the acceptable limit when he crashed. It emerged that he could keep his job and had his month's jail sentence changed to a £850 fine on appeal.


' Detectives arrested for selling drugs '

TWO ESSEX DETECTIVES - DETECTIVE CONSTABLE WOLFGANG BIRD and DETECTIVE SERGEANT PHILIP STIMPSON of the Braintree CID were remanded in custody at Southend the report says. Both officers appeared in court charged with supplying amphetamine sulphate - known as speed and cannabis. Colleague Wolfgang Bird was also charged with conspiracy and to defraud a store out of £23,400.  Both officers had 31 years of police service between them it is stated.


' Cop fakes crime to get noticed '

ACTING POLICE SERGEANT IAN MACKAY of the Gloucestershire Police appeared before Cheltenham Magistrates charged with wasting police time.  It was said that the cop slashed himself on the wrist and face with a knife and reported it to be the work of a mystery knifeman who attacked him. The false claim resulted in the loss of 190 hours of police investigations before he eventually confessed to making it all up.  He was given a two year conditional discharge by the court.


' Woman Sergeant is arrested after car accident for drink/driving '

POLICE SERGEANT PAMELA DE NEVE was off-duty when she fell foul of a Christmas anti-drink/driving campaign found herself the first one to be caught by her own force. The crash happened near Ipswich as she collided into a parked car late at night. A police spokesman said the outcome of her court appearance would be considered in due course.


' Cop in Bribery case appears in court '

POLICE CONSTABLE ROGER GREENE of the Thames Valley Police appeared before a jury at St. Albans Crown Court on bribery charges. It was heard that the cop wrote to motorists involved in drink/driving cases offering to remove evidence on the payment of £300-£500 each to make it go away and the case file disappear.  He was charged with five offences of corruption; five people came forward to supply written evidence against Greene.


' Gold Smugglers turn out to be a Cop and his Daughter '

POLICEMAN MICHAEL GILMORE and his daughter appeared before Knightsbridge Crown Court on charges that they smuggled gold bullion bars into Britain with intent to defraud the tax out of £3million. The West Mercia Police Officer and his daughter were said to have acted as couriers for jeweller Jeevan Kanda a millionaire businessman. Michael and Lucy Gilmore admitted to the charge of conspiracy to cheat Customs and Excise out of VAT. Kanda fled the country when he got information he was about to be arrested. Lucy Gilmore also in the police force wept as she was found guilty in the £20million smuggling racket. She left court on bail supported by her policeman boyfriend PC Mathew Drape. She faces 7 years in jail. Her father is due to be sentenced later.


' Bribe Cop tries demands £30,000 to influence jury '

POLICE SERGEANT JOHN YOUNG ruined a 24 year clean service record in the police to get £30,000 for influencing the outcome of a case at the Old Bailey it said. The report said that Young when arrested refused to name a corrupt cop who gave him the names and addresses of the jury. It was said that Sergeant Young approached the sister of one of the defendants and offered to tamper with the case via the jury for the £30,000 bribe. He told Miss Lawson he could secure favourable verdicts. It was also said that Young had three commendations during his police career.


' Cop swindles bank and building society out of £500,000 '

POLICE CONSTABLE CLIFFORD ANDERSON of the South Yorkshire Police Force appeared before York Crown Court on four charges of false accounting and one of deception; he also asked for 107 other offences to be taken into consideration. Anderson from Doncaster lied to secure 130 loans which were spent on cars, caravans and home improvements plus school fees for his daughter. It amounted to nearly £500,000 the jury was told, the cop was sentenced to nine months in jail.


' Warrant issued for Detective's Arrest '

DETECTIVE CONSTABLE ROGER MILLER of the Norfolk Police failed to turn up at Norwich Crown Court to face nine charges of stealing cash from police stations in the area. In the light of his unexplained absence the court issued a warrant for his arrest and capture.


' Detective Superintendent in contempt of court '

DETECTIVE SUPERINTENDENT DERRICK GALE stationed at Scotland Yard was held in contempt by the court when he engaged in perverting the course of justice by preventing defence solicitors at the trial he was present at from seeking evidence for their client.


' Jailing one Detective out of 22 ends corruption inquiry '

NOT SURPRISINGLY REALLY, the jailing of DETECTIVE CONSTABLE JOHN DONALD a member of the South East Regional Crime Squad effectively closed down a £1.5million investigation into a corruption investigation that was focused on 22 police officers in all. Donald was convicted of receiving £18,000 and passing police information to professional criminal Kevin Cressy. The decision certainly bears out the fact of offering up one lamb to the slaughter is better than having to clean up the others in case it might lessen public confidence. This example like the Challenor case shows how easy it is to railroad the so-called corruption inquiry and make it go away.


' Cop steals tea money from station Jar '

POLICE CONSTABLE STEPHEN BADMAN of the Met Police and stationed at Tooting Police Station in Wandsworth appeared before Southwark Crown Court for stealing £18.22 out of the jar that contained money for buying tea. He was caught on station video after other officers noticed that a certain amount of pilfering was being carried out, but no-one knew who it was. He was given a 12 month conditional discharge and faced dismissal.


' Cop wrecks career to steal Personal Stereo in station '

TOOTING based Met Cop -- POLICE CONSTABLE DAVID BOVEN was caught on the station's CCTV as he took a personal stereo system from the lock up store room.  He appeared at Southwark Crown Court on a charge of theft.  The Judge presiding said that the PC had wrecked an 'impeccable' career in the police for such a silly and foolish act of petty thieving.


' Cop charged with theft and drugs possession '

DETECTIVE CONSTABLE COLIN HENDRY of the Gloucestershire Police was suspended from duty after a six month investigation. The officer was charged with possessing drugs with intent to supply and one of theft. He will appear before Gloucestershire Magistrates.


' Addicted Cop steals to play fruit machine '

POLICE CONSTABLE JOHN BURROWS stationed at the Bromsgrove Police station appeared at Worcester Crown Court charged with stealing money from the station's social club. It was said by his defence that he was addicted to playing the gambling machines and had to fund this addiction. The court sentenced him to six months jail.


' The Stoke Newington Police Conspiracy '

Little is said about the 7 police officers at Stoke Newington who were charged with offences - of assault, unlawful imprisonment, and conspiring to pervert the course of justice. One of the officers was based at Enfield, just up the road so-to-speak. Two appeared in court and were remanded on bail, the others were due to appear before magistrates. However, we can reveal that the seven have been named -- POLICE CONSTABLE MARK ASTLEY, POLICE CONSTABLE COLIN MACLENNAN, POLICE CONSTABLE JASON COOK, SERGEANT TERENCE NORMAN, POLICE CONSTABLE MARTIN PEARL and POLICE CONSTABLE DAVID HAY and POLICE CONSTABLE DUSTIN IRRIBARREN. They were bailed to appear before Bow Street Magistrates.  The incident that sparked off this probe centres around four people arrested at an alternative music festival in Northwold Road, Stoke Newington.

The above investigation is not related to the OPERATION JACKPOT inquiry into allegations of corruption involving officers from Stoke Newington police station, which you can now read below this.

'Operation Jackpot' -- Police Corruption at Stoke Newington -- Drugs Squad '

It was said to be the largest scale corruption probe in a decade at the time -- The £9million Police Station was an imposing and new building for the area police. But it is the building where an entire drug squad was disbanded and the words ' bent cops' echoed strongly. The allegations against these cops were  - gratuitous violence, fabricated evidence, perjury, racism, racketeering, conspiracy, fraternising with known criminals, trafficking in drugs and perverting the course of justice. It was considered to be the worst case of police corruption in 20 years by the top brass at Scotland Yard. Three cops were suspended, eight more were transferred to other districts, another one committed suicide during investigations and one other jailed for dishonesty. DETECTIVE CONSTABLE ROY LEWANDOWSKI was jailed for theft. POLICE SERGEANT GERRY CARROLL was found dead in a police cell- shot through the head with a police revolver, thought to be suicide? It was claimed at the time he wasn't being investigated, but no one satisfactorily explained why he had the gun and was in a cell. A tight lid of secrecy surrounded the investigation concealing names of the drug squad cops. Even though Lewandowski got 18 months for theft, when he came out he offered to disclose how many officers pocketed drugs from raids and took cash for dishonest work - planting weapons and narcotics on innocent people. The press ran to many pages over the story and James Morton in his book ' BENT COPPERS' featured the investigation in detail.


' CID Detective accepts bribes '

DETECTIVE CONSTABLE KEVIN SMITH of the Met Police was suspended by the complaints division after it was revealed that he accepted bribes from brothel keeper Valerie Marfo in return for information about police raids as a part of his protection racket. It was claimed he took regular £100 bribes. Visits were logged of the detective visiting the vice den in Lewisham.


' Derbyshire Vice Squad Scandal '

DETECTIVE SERGEANT KARL BARROW was cited in a report investigating dozens of officers in the Derbyshire Police who are under investigation in an inquiry looking into the way evidence of prostitution was obtained. It stated that the Detective romped with prostitutes before making an arrest. The internal inquiry known as 'Operation Sport' is looking into the case of the Derby brothels and officers engaged in arrests. The report said some undercover officers are accused of entrapment by paying for sex with public funds. The Police Complaints Authority admitted that disciplinary charges of discreditable conduct and neglect of duty had been brought.

THIS REPORT COMES A WEEK AFTER another police force who bribed prisoners with sex to admit crimes they did not commit revealed corrupt cops, --- but we do not have anything on that report as yet. -- Maybe later.


 ' Assistant Police Commissioner guilty of shoplifting '

FORMER ASSISTANT CHIEF POLICE COMMISSIONER WYN JONES suffered another disgrace after a three year investigation into misconduct in public office over the use of police staff cars and a launch plus trips abroad came to the attention of the public. He now appeared at Southwark Crown Court and was found guilty by the jury, of shoplifting and fined £400. It was said he stole £24 of groceries from Marks and Spencer.


' Cop steals £4,000 while searching suspect's home '

POLICE CONSTABLE LEON JAMES of the Met Police was found guilty at Southwark Crown Court of one count of theft. The cop was stated to have been on a routine search of a suspect's home when he discovered £4,000 and pocketed it. Later, he hid the money behind a ceiling panel in the police station toilet. However, colleagues saw him through a window and arrested him.


' Cop makes false statement for renewal of gun certificate '

POLICE INSPECTOR KEITH McKENZIE of the Met Police, and Head of Scotland Yard's Dog Training school appeared before Dartford Magistrates, and pleaded guilty to having made a false statement over the renewal of his shotgun certificate. The court imposed a conditional discharge.


' Racist Cop is dismissed over jibes '

POLICE CONSTABLE RON HOGAN of the West Mercia Police Force was fired by the force after hearing a report that he had used racist remarks when a row flared at a grocery store. The owners of the store in Wellington, Shropshire reported him after the cop uttered a remark as he was leaving.


' Dorset Cop fakes shotgun incident '

POLICE CONSTABLE MIKE TAYLOR of the Dorset Police Force sparked off a massive police hunt for a thug with a shotgun who shot at one of their own, but, it wasn't true -- it never happened. The incident involved officers from The Avon and Somerset Force and many hours of police time. The event did lead to someone being questioned, but it was all called off when the Deputy Chief Constable said ' we are no longer looking for any vehicle or person in connection with the incident, and I very much regret that a Dorset Policeman has been suspended.'


' Cop who covered up crime gets four years '

POLICE CONSTABLE EDDIE ROSS of the Orkney Police was jailed over concealing evidence in a murder case that involved his son, Michael who was a suspect. Waiter Shamsuddin Mahmood was slain in a murder three years earlier, and PC ROSS kept vital evidence away from the investigating detectives. To prevent suspicion he failed to tell them the bullet from the murder weapon was the same calibre and had similar markings to the type kept by him. He also told his ammunition supplier to lie to cops if questioned.


' Cops payout over truncheon assault '

POLICE CONSTABLE RHYS TRIGG was dismissed from the Met Police after an investigation into an incident when Daniel Goswell was handcuffed and assaulted by police in south east London. During the action for damages the officers were accused of lying by solicitor Jane Deighton, and she called for them to be disciplined. Daniel was awarded £302,000 at the Central London County Court.


' False Evidence by Police leads to £100,000 payout '

Andrew Kownacki, pub manager at a west London public house received £108,750 in damages from the Met Police when they falsely accused him of serious drug offences. The High Court jury decided that he had been maliciously prosecuted on false evidence by police when 200 officers staged a drugs raid at the pub. Three officers particularly who gave evidence were told by the judge ' it is false and untrue', but they were not named. The CPS who backed the case did not come out well, as the charges brought for ' supplying a controlled drug and permitting the premises to be used for the supply of a controlled drug' where thrown out by the judge. In his summing up the judge said ' the punitive damages of £45,000 in the payout is to reflect the jury's disquiet, distaste and disapproval'.


OTHER AWARDS ARE - £80,000 SHARED BY BYPASS PROTESTERS, Paul Lawrence and Paul Kingsnorth received £10,000 damages each for unlawful arrest after they were held without warrants. Nigel Tomkins a teacher received £10,000 when he was wrongfully arrested at a demonstration. Claudette Thompson won £51,000 for false imprisonment by police and malicious prosecution. Edmund Lawrence received damages of £26,000 from the Met Police after his car was stopped and he was assaulted. Two teenage girls who went through an unlawful strip-search ordeal received £21,000. Miss Ray-Jones and Helen Yaffe were forced to strip at the pub-junction tavers in north London -- Both girls were fifteen at the time. Teacher Alistair Philip was awarded £15,000 against the Met at Croydon Crown Court after cops assaulted him because they were looking for a thief.  £26,000 damages were awarded to Paul Attwood against the Staffordshire Police at Birmingham High Court for assault and malicious prosecution. £4,500 was awarded to teenager Mark Brooks after cops set a dog onto him because of police misjudgement. He was also thrown into a police van by the Manchester Police. Two women, one a solicitor, were awarded damages of £17,000 at Winchester Crown Court for unlawful arrest and held in police cells. A man who received multiple injuries at the hands of the police received damages of £125,000 against the Met Police. Mr Gerald was assaulted and arrested in an anti-drugs operation. He was punched and thrown into the back of a police van. The payout was again for malicious prosecution, assault and false imprisonment. £110,000 was awarded to Janet Scafe against the Met Police after she was falsely arrested and spent four hours in a police cell. Terry Brownbill received compensation of £150,000 for unlawful arrest by the Met cops and Terence Winyard received £64,000 for assault, wrongful arrest, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution. Another £150,000 was awarded to refugees Haci Bozkurt and Baki Ates from Turkey against the Met Police after they were punched, assaulted, wrongfully imprisoned etc, by Stoke Newington cops. This list accounts for about £1million pounds being paid out by police and their insurers, which certainly indicates how much money the cops have to pay off claims against them.

ONE FACT REMAINS EXPOSING HERE and that is that many payout cases and settlements made by the police are to cover-up and prevent further investigation into the officers involved. Even in the County Courts they pay out in consideration that the payment is accepted without liability - which in fact means they still deny what they have done, but are willing to pay out compensation?  This is indeed one of the silliest and absurd procedures ever thought out by the Ministry of Justice, no one pays out if they know they have not done it, but they expect the public to be gullible. Out-of-Court settlements contain the same secrecy clause in order to suppress police wrongdoing, it is common practise and one that is as corrupt as it can be.

WE SHALL COME BACK TO PAYOUTS/COMPENSATION BY POLICE IN 2011 as the above represents a very few of what we have on file, and we batched them all together to save room.


' Murder Cop gets 33 years in prison '

POLICE CONSTABLE DES CAMPBELL of the Surrey Police was found guilty by the court on a charge of murder; the murder of his bride. It emerged that Campbell resigned from the Surrey Police amid allegations of indecent assault made against him. Instead he took off for Sidney in Australia. He was guilty verdict came as it was revealed that he stood to collect £200,000 FROM Janet's death. It was stated that he pushed her off a cliff.


' CCTV shows thug cop in action '

VIDEO EVIDENCE EXPOSED POLICE SERGEANT MARK ANDREWS as a thug, and was viewed by the nation as he dragged and assaulted Pamela Somerville. The Wiltshire Cop didn't seem to care who saw him as he threw the woman about and repeatedly dragged her brutally on the police station floor in front of other officers who stood and watched (except one).  Andrews was custody sergeant at the police station at Melksham, Wiltshire. It appears this case took two years to emerge in the public domain, and that is utterly wrong when one considers that officers like Andrews should have been removed immediately. He only went for trial at Oxford Magistrates Court recently and has been quite rightly jailed, but only for six months. Another victim of Sergeant Andrews emerged --Civil Servant Keith Turner spoke out about being punched in the face by this cop and being pinned to the ground, he made a complaint about the cop but this was dismissed. It is said that one whistle blowing officer reported Andrews after witnessing the scene, but one cannot help thinking that possibly many others go unreported because police stick together and say nothing as innocent people suffer the same kind of treatment. Officers are duty bound by the code of Professional behaviour -- and we cite their rules -- ' When faced with malpractice by any officer your duty is clear. There is no room for equivocation of any kind when you see wrongdoing by any police officer, or when you obtain any credible evidence of it. And you may not shield yourself from your duty by closing your eyes, or falling silently behind your group loyalty. You must speak out and act on it. Failure to do so would not be just neglectful on your part, it would be so serious an evasion of your duty as an individual constable as to attract the most severe punishment. Take no account of empty protests of any foolish officers who may side with the one you accuse and demand that you shield them, they are wrong.' The above is the police code, but sadly many do not come forward as we well know.


In the CCTV footage we see cops standing in the background, where was the code then?


' Cannabis farm in house of Police Chief '

DEPUTY ASSISTANT COMMISSIONER ROD JARMAN rented out his house through a letting agency, and subsequently drug investors turned the house into a cannabis farm with plants growing in almost every room. The £400,000 house became a factory and worried neighbours alerted the owner who discovered £40,000 worth of damage, and an electricity bill for £20,000. Apparently, the renter has not been traced.


' Cop gives out confidential data gets fined '

COMMUNITY SUPPORT OFFICER LUCY BEVAN has quit the job after being fined by magistrates after using the police computer for her own personal use 151 times. She was fine just over £1,000 and shortly afterwards quit her job with the Northumberland Police.


' Crossbow Cop is dismissed from force '

SERGEANT JASON KEMP of the Buckingham Police was dismissed after firing his crossbow in the police station in Netherfield. Kemp it appears was also accused of a fireworks incident and was put on restricted duties as a result of his behaviour. The Thames Valley Police gave no more information.


' Police Inspector accused of assault '

POLICE INSPECTOR DEAN O'CONNOR of the Bournemouth Police is being investigated by the Dorset Cops after an incident where he threw a man against a wall when he had to wait an hour for his car at Heathrow. Colin Shaw says the cop was impatient, and after slamming him against a wall accused the 65 year old of stealing his car. The cop told the 65 year old not to bother calling the police, because he was the police. Scotland Yard officer came on the scene and freed the 65 year old.


' Child Porn Cop is sent to jail '

POLICE OFFICER THOMAS DAWES, now retired, was caught in a police sting trying to groom a young girl on the Internet. The officer who was commended twice for bravery, didn't know he was chatting up an undercover cop posing as a 13yr old. He was jailed for 33 months at Southwark Crown Court.


' Vice Cop arrested over domestic violence '

INSPECTOR MUZTAQ PATALA of the Lancashire Police, Blackburn area, was arrested on three counts of assault and appeared before Chorley Magistrates. He was remanded in a cell and has now been suspended.


' Theft Cop is arrested over drugs raid cash '

POLICE CONSTABLE ANTHONY DAVITT of the Merseyside Police was charged with taking and concealing £2,000 that he pocketed in a drugs raid on a house. Liverpool Crown Court heard how he ignored vital evidence at the scene and took £2,000 that had been rigged by a police unit because the officer was under suspicion. He was also charged with misconduct in public office.


' Cop in shotgun rage incident '

FORMER POLICE OFFICER NORBET DARRIET went berserk at a recycling unit of the council. He had been barred from the site, but returned with a shotgun and shot two women and a man, and then turned the gun on himself.


' Police Officer accused of £12 theft from store '

CHIEF INSPECTOR KIM MALLOY appeared before Derby Crown Court on a theft charge. It was said to have happened at a branch of Tesco and staff accused her of shoplifting.  The case continues.


' Fiddling expenses cop appears in court '

DETECTIVE CONSTABLE DAREN POOLEY of the Met Police is due to be sentenced after he was found guilty by Southwark Crown Court of fraudulently obtaining £95,000 in expenses. Another cop - Det Sgt Peter Allbut was given the benefit of the doubt when he appeared on the same charge, but was set free due to a lack of conclusive evidence.


' Suspicious Police Evidence'

THE MYSTERY CASE OF PRISONER BILL BOAL........... Who was arrested by The Flying Squad's Tommy Butler who rose from being a Detective Sergeant to Chief Superintendent in less than ten years?   It was said by his supporters (mostly the top brass) that he was the Great Detective who nailed the Great train Robbers.  Boal was sentenced to 24 years for conspiracy to Rob and Receiving.  All along he claimed he was innocent, and died in prison...... what evidence convicted him?  --- A brass knob supposedly found by the police in the inner lining of the inside pockets of a coat.  This was said to have traces of yellow paint, which 'proved' to be the same as that found at 'the farm' (train robbers hideout).  Searches at Boal's home including a spectrograph examination of paint samples, found nothing comparing to the 'yellow paint' on the knob -- which was still claimed by the police - came from the farm.  But how was this so?  Boal had never been to the farm -- how did this paint get into his pocket?  Had Tommy Butler sewn up the evidence incredibly nicely.....too nicely according to Boal's friend.


' Police Sergeant had double life -- cop and crime boss '

RESPECTED POLICE SERGEANT SALIM RAZAQ appeared before Liverpool Crown Court, where it was revealed that the police sergeant ran a crime syndicate running drugs and money laundering. Based at Nelson Police Station Salim knew all he had to know to safeguard his secret and protect his interests. His home when searched had the hallmarks of a gang, as they found a sub machine gun, bullets and bullet proof jackets, knuckledusters and cash totalling £72,000. The sergeant was caught on a tapped phone call to a prison talking about witnesses that would have to be taken care of. His younger brother Hafiz was in jail for six years for kidnap of a rival gang member. The sergeant was charged with money laundering and perverting the course of justice.


' Police Officer convicted over sex assaults '

POLICE CONSTABLE STEPHEN MITCHELL boasted ' I am the law and I can do anything ' was finally jailed for his string of offences he carried out whilst being a police officer. The court heard how he assaulted some of his victims in the police cells and offered to drop minor charges for sexual favours. At Newcastle Crown Court a catalogue of sex attacks were read out as the jury heard the sex attacks began in 1999 and just continued as Mitchell knew how to play the police.


' Police Intelligence worker led away in handcuffs '

DRUGS INTELLIGENCE POLICE WORKER MATTHEW GARNESS was arrested and led away in handcuffs in front of colleagues at Tottenham Police Station. Anti corruption officers arrested the civilian worker in connection with drug and burglary allegations. The one time candidate for a labour council seat in Leyton was grabbed along with an un-named associate.


' Three Police Officers suspended in Fraud Probe '

Leicester Constabulary suffered a shock when an Acting Chief Constable Gordon Fraser along with two West Midlands officers where suspended for gross misconduct and fraud. Sky News suggested that this arrest incident surrounds a property deal overseas. Merseyside police are said to be conducting the investigation.


' Police Superintendent let off speeding charge by constable '

POLICE SUPERINTENDENT HELEN CHAMBERLAIN of the Nottinghamshire Constabulary evoked the fury of a judge. The court heard that she was doing 79mph in a 50mph area and clocked by a junior colleague. He was not pleased with the constable, but took it into account that he was under some pressure and felt obliged to let the senior officer go. She was given six penalty points and fined £710 with £800 costs.


' Chief Constable to face charge of Gross Misconduct '

CHIEF CONSTABLE GRAHAME MAXWELL of the North Yorkshire faces the claim that he helped relatives during the oversubscribed recruitment exercise. Two staff were dismissed for gross misconduct and a police constable given a final warning over the matter. Maxwell's Deputy (Deputy Chief Con. Adam Briggs ) faces a lesser charge of misconduct in office. It is stated that this is the first time in 35 years that a Chief Constable has ever been charged with gross misconduct.


' Senior Scotland Yard Official in Misconduct Investigation '

MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATION OF POLICE OFFICERS, MARTIN TIPLADY is said to be facing ruin after miss Hamilton-Appiah of the Equality Unit made a complaint of misconduct against the Official. Her claims were supported by the Black Police Association, and are being treated as very serious.


' Cops pay compensation over arrest '

WEST MIDLANDS POLICE were ordered to payout £4,000 in damages to  preacher Anthony Rollins after throwing the handcuffed man into a cell. The ruling was praised by the Christian Institute and that the judge condemned the arrest by the officers.


BURGLARY VICTIM TOLD -- ' YOU ARE NOT A PRIORITY '  -- Victim Paul Freeman was shocked when he was told by an operator at the Warwickshire Police -- no officers can attend the scene because it is not a priority. Mr Freeman had two motocross bikes stolen worth £15,000.

GIRL KNOCKED OVER -- POLICE TAKE NO FURTHER ACTION -- Mum Natalie Churchill of Longwell Green was furious with police.

STUDENT HIT BY POLICE TRUNCHEON IN COMA  -- Student Alfie Meadows underwent emergency brain surgery after being assaulted by an unknown police officer a report reveals. Alfie was said to have been trying to avoid the demonstrations around Westminster Abbey when he was suddenly hit from behind. He was rushed to hospital immediately. The Independent Police Complaints Commission are investigating the matter.

POLICE WASTE CASH -- Police have been accused of wasting public money on marketing ploys and slogans.

ONE FLAT TYRE ON POLICE CAR -- AND MECHANIC IS TOLD TO REPLACE ALL FOUR? yes, a mechanic was called out to a patrol car and was told to not only replace the flat one, but all the others including one in the boot, one there specifically to replace a flat tyre? The Met police cost the taxpayer around £500 for this incident.

TIPPING OFF BREAKDOWN RECOVERY IS NICE EARNER FOR COPS -- A report has revealed that Police forces are making millions from breakdown recovery on the highways, motorways and roads of Britain. They are called ' administration handling fees ' and are between £5 and £25 per breakdown. Police call in the company when they attend a breakdown and hey presto -- they get a backhander. West Midlands Police raked in £622,275. The Greater Manchester Police referred 32,855 cars to recovery breakdown in 2009 but refused reveal how much they had made out of it.

HOUSE OF COMMONS COPS ARE SAID TO BE PAID MORE THAN MP'S -- A report says the police officers who stand around at Westminster and the House of Commons get a wage packet of £72,000, whereas the average politician gets £65,000. The Met Police did not deny the figures and defended them in their usual rhetoric.

ASSISTANT POLICE CHIEF SPARKS FURY -- Assistant Chief Constable Adrian Whiting of the Dorset Police suggested that children as young as 10 should be allowed to use rifles. The current age is 14, so long as they are supervised by adults, yet amazingly a child of ten can possess a licence to fire a shotgun?

THREE POLICE CARS SENT TO INCIDENT TO ESCORT OLD LADY OFF THE PREMISES FOR RUDE REMARK -- Police resources are said to be stretched and cutbacks are necessary, but still SUFFOLK POLICE employed three cars with officers to make sure an old lady left the premises after she made an insulting remark?


' Drunk Cop is jailed for causing death '

POLICE CONSTABLE PETER WALLACE was sentenced by a London Court to five years in jail for causing death by careless driving while being over the drink/drive limit. The cop on patrol at Gatwick airport was driving home to south London when he lost control of his car. It was said he had consumed 7 pints. He crushed and killed Mary Woods against a wall.


' Policewoman in revenge assault on evidence witness '

POLICEWOMAN KIRSTEN WHITE was already charged with causing grievous bodily harm and perverting the course of justice when she was caught breaking into the flat of the man giving evidence against her. It was stated that she had told a colleague ' If he goes to court, I may lose everything and go to jail ' The court heard how she was choking the witness with the flex of a clothes iron. Burnley Crown Court were still continuing with the trial.


' Police Sergeant beats up 13 year old boy '

CUSTODY POLICE SERGEANT RODERICK ADAMS appeared in court charged with beating up a 13 year old robbery suspect at the Harrow Police Station in North West London. Bow Street Magistrates jailed the officer for 28 days.


' Pub Brawl Detective is dismissed after assaulting pensioner '

DETECTIVE CONSTABLE STEVEN GREEN appeared at the Old Bailey after punching a pensioner after a pub brawl he was involved in. The Detective received a suspended jail sentence of three months after attacking pensioner James Wiley 64 in the Old Kent Road. Green from Ilford, Essex, was dismissed from the Met Police.


' Karate Attack Cop found guilty of Assault '

POLICE CONSTABLE COLIN LEASK was found guilty of making an unprovoked attack on a student held in the police cells.  The burly cop launched several blows at the suspect at The Grampian Police Headquarters. The court did not accept the cop's defence of protecting himself from the lean and lightweight student when it was evident that the 18 stone cop could punch three times his own bodyweight after leaving the teenager bleeding from the head and on the floor of the cells.


' Cop in brawl with wife is arrested '

SOLIHULL OFFICERS ARREST COLLEAGUE  -- Police Constable John Cudd, a crime prevention officer in The West Midlands Police Force. The Constable who works at the Stretchford Police Station, was arrested after police were called to an incident just after midnight involving the officer and his wife.


' Cop in attack on woman at the roadside '

POLICE CONSTABLE STEPHEN DUNSDON, described as a hero cop -- and in the Met Police Royal Protection Squad, appeared before Bow Street Magistrates charged with grievous bodily harm. It concerned an incident with another motorist in East London where a dispute followed. After which, he followed the other driver and then revealed he was a police officer. However, the disagreement escalated and Dunsdon struck out leaving the woman hurt. The cop was suspended and was found guilty and was ordered to pay compensation of £500.


' Harassment of female colleagues leads to police dismissal '

POLICE CONSTABLE TONY WORRAL of the Merseyside force was found guilty at a disciplinary hearing and dismissed from the job. The cop who was based at Marsh Lane Police Station, Bootle, Liverpool, was said to have sexually harassed female colleagues.


' Road Rage Cop goes to Prison '

POLICE CONSTABLE ANDREW HAMILTON was sentenced to two weeks in jail, fined £250, and ordered to pay compensation of £100 by Bow Street Magistrates. It was said that he attacked motorist Darren Monti.  The cop then lost his temper and threw the man against a wall. The reason put forward by Hamilton was that Monti had pulled out in front of him as he was following a suspect motorcycle. Instead of continuing, he stopped and dragged the motorist out of his car -- proceeding then to assault him.


' Cat-fight in public house started by woman constable '

OFF DUTY WOMAN POLICE CONSTABLE MARIA O'FARRELL was said to have attacked a police civilian worker Trudi Clarke in the Yates Wine Lodge in Luton. It is stated that this all stems from a love triangle involving one police constable.  The cops said ' we are investigating a complaint of inappropriate behaviour by an off-duty officer while in a public house '


' Film Crew missed boozy WPC's arrest '

A television film crew filming night life at Charing Cross for a two hour programme showing the police at work having to deal with incidents at the Railway Station missed that extra 'scoop' by minutes.  They had finished filming after not having seen one arrest and called it a day.  They had enough ordinary stuff for the Carlton TV show....but minutes after packing up two female policewomen from the Met Police were arrested on the platform as they staggered about in a drunken state.  The Met said that the two North London WPC's were ticked off and later released.


' 116 mph 'fake chase' cop kills nurse '

POLICE CONSTABLE GERARD SHARRATT, a police driving instructor in the Met Police, appeared before Norwich Crown Court charged with causing death by dangerous driving. The cop was said to have been playing the role of ' bandit' in a cop chase followed by another car doing 60mph on a country road. The cop lost control at 116mph as he took a bend and careered into a car waiting at roadworks traffic lights. It was said his car demolished the nurse's car killing Judith Cooke. Unfortunately, he walked free from the court escaping with a fine of £750 for careless driving?  Apparently, this man was given the right to ignore speed limits ?


' Dorchester cops have club closed over no licence '

SUPERINTENDENT SYLVIA FOX of the Dorset Police said of a licence that had not been renewed for six months, it must have slipped our minds. The club which must have a valid bar licence was being used by cops for six months unlawfully because they failed to apply for a renewal. It was only discovered when someone else wanted to book the venue and make sure it had a current drinking licence.


' Speeding Chief Constable gets £40 penalty ticket '

CHIEF CONSTABLE BEN GUNN of the Cambridgeshire Police was pulled over as he sped along the M11 near Cambridge. He was clocked at 90mph on the 70mph motorway driving his Rover car. He was reported for the offence and was given 3 penalty points and a £40 fixed fine ticket.


' Flimsy excuse cop is caught speeding at 92mph '

CHIEF INSPECTOR ARCHIE HOUSTON was caught by road cameras he travelled along the M20. The Kent based officer appeared before Ashford Magistrates. In his admission to speeding (and there was photographic evidence after all ) he said he was probably trying to catch up with another speeder, it probably attracted my attention? He received a fixed penalty notice, but escaped a fine and penalty points or costs?


' Police Sergeant over drink limit escapes jail '

POLICE SERGEANT ROBERT STARBROOK of the Derbyshire Police, was more than two and a half times over the drink/drive limit when he crashed into a wall and demolished it the court heard.  On appeal after being sentenced to a month in jail, it was replaced by a £850 fine, and he has been allowed to keep his job too?


' Drug dealing Detectives appear in court '

DETECTIVE SERGEANT PHILIP STIMPSON and DETECTIVE CONSTABLE WOLFGANG BIRD appeared before the court charged with intent to supply drugs, and also conspiracy to supply cannabis and defraud a shop out of £23,400. They were both remanded in custody by magistrates at Southend. Both cops worked at the Braintree CID in Essex -- and have 31 years of police service between them?


' Acting Sergeant fakes knifing incident '

POLICEMAN IAN MACKAY of the Gloucester Police claimed that he had been attacked by an unknown assailant who slashed him with a knife, -- this led to an investigation which unfortunately turned on him. Mackay confessed to making up the story because he was depressed. He slashed himself twice in the face. The inquiry led to 190 hours of wasting police time. Cheltenham magistrates gave him a two year conditional discharge.


' Bribe cop offers to remove evidence for drink drivers '

POLICE CONSTABLE ROGER GREENE offered to remove evidence on those charged with drink/driving for £300 or £500 depending on what class of person the accused was.  The Thames Valley Cop used station notepaper to type letters inviting the defendants to make payment for the case file to disappear. The facts would not have surfaced had it not been for one of the accused sending the letter to a reporter. Greene faced five charges of corruption when he appeared before St. Albans Crown Court.


' Tampering with the jury cop is jailed for 7 years '

POLICE SERGEANT JOHN YOUNG who had an exemplary 24 year record in the police was jailed for seven years at the Old Bailey. It was discovered that Young demanded a £30,000 bribe to help influence the jury and the case's outcome. The former Met officer approached the sister of one of the gang - 4 defendants and offered to supply information for a payment of £30,000. He explained to her how the jury system worked and gave her the address of one juror. An undercover officer was alerted and he posed as a member of the gang's family and met with Young before arresting him. The Sergeant had three commendations and Queen's Gallantry Medal.


AS WE HAVE SAID BEFORE, MEDALS, COMMENDATIONS etc, do not a good police make, corruption takes time and even though cops have done years and years of service, it doesn't matter a jot when they are caught with their hands in the till or commit perjury, it was always there right from the start - corruption doesn't just happen, it is found out -- often too late.


' The Policewoman and the smuggled gold bars '

POLICEWOMAN LUCY GILMORE and her father, Michael, were part of a smuggling racket involving £20million of gold bars. The female cop and her father smuggled the gold for jeweller Jeevan Kanda, a millionaire who fled the country before the police caught up with them. Lucy Gilmore served in the West Mercia Police. The Gilmore's acted as couriers bringing the gold back through Belgium. The cop was charged with conspiracy to defraud Her Majesty's Customs of VAT. They were both found guilty at Knightsbridge Crown Court.


' Cop's seven year crime spree ends with jail sentence '

POLICE CONSTABLE CLIFFORD ANDERSON of the South Yorkshire Police Force was jailed for nine months by York Crown Court.  He pleaded guilty to four offences of false accounting and one of deception, and asked for 107 offences to be taken into consideration. The court heard how he cheated banks and building societies out of £500,000 over several years taking out 130 loans. The money was said to have been spent on holidays, school fees, a caravan and spiralling debts.


' Warrant issued for Detective in thefts at police station '

DETECTIVE CONSTABLE ROGER MILLER of the Norfolk Police failed to appear at Norwich Crown Court to face nine charges of stealing money from the police after investigations. The court was forced to order his immediate arrest and issued a bench warrant.


' Detective in contempt of court '

POLICE DETECTIVE SUPERINTENDENT DERRICK DALE, a Scotland Yard Police Officer, was found in contempt of court when he actively prevented solicitors defending a suspect, from seeking evidence.


' Drugs Detective at the centre of corruption scandal is jailed '

DETECTIVE CONSTABLE JOHN DONALD of the South East Regional Crime Squad admitted to receiving bribes from crime paymaster Kenneth Cressey of Kent. It was said in court he gave information to criminals Kenneth Noye and Michael Lawson who ran a multi-million Drugs ring. The cop was jailed for 11 years at the Old Bailey.


' Petty thief cop stole from tea-money tin '

POLICE CONSTABLE STEPHEN BADMAN based at Wandsworth Police Station in Tooting, threw away 15 years of police service when he was caught on video taking £18.22 from the tea money tin at the station and pocketing it. He admitted to four charges of theft at Southwark Crown Court.


' Drug Squad Detective on theft and Drugs charges '

POLICE DETECTIVE CONSTABLE COLIN HENDRY with the Gloucestershire Police Force appeared before Gloucester Magistrates charged with possessing and intent to supply drugs and theft. He was suspended by the force after a six months undercover operation.


' Cops throw out cop who evaded background check '

The North Yorkshire Police force admitted they had dismissed a constable after it was found out he cheated to get himself in the police and succeeded for a while until a check on his National Insurance sparked an investigation that revealed he had been a special constable with the Cleveland police and, that he had been convicted as a shoplifter.


' Police Superintendent caught in speed trap '

POLICE SUPERINTENDENT KENNETH LE PROVOST of the Gwent Police Traffic Division was caught breaking the speed limit on his way to a meeting. The Pontypool Officer pleaded guilty to the charge.


' Officer commits theft to play fruit machines '

POLICE CONSTABLE JOHN BURROWS addiction to playing the fruit machine in the station canteen landed him in court. The Bromsgrove cop admitted to theft charges of stealing money from the police social fund and was jailed for six months by Worcester Crown Court.


' Former cop charged with murder '

EX-POLICE CONSTABLE BARRINGTON MOSES appeared before Gloucester Magistrates on a charge of murder. Before becoming a Gloucestershire Policeman he had been a probationary cop in the West Midlands Force - he was charged with the murder of Claire Hergest who was found dead in her flat. Moses was remanded in custody.


' CID Bribes cop is suspended '

POLICE OFFICER KEVIN SMITH of the CID has been formally suspended from duty and is being investigated over claims that he took bribes in a protection racket he operated to keep a brothel informed of police activity and possible raids in Lewisham, South East London.


' Vice Squad Cop faces Disciplinary Board '

DETECTIVE SERGEANT KARL BARLOW and other officers of the Derbyshire Police are being investigated over their  activities in a ' sex-with- hookers ' scandal. The report says that the police are looking into the vice team in connection with charges of ' discreditable conduct and ' neglect of duty '  The Police Complaints Department are handling the investigation and have brought charges already on several of the officers.


'Cops ignore public in heavy-handed arrest of boy '

Passers-by in Putney were angered and shocked as they witnessed two Met Cops arresting a 16yr old boy with his BMX bike...... because he didn't have any lights on it!  One witness wrote to the Met Chief Constable saying that they had witnessed these police officers force the boy into a shop doorway and push his hands behind his back and handcuff him on the evening of the Putney Bridge Festival.  People tried to intervene, but the officers began an act of ignorance and bundled the boy into a police van.  Witness Claire Walker said 'I was extremely concerned to see this young man being treated in this way, he was no threat to the officers, and it was fairly obvious they knew it'


' Cop takes cash from suspect's home and hides it '

POLICE CONSTABLE LEON JAMES was charged with theft after he was spotted hiding a packet containing £4,000 behind a ceiling panel at the police station. The Hertfordshire cop was seen doing this by colleagues and arrested after the money was retrieved from the toilet ceiling panel. In his defence through his solicitor he claimed the hidden cash was already stashed away in the police station by someone else there, and he happened to find it. Prosecutors said that it was stolen when he was searching a suspect's house.


' Cop making false statements is found guilty '

POLICE INSPECTOR KEITH McKENZIE the head of Scotland Yard's Dog Training Unit admitted a firearms offence at Dartford magistrates, where he pleaded guilty to making false statements over the renewal of his shotgun certificate. He was given a conditional discharge but not suspended from the Met.


' Cop on attempted murder charge '

POLICE CONSTABLE ROBERT BATEMAN a serving officer in the Strathclyde Police appeared at the High Court in Glasgow charged with attempting to murder his wife, Mary Bateman. He is accused of assault and attempting to set her ablaze. She also claims he poured surgical spirit over her head which temporarily blinded her.


' Assault Cop gets reinstated '

POLICE CONSTABLE RHYS TRIGG was formally sacked after being found using excessive force on a Mr Goswell who received compensation of £300,000 from the Met Police at the Central London County Court.  Goswell's solicitor accused officers of lies when they made statements.  The Met Police accepted that Constable Trigg used ' unnecessary violence ' -- so it beggars belief why he should be reinstated after the assault?


'Gay man target of police assault '

Several witnesses in a Manchester Street, saw a man being attacked at 3 am in Hulme Street.  They told of a police car pulling up alongside the young man, an officer got out and started shouting at him.  He then pushed the young man with his truncheon and then beat him with it.  Following this they arrested him and charged him with being drunk and disorderly.  A second police car pulled and two officers got out and called the man a 'faggot' and 'queer'  A Representative from the local Gay Centre said the young man had been released without charge and followed his arrest by lodging a formal official complaint with help from the Rep'


' Undercover cop wrecks trial and £2million covert operation '

This is the strange case of undercover POLICE CONSTABLE JOHN KENNEDY  of the Met Police who worked as a spy in the 'eco-warriors' otherwise known as peaceful protestors. At the trial of several protestors, the cop under his alias of ' Mark Stone' changed sides and put himself forward as a witness for the defendants, which destroyed the police case entirely.  Kennedy has been in the Met Police since 1994, and in 1999 joined the National Public Order Intelligence Unit -- a group set up to combat 'domestic extremism ' namely the aggrieved public and spy on them.  He got a marvellous salary of £50,000, -- in fact, these cop spies cost the public purse a massive amount of funding.  The spies are only accountable to a certain few in Scotland Yard and their remit once they have joined groups is not specified or regulated. They can, ' to keep up their cover' engage in acts that they would normally be arrested for. Such is the power of this elite subversive Scotland Yard Unit.


' Commander lied over covert operation '

This article has great significance to the above article in that, POLICE COMMANDER BOB BROADHURST has lied over the circumstances of the G20 protests. Channel 4 reported that when he appeared before the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee after what happened over policing, he categorically denied that undercover or covert police were involved. However as a result of a statement by Scotland Yard, he has been recalled to face the committee after admitting that they had an undercover officer in the protest group. This lie attacks the honesty of the police, and we already know in our files that dishonest cops have been dismissed because they fall well below what the public expect. Commander Broadhurst should be charged and face magistrates or even the lesser option of as disciplinary hearing. It is often said that undercover operatives and teams do what they are ordered to do on the authority of a senior rank such as Police Superintendent, Police Inspector etc, but we have in our files plenty of them who one would not trust, which certainly brings into question these undercover and unchecked operations so unaccountable and so secret.


' Police crashes amount to 238 -- in their own station car parking! '

A REPORT has revealed that repair bills mounted to £100,000 because of police cars being damaged in their own stations.  Staffordshire and Cheshire Police came in for the severest criticism.  The public are told very little about this situation because of the prangs they have on the road, and with all these programmes showing cops in chase pursuits on TV they'd rather the people didn't know ' said one mechanic who would rather remain anonymous -- as he often goes to repair them in the county he resides in.


' Cop bodyguard to MP has affair with his wife '

THE POLICE OFFICER IS NAMED -- Police Constable Paul Rice was bodyguard to the recent Shadow Chancellor Alan Johnson. He was with a special protection unit assigned to look after the Johnson's, but ended up looking after Laura Johnson rather too well.  The officer has been suspended since the affair became public.


' Cop featured on crimewatch ' child rape case' is jailed '

EX-POLICE CONSTABLE DANIEL LISHMAN was jailed by a court for eleven years, after being convicted of the rape and indecent assault on a 13-yea-old girl. BBC's Crimewatch programme said that Lishman had been finally caught after a string of sexual offences that have taken place over several years.


' Speeding Cop spared a ban on driving after doing 105 mph '

POLICE CONSTABLE ALAN BOTHWELL of the GRAMPIAN POLICE who drove at 105 mph was excused for this behaviour because he'd had a row with his wife, a report tells us.  It says the cop was angry as he drove along the M9, but after disclosing his marriage troubles, the court fined him £600 and gave him 6 penalty points. It says that normally, driving at this speed would receive a ban, and that this court often made this decision with motorists unless there was exceptional circumstances that excused it.


' Cop arrested on theft charges at Heathrow '

An un-named Police Officer was arrested at Heathrow Airport -- it is stated that he worked as part of the Aviation Security Team and is based at Reading.  It says that he was arrested over shop theft and was part of a shoplifting gang who worked the Airport.


' Gay Cop accuses lesbian boss of bullying '

AN OFFICER based with the Met Police has begun an official complaint against his lesbian boss who he says made fun of him and accused him of having a dirty uniform, long hair etc.  Scotland Yard said they kept these kind of complaints internal and any homophobia alleged will be dealt with in the usual manner.


' Worldwide search for Paedophile network nets cop '

This is not the first time a cop has been involved in child sex rings, other such investigations often reveal police involvement, and it has to be said, the officers in question have been given a cloak of secrecy, as in this case. The report says volumes on others such as a scout leader, football coach and those connected with children. It naturally pays for the police to play down the fact an officer or officers were involved and concentrate on making the others out to be the prime suspects.  It says they broke a ring with 70,000 members from every walk of life. It was cracked after a website seemingly okay, was found to be hiding other services to the benefit of Paedophiles in the U.K. U.S.A. Holland and Europe.  The British Cops should be careful about self praise for their efforts, as it may reveal more police involvement than they'd wish to see being exposed to the public.


' Detective Sergeant charged with conspiracy to supply drugs '

FORMER POLICE DETECTIVE SERGEANT MICHAEL DALY was charged with supplying cocaine, worth in street value £345million. The Cop of no affixed address was remanded in custody. Others charged in connection with the Irish connected drugs bust were, John Edney from Kent, Alan Wells from Sidcup, they appeared before Highbury Magistrates Court and were remanded to appear before Blackfriars Crown Court where Daly will also appear.


' Bank Manager Kidnap Plot Cop in £100,000 theft plan '

POLICE CONSTABLE MESUT KARAKAS appeared before the Crown Court charged with attempting to rob the Lloyds Bank of £100,000, and that he plotted to kidnap the bank manager along with four other members of the gang.  He made arrangements to set up a fake roadwork's emergency just outside the bank so no vehicle would enter the area.  A police swoop on his home netted false car number plates, masks, handcuffs and tape. The officer who had been on the Essex force for four years was found guilty with the others and is to be sentenced later.


' Detective Sergeant dismissed from Police Force '

DETECTIVE POLICE SERGEANT IAN WEEDON was found guilty by a board looking into his seven year relationship with Brian Charrington who is believed to be an International Drugs Smuggler. The Cop from the Cleveland Police Force was charged along with two other police officers with conspiracy to obtain sensitive police information of use to Charrington.  The co-accused DETECTIVE POLICE CONSTABLE PAUL HARDY and DETECTIVE SERGEANT JAMES McSORLEY were punished for disciplinary offences. The Court Case collapsed it is said, and what details emerged was that a Det, Police Constable admitted two offences concerning the improper disclosure of information, was fined 18 days of pay. The other a Det. Sgt denied nine offences related to falsehood etc, and found guilty of eight of those charges was dismissed from the force.


' Detective Constable under investigation is found dead '

POLICE DETECTIVE CONSTABLE ADAM CHIFFI a Dyfed-Powys Police Officer under suspicion of sexual misconduct was found dead at his home after committing suicide. It was said that he was found by another officer and that there was an inquiry into his death already underway.


' Flying Squad Officers now behind bars for robbery '

POLICE INSPECTOR FRED MAY, SERGEANT EAMONN HARRIS and POLICE CONSTABLE DAVID HOWELL were all convicted for their part in a £200,000Security Van Hijack.  The Scotland Yard Detectives were 'betrayed' by a colleague who gave information to the police anti-corruption squad. 


' £50million trial halted amid Police Corruption allegations '

THE AXE MURDER OF A PRIVATE DETECTIVE finally came to a halt amid the exposure that the Private Detective Daniel Morgan was investigating a ring of corrupt police officers at the time. He was found murdered by in a car park having been killed with an axe.  The 24 year old investigation and trial collapsed.  It was stated by the CPS that some Scotland Yard Police Officers failed to hand over documents.  After the murder three police officers were detained including DETECTIVE SERGEANT SID FILLERY, he later resigned. Sadly the mystery of what happened and who killed Daniel Morgan will disappear like so many other things.


' Another Cop commits suicide amid investigations '

DEPUTY CHIEF CONSTABLE DAVID AINSWORTH of the Wiltshire Police force was suspended from normal duties last September amid investigations into ' comments he made to female colleagues ' it is reported.  The Senior Cop has been found dead in his garage at home. It was said he was separated from his wife and living with a girlfriend when he was found hanged.  The Officer said to have come from The Kent Police Force, was being investigated there it was revealed.


' Sex Romp Cop gets fired '

POLICE CONSTABLE KARL BROOKES of the South Yorkshire Police was dismissed from the Police after being seen having sex with a girl in his squad car by a security man. He pleaded guilty to neglect of duty and engaging in an act that would bring disrespect to the force. His partner officer who was un-named escaped with a fine.


' Policeman who punched teenager is convicted of assault '

POLICE CONSTABLE RICHARD KING appeared before Southend Magistrates charged with assaulting a teenager, 19.year-old David Hobbs. Although the cop denied the offence, he was found guilty and fined £130. The officer from the City of London Tactical Firearms Unit living in Essex could face dismissal over the conviction.


'Spreadeagled toy gun boy as police pounce '

One terrified 13 year old boy lay spreadeagled on the ground as armed police point their guns at him.  Karl Sparkes had been using a plastic spud gun that afternoon and when a neighbour saw him carrying it along the road to his uncle's for mending, they called the police.  The West Yorkshire Police in Bradford took full action and alerted a gun crew, police cars and a van to intercept the boy.  Karl was amazed when they came from the front and behind, screeching to a halt. One cop in full gear shouted 'get to the ground' and when he didn't they followed it with ' this is no joke' and up to that point, that's what the lad thought it was.  He was then 'frisked' as he lay spreadeagle on the ground.  Fortunately, the boy was returning from his uncle with whom he'd left the plastic gun...as carrying it in his hand might have led to a 'body bag'     His parents were taking legal advice, and have made an official complaint.


' Acid Attack Cop is jailed '

POLICE CONSTABLE KEITH MORGAN appeared before Maidstone Crown Court on a charge of causing grievous bodily harm to Wendy Duffield. The cop was found guilty of throwing acid into the face of Miss Duffield after an argument. He was sent to jail for ten years.


' Student is assaulted by Police Officer '

POLICE CONSTABLE GRAHAM McKEE was suspended by his bosses after attacking student Aamer Anwar on University property. The cop was heard to say ' This is what happens to black boys with big mouths' as he made the arrest on Mr. Anwar.  It was described how he dragged Mr. Anwar along the ground and then deliberately assaulted the man.  The court awarded Mr. Anwar £4,200 in compensation following his civil action against the police.


' Cop is jailed for corruption '

POLICE CONSTABLE IAN GIBSON was sentenced to three months in jail for approaching a woman and offering to drop a minor charge of having possession of drugs in return for sexual favours. It was revealed that he arrested the woman in question and in the process assaulted her too. He found guilty of a breach of the peace and assault.


' Assault on boy is found guilty by court '

POLICE CONSTABLE NICHOLAS GODBER of the West Yorkshire Police was fined £300 with £300 costs by Bradford Magistrates after being found guilty of assaulting a 15 year-old-boy.  The incident happened at Shipley in West Yorkshire when the officer detained the boy who was with two others ' larking about'. The court said that the officer had no lawful authority to detain the boy nor give him a slap. The cop was found guilty of common assault. It is stated that he is to face disciplinary proceedings.


' Woman is assaulted by Police Officer '

POLICE CONSTABLE GRAHAM HOWLE appeared before Perth Court charged with assaulting Miss Devlin outside a nightclub. The court heard how she had her head banged against the police patrol car three times during the assault.  The cop of the Tayside force faced five charges of assault and four counts of breaching the peace.  It is said that he also assaulted another woman during this incident and had a go at two men as well, claiming he would arrest them and charge them with assaulting him. The trial continues.


' Handcuff prank Cop is made to resign from force '

POLICE CONSTABLE GRAHAM STANTON of the Met Police was asked to resign by his bosses after an incident at a West London police station where he handcuffed a woman police officer in a ' game '  He was based at Feltham Police Station where the incident took place. It was said he and fellow officers PAUL MAPLETOFT and STEPHEN RANDALL were with the young female constable at the time, and were 'messing around'. His bosses said that it was a breach to use the cuffs on anyone but prisoners and a serious one, and had to be considered discreditable conduct.


'Prisoners on way to Court are beaten up by Cops '

Three prisoners from Strangeways Prison were beaten up in their cell said Lawyer Tom Burke. They were due to be seen before the Court in Bolton.  A Prison doctor was called who took photos of the injuries and examined the three men who were all in their 20's.  Solicitor for one of the men, Hayden Carr made an official complaint against the Manchester police for assault.  One man suffered from a broken nose and the third a black eye.  The third man's solicitor was also notified.  A Greater Manchester Police Spokesman refused to comment.


' Drink-Drive Driving Instructor Police Sergeant is banned '

POLICE SERGEANT MICHAEL HEFFERNAN, a cop driving instructor and traffic police sergeant at Swindon, was more than three times over the drink/drive limit when he was pulled over.  He was stopped amid giving a woman a driving lesson. The former cop was put on probation for 12 months and banned from driving for 36 months by the town's magistrates. It was said he had an unblemished 25 year police record.


' Crash Cop staggers out of car in front of colleagues '

POLICE CONSTABLE HOWARD INGLESON staggered from his crashed car and was immediately breathalysed by officers. ' I've had loads to drink' he said as cops cautioned him.  He was found to be three times over the limit. He appeared before Horseferry Road Court in London, and was told he was lucky to escape a jail term.  The cop was said to have a 26 year exemplary police career. He was banned from driving for three years and put on probation for two years. 


' Detective is banned and fined '

POLICE DETECTIVE CONSTABLE DAVID HALE was fined and banned by Tyne and Wear Magistrates at Blaydon after failing a a breath test wile on duty. The cop was banned for 18 months.


' Cop and Rugby star in Drink/Drive Bust '

POLICE CONSTABLE WAYNE DOOLEY from the Lancashire Police force was banned from driving for 18 months after colliding with a girl and injuring her while being twice over the drink-drive limit.  The rugby star was in his Land Rover at the time of the accident.  Victim Rochelle Muskett suffered head and abdominal injuries after being hit by the police officer. Dooley was fined £300, and was said to be facing Disciplinary hearings likely to result in dismissal.


' Sergeant books his own constable in B-Test '

POLICE CONSTABLE JOHN DIVER of the Lancashire Police Force was arrested by his own station sergeant for drink/driving.  The cop in his own car was breathalysed and arrested by the Sergeant and taken to the station at Bacup in Lancashire.  He was charged with the offence and went on immediate leave.


' Panda Car Cop fined for causing death of student '

POLICE CONSTABLE DAVID VICKERS of the Cumbria Police Force was fined £1,000 at Carlisle Crown Court after he pleaded guilty to a lesser offence of careless driving. The original charge was 'causing death by dangerous driving '  However, the court accepted the lower plea, banned from driving for nine months and ordered to pay £750 costs. 


' Cop in house raid pockets half the cash '

During a raid on a house in Ealing, an un-named Police Constable from the Elite Territorial Support Group grabbed £5,000 of £10,000 for himself.  The Cop who was bailed and suspended was with a team targeting a house where stolen computer equipment was reported to be.  The report says that the missing money was found in the arrested cop's locker at the police station.


' Dirty Phone calls Cop is found guilty '

POLICE CONSTABLE ANTHONY COOPER appeared before Bedfordshire Magistrates claiming that his out of body 19th Century ghost had caused the phone messages. The bench found the cop guilty of making numerous dirty phone calls to a string of women. Cooper of Waterdell was to be sentenced later.


' Traffic Radar Cop commits perjury '

POLICE CONSTABLE BARRY VINE a speed cop using radar to catch unlawful motorists found himself in trouble when he lied about two motorists.  He was charged with perverting the course of justice after saying he carried out two tests on the radar gun and signing a form to say it was correct.  This proved to be a lie on a further test and Vine was charged.  Northampton Crown Court decided not to jail him but gave him a two year conditional discharge.


' Beat Cop on Bribe Charges '

POLICE CONSTABLE ROGER GREENE a Thames Valley policeman, was charged with taking bribes to destroy evidence against five drink/driving offenders.  It is stated that he corruptly took £500 from one driver and £300 each from four others.  The Cop appeared before Reading Magistrates and was granted bail until his appearance in the Crown Court.


' Constable steals from victim's handbag '

POLICE CONSTABLE DEREK PARFITT of the Hertfordshire Police appeared before St. Albans Crown Court on charges of burglary.  It was stated that the officer had stolen £440 from pensioner Daisy Whitelaw's purse after she had made a burglary report.  She showed the officer on his visit where she hid the money and said she had faith and trust in letting him know it.  Later she found the money gone.  The officer claimed he was under a lot of stress and the court adjourned until later.


' Police Sergeant charged with attempted murder '

POLICE SERGEANT STEPHEN HALL of the Greater Manchester Police appeared before Manchester Crown Court on the charge that he attempted to murder his wife by stabbing her six times.  He admitted to a lesser charge of wounding with intent and was jailed for four years.


' Theft Cop placed on probation '

POLICE CONSTABLE DAVID BOWEN of the Met Police was found guilty at Southwark Crown Court after camera evidence showed him taking a personal stereo at the police station at Tooting where he was based. It was said that the officer had an impeccable career which was now ruined. He was put on probation for two years.


' Cop steals from Station Social Club '

POLICE CONSTABLE JOHN DAVID BURROWS of the West Mercia Police was committed to Crown Court by magistrates. He faces seven charges of stealing £240 from gaming machines at the Bromsgrove Police Social Club, plus four other unspecified amounts of cash.


' Rent Allowance Swindle Cops face trial '

POLICE SERGEANT ROBERT TURNER and POLICEWOMAN CHRISTINE TURNER appeared before Snaresbrook Crown Court for fraudulently obtaining £40,000 in a rent allowance deception.  They both lived together but claimed for two homes the court heard.  Both officers received suspended jail sentences.


' Policeman in £10,000 fraud inquiry '

POLICE CONSTABLE ALAN WALDOCK of the Northumberland Police was suspended as a fraud investigation began into credit card misuse.  The same cop had only just been cleared of murdering his wife during a holiday in Portugal.  The police confirmed the credit card fraud involved a sum equal to £10,000.


' Cop arrested after drug dealer is tipped off '

POLICE CONSTABLE NEIL COOPER of the Grampian Police was arrested on the order of Chief Superintendent Ronald Coutts after a piece of notepaper bearing vehicle registrations of police cars in the drug dealers home were found.  Cooper is charged with corruptly accepting £6,000 and other payments from the dealer for passing on confidential police information.  Amazingly in contrast, Cooper has entered a defence in which he has named POLICE CONSTABLE JAMES GRIMMER, saying he committed the offences.  It was stated that Cooper was one of a small band of drug officers known as the A-Team. The trial was set to continue.


' Shoplifting charge on Met Chief Assistant Commissioner '

ASSISTANT CHIEF POLICE COMMISSIONER WYN JONES was fined £400 by Southwark Crown Court after a guilty verdict was reached over the charge that he stole 324 worth of groceries from the store Marks and Spencer's.  The decision came as a second blow for the officer as he'd just lost his job at the yard over misconduct charges.


' Detective on money-laundering charges '

DETECTIVE CONSTABLE SIMON GOODRICKE was arrested on conspiracy charges by colleagues who'd been investigating a drug money-laundering racket involving four other men and the officer.  The cop has been remanded and suspended until his appearance at Birmingham Magistrates Court. The West Midlands Detective said nothing at his pre-hearing.


' Two Women Police Officers jailed over drugs supply to friends '

POLICEWOMAN ELIZABETH HARTLEY and POLICEWOMAN LIZA WILKINSON were found guilty by Liverpool Crown Court on charges that they supplied drugs- cannabis and amphetamines to friends. Both officers were jailed for 12 months each.


' Cop's lies are exposed '

POLICE CONSTABLE STEVEN THORN who falsely claimed he was attacked by a gang of youths, saying they squirted sup glue into his eyes and pushed him into the canal, admitted he had wasted police time and that he had made it up.  Magistrates heard that he was ill, and decided to give him a conditional discharge.  The cop has retired on a £60 week pension.


' Theft Cop goes to Trial '

POLICE CONSTABLE ANTHONY KING of the West Midlands Police was charged with stealing equipment belonging to the police force. The equipment was said to have been at the station where he was based. He was committed for trial at Warwick Crown Court.


' Blunder Cops are dismissed '

POLICE CONSTABLES ROBERT McGEE and SHAUN TIMMINS of the Bedfordshire Police were charged with neglect of duty. Because they didn't want to get their trousers wet on a rainy night out on patrol, they simply approached a crashed car and attached a 'police aware' sticker on it without investigating. It was found out later there was a dead woman inside the car, and she lay there for 12 hours before the matter came to light. Both officers were required to resign by the Chief Constable.


' Protesters against injustice from police Act are arrested '

IRONY COMES WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT,  David Currer, from Maidstone, Kent, thought he and several friends were well within their rights to make a protest about the Criminal Justice Act when they went to join and cheer on a small group of protestors......only to find that they would see injustice in action.  They witnessed a small group of peaceful demonstrators being arrested by police officers, who were being got for standing up for everybody's civil liberties.  He later that week posted notices asking for photographic evidence and anyone having evidence written down of what had happened......He also noted it was The Kent Police doing the injustice.


' Police Marksman charged with murder '

POLICE CONSTABLE PATRICK HODGSON was charged with murder whilst on duty. He is to appear before Bow Magistrates. The cop an officer with the armed response vehicle shot a Mr. Ewin who died later in hospital. The unit was responding to a call that two men were seen with a stolen car in Barnes, South West London.  Hodgson was suspended from duty and will be diligently backed by the Police Federation.

The above case will in all likelihood not succeed or be watered down to manslaughter. But none of this is likely as records show that nearly all police shootings have resulted in no cop going to jail or otherwise, most of them if not all walk free from court. The case in the main is a showcase designed to fool the public.

The wife of Mr. Ewin is beginning a writ for damages and her lawyers have asked that an order be made for the release of papers in the case and its circumstances.


' Fake Knife Attack Cop is suspended '

POLICE CONSTABLE IAN McKAY was suspended from duty with the Gloucester Police. The cop made out a report that he had been attacked by a mystery knifeman.  The force launched an investigation which revealed nothing. Later however, the force issued a statement saying that an officer had been arrested and charged with wasting police time. Acting Sergeant McKay later admitted in court to wasting 190 man hours of police time and was given a two year conditional discharge and ordered to pay £30 costs.


' Officer fiddles pools money '

POLICE CONSTABLE DEREK EDMONDS was charged with four counts of false accounting, two counts of forgery and two counts of furnishing false information. It was stated in court that the cop ran a pools network and falsified the figures in order to pay for a holiday costing £320. The shortfall was spotted by Littlewoods while the officer was on holiday. The West Yorkshire cop from Leeds appeared at Bradford Crown Court.


' Cop beats up Motorist '

POLICE CONSTABLE JAMES KEMP of the Thames Valley Police Force was dismissed from the police after a seven year career for attacking a motorist on duty.  The Inner London Crown Court found Kemp guilty of using force on a man who was already on the ground and drunk.  It was said the cop punched the man several times and the sentence was four months in jail.


' Five Cops suspended over rules abuse '

FIVE HUNTINGDON POLICE OFFICERS were sad to have disregarded and abused suspects rights when they were held in detention contrary to PACE rules.  One of the Police Officers is said to be of Inspector rank, and none of the officers involved were named in a press interview with the Cambridgeshire Police.


' Assault Cop goes to jail '

POLICE CONSTABLE JOHN MAXWELL was sentenced to two months in jail by the Newcastle Crown Court after being found guilty of assault.  The burly cop head-butted a bus passenger and kneed him in the groin. The cop attacked John Cummings. It is said the officer was a policeman for 18 years in the Northumbria Police.


' A Dozen Cops face investigation over facebook comments '

Police Chiefs have acted angrily after finding out that up to a dozen serving police officers have been putting comments on the site 'FACEBOOK' saying how they'd like to beat up protestors and students. It is said one cop proudly posted a video clip like the ' Rodney King beating by Cops in the USA' to show his support for the way police assaulted the man and said ' how cool is the copper ' Others referred to the public as scum and bacteria they despise on a daily basis. Strangely these last comments remind us of an incident at a police station in Crouch end London -- the one near to Wood Green, When a member of the public heard three cops behind the public counter call the public deadbeats and scum, thinking no-one was listening ( they thought the public area was clear and didn't see him sat out of sight).  Another cop said he and others were going to have a good night out in Southend where they could dish out some justice?  It appears the Essex Police Professional Standards are launching an investigation into this.  They will of course say this doesn't reflect the view of many coppers, but it certainly does for quite a lot of them, these are the ones that have been caught and it's only the tip of the iceberg.


' Chief Tells Detective I'm not interested in 'People Trafficking '

BOSS TELLS DETECTIVE CRIME IS ONLY WHAT HE SAYS IT IS, Detective Inspector Gary Osborne told female detective Jennifer Coleman that they were not dealing with anymore human trafficking cases or investigations and that she ought to drop them even though she had been doing reasonably well in this area. Her line boss Detective Sergeant Chris Cullen screwed up details she had given him on a paper.  She claimed CID colleagues treated her with disdain.  The female officer who is suing her bosses for discrimination under whistleblower laws, is seeking compensation of £30,000 from the police. She says she knew her career would be over after blowing the whistle on police despite rhetoric saying that it's okay to expose corruption etc.


' When did you see a programme on bent cops? '

THE ANSWER IS - NOT FOR THE PAST 15 YEARS AT LEAST -- Yes that is a fact, so we shall look at why this is. One answer is that it is bad for business, the TV business, and not very good for the government either. There are bent cops and plenty of them, but Panorama the BBC investigative programme team have been told to lay off, just as we were when we would not hand over three 120 minute video tapes showing corrupt cops to the police. They said we couldn't show any of the material until it was scrutinised by their investigation team, nor could we show the identities of the cops in question until they were given an opportunity to talk with the ones on the film, in other words -- suppress most of the sensitive stuff. We of course did not agree to that, but neither could we get a TV company to present a programme with us in the studio challenging the police, it all had to be seen first behind closed doors with the police picking and choosing what they wished to comment about -- a sort of script that they could control.  Gone are the days when a' world in action ' team did a piece on drug cops etc, naming and showing the bent officers. Today it's all cops with dogs, car cops etc, throwing out propaganda on how good they are, a sort of smokescreen for the hard of hearing, poor sighted and rose-tinted ' cops are okay ' brigade. We have arrived at a situation where deception is the fashionable tool for the police and they have embraced it and used it to its full advantage -- fooling the people all of the time.


' Phone Hacking Scandal reveals Bent Cops '

Much is being reported on how awful the News of the World reporters have been, but underneath this as emerged one story the police would like to bury.  It seems that officers have been taking payments for information, and they are being given cover by the authorities. No officers have been named and an investigation is not being given priority considering that it is corruption that is being looked at.  But time and time again this site reveals bent cops and it has no effect on them, so we can only hope that we push them harder until they cannot deny what they truly represent. We will keep on their backs all the way and reveal more cops as we go on from year to year, because they are still out there and roaming around remaining undetected because of colleagues and top brass that want it swept under the carpet.  The hacking thing by private detectives and reporters is not palatable, but there are only a few ways of getting information without being accused of harassment or invading someone's privacy, and when you can't investigate a person as we do policeman, lawyers etc, then corruption will flourish and this country is providing the state with the power to cover-up. 


' Sub-letting Cop is exposed on TV Programme '

Sub-letting a council flat is unlawful, but that did not matter to PC STEPHEN HOLT who rents a Southwark Council flat at £91 a week, because he's renting it out for £400 to others and taking a £200 deposit. He also boasted of having a chateau in France and has the flat next door to the let to boot. The programme revealed him making £350 a week at the taxpayers expense. It was quite clear the Met Cop who is would you believe it? A Crime Prevention Officer. On seeing the programme, the council issued him with a notice to quit, but what of the illegal charge, --- nothing --- what do you expect to read here, he's a cop and no-one will charge him.


' 300 Police Officers are disciplined for Sex Offences '

A little known report was squeezed away in a small column in a newspaper barely an inch in size, but it revealed that three hundred cops have been disciplined for sexual offences in the past five years, with some dismissed and others forced to resign. We were too late to get details but if we can we will come back to this.

We followed this article and tried to get to the facts, but lo and behold it was withheld, the main excuse being many officers resigned so that names could not be mentioned. Apparently 52 forces were involved, but the whole thing was suppressed by all means possible, even the Times it must be said, cooperated in keeping this at a level that suited the police, and that tells you something about the so-called free press.


' Cop dismissed over sexually pursuing a 14yr old girl on 'facebook' '

POLICE CONSTABLE ROBERT NICHOLSON, a Met Police officer was dismissed without notice after a hearing pronounced him guilty of gross misconduct. They said he was attempting via the Internet to form an inappropriate relationship with a vulnerable teenager.  After obtaining her number via a meeting at Bethnal Green Police Station where she was held after being arrested at school he subjected her to numerous phone calls and messages.  Nicholson went on trial at Southwark Crown Court accused of two counts.


' Heathrow Cop is arrested on drug pushing charges '

POLICE CONSTABLE JARNAIL VIRDEE was arrested on suspicion of supplying steroid drugs to armed colleagues. Four other cops have been suspended from firearms duties and are being investigated by the Met's SO11 Aviation Security Branch.  Anti-Corruption Officers arrested him at his home in Reading and seized a number of items including the steroids a class C drug. He has been suspended while the investigation goes on.


' Cop with ' kill PM messages on Facebook is revealed '

POLICE CONSTABLE ROSS GIBSON of the Merseyside Police was put on ' restricted duties' while the force investigates.  The police are said to be embarassed by the Constable's action and have studied several messages he posted, that they say are very offensive. 


' Probationary Cop with 'kill top cop' messages is to face charges '

ANOTHER CONSTABLE like the above, who is yet un-named Met Cop at Kensington Police Station posted threats against the Assistant Commissioner after being sacked for ' an unsatisfactory performance '  it is also stated that he made threats against other officers after being dismissed, and was arrested.


' Drunken soccer hooligan turns out to be a cop '

POLICE CONSTABLE STUART NIVEN is now being investigated by the Professional Standards Department after his seeing a photo showing the off-duty cop burning a flag and shouting at the fans of the opposing team, which could be seen as provoking a situation that could breach the peace. A Manchester City fan with tattoos, Niven was taunting the united fans at the Wembley match where he was spotted shouting and holding a lager.


' Misconduct Cop gets £180,000 pay-off '

MARTIN TIPLADY, The Met Police Director of Resources was being investigated by the Yard for misconduct allegations from a female staff member Raphaella  Hamilton-Appiah twenty years his junior.  Accusations of favourability were spoken when the 58 year old married cop suddenly chose to retire amid the serious claim. Apparently, and this happens time and time again, Scotland Yard has gone dumb and refuses to make any comments or give reasons for paying out £180,000 to a man facing a charge in their own ranks?


' 12 Offensive cops booked in Facebook Rant '

ESSEX POLICE are investigating up to a dozen police officers who made abusive comments on the website Facebook. This was brought to the attention of the Chief Constable by a member of the public who discovered the messages and pages.  Messages suggested ' student bashing ' one of the more tame comments. Police bosses ordered the material to be removed and are considering disciplinary action against the perpetrators.


' Met Police have been forced to disclose gifts made to officers '

Senior Officers have for a long time cast aside all enquiries into gifts they have received, but now this has been reversed in a new move to discover what is going on. This was sparked off in a row over assistant Commissioner John Yates should have disclosed details of a free lunch with the Editor of The News of the World. As we know this has now hit the news big with an investigation into police officers paid for information.


' Cops who went to brothel are dismissed '

FOUR MET POLICE OFFICERS have been fired after they were caught going to a brothel by a police sergeant on patrol near the brothel premises. Only three out of the four were brought up before a hearing to find they were sacked, the fourth police officer resigned after being collared and didn't wait to be called in.


' Cop is jailed for money laundering racket '

POLICE CONSTABLE SEAN GRIFFIN was arrested along with his wife at their flat in Stevenage, Hertfordshire along with ' four clients '. It was said they got £176,000, including £116,000 in profits from the prostitution racket, and used the cash for their mortgage.  Constable Griffin was jailed for nine months by Cambridge Crown Court after admitting to money-laundering.  It was stated that the running of a prostitution ring will stay on file?


'A WPC in race row resigns after 848 days sick leave '

POLICE WOMAN HINA PAREKH was claiming racist abuse and bullying in the Met Police when she signed off sick. The police in turn summoned her to a misconduct hearing due to what they said was a ' poor performance record ' It was also said the police tolerated the lengthy sick leave because they feared the complaint might lead to a damaging race row!!


' G20 Police Action ruled to be unlawful by judges '

TWO HIGH COURT JUDGES ruled that action by them in handling the protest was unjustified and condemned officers for using their batons. It could raise the gate for compensation claims by people who were hit by the riot cops at the time, and those that were injured. After the judgement the police said they were going to contest it.


' The Police Bugging Scandal on the Isle of Man 2003 '

At the current time we have the phone hacking scandal, involving cops, but not so long ago The Deputy Chief Constable NEIL KINRADE was suspended from duty, and in his wake almost all senior officers were suspended, retired or dismissed.  The Cheshire Police were brought in as the investigating team, and apparently, at the end of the matter a top Liverpool cop took over the position. The investigation centred around the discovery of bugging devices used at the police station Headquarters to monitor conversations between lawyers and their clients. This situation had been going on for ten years without being found out. In a fury, Kinrade lashed out at the accusations and refused to accept that bugging was going on, and resisted his suspension. Even the Senior Judge on the island, Mike Kerruish had to stand down because of his ties with Kinrade who was a neighbour and had attended many social occasions at the Judge's house. Another fact of why he could not conduct the case was that his brother-in-law was a potential witness, a witness against the Deputy Chief Constable Kinrade. The investigation continued throughout 2004 with dire consequences for the Isle of Man Police. So as we can see, bugging, phone tapping and other covert actions, all suggested and deemed to be unlawful, have continued despite reassurances of ' it will never happen again ' and ' We have learnt from this and made changes ' -- All hogwash and mostly, a complete lie, but that's the law!!


' Phone bug Scandal nets Commissioner and Deputy Police Commissioner '

THE 2011 PHONE HACKING SCANDAL has taken two more, and these are the highest ranking cops one can imagine, they have resigned saying ' We did no wrong, it wasn't us Gov' '  Indeed, how we believe all of that?  MET POLICE COMMISSIONER SIR PAUL STEPHENSON and ASSISTANT COMMISSIONER JOHN YATES of Scotland Yard.  Both of these officers have nestled quite close to Rupert Murdock of Times International where the revelations of phone hacking took place and have now been revealed big time, and the net is widening. It remains to be seen how far the government will let this go as it looks dangerously too close for comfort, and could expose another scandal within -- only a year after the 'Expenses Scandal '  We hope forces keep pushing not only to get the cops who accepted cash and favours, but politicians and officials, including big business.


SCUNTHORPE TELEGRAPH 9TH JULY 2011 --- 35 COPS QUESTIONED OVER THE MISUSE OF DATA -- this report was sent to our PI Richard. We are informed it concerns officers who have used the Police National Computer unlawfully and illegally, and that they are facing disciplinary hearings.  We have tried to get at the details and found that it has been cloaked in a denial in which they have used gobbledygook wordings saying that officers may be identified as a result of information given to third parties, and it is this reason they can withhold it. Nothing new there!


' Two corrupt cops caught passing data to ' family gang ' '

POLICE OFFICERS PHILIP PARR and CHARLES FLETCHER were exposed during an investigation into the Gunn Family and Associates, a crime family being investigated the Lincoln Constabulary. It emerged that Nottingham Police failed to pass on vital information concerning this case.  They were both found guilty after appearing in court.

POLICE CONSTABLE MARK BOHANNAN was arrested in a similar case, when it was found that he was passing on information to his wife's drug dealer.


POLICE INVOLVED IN RAKING UP THE COSTS OF MOTOR INSURANCE -- A report has shown that the police are making millions out of the motorist yet again. They are sell on the details of road accident motorists, contact a favourable garage who then pay them for putting the car and insured their way.  It is said they demand a fee of £25 for every motor they supply, calling an administration fee?


' Resigned Ex-Chief says cops will go to jail --- highly unlikely '

ASSISTANT COMMISSIONER JOHN YATES who resigned over the ' phone hacking Scandal ' has publicly stated that cops who accepted cash bribes or demanded payment for info, would go to jail for corruption -- but we've heard that one before and it's got whiskers on it now. Hardly any cop will go to jail, the federation will see to it that they resign or disappear rather unexplained and avoid questions and indeed --- a trial of any sort, that has been the way of it for years, just look at this site and read about these things. they are a fact well documented since the police service began.  As one cop once told us ' we look after our own ', and he admitted to conveniently walking away from a charge of having taken a gun from the evidence room when he was in service, and because he could name others at the station, they accepted a retirement plan would suit everyone.

And more to the point in his statement to the press he says ' IF the corruption cases, which are very small in number, ARE PROPERLY INVESTIGATED, I have no doubt'   ---  Well that's the core of this, IF being very dubious and doubtful, and PROPERLY which suggests that remains subjective and ambiguous relying on honesty and a desire to be thorough, and many recorded investigations have shown this not to be so.


' Police Secrecy uncovered over the retention of body parts '

FOR YEARS THE POLICE HAVE ACTED SECRETLY over their keeping of body parts of murder victims a report tells us, and the families were never told of this. AVON AND SOMERSET POLICE revealed they had allowed 110 burials of victims to be without body parts such as brains and hearts. WEST MERCIA COPS owned up to the fact 44 victims had been buried without organs. Angry reactions followed the news of this and one man in particular was furious that his relative Nigel Evans of Bristol was buried without his brain some eight years before. But it now appears the cops can hide behind certain conditions of the Human Tissue Act of 2006, and are not subject to the Act....which is another nail in the coffin of one law for them and one law for us,, and it couldn't be clearer.


' When the cops fit up an innocent man '

THE COPS IN QUESTION WERE - FORMER SUPERINTENDENT THOMAS PAGE, EX CHIEF INSPECTORS - GRAHAM MOUNCHER and RICHARD POWELL. OFFICERS - MICHAEL DANIELS, PAUL JENNINGS, PAUL STEPHEN, PETER GREENWOOD and JOHN SEAFORD who all stood in the dock charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.  Three innocent men were jailed for the murder of Lynnette White, and Jeffrey Gafoor admitted to the crime years later and the jailed men were released after the convictions were quashed.


' Cover-up by Senior Cops for witness supergrass '

THE POLICE CAME UNDER FIRE for covering up what they were doing for villain Karl Chapman who was in jail in return for his testimony. Trips out, brothel visits, drugs were all mentioned despite the fact that no officer or officers have have been prosecuted. The court heard there was a prolonged and persistent- pervasive conspiracy to pervert the course of justice by a number of West Yorkshire Police Officers. The Prisoner Chapman received gifts,, money and privileges for his co-operation. Chapman was facing 267 counts of robbery against frail and elderly victims.  The force was also accused of failing to investigate serious allegations of violence against Chapman who had provided them with evidence against a criminal associate. The matter is now being looked into by the Police Complaints Commission. So what next? probably nothing.


' Cleveland Top Cops are arrested by Yorkshire force in criminal investigation '

THE CHIEF CONSTABLE OF CLEVELAND POLICE SEAN PRICE and DEPUTY CHIEF DEREK BONNARD were arrested and questioned by North Yorkshire Police Detectives.  Besides the two policemen, a woman member of the Cleveland staff was arrested on suspicion of the same offences.  It was stated that this criminal investigation -- misconduct in public office, fraud and abuse of position, along with corrupt practice ' has shocked the public and police in that iot is the first time two of the highest ranking cops have been the subject of a criminal case.


' Disgruntled Cop tells us of Cops in false arrests and more '

A SCOOP FOR US by our Private Investigator reveals that a bunch of Met Cops have been fixing arrest figures and fitting up people so that the figures will deter the Home Office and their Headquarters from looking too closely into manning figures. The Cop let fly at his colleagues and hit out at the Judiciary saying ' there's quite a few bent ones there' and says he knows of certain officials at the local courts who have helped this band of cops. He did not deny being one of them, and said that he was drawn into the game by others who said he couldn't stand on the outside looking in and would be moved. He asked colleagues how, and they said it could be arranged if necessary. The game he says, was to add crimes to sheets and notebooks on suspects they knew and did not like personally, which included innocent people who were a thorn in their side. These people were vulnerable and often easy to fit-up, especially if they had a car and moved around a lot or on the other hand, had few friends to support them.  We just placed drugs in the car or on them without them even noticing which is easy when they are confused and we are coming down on them, any cop can do it so long as your colleagues are in on it. Cops in every country are doing this kind of thing to get convictions and the courts are helping us because they don't like drug dealing and suppliers. People nowadays are led to believe this kind of thing does not go on, but I can assure you it does -- he said. We will be following this story and come back to it after he provides us with some paperwork. Richard is staying on top of this one.


' Stranger than strange, but it could be true '

A claim has been made that the infamous Jack the Ripper was actually a cop, a police Chief Inspector Frederick Abberline of Scotland Yard. A  new book on the Ripper by Mr Abad a handwriting expert, says he has compared handwriting of ripper notes in a diary and letters to those of the Police Inspector's own written notes and declares that it is not only similar but identical. Proving this is going to be difficult because would you believe it? the police have launched a legal battle to withhold the name and evidence held on file of the Ripper, which begs the question why?


' Sergeant and Constable charged with vicious assault '

POLICE SERGEANT PAUL JACKSON and POLICE CONSTABLE MICHAEL PRENDERGAST of the Manchester Police with grievous bodily harm after committing a vicious attack on a suspect at Bamfurlong Police Station, they both appeared before Liverpool Crown Court after the man lost his eye and suffered significant injuries as a result of the police brutality.  Both officers were charged under section 18 of causing grievous bodily harm with intent.


' Police Inspector on Assault charges kills himself '

POLICE INSPECTOR ADRIAN ROWLSON, a shamed cop appeared before Northampton Crown Court where he admitted to causing Actual Bodily Harm to a fellow female officer. The assault took place in a 'swingers club' and Rowlson attacked the policewoman. He had been in the police for 17 years and faced a prison sentence besides being dismissed. He was found dead at home.


' Rochdale Police Officer in assault is forced to resign '

POLICE OFFICER ANTHONY LANG was told to resign by police chiefs after he appeared in court and was fined £800 and £350 costs. The station CCTV showed the aggressive cop kicking the legs of suspect Daniel Nutthall of Rochdale. The court found him guilty of common assault and they awarded Nutthall £100 compensation.


' Detective Sergeant is jailed for 3 years '

POLICE DETECTIVE SERGEANT JOHN CRAGG was jailed at Liverpool Crown Court for having an affair with a sex rape victim. The Officer who worked on the ' Rape Case Squad ' pleaded guilty to two charges of misconduct in public office.  It was said in court that he abused the trust of the public and his behaviour within the police force caused two cases to collapse. It stated he had two affairs with women when he was stationed in Blackpool with the Specialist sex crimes squad.  He frequently had sex with the women while investigating their cases it was said. The Chief Constable of  Lancashire said ' Honesty and Integrity are two of the most important characteristics of a police officer, and John Cragg has failed to display those qualities.'


' West Midlands Cop on Child sex Charges '

ACTING DETECTIVE INSPECTOR GLEN BOULTON of the West Mildlands Police Force faced two charges of sexually abusing two young girls under the age of sixteen when he appeared before the Wolverhampton Magistrates Court. Boulton 45, had been 20 years in the police, the local police preferred not to disclose much and opted for saying he had been suspended.


' Child Porn offender tells court he was abused by Cop '

Emergency call operator Jason Cullen (Hodson) who appeared in court over child porn pictures on his pc, told the court that he had been sexually abused by a senior cop at Scotland Yard. He was appearing before Sutton Magistrates, where he pleaded guilty to possessing indecent images of young children.


' Cops blatant admission to having cops with convictions in the force '

At one time it would have been a sin for a member of the public to suggest a force had bent cops on their payroll, but these days they know it's true and don't really care what the public thinks of that.  The Hampshire cops were quite willing to defend their keeping of cops with 42 previous convictions (see Hampshire cops) now, this year 2011, The Met Cops finally owned up to having 13 officers still in the force with serious convictions, A Detective Sergeant was caught in a sting to close in on a prostitute ring. A Police Constable was caught with class A drugs, but he only attended a misconduct hearing. Two Constables caught on drink drive were given fines, Nine other officers were up before the courts for assault and related charges, they still hold down jobs in the police. One spokesperson defended this by saying ' a cop having a criminal conviction does not preclude employment '  and it has been revealed that around the country's 42 constabularies that dozens from each are in that similar position, and they say they do not understand why the public view them with suspicion?


' COP WHO SPARKED BRIXTON RIOTS ACCUSES BENT COPS ON FORCE '  --- Police Marksman Inspector Douglas Lovelock accused bent colleagues in the Met Police of corruption. The riot was sparked when he wounded black woman Cherry Groce in 1985, which led to street battles and vehicles set on fire in the Brixton area of London. The Inspector who was from Orpington in Kent, was formerly based in THE KENT POLICE FORCE before transferring to the Met.  Scotland Yard denied his claims --- but that is not unusual.


' Police bring UK riots on themselves '

POLICE CORRUPTION, GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION has been waved in the face of public criticism for a countless number of years, and many see nothing done, and the perpetrators sliding away absolutely free due to highly paid corrupt lawyers and CPS Officials able to use the system to their advantage. We have listed thousands of cops and lawyers plus government figures and this has not brought any change,, not yet anyway, but we shall keep listing them and eating away at these bodies until they eventually own up.  The 'expenses scandal' did not go all the way due to the Government implementing certain inquiries that they could influence, and in turn, police inquiries do the exact same thing with their federation and IPPC which carefully considers the needs of the police not to suffer too much a blow as to injure moral. Unfortunately, the real demonstrators have been infiltrated by others intent on making this something else. Underneath this are the genuine protestors who want to have the police brought before the courts, which cannot now happen as the Government will heap praise on the Law Enforcement, and any complaints against the police will be shelved or disappear. It all actually started with one individual citizen being shot in rather suspect circumstances, as armed police were at the scene and voices in the community said the young man did not pose such a threat as he was outnumbered. It was also revealed that a first police announcement claimed the young man had pulled out a gun and shot at the officers, but this changed later and a change of story emerged saying that the young man did not fire the gun, which not surprisingly points to police lies and attempts to fabricate the event details, which is not uncommon in these incidents. With the help of the Police Federation, this kind of behaviour happens time and time again so that they can get their members some sort of story to rely on. This lying by police set off the riot, the looting was something else and the police have capitalised on it. At times like this they shove in new laws, because this an excellent time and opportunity to slip them through unhindered by the do-gooders, and the crowd are baying for blood and bring back the birch etc, The cops play this game every so often to take attention away from their corrupt practises.

NB. The Rodney King Assault by Cops sparked a riot that left Los Angeles burning for six days, and this was because a court found the four cops not guilty? despite a video and camera evidence that showed otherwise.


' Officers refuse to give evidence at civil hearing '

FOUR MET OFFICERS REFUSED TO GIVE EVIDENCE in case they incriminated themselves it is said. The four officers were accused of serious assault and brutality on a Tooting man. The lawyer representing the man said the police committed ' gross brutality '. The four officers in this arrest are - POLICE CONSTABLE JONES, POLICE CONSTABLE COWLEY, POLICE CONSTABLE DONOHUE and SERGEANT PAUL DAVIS.  THE COURT AWARDED THE ASSAULTED MAN £60,000 IN COMPENSATION.


' Met Cops assault student and then charge him '

Fit-ups by police are not that uncommon as we have already mentioned time and time again. Student Alfie Meadows was caught up in a 2010 demo, but protested his innocence in saying he was not involved, and this is supported by family and friends. Alfie suffered great injury from a policeman's baton and underwent a three hour operation to save his life. It now appears that the Cops in collusion with the CPS are charging him with violent disorder along with 11 others which carries a maximum jail term of five years if found guilty. We have often said the CPS are corrupt and they have been investigated for corruption, and we have shown cases of bent lawyers in the CPS. The Police have never stopped being corrupt, and many of them still fit-up people as you can see through our many items and files.


' Met Police Director of Communications in Hacking Scandal '

POLICE PR ADVISOR DICK FEDORCIO was 'sent home on extended leave' by the force as the inquiry and investigation into illegal phone tapping caught him in the net.  The report says he faces a charge of gross misconduct in public office and allegations over a £24,000 contract he gave to a phone hacking suspect?   One wonders just how many others in the force will be found and charged? of that we shall probably never know, and knowing the police as we do here, it will be another carpet sweeping event.


' The Payouts '

WE BEGIN WITH 'PRISON PAYOUTS' a fact that has not been revealed much in the past, and only with the Freedom of Information Act has it now been exposed and runs at a staggering £40,000 a day, and this is being paid out by the taxpayer, not the authorities, and this applies to POLICE PAYOUTS.

The Ministry of Justice admitted to paying out £60million over four years of taxpayers cash to compensate claims by prisoners (and jail staff etc,) £1.25million is being paid out in damages every month.  £215,000 was paid out over prisoners being locked up beyond their release date, and what was not disclosed was the huge legal bill by ' the compensation culture lawyers' who virtually waited outside the prison gates with leaflets. Prison staff helped themselves to £8.7million in 2010, this averaged out to about £10,000 each.

We now go onto the police payouts:

' £21,000 Payout for Cop Assault Fix-Up '

MICHAEL MULLINS received compensation of £21,000 after a High Court found in his favour that Metropolitan Police Officers made up charges of having drugs and assault against them. Mullins sued the police for malicious prosecution and perverting the course of justice.

' Cops Payout £70,000 for Wrongful Imprisonment '

Minicab Driver Anson King brought an action against several Stoke Newington Police Officers in his case against the Met Cops.  The High Court heard how he had been strip-searched, thrown into a police cell, and falsely accused of assault on the police.  However, the judge ruled the cops committed misconduct and cited POLICE CONSTABLE MARK CARROL and DETECTIVE CONSTABLE PETER McCULLOCK as being the main officers involved in the incident. The Police made no apology or admission of responsibility as they left the court.

' Man gets £96,500 for Police Fit-Up '

Delroy Hare was wrongly sent to jail for five years by bent cops the court heard.  The case was only re-opened when the Midlands Crime Squad was discredited and officers were charged with corruption.  It was found that they had forced him to sign a false confession using coercion. Mr Hare was intending to take the matter onto a civil action after receiving the Home Office Payout, but the Legal Aid Board failed him and pulled out the rug beneath him and changed the rules for eligibility thus denying him access to a proper compensation package.

' £50,000 Police Payout for man in court '

Derek John Treadway received £40,000 in exemplary damages, £7,500 in Aggravated Damages and £2,500 in compensation from the police.  The Queens Bench Division decided that Mr. Treadway was convicted on false evidence by the police - there was a clear line to indicate that the police had deliberately fabricated confession documents put in front of Mr. Treadway under duress.

' Cop Assault Costs Police £7,500 '

Student Fozilot Ali was punched in the stomach and head by a Met Cop as he waited outside a North London Hospital the court heard. Several Met Cops approached him and Police Constable Miller suddenly lashed out at the teenager and then proceeded to humiliate him and tore up the boy's credit cards in what be seen as a racially motivated attack. The court ordered the Met Police to pay compensation despite their denials in court.

' Gay man gets £5,000 payout from Police '

A court awarded Michael Young £5,000 for wrongful arrest and malicious prosecution against the Metropolitan Police. Mr.Young was kept in a police cell and falsely charged with threatening behaviour. His lawyer Mr. Angus Hamilton said of the verdict - ' It has taken an awful long time to get this case to court '  -- showing the difficulty of suing the police, so prepare to be fobbed off, ignored by them, messed around with and the delay tactics.

' 7 Cops beat up man who gets £10,000 payout from cops '

Mr.Gary Stretch was awarded compensation of £10,000 by the court against the Met Cops after he was attacked by seven off-duty police officers in Hackney, East London.  He successfully sued the Met Cops for assault, battery and false imprisonment. None of the seven officers were named, charged or disciplined.

' Two Innocents get £6,000 Payout over illegal detention '

After 'Terror Unit Cops ' raided the home of Sean and Sarah Cohen, arrested them, strip-searched them, and kept them in a cell for 15 hours. It was only later the cops realised their mistake after grilling the couple and making accusations, denial of rights etc, that they found that an 'administrative error' had led them to the wrong house, and that they had wrongly arrested the couple. Police only paid the compensation when they were required to by a court, no police officer was ever charged or disciplined, --- a regular theme.

' Post Office Worker gets £10,000 for Police Assault '

DENNIS CAREY received £10,000 from the Met Cops for assault, false imprisonment and false prosecution. The court heard that INSPECTOR JAMES QUINN and SERGEANT WILLIAM WOODHALL were in the vicinity with an unmarked police car when they stopped to arrest Mr.Casey for 'obstruction' because he was according to them - in the area of the rowdy group. Neither officer was disciplined or charged.---yet again!

' Man beaten up by police wins Payout '

GABRIEL THOMAS was awarded £36,000 in compensation from the police by a court after turning down an offer to accept a secret out of court settlement of £40,000. ' I want this out in the open ' he said explaining that he didn't want the police to get away with it. In court he told how they pushed him to the ground and kicked him repeatedly. The jury accepted the assault but could not come to an overall unanimous verdict over the false imprisonment and malicious prosecution.

' £36,000 for Scientist over police assault and attempted fit-up '

The court heard how the police rough-handled and told to admit to possessing cannabis. Police Constable Chitty claimed he had found drugs on Mr.Rowe, but only produced the small packet at the station taking it from his pocket. In his interview he was told if he admitted to having the drugs he would just receive a caution, but the Scientist refused and was later charged with the offence. Mr. Rowe immediately lodged a formal complaint and engaged a solicitor. At the court the charges were dropped by the prosecution, and the civil action followed.

' Man gets £65,000 for wrongful conviction '

MARK CLEARY spent nine years of his life in a cell as a result of an unsafe conviction because of inconclusive and dubious police evidence. The Home Office gave him an interim compensation of £65,000 with a further £35,000 to settle the £100,000 award.  Cleary who was 20 when he was jailed and released at 29, said ' how can they ever replace what I've lost, the money hardly represents a fair settlement. In the United States I would have got around two million dollars.'

NB: Two men shot at and falsely arrested by Brooklyn cops in the USA got $76million dollars for police assault?

' Met Cops pay £28,000 over illegal raid '

Ruby Imbert and her son, Colin received a police payout of £28,000 after being assaulted during a raid by cops that was unauthorised and illegal.  The settlement was arrived at after protracted legal negotiations it was said in the High Court. The court heard that no warrants had been issued in connection with their arrests when the police officers from West Ham burst into the house. Colin Imbert was compensated for malicious arrest and false imprisonment.

' £50,000 payout by cops to mother '

Mrs. Claudette Thompson presented her case for damages in the London County Court against the Met Police Commissioner. It was heard that she was assaulted by four police officers, charged, finger-printed and had her photograph taken.  At court she was acquitted of bogus charges of assaulting a sergeant and constable. The court awarded her £1,500 in compensation, and £50,000 exemplary damages for assault and false imprisonment by the police at Hackney Police Station.

' £26,000 for man assaulted by the Met Police '

Edmund Lawrence received £26,000 from the Met Police after they punched and kicked him before falsely imprisoning him at Peckham , South London.  The incident happened after police stopped his car. A charge by the police saying he had assaulted a police officer was dismissed by the court as 'rather fictitious '

' Wrongful arrest victim gets £76,000 Police Payout '

A wrongly convicted man had the conviction quashed by the Court of Appeal. Ronnie Kingsley, a community worker got a £76,000 award from the police for false imprisonment, assault and malicious prosecution. It was heard that Police Officers from Stoke Newington planted drugs on him and gave false evidence on oath at his trial. The Met also had to pay additional legal costs of £25,000.

' Beaten up couple get £31,000 Payout from Cops '

A Black couple, Terence Prince and Marie Stewart were attacked by police officers in Brixton and thrown to the ground. Mr.Prince lost two teeth in the attack and his girlfriend, Miss Stewart banged her head against the pavement in the unprovoked attack. They were both kept in police cells and then subjected to false allegations and charges, which the magistrates threw out. The police were ordered to pay compensation of £31,000 to the couple for their ordeal.  No apology was ever given by the police.

' Police Pay £64,000 to Victim of Assault '

Terence Winyard accused police officers at the Streatham police station of wrongful arrest, assault and false imprisonment.  The jury having already heard a ' connected case ' involving another victim, found the Met Police guilty of malicious prosecution, and awarded him £64,000 compensation damages.

' £90,000 for 3 over Police Assault '

The Met Police were ordered to pay damages of £90,000 to Paul Demuth, Claire Roberts and Malcolm Glover. The court heard that the police fabricated evidence, charged them with assault and obstructing an officer. The Central London Court found the police guilty of assault, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution.  The incident involving the police officers happened in Soho, central London.  Police Constable Martin Heap and Police Constable Colin Baker grabbed Mr. Demuth and threw him against the wall and cuffed him. They claimed he dropped a packed of cannabis on the pavement.  Friends Roberts and Glover intervened on seeing the officers slam their friend against the wall. Then in a second a third officer Police Constable Bruce Wilson stepped in to grab the friends. One cop yelled ' Get that tart out of here ' referring to Claire Roberts.  All three were bundled into a police van and later, Mr.Demuth was taken to hospital for several injuries incurred as a result of police brutality.  The three cops were never charged or held accountable?

' Wrongly jailed man gets pittance from the Home Office '

£16,000 in compensation was handed out to Michael Boler who was jailed for 10 years. The 30 year-old man was wrongly identified by police witnesses despite having an alibi at the time of the robbery he was accused of. The Appeal Court heard that the real offender who committed the robbery Michael spent time in jail for, admitted to that robbery when he was caught in another building society raid.

' Police Assault Victim gets £220,000 Payout '

Hairdresser Kenneth Shu sued the Met Police for assault and wrongful arrest. Police Officers attacked him when he refused to let them into his house. One cop said at the time ' I've never arrested a Chink before ' and was smiling all over his face.  The court heard how they verbally insulted Mr Shu and punched and kicked him as he lay on the floor of the police van.  The four day civil trial at the Central London County Court found in his favour and awarded him one of the biggest payouts.

' £30,000 Police Payout for Wronged Man '

Marcus Roskily found himself being seized by Police Officers in Brixton when he was attending a public protest cause.  He claimed damages for ' wrongful deprivation of his liberty, distress and humiliation and personal injury -- and exemplary damages to reflect ' the oppressive, arbitrary and unconstitutional nature of the misconduct '   He was acquitted at the Old Bailey of charges ' trumped up ' by lying officers he said. He then pursued his claim for damages through the court. ' From day one they made attempts not to cooperate until I engaged a lawyer '  It was heard in the court that two officers gave malicious and false evidence.  The police did not admit liability or apologise -- in fact none of the police officers were charged with any offence?

' Manchester Police Payout £8,000 to victim of Police Assault '

A MANCHESTER CROWN COURT JURY awarded compensation of £8,000 to Gerald Wright, Cabinet Maker, who was subjected to assault and wrongful arrest.  It was heard that cops kicked and punched Mr.Wright, and dragged him along the floor causing bruises to his back and neck.  Officers also as a good measure of their dislike of him tore out his dreadlocks before throwing them into the cell alongside the victim.  Mr.Wright was later examined at the hospital and found to have scars to his legs and injuries to his scalp. No policeman was charged or disciplined yet again.

' 10 Years to get Police Payout '

A man wrongly accused of arson received £30,000 in damages for false imprisonment and malicious prosecution. Calvin Tucker had to fight the police for a staggering ten years to get the compensation of which he was due. The police delayed and baulked the action in an attempt to have it sidelined.

' Man gets £7,500 for Police Assault '

Paul Moran sued the Met Police after being beaten up by police officers -- POLICE CONSTABLE KEITH LLOYD and POLICE CONSTABLE IAN WHITELY at around midnight as Mr Moran walked back to his house in West London. Mr.Moran was racially abused also by one of the police officers before being assaulted. The Met did nopt contest the case.

' Essex Couple get £8,000 for Police Assault '

Three Essex Police Officers forced their way into Patrick and Allison O'Loughlin's home, and claimed they had a right to enter. Justice Lord Buxton upheld the award of £8,000 for damages for false arrest, assault and false imprisonment to Mr.O'Loughlin as he sustained the assault defending his home. Justice Buxton said ' The police failed to prove they had the right to cross the threshold -- if those officers go on to make a forced entry they are effectively trespassing, and home-owners may use force to evict them' -- The police were not happy with the result.

' Football Supporter gets Police Payout for Assault '

60 year-old John Simmons was disgracefully manhandled by Norfolk Police Officers when they dragged him to the ground, after the same police wrongly identified him as being a troublemaker.  Luckily, video cameras caught the scene and John won a 7 year fight to get compensation from the cops in an-out-of-court settlement of £10,000. John was cleared in a court when the police decided to charge him for an offence?  The bill for the case amounted to around £50,000 on top of the award. The police would not comment on the case.

' £33,000 Payout for Woman held by Cops '

Essex Police imprisoned Caren Chandler for 14 hours in a police cell in a case of mistaken identity. She was driving home one late evening when she was suddenly surrounded by three police cars. She was taken to Hornchurch Police Station after being arrested. ' I knew I was innocent ' said Caren, 'but they just wouldn't believe me.'  She finally received a police payout for wrongful arrest and false imprisonment after 6 years of police delays.  The Essex Police actually offered her the derisory sum of £2,500 at first, but she refused it and sued the Met Police.  She was finally awarded a proper sum in court -- £10,000 exemplary damages, £9,000 aggravated damages, £10,000 in compensation and £4,500 from the Met.  Taxpayers had to fork out £30,000 for the legal bill and £15,000 for the five day hearing.

' Gloucester Police Pay £4,500 for brutal police assault '

After a six day court battle to get compensation, Dean James-Owen was finally awarded £4,500 damages from the police for assault causing a broken ankle. The Cop who did it was DETECTIVE CONSTABLE ROGER DOUGALL. A charge against Dean alleging that he assaulted SPECIAL CONSTABLE SIMON JACKSON was thrown out and considered to be a malicious prosecution by the police in order to justify their actions.  Three other policemen involved in holding Dean were not accused of excessive force like Detective Dougall, but they were criticised for not recognising what was happening.

WE HAVE OVER 200 MORE CASES YET TO DO, so we are taking a break as collating them takes a long time.

IN ONE YEAR ALONE THERE WERE 304 COMPENSATION CLAIMS AGAINST THE POLICE of the same nature with similar if not identical themes running through them. Only 24 of those cases failed, all 280 cases were successful in obtaining police payouts of varying amounts. It is quite obvious the payouts are ridiculously too low and do not really reflect the seriousness which American Juries show in similar claims.  Despite evidence fabrication and assault very few officers were ever prosecuted as you have already seen in the token amount of cases we have already shown.  We feel it very necessary you should see the circumstances of cases so that it doesn't just look at the cash awards, but the police conduct also presented at court and the things the police got up to and abuses they indulged in and still do to this day. We have bulging files still to go through so we shall return to this subject again.

NB: Not all cases go to court, some are never started, some are compromised by police interference, and some are settled out of court to prevent publicity...many victims are too scared to sue the police, and as you will notice the case can drag out more than six years before you see a penny of compensation due to delays by the police.



POLICE FORGING LETTERS AND DOCUMENTS -- We do this small varied example in support of Mr. Baxman who was a target of this by the Hampshire Police who wanted to belittle him and subvert the court's proper meaning.

' Bradford Policeman forges letter '

BRADFORD POLICE CONSTABLE HOWARD TURNPENNY was so desperate to delay court actions against him in regard to an order made against him that he forged an Hospital Letter the Leeds Crown Court heard.

' Cop forged signature on form '

POLICE CONSTABLE STEVE HOLLIDAY, commended for bravery three times, forged the Chief Superintendent's signature on a form so that he could avoid a parking fine. His car was impounded so he took the form saying his car was on surveillance at the time it was booked and therefore a mistake had been made. A suspicious officer checked the form and rang the Superintendent to get confirmation and Holliday was arrested.

' Guinness Document altered by Police '

LORD SPENS contacted the Attorney General's Office and accused the police of altering a document and withholding evidence. He also accused the FSO of complicity after comparing the original documents.

' Forged letter by Policeman at FSO Office '

In an unrelated incident not linked to the above but involving it, Alex Carlisle QC said ' the new letter was forged in the name of a London Solicitor, David Freeman. It suggested his client might jump bail'  Inquiries showed that the letters were in fact prepared by one or more police officers who were working as part of the FSO. Mr.Carlisle spotted the fake letter by accident and later said ' it is thoroughly disreputable and at the very least demotion should have occurred '

' Police Notes altered to get conviction '

DELROY HARE spent six years in prison for a crime he did not commit because a Police Squad altered their notes and fabricated evidence it was revealed in court.  Justice Lord Taylor along with two other Appeal Judges said ' This court wishes to express its deepest regret at what you must have suffered as a result of your wrongful conviction ' The court agreed that he'd been jailed entirely on corrupt police evidence.

' Forgery of Report costs Met Cops secret payout '

SUBSTANTIAL DAMAGES in an-out-of-court settlement were paid by The Met Police when it was revealed they had forged the station custody records of a 74yr-old detainee they had falsely arrested.  Mr McKenzie had been arrested for being drunk and disorderly they alleged at a hospital where he allegedly interfered with them talking to a friend he was visiting.  It was found that the document and signature was signed ' T.H.Mackenzie ' and the handwriting expert said it was a rather crude attempt to fabricate the man's signature at best. After comparing samples he said the defendant had not written the document or signature. The man sued the Police for unlawful arrest and wrongful imprisonment.

For those who doubt the police are capable of forging documents, the above is ample proof they actually do.



Former policeman J.R.Linsey of Cheltenham in Gloucester, was a policeman in a small Northern Police Constabulary, very dedicated and believed in his job, until he came across a kind of ' Pals Act' within the town.  He soon realised that local magistrates, business people associated with the Police Watch Committee and friends of the Chief Constable were exempt from the provisions of the Road Traffic Law. ' My Sergeant told me not to upset them and only give them a caution if I had occasion to stop any of these untouchables '


' Judges fail to bend the law to suit Police Constable '

Try as they did, Lord Justice Bingham and Mr.Justice Hutchison tried to fit the law in favour of Police Constable Sneller when he wrongfully arrested suspect teenager Arthur Chapman who was later convicted at Camberwell Green Justices because of the incident. Police Constable Sneller was refused entry to Mr Chapman's flat, Pc Sneller 'thought' several suspect youths came into the building, but had not seen it.  He with several other police officers were told they could not enter and they should go and get a warrant.  Chapman had to push back Sneller who had his foot inside, and as a result the officers made their way in and Sneller used the law - ' that he could enter if he suspected an offence had been committed, and that the youth was guilty of an offence ' The Judges applauded the Pc's dedication and asked him if he had evidence that Chapman was one of the suspects? Sneller said no.  They told the Constable he did have the authority to carry out his duty but only to the letter of the law, and in this case he hadn't and the conviction could not stand, and neither could the arrest.  Mr. Chapman went on to sue the Police and Camberwell Justices.


' Immunity Card played by Cop backfires badly '

FORMER POLICE CHIEF NORMAN CHAPPLE thought he was covering-up his side and interests quite nicely when he refused to hand over documents to the defence in a hearing -- ' In the Public Interest ' he claimed.  The evidence would have been necessary, and it denied the defendant proper justice.  Lord Justice Butler-Sloss said at the Appeal -- ' Chapple had no legal right to claim the immunity at all at the hearing, there was no certificate issued by a Government Minister.  During the case it was found that Police Constable Andrew Richardson had lied on a vital number of points, and this evidence could not be challenged or examined due to Chapple's action ' It was also revealed that Mr.Chapple, after his retirement, impersonated a serving police officer and used his warrant card, which should have been handed in on the day he retired.


' Tape Recording catches Police Abuse and Lies '

MALKJIT NATT had the clever forethought to protect himself when he was subjected to police racial abuse, and was arrested by POLICE CONSTABLE DARREN BRAY and POLICE CONSTABLE CRAIG GANDE and taken by patrol car to Plaistow Police Station.  On the way he turned on the Recorder and asked why he had been arrested.  One cop replied ' You're just a pain in the arse '  The other cop said ' Why don't you go and set fire to yourself or something '  Among other comments of which there were many these can be printed - ' Go home, you know, to India or Pakistan, or wherever you come from ' etc.  On hearing the full tape in court, Judge Jackson decided to send the nine page transcript of the tape to the Director of Public Prosecutions -- who later said they were studying it fully before taking action. The Two Policeman admitted to ' abusive behaviour ' and were just fined one day's pay. The wrongful arrest of Mr.Natt at Manor Park, East London, was not dealt with?

' Secret Tape Recording showed the Police Evidence was a lie '

NIGEL WATTS attended a 'shareholders meeting at Sun Alliance' and put a difficult question regarding a £530,000 loan, to Chairman Sir Christopher Benson -- who refused to answer and would not be drawn as he was asked several times in front of the crowd. Suddenly, the police swooped and Mr.Watts was arrested for a breach of the peace? He was handcuffed and thrown into a van.  It later transpired the same police officers (in order to show allegiance to Sir Christopher Benson ) fabricated notebook entries supposed to have been made at the scene of the arrest in order to justify the wrongful arrest. What the Police did not know was that just before he was grabbed by the officers, Mr.Watts who had brought a tape recorder to record the meeting, handed it to a friend nearby who kept on recording as the police approached Nigel.  The tape was played in evidence in the High Court and quite clearly showed that Mr. Watts had remained calm throughout the arrest and gave no grounds for arresting him at all, and certainly not for a breach of the peace.  The Judge said the notebook entries by the police were clearly untrue and that the officers had made up words there were never spoken by Mr. Watts, but deliberately entered into the court in order to justify a charge of disorderly conduct and breach of the peace. ' If this tape had not existed you might have got away with this' he told the police, ' your arrest was groundless with fabrication'   Mr.Watts launched a damages suit, which the police said they would be contesting?

NB - A micro - cassette recorder is useful, small and easy to conceal, and we recommend you carry one if you are likely to be stopped by police, or in a motor vehicle. If you do go to a police station ask that the tape and recorder are sealed in a bag in the event of your arrest, and examine it before it is put away by signing across the seal so that it cannot be tampered with.


' Lying Cop Halts Trial '

The trial of Neil Fernandez was in its first day and seemed quite ordinary until a constable stepped into the witness box to give evidence.  After just several minutes the judge stopped the trial abruptly and accused POLICE CONSTABLE SHAUN CARREBROWN of telling a pack of lies, and announced to the entire court that the policeman had committed perjury.


' Yorkshire Police Corruption Inquiry '

THE YORKSHIRE POLICE FORCE in now being investigated by the IPCC after the rebranding of the Police Complaints Authority first investigated the force it is now said.  After revelations at the Supreme Court revealed that Police Officers lavished a 'supergrass' with numerous generous benefits during a 'disgraceful conspiracy to pervert the course of justice '


' Police Chief on Arson Charges '

THAMES VALLEY POLICE CHIEF SUPERINTENDENT JIM TROTMAN, a former West Berkshire Police Officer appeared in court charged with perverting the course of justice, two counts of fraud and one count of Arson. It was stated that he set fire to his own car in order to falsely claim £20,000 in an insurance fraud swindle.


' Police Detective accused of 'Fit-Up '

Kevin Lane claimed that POLICE DETECTIVE SERGEANT SPACKMAN vowed to fit him up because of an earlier grudge. Lane also revealed that Sgt Spackman and associates Trevor Powell and Joanne Fletcher set up a bogus bank account in the name of the man from whom the money had been seized in a police bust, and had it transferred from the Hertfordshire Police Account on the pretext it was being returned to it's original owner?


' EX-Cop on Trafficking and Prostitution Charges '

Former Policeman SIMON DEMPSEY was charged on two counts of People Trafficking and bringing in Chinese Women for the Purpose of Prostitution and sexual services. Dempsey acted as the 'enforcer' to keep the women in line and was there to use violence to make sure they did as they were told the court heard.


' Gwent Police Detective guilty of Child Porn '

POLICE DETECTIVE ROGER OWEN THOMAS appeared in court on 11 counts of making indecent sexual images of children, and ten counts of distributing such photos via the Internet. After seizing his computer they found a hidden cache containing 2,500 pornographic child images received in downloads, and e-mail evidence showing that he had sent 253 images to other contacts via his 'username '  The Officer is awaiting sentence by the court.


' Cop steals drugs from own station '

MET POLICE CONSTABLE PAUL SMITH, a Police Officer based at Holborn Police Station was arrested and charged with fifteen counts of stealing cannabis from the station secure lock-up, a news report says.


'Former Cop is jailed over Child Sex Charges '

DISGRACED YORKSHIRE POLICE CONSTABLE CHRISTOPHER SNOW pleaded guilty to eight counts of sex with children aged 11 to 14 yrs. He also had 642 indecent photos and images of children on his computer.  The former Cop at Holbeck Police Station was jailed for 3 years and 9 months by the court.


' Police Inspector or Child Sex Charges is held on remand '

HUCKNELL POLICE INSPECTOR RUSSELL DEW, a former Met Cop, was remanded in custody and will appear before Sheffield Crown Court on charges of sexual activity with a 13 year-old girl. Dew was based at Mansfield Police Station, and the offences happened in 2010 it was said. It was reported that he will probably be moved to The Derby Crown Court for the trial. Dew was originally from Melbourne in Australia before moving to the U.K.


' Head of Cop Intelligence in Corruption Probe '

POLICE CHIEF HEAD OF THE NCIS - National Criminal Intelligence Service TONY BLOCKLEY and a Detective Sergeant in the National Crime Squad have been suspended while ' A Major Corruption Inquiry is Underway ' bothe cops are from two separate forces - Derby and South Yorkshire.


' Man dies as Police shoot him with taser 3 times '

Up to Eight Police Officers in Barrow-in-Furness confronted Dale Burns and shot him three times with the notorious high voltage taser gun, which has resulted in his death. It has been reported that they were answering a 'home disturbance call-out' when they surrounded the man.  The IPCC are said to be investigating, so it is very likely that all the cops involved will get off and a whitewash ensues.


' Another non-starter report of G20 cop to stand trial? '

G20 RIOT COP POLICE CONSTABLE SIMON HARWOOD is yet again in the news and reports say he is to face a charge of Manslaughter and appear before the Westminster Magistrates Court -- it also said he had been suspended. But we have already seen one 'Whitewash' in a first investigation that claimed he had no case to answer, so this one will be more of a farce and an indictment that the British Public are willing to let this kind of thing go on in the interests of believing the British Bobby has integrity and cannot do any wrong.


' Met Cops still up to dirty tricks and cover-ups says De Mendez Cop '

We didn't actually need a Detective Sergeant from the anti-terrorist Squad to tell us the cops were still engaged in cover-ups and deceit, the phone hacking saga is already revealing that, But it seems a cop on the squad that shot Mr De Mendez has turned whistleblower because of some religious dawning. It appears he is suing the Met Police and claiming that senior officers tried to cover-up vital evidence and that several anti-terrorist cops committed perjury. He also said the Police hierarchy replaced a chief inspector with another to give more favourable evidence in front of the inquest jury. None of this is new to our team here, we've interviewed 'turnabout cops' seeking vengeance on colleagues after covering up for them when all was okay and they still had a job -- they had no thoughts of ratting on other cops then, mainly because they were part of the bent cops league and enjoying the benefits of it. One can see from the Payout cases that the Met cops were getting away with assault and fabricating evidence, so to us nothing has changed except the wrapping that they now wear to trick and confuse the public by the creation of 'good cop TV programmes for propaganda'  We doubt very much that this detective Sergeant will change anything or be allowed to?


' Kuttner and The Police Corruption Scandal '

PRIVATE EYE, SCOTLAND YARD'S CLUB SQUAD, THE GAMING BOARD and Nottinghamshire Constabulary all feature here as Journalist Jack Lundin exposed the £200million scandal.  The story he was investigating centred around one corrupt policeman, the taking of car number registrations and the national Police Computer.  The lurid and at times twisting tale involving higher stakes, cost Ladbrokes £200m when six casinos were closed down as a result of this story.  Even its chairman Cyril Stein resigned.  The cop was eventually traced, but no thanks to the police, and it turned out to be a Police Sergeant who was duly arrested and put on trial at Nottingham Crown Court.  Shortly after, Jack Lundin was arrested and the Judiciary put him on trial for contempt because he would not reveal his source. Luckily, Jack survived that and was found not guilty. All the details were never revealed and the Attorney General's Office along with the police were delighted with the result.


' Criminal in Jail corrupts Cop and Prison Officer '

CRIMINAL ROBERT TALBOT was serving 12 years in jail, yet his power of influence meant that he could still reach out and keep things going, so he turned Prison Officer Ian Cooper into a trusted runabout who brought in mobile phones, and drugs hidden in large orange juice cartons.  He then encouraged cop, MPS Police Constable Hayley Cloud to carry out vehicle checks on cars he could 'ring '  Policewoman Cloud was jailed for 2 years, and Prison Officer Cooper was in prison for five and a half years. This all took place at Wandsworth Prison, London.


' National Police Racism 2010 -- A new Website '

It seems as if police mistrust is growing as we now give a mention to David Blair and his new site, which can be found in LINKS at its web address. The site says ' A study and research into serious and disturbing concerns regarding disproportionate investigations against BME Officers/Staff by The Professional Standards Department falsifying evidence to remove BME officers from office or have them charged or convicted as a means to remove them. It says they have 18 reported cases, and the website vows to expose the culture of racism and corrupt practices in the West Yorkshire police.    Good luck on that to you David.


Now back to another instalment of more Police Payout cases:



' £100,000 for man tricked by police '

Ramon Canale was fitted-up by the Met Police and jailed for 6 years as a result of fabricated evidence the court heard. He sued the Met Cops for malicious prosecution and false imprisonment after spending 20 months in prison before being freed on Appeal.  The jury awarded him £100,000 for his ordeal; the month long hearing cost the taxpayer an estimated £300,000 -- No police Officer was ever charged or brought to trial.

' £45,000 Police Payout for detained woman solicitor '

' Certain Police Officers in the Chelmsford Force tried to destroy my reputation' said solicitor Hazel Jones as she settled for a £45,000 compensation payout from the Essex Police.  Because she refused to give information about her client she was arrested and unlawfully detained by DETECTIVE CONSTABLE GRAHAM BOUTER who arrested at her offices on suspicion of handling stolen property -- an item 'stolen' by her client -- she was held in a cell for 4 hours. After the case she said she was disappointed that no officer involved had been disciplined despite having shown, at the High Court, the police should not have arrested her or gone as far as they did to break the laws of confidentiality afforded to members of the legal profession.

' £35,000 Police Payout for Mum '

Mother Christine Godsell sued the Greater Manchester Police after being assaulted by POLICE CONSTABLE BRIAN SPEAKMAN, a large Rugby playing man of 6ft 2ins.  In order to justify their arrest of Christine and the assault, they made up a charge of her assaulting an officer, which was luckily dismissed by Manchester's Minshull Street Crown Court, after a long battle to get the truth out and compensation.

' Man who loses eye gets £130,000 Police Payout '

During an arrest, Mr.Amer Rafiq lost the sight in his right eye after being assaulted by excessive force done by the Greater Manchester Police.  Surgeons battled to save his eye, but failed after a long attempt to save his vision. The Greater Manchester Police made an-out-of-court settlement of £130,000 in consideration of the unfortunate incident.  No action will be taken against the officers involved, and the Chief Constable in his wisdom said: ' The greater good would be served by settling on amicable terms and without admission of liability '  Which of course one can see is we are saying we are innocent but we are willing to make this huge payout because we did no wrong' does this make sense? of course it doesn't, nobody pays out anything if they are truly innocent of any involvement, and it's time the police stopped this rubbish.

' Birmingham Cops Payout £81,000 for attack '

A jury's decision to award compensation of £81,000 to Michael Smith against two police officers branded violent racists by the County Court, met with the Judge's approval.  Mr. Smith sustained fractures and aggressive injury at the hands of the officers. What also came to light and this is a standard tack by police, is to make up a charge of assaulting a police officer to justify their actions, and they did in this case. The jury dismissed it immediately. Wolverhampton Crown Court found Mr.Smith not guilty.  The compensation awarded was for unlawful arrest, assault and malicious prosecution. It was also heard that at Birmingham Road Police Station one of the officers told Mr.Smith ' They could kill him and get away with it ' ---- sounds fanciful but there maybe truth in that somewhere. Things said in haste or jest are not always a joke or careless remark.

' Met Pay £62,500 over assault claim '

Two friends who were 'beaten-up' by Met Police Officers in a false arrest received damages for a brutal assault. Mr.Harrison received £27,500 and Ms.Bruno-Gilbert got £35,000. The two friends never thought being good citizens and reporting what they'd seen would end up with them being arrested and held, but that is what happened when they witnessed a man being excessively and violently assaulted by police officers in a lonely off-the-main road street. They immediately went in to report the incident at Stoke Newington Police Station and on doing so found themselves being attacked by officers there.  They were set upon and assaulted. They even charged Mr.Harrison with assaulting a police officer (something they all do to justify their actions as you can see with 99 percent of the payout claims), but it was thrown out at Highbury Magistrates Court. At the Central London County Court police agreed to pay damages but denied the claim, and no officer was ever charged?

' North Yorkshire Police Pay £30,000 Damages '

Joseph Carr, his wife, and two children were arrested at gunpoint by Sheffield Police Officers when they burst into their home at 4 am. Joseph, an Antiques Dealer said they were arrested on false allegations. The Family sued the police for unlawful detention and false arrest.  It later transpired that a Mr.Dawson was later questioned about the allegations of saying that he'd been threatened with a gun at a road incident, which he accepted was false, he was not prosecuted? Sheffield County Court awarded the family damages of £30,000 in compensation.

' Payout from Met Police of £80,000 for Assault '

Three men were assaulted by Police Officers from the Met Police Constabulary -- Mark Thomas got £30,000 for assault and fabrication of evidence, -- Timothy Murphy got £30,000 for wrongful arrest and assault. John Racz got £20,000 for false arrest and false imprisonment. It was heard in court how police officers kicked and punched the men, and then filed false charges of assault on an officer against all three men -- but Marylebone Magistrates threw out the charges vindicating all three.  At the Central London County Court, Judge Clive Callman read out the settlement payouts to each of the plaintiffs.  The Met Police did not apologise of admit liability, nor was any officer held accountable....so nothing new there eh?

' Family get £26,000 over raid by cops '

POLICE OF THE HUMBERSIDE FORCE raided the home of Barry McGill in a 3 am swoop claiming they were looking for a shotgun?  and acting on a complaint.  Barry suffered most in the assault, losing several teeth and having to go to hospital for treatment.  His father, Charles, tried to help but was also assaulted as a matter of course.  Brother Peter was also treated at hospital for extensive bruising and lacerations.  All three, half naked, were thrown into a police van. To add insult to injury, the Humberside cops did the usual and invented charges of assaulting an officer against all three to beef up the pot and support their actions.  A crown Court Judge later dismissed all charges against them and suggested they take out a civil claim against the police. The family took the case to the County court where they sued the police for assault and battery, wrongful arrest and false imprisonment. Barry said after the trial ' We were all badly beaten by these cops and it took years to bring them before the court. The legal fees were massive compared to our tiny award of £26,000, the case cost around £1million over several days, and the barrister got £500,000 on the legal aid. The Humberside Police offered no apology, no police were ever charged, and they denied liability?

' Cab Driver gets £440,000 Police Payout over Liverpool Cops Assault '

LIVERPOOL POLICE FOUND THEMSELVES PAYING OUT RECORD DAMAGES for the outrageous brutal assault on taxi driver George Randles. The ordeal began when officers told George to move his taxi as he waited to collect a fare in Halewood.  Mr.randles made the mistake of deciding to ask why he had to move it, and suddenly the mood changed and the officers became aggressive pulling him out of the cab.  He was punched, kicked and suffered 17 hospital injuries as they waded into him and threw him into a police van.  As a result of that night he now lives apart from his wife because of repeated nightmares, trauma and fits. He can no longer hold down his job and be a taxi driver again.  The outraged jury ignored the guidelines on police payouts and to show their disgust with the police awarded him £300,000 exemplary damages (Lord Woolf had set them at a suggested £50,000 after police complained and the Met squealed to the judiciary) £100,000 was paid in aggravated damages, £40,000 for stress and trauma, £3,500 for physical injuries.  The Merseyside Police Force said they were shocked at the size of the payout.

' Couple get £24,000 for Police Assault '

Mr.Douglas Goodger and Ms. Anne Embleton received damages from the Met Police of £24,000 for false imprisonment and assault.  The couple had been out walking when they passed a police van and saw police officers hitting a youth inside it.  Thinking they could deter the officers they shouted ' There's no need for that ', and in seconds they were grabbed and dragged into the road by police officers. Anne was seized and thrown against the van while another officer struggled to hold Mr. Goodger. douglas said the officers lied in their evidence against him. The compensation was awarded at the Central London County Court.

' Teenage Girls get Payout over public strip-search '

£21,000 was paid out to two girls who were forced by Met Police to strip in public at the Junction Tavern in North London. Madlyn Ray-Jones and Helen Jaffe sued the Met Police for false imprisonment, assault and unlawful inducement to remove their clothes. It was said the officers were looking for drugs -- The Central London County Court awarded Madlyn £12,000 and Helen £9,000 compensation and the police had to pay their costs.

' Staffordshire Police Pay £26,000 for Wrongful Arrest '

BIRMINGHAM HIGH COURT awarded Paul Attwood £26,000 for assault and malicious prosecution against the Staffordshire Police.  Paul suffered a broken leg due to the arrest by officers at Cannock, Staffordshire. The attack happened after he complained about seeing a girl's treatment by police officers that he judged to be unreasonable in the eyes of the public.

' Disabled Man gets £108,000 Police Payout '

A LIVERPOOL JURY caused a Judge to query their authority to award high damages against the Merseyside Police. Disabled man William King sued the police in the Liverpool County Court for assault.  It was heard that POLICE SERGEANT KARL KNEALE swore and told Mr.King to leave the Police Station, and followed this with a kick in the man's back which threw him through a door.  Mr. King had been visiting Truebrook Police Station where his son was being held after an arrest, which resulted in no charges.  Mr. King spent over two years pursuing the compensation claim?  The Jury awarded him £108,000 to show their disgust with the police.

' £30,000 Police Payout for Photographer '

Freelance Photographer Roy Hanney was taking photos as he observed police officers at a demonstration event when he was suddenly the attention of the police himself.  One cop punched him and grabbed him trying to get the camera.  The next thing he was being thrown into the back of a police van. The High Court awarded Mr.Hanney £30,000 for assault and wrongful arrest.

' Framing and Police Assault man gets £24,500 '

THE MET POLICE PAID out an-out-of-court settlement of £24,500 after beating up and framing Peter Stephenson who was punched and kicked by cops.  Mr.Stephenson named POLICE CONSTABLE RICHARD TULLY and POLICE CONSTABLE CHRISTOPHER MCALOON as his attackers and accused them both of planting a knife on him and lying to the court.  Due to their charges he had to appear at Snaresbrook Crown Court, but was acquitted when the Jury did not believe the police officers.  At the Croydon County Court Mr.Stephenson accepted the settlement of £24,500 and costs of £50,000 were paid by the Met who accepted no responsibility?  Mr.Stephenson said as he left the court ' I haven't got proper justice, I feel the people who offended against me should be sent to prison.'

' Rotherham Cops payout £425,000 plus £100,000 costs to 39 claims '

THE ROTHERHAM DISTRICT POLICE AUTHORITY agreed to the payout of £425,000 plus costs  to 39 men who issued writs against the police for assault, wrongful arrest and malicious prosecution.  One man, Mr W.Morris, the son of one claimant said ' Six cops were jumping up and down on my father before I could get to help him, and when I tried I was thrown to the ground. My father, Raymond was badly beaten in the incident. '

more to come..


' Met Cops play Night Game in Stop/Check Car Situation '

It has been revealed that Met cops in order not to get bored? have been stopping vehicles in a ' Stop and Check' motor vehicle operation for their amusement, which is far from what the public expects or needs. Mr Sandy Pratt told how he was travelling through the city in a taxi that was pulled up in a road check, the taxi driver turned to him and said it had been three times that month.  He explained to the fare that on a boring night shift, the police would stop a red car for 'one point' and then another corresponding one of snooker colours, and being a black cab, his was worth 7 points, -- the cops called the game 'car snooker ' ------- the police were not available for comment.


' Restrictions on Police Accountability '

It is little known and often covered up how unaccountable the police really are, and sadly, the lazy public rarely think about it let alone do anything.  Their tired tedious brains hardly think beyond the selfishness they show in normal day to day life.  Here we shall tell all no matter how much they do not want to hear it.  The truth will out. 150 subjects cannot be discussed on which questions cannot be put.  Whole areas  of government and administrative practice are excluded -- such as the secret services, MI5 and MI6.   Comments by the police are thus -  ' not available '  -- ' not in the public interest '  and ' disproportionate cost'  - ' we cannot comment at this moment '  are all trotted out repeatedly by the police and government, the latter meaning they must consult with the powerful lawyer lobby for the government to see what has been made up for instant use, and gives time for them to concoct a public statement that the masses will accept without anybody being the wiser.




' Cash-Card Fraud Cop in Court '

Cambridgeshire POLICE CONSTABLE JOHN MUNDEN claimed that thieves had withdrawn money from his account using his card details at an ATM of his Building Society. But, Newmarket Magistrates Court did not believe this, and found him guilty of attempted fraud -- he was given a conditional discharge with £300 costs.


' Do I tell the Children What I saw the Police Do? '

TEACHER Kate Hayes of Langley Drive, Leytonstone, always told her class to respect lawful authority and the police besides each other, and she believed this until she went to see a public meeting of a small protest group assembled in George Green.  She had luckily decided to stand back at a distance and just watch before moving over, but suddenly she said -- ' I saw the police come in on the group, beating and injuring my friends and neighbours. They only put up passive resistance, yet the police behaved with undue violence and I still cannot understand it or forget the sight.  When I look at my class of children I realise I cannot tell them what I used to say, what do I tell them now about law and order?


' Racially motivated Police Arrest and frame-up '

28-year-old Dwight Strachan, a black man, was arrested and kept in a cell for three hours for allegedly breaking into his own car?  But all is not as it seems, his car was outside South Harrow Police Station, he'd come there to produce his documents after a vehicle check stop.  He'd accidentally slammed the car door leaving his keys inside.  He then went into the station and talked to the desk sergeant who gave him a coat hanger and instructions how to gain entry into his car.  As Dwight struggled with the window in plain sight, a police van suddenly emerged from the side entrance of the station and pulled alongside -- eight officers jumped out and he was thrown to the ground, one officer told him not to resist arrest.  He was handcuffed and taken into the police station.  He was then charged with ' attempting to steal a car' -- at this point Dwight shouted to them 'look in my pocket, I've got a paper from the sergeant to back me up '  -- they refused to listen and threw him into a cell.  After 3 hours he managed to get their attention having taken out the paper, which was in case somebody questioned him.  The police looked at the document and went silent, realising the mistake, and Dwight was allowed out of the cell.  Unable to accept what they did was wrong, the police then charged him with ' threatening, abusive and disorderly behaviour ' --- Dwight immediately made a formal complaint and wrote to the chief constable.  The case and charges were withdrawn, but no apology was given, nor an explanation.


' Disgraceful Attack on Family in Police Station '

Cops attacking a family? in a police station? in the UK? -- Maybe in South Africa one would expect it, but in Lewisham Police Station, indeed yes, that is what happened.  Was it racial? very possible when one considers a comment by a police officer, and it was a black youth arrested along with two others.  At the scene even a passer-by was taken into custody, why? because they criticised the police and objected to the brutal way the officers were engaging in.  The black boy in question was watched by his brother, Kevin 13, he witnessed the whole event and rushed home when he saw the police throw his brother into the back of the police van.  He ran home and told his parents, Almundo Sutton and his wife, and sister Caroline.  They immediately made their way to the incident scene, all but his wife who said she'd be at home in case she was needed there.  The other three arrived at the scene and a constable told Mr.Sutton that the three arrested boys along with a woman had been taken to Lewisham Police Station.  Mr.Sutton, Kevin and Caroline went immediately to the station expecting to see his other son, but the duty officer denied that they were holding him.  Things took a serious turn when Mr. Sutton suggested this was a lie, and that another officer had already said the boys were at Lewisham Police Station. Suddenly, a door flew open and several police emerged from a room and a couple more jumped over the desk and grabbed Caroline, Almundo and Kevin.  The family were then subjected to armlocks, headlocks and kicked; six officers alone pounced on the father, handcuffing him as they dragged him along the floor.  One officer forcibly removed his shoes and trousers before throwing him into a cell, an officer sad ' Shut up you dirty nigger '    After a while all three were released without charge. When they got home his wife said that she had been contacted and it was confirmed that their other boy was being held at Lewisham Police station.   Some days later two of the youths and the passer-by appeared in court at Wells St Magistrates, they had all been charged with ' threatening behaviour and assaulting the police ' --- the court cleared all three on all the charges.

Since the brutal attack in the Police Station, their son Kevin 13, has been arrested twice and held in a cell by the same police, and then released without charge.

In a formal statement he accused the police of victimising his son, Kevin, and the family without proper cause and subjecting them to assault and unlawful imprisonment. --- The Police said the complaint was with The Police Complaints Commission, and seeing as Mr.Sutton had taken out a writ for damages, they were not prepared to make any comment or discuss the incident.


' Brutal Police Raid on Family '

A family in Fulham said they would be suing the police after five police officers burst into their house.  Officers without warning smashed their way into Mrs Green's home in Pellant Road.  Mrs Agnes Green suffers from a heart complaint said a Community Leader. She and her two daughters, Jennifer 22, and Angela 19, said that the officers treated them roughly and would not answer any questions.  ' Mum was knocked to the floor,' said Jennifer, ' it was all very brutal and not called for.'    Cops prevented Angela from using the phone to call an ambulance.  Both girls were handcuffed and thrown into a cell for seven and a half hours.  Mrs.Green was taken to the hospital where it was diagnosed that she had suffered a broken rib and chest injuries.  The girls were released later without charge.  The reason for the raid was not made clear -- only that they were acting on information?  A police spokesman said if a complaint was lodged it would be investigated!!


' Case dismissed against arrested black man provokes public outrage '

Met Police faced yet another drubbing by the public when the case against Mr.Frank Quartey was dismissed by the West London Magistrates.  Mr Quartey had his car pulled over by the Shepherds Bush Police one morning when he was driving towards Chiswick.  He was arrested and taken to the police station having been charged with ' abusive and threatening behaviour '    In court Mr.Quartey told how he was subject to a catalogue of racist abuse and harassment by police at the scene and at the station.  If it had not been for the fact Mr.Quarty was a well respected Church member having citations for his work in other public areas, the police might have made this stick, but not with the magistrates.  Members of his local Church felt so strongly about the unwarranted arrest of a 'black man' that they mounted a vigil outside the police station to demonstrate their feelings of ' shared hurt and anger' with the police and events that followed.


' 3 Year hate campaign by Bully Cops '

Charges against East End Publican John Davis were dramatically withdrawn when Judge Owen Stable QC condemned the CPS and Police over bringing the case at Southwark Crown Court.  It transpired that he'd been brought to court on dubious charges -- a staggering five times in three years by the police, and five times the court found the charges unproved.  Three times the police were condemned by the presiding judge.    Mr.Davis accused the Bethnal Green Police of mounting a campaign of persecution and harassment against him, and named the police officers involved.  Several police raids were carried out on the White Hart Pub -- all without an explanation!     After purchasing the pub and giving up his profession as a taxi driver, Mr Davis and his co-partner decided to make the pub a nicer, family friendly pub for everyone and that meant trying to remove an element of rowdies and trouble that was known to occasion the pub previously.  However, one night an incident took place when rowdies entered the pub and a fracas broke out and police were called.  What Mr.Davis did not know was that several off-duty cops were among the rowdies!! -- on a pub crawl.  From that moment on began the raids, false charges and constant persecution.    They were both arrested several times, one about weapons they had taken off customers and handed in to the police earlier?  yet they were charged and appeared in court.   At one of the first trials, Judge Anthony Boswood QC expressed his concern at the case and said, ' This case stinks from beginning to end, and I recommend that the police involved be investigated.'    One day later after they were acquitted of all charges, another sudden flare up happened at the pub, and 'conveniently nearby' cops swooped in, but only arrested Mr.Davis and his co-owner.  Mr.Davis told the court, ' Three of the officers who arrested him were among the officers who the judge said should be investigated '     Again the charges were dropped when it went to court.    No police officer was ever prosecuted or charged.  Mr.Davis was finally forced out by ill health over the hate campaign, but he did have one comfort, he was able to sue the police for heavy damages, thanks to the comments made by Judge Owen Stable QC who gave him the go-ahead to sue police.


' Motorist tired of being harassed by police '

ANGRY DRIVER STOPPED 8 TIMES IN ONE WEEK, Paul Bodkin, told the magistrates court in Barnsley that he told the officers to leave him alone when they pulled him over for the eighth time in the same week.  The Police arrested him -- the court threw out the charge of 'threatening behaviour' brought by the police. 


Police hit man 16 times, then concoct story to hide brutality '

Ernie Barber's day turned quite horrific as he saw people run past him pursued by police officers hot on the chase, and fuelled by anger.  Ernie of Nottingham had just come away from a shop where he'd bought food and drink.  Somebody shouted ' Don't run you haven't done anything ' which made Mr.Barber turn to see what it was all about. But in that split second of consciousness the lights went out for Ernie as he was hit many times by the police and fell to the ground. ' They were hitting me all over, my legs, my back and all I could see was loads of uniforms '  The beating only stopped when a Senior Officer came up and said ' That's enough'   He was taken to a police van and Officers took a photo as they wiped the blood from him.  He heard one policeman say ' I'm not sure if he was with that lot.'  and then somebody else in the cops said ' Doesn't really matter he'll do today.'   He was actually charged with attacking the police??  12 months later he appeared at court where he heard testimony from the police containing blatant lies, which almost worked. Fortunately, one cop refused to fall in line and crashed the case in the witness boss telling the court that Ernie was not in the gang nor had he attacked any police officer.  The case collapsed and Ernie was freed.  No cop was ever charged or brought to trial?


' Brawl Cops on full pay for three years '

SEVEN OFF-DUTY POLICE OFFICERS INVOLVED IN PUB FIGHT, which injured a man who suffered partial blindness and an almost severed ear, were suspended on full pay for three years while awaiting a disciplinary tribunal?  Met Constables: Alan Barr, Paul Caddy, Paul Wells, Peter Clissold, Carl Simon, Simon Haw and David Thompson were in The Limes' Pub in Hackney when the fight broke out.  Customer Gary Stretch was only feet away when one of the off-duty cops began arguing with another man, which escalated into a brawl.  He was caught up in the scene as punches and beer glasses were thrown, and found himself dragged out into the street by several of the officers.  Mr.Stretch was advised by his solicitor to sue for damages.  When the tribunal met to deal with the ' massively delayed' case, they called for the officers to be dismissed for misconduct, but it was revealed that no officer was?  It was also found that the DPP and CPS did not bring any charges against these officers?  -- which is a strange outcome, but not entirely surprising.

NB. Two of the above suspended police officers in the brawl appeared as witnesses at a £2miilion 14 day trial in front of Judge Hitchings, who dismissed the charges against the defendants due to 'dodgy evidence' given by the two cops.  The Prosecutor in the case, Vivian Robinson QC said at the trial ' I no longer have confidence in the integrity of the evidence they gave.'  --- apparently the case was reported back to Scotland Yard.


' Police Assault man in attempt to get a drugs conviction '

THE MET POLICE found themselves appearing before the High Court charged with assaulting a Mr Vincent Lee, who it was said was fitted up by a bunch of officers who planted drugs on him during the arrest.  Although Mr.Lee appeared at Knightsbridge Crown Court, a jury cleared him of all charges.  Mr.Lee's lawyer Mr.Fulwood brought the case against the Met Police to the High Court, suing them for ' assault, malicious prosecution and wrongful imprisonment '  he told the court that the officers had concocted a story to support their side of things and they had jointly invented a false story in order to gain a conviction.'  At the time of this case, the amount of compensation was not revealed.


' Arrested son of Cop dies and father cannot solve the riddle? '

Joshua Ward was arrested on a drugs charge, the son of Detective Jonathan Ward, was rushed to hospital and died two days later.  Mr. Ward wants to know what happened in the cell at Whetstone Police Station in North London.  Joshua was deemed fit to be detained after three examinations, but rushed to Barnet Hospital with a fractured skull.  ' I visited my son just after his arrest and he appeared to be perfectly healthy ' said Mr. Ward, ' I want to know what happened in there after 11-45pm, and why three examinations found him okay as I did -- and then suddenly he's dead, and by all accounts having been kept in there for a good many hours was dying in that cell all but gradually.'


' Alternate Newspaper Boss tells of Police Intimidation '

Alternate and Radical newspaper 'PINK' revealed that their phones were bugged and journalists abused and harassed by police officers, since they began running a feature column called ' Police Malpractice '. In the first twelve month of regular publications of the column they heard clicks on the phones and one of the main reporters said that unmarked police cars were parking outside his home. Another features Reporter said that he was followed and at one address a cop approached him and gave him a warning not to pursue the feature for his own good.  The Pink Paper Editor said they would not be deterred and would continue with the feature, as the actions of the police only served to prove something was not right and needed exposing.


' Man beat up in cell gets go-ahead to sue police '

In the 'so-thought' safety of a Rochester Row Police Cell in London, Mr. Alan Strong was visited by three police officers after his arrest.  He was subsequently punched and assaulted for several minutes and called various names.  At Southwark Crown Court all charges were dropped against him when it was discovered that he had been waiting outside the facility at Hyde Park Corner because he was ill, and not in the area for importuning as the officers had claimed.  ' They attacked me for being gay ' he said, 'and I have successfully been granted legal aid to sue the police, so I am not going to settle 'out-of-court' as I want everyone to know what the police do when there is no-one around to see how they treat arrested people or prisoners.'


' Bend it like Beckham? -- Cops take that to an unbelievable level '

PHONE HACKING AND COPS TAKING PAYMENTS --- Yes indeed, try as they may to distance themselves from being got, they try to elude and deceive, but a recent report says that a former News of the World Executive employed at Scotland Yard received money, in fact thousands whilst in the employ of the police during 2009 for providing exclusives and investigation material.  Met Consultant Neil Waills admitted that this had taken place in full and plain sight of the police at the time police involvement was denied.  We continually keep telling the reader, that the evidence is on this site, the police are second to none in the lies department followed closely by the politicians.


' Cell Brutality by Cops '

STREATHAM POLICE were forced to launch an investigation after Mane Buttacavell lost two fingers when police officers slammed a cell door on her hand. The incident followed an arrest when she was mistaken for a burglar? at a break-in.  Miss Buttacavell was rushed to hospital but they could not save her fingers.  The police refused to apologise for the incident and the officers who injured her were not named, and police refused to cooperate. We have discovered she did launch proceedings to get compensation.


' Man spends six months in jail -- but no compensation? '

Callous police, the court and Manchester citizens stood by as 18yr old resident Trevor Lawrence was snatched by cops for a crime he did not commit.  He was arrested for 'malicious wounding and robbery of £22 from a local woman'  He was remanded on bail, and because he failed to turn up on time at the court, he was sentenced, grabbed as soon as he appeared and went to Strangeways Prison and treated like a guilty man.  On his release it was discovered he'd been identified wrongly, another court sat and found him not guilty. he was awarded nothing for the police wrongdoing or the first court's action....and that is British Justice.


' Cop gets £150,000 after refusing to attend porn film party '

MET COPS who sacked PC Gordon warren hoped that a long running case could be secretly settled or just go away. They eventually made him an offer of £95,000, which he turned down, but later got a settlement of £150,000 -- they admitted that is original official complaint was never investigated?  Warren of Carshalton. Surrey, was originally sacked because he refused to attend a police party involving off-duty cops, drinking and a porn film at Sutton Police Station.  A Scotland Yard Spokesperson said ' This is a private matter between Mr.Warren and The Metropolitan Police, and we are not prepared to discuss it further?


' Northumbria Police and the Confession Scandal '

THE CPS AND LORD CHANCELLOR'S DEPT were called in to review a wrongful arrest and coercive confession case that led to a man being imprisoned.  Bachelor George Heron was pressured into confessing to a murder by detectives and misled about the evidence they said they had on him.  While he was in prison, he was regularly subjected to death threats and spat on by other prisoners.  Heron who is now suing the police said that his life had been destroyed by the Northumbria Police.  At the time of this case, the police said the results would be made public -- they never were?  and Mr.Justice Mitchell who stated that the police had been 'oppressive' after having Mr.Heron released did nothing either? such is British Justice and a caring society -- absolute rubbish!


' Police Harassment of 13yr old Boy '

LANCASHIRE POLICE came under heavy criticism for the way they treated a teenage boy.  Mrs.Bain said her son was detained by the police on his way to school and kept at the Police Station for 6 hours.  She said she was called to the station where she witnessed a young interviewing officer aggressively trying to make her son confess to a petty crime -- which he did not commit.  She likened this to the hounding of Essex Schoolboy David Gullen who committed suicide after a similar police interrogation.


' Manchester Cops Payout £2,000 for wrongful arrest '

69 YR OLD LIAM ROCHE was seized on his way back to his house in Swindon and driven 200 miles north to Manchester by the police.  He was handcuffed and thrown into a cell on his arrival.  He was accused of rape, but after comparing details it was discovered they had the wrong man in custody.  When this was realised he was unceremoniously dumped out on the street and had to find his own way back to Swindon.  It took Mr.Roche three years to get an action to court where he finally got £2,000.  The police in that long time did all they could to prevent him and interfered with his claim allowing police solicitors to run evasive tactics in an attempt to run it to ground -- the police made no apologies in this case.


' Police 'Records Mix-Up' results in legal action against them '

LEICESTERSHIRE POLICE faced a writ for unlawful arrest and false imprisonment after a bungle in their records came to light.  Alfred Blackham was arrested and handcuffed, thrown into a cell and held for four hours by police who said he was a banned driver.  He was finger-printed and photographed at Wigston Police Station and had to return home to Croydon minus his Fiesta Car with his wife and son.  Mr.Blackham was so annoyed that he reported the incident to officers at Brentwood Police Station and made a complaint which revealed that the Leicester Police had got the wrong man.  It appeared that his surname was the same as that of the drink driver who had been banned for three years -- but they did not check this fully when they arrested him.  The Police said the matter was being investigated and could not comment while legal matters took place.


' Merseyside Cops pay £4,000 for injury to man '

A Judge described Police Restraining techniques such as the 'thumb lock' as over the top in the case of Thomas Shukar who was injured by the Merseyside Police who arrested him over the matter of a stolen vehicle.  Mr.Shukar had been travelling in the aforesaid vehicle when he was stopped, arrested and physically restrained.  It took him 18 months to get over the injury.  Liverpool County Court awarded him £4,000 for wrongful arrest and physical injury.  No police officer was ever charged?  -- this case has similarities to a North Devon Cop Case when officers conspired together over a vehicle that had been stolen -- when it hadn't.


' Lewd Cops grab security tape from cafe after strip-off '

Several South London Met Cops having a 'bash' at a Japanese Diner in Brixton went on to perform a strip off giving nude performances in front of the staff at a so claimed 'private party'  But shortly after leaving they realised they might be on the restaurant CCTV and went back to get the tape to remove the evidence.  The Met Police confirmed there had been a party in which several police officers attended, but declined to comment about the CCTV tape?


 'Misconduct Police featured on Panorama programme '

This was the first anti cop programme in years, well not exactly, it was postponed for a week and when it did appear, it was a damp squid.  The BBC programme claimed to be investigating what happens when the police break the law and how many cases are dealt with in secrecy and closed doors.  Sadly, it leaned more than favourably towards making the police look okay but couldn't masquerade the fact that around 500 officers were allowed to quit or retire to escape punishment and court appearances.  To call the show hard hitting would be fiction, it barely scraped the surface and left many questions unanswered.  Other information obtained after this programme reveals that 1,915 police officers were found guilty of misconduct, and that 489 were allowed to leave by the back door.

Strangely enough on this subject of Police and Programmes -- several years ago the Police wrote to the Producers of Eastenders, complaining about how the police were portrayed in the BBC programme -- the police were shown to be behaving badly -- depicting scenes and storylines of cops in drunken brawls, wife beating and a fondness for S & M parties.  the police made out that these depictions don't just damage the the programme, but the police force too, and called for an end to those impersonating the police on screen.  The producers said they were showing realistic  representations of a police force which had a duty to stamp out corruption.

COINCIDENCE? Panorama pull show on the 14th of Nov for cops to look good in emotive subject of the riots? not exactly a coincidence at all, a secret confidential BBC memo has shown that the police were urgent to redress the situation. However, it is a little late for that because the programme showed that an innocent man was arrested and jailed, ' a distinction of being the first' the commentator said, but this individual was innocent and he didn't like being pushed around by the police. He did not riot or steal. The police were out to get anyone and could under the blanket of ' an emergency'  so come on BBC the stink of corruption is at your door too.


' Lies by Undercover Cop are blatantly a cover-up '

UNDERCOVER COPS are yet here again, remember Pc Mark Kennedy? he had two identities and lies were part of his game, which in essence is professional deception.  We now have DETECTIVE CONSTABLE JIM BOYLING? if that is his real name.  The truth about the police is, they don't know where the lying stops and the truth begins, it's indistinguishable.  Boyling is said to have lied under oath in the court -- in order to protect his identity.  We have a second officer claim that this practice was widespread and sanctioned by Scotland Yard, and that rings true.  Under the guise of a protester he was arrested and went on to give evidence against the others under his fake name of 'Peter James Sutton'. he of course was acquitted along with other minor players, but lecturer John Jordon was convicted of assault.  His lawyer now expects to have this overturned and said the officer overstepped boundaries and called for an inquiry. He also let it be known that it could be difficult to ascertain if Boyling broke the law due to the cloak and dagger cover given to him by the police, but he still could face perjury charges and an investigation.

Our view -- Highly unlikely.  Pc Mark Kennedy alias Mark Stone walked away, and Det Con Jim Boyling alias Peter Sutton will walk away from this. In a Channel 4 programme Kennedy revealed some of the goings-on but left a lot out despite resigning from the Met.  He saw and suffered brutality by cops which he said he was ashamed to see for himself, but never did anything about it. Even when he took photos of his injuries for his bosses they in turn did nothing about it, and there you have your answer to what will happen next!!


' 999 Police Operator ignored calls gets fired '

Identity kept secret! -- an unnamed 58yr old Met Police Officer who ignored calls despite being an 'emergency call response officer ' bungled more than 140 calls made to him. He is labelled as ' callous and appalling' in regard to his attitude to the job.  The Independent Police Complaints Commission said that out of 3,000 phone calls handled by the police officer 141 calls had significant performance issues and 19 amounted to gross misconduct.  Our maths show this figure really to be 160 which defies the news headlines of 140. the unnamed police officer was dismissed at a misconduct hearing, and the CPS failed yet again in this 'police case'


' Policewoman Stalker appears in Court '

WP SERGEANT MELANIE ERNEST was found guilty of 'harassment' and was told by the judge she was 'manipulative, clever and dishonest' when she appeared at Caerphilly Magistrates Court accused of being a sex-pest and stalker.  The case surrounded a perceived love affair with another woman -- Ceri Hughes, who she bombarded with gifts and letters. The tutor a law lecturer began to get worried with all the e-mails and the situation led to a threat of killing her and herself in a pact. She was put on probation for two years banning her from seeing Hughes or being in her vicinity, she was also fined £800.



Yes, a space saver here as we take four incidents;

THE HIGH TECH 'Eye in the sky' £13,000 drone that was a unique crime busting device that actually brought one result -- one arrest?   Merseyside Cops launched this remote  controlled craft four years ago in a blaze of glory and patted themselves on the back.

STAFFORDSHIRE COPS paid management consultants £480,000 so that these guys could tell them how to save money?

HAMPSHIRE COPS are closing 25 police stations to save money, and are asking the public to report crimes by e-mail or book an appointment with an officer online?

YORKSHIRE COPS issue apology after theft victim is told ' track down the crook yourself because we are short of resources ' -- Richard Moore's van was stolen, so he promptly reported it and received an abrupt reception from the Wakefield Police Station. Chief Insp Mick Quirk of the West Yorkshire Police said they were investigating the matter.

--- Previous info shows us that The Yorkshire Cops have done similar before -- Hull Shopkeeper Graham Taylor chased a thief out of his store when he saw a policeman nearby and asked him to help -- the cop sais ' he couldn't and told the shopkeeper to ring 999?

But as we have already seen, not all 999 police operators are willing to answer those calls.


COPS WHO HUNT BAIL JUMPERS --- 83,000 people jump bail, cops claim 31,000. Some of these are violent thugs and robbers. Only two police forces do this work, and police figures are doctored to give the wrong impression. huge amounts of money are spent despite very few captures and the fact they have already been sentenced.


Police Inspector is Sacked '

POLICE INSPECTOR NORMAN COX was dismissed from the Norwich Police after The Kent Police Organised Crime Squad dug up a hidden hoard of £75,000 in his back garden at Barford.  Inspector Cox had been in the police force for 30 years as a custody inspector before promotion to police inspector at Yarmouth, this incident and sacking follows a relative case when his brother Victor and nephew Jayson were convicted for a multi-million pound scam to defraud large farms and factories in Kent.


' Met Police Inspector is fired over sex and drugs boast on Internet '

AN UN-NAMED INSPECTOR boasted about committing a sexual offence and taking drugs on a website.  The Officer was dismissed for gross misconduct in public office but not named, only that he was a 46 year-old man based in Central London.  He is the third Met Cop to be sacked in just a month.  A Constable, and a Police Sergeant who indecently assaulted a 'vulnerable' teenager on duty were also dismissed from the force.


' Five Merseyside Gun Cops are dismissed over deplorable photo '

FIVE OFFICERS FROM THE ELITE GUN CRIME UNIT ON MERSEYSIDE were dismissed when a photograph revealed them ' behaving badly and inappropriately' inside a house they had been sent to search.  They were found guilty of gross misconduct by a disciplinary hearing.  The five Constables worked in the Matrix Team, the police declined to name any of the officers involved?


' Sex on the job Police Inspector is sacked '

POLICE INSPECTOR MASOOD KHAN 41, worked out at Gatwick Airport with the Transport Police -- it is said he has been dismissed after pleading guilty to one charge of 'discredit to the force'.  The Police said he had an 'occasion' with a 43yr-old woman whilst on duty.  The Officer from Coulsdon, South London, had appeared at Southwark Crown Court earlier in relation to this incident, but it was decided that a tribunal dismissal was the answer.


' Police Inspector sacked over alcohol thefts '

POLICE INSPECTOR GORDON McLANAGHAN 43, was dismissed from the Police for stealing from his own police station.  It was stated that he stole bottles of cider and cans from the Ayr headquarters.  His trial was abandoned due to ill health it is claimed, and all details of the hearing are to remain a secret?  It is stated that Strathclyde Police would only say there had been a misconduct hearing concerning a serving officer.


' Detective Sergeant Jailed for Theft '

POLICE DETECTIVE LOUISE ORD was jailed for nine months after stealing from a charity fund. The cash meant for vulnerable youngsters £35,000 was collected in raffles etc, and Ord admitting only to taking £26,000 spent it on fashion, eating out and luxuries.  She diverted the money into her own account it was said at Southwark Crown Court. She was ordered to pay £1 compensation - the legal minimum as there was no money recovered.


' Vital Prosecution  Evidence against 8 Cops is Destroyed? '

Called the biggest one case of corruption, eight suspect cops in the South Wales Police walked free, one said he had been exonerated, - absolute rubbish, the evidence was destroyed, and who by?  The CPS are shaking their heads over the cost of a murder trial that exposed collusion by detectives in framing three men -- all released after two years. They claim this trial, a farce no less, left a nasty smell over the cops and judiciary for almost twenty five years.  Cops THOMAS PAGE, PAUL STEPHEN, PAUL JENNINGS, JOHN SEAFORD, GRAHAM MOUNCHER, RICHARD POWELL, PETER GREENWOOD and MICHAEL DANIELS were jointly charged with corruption. This is the second case where the CPS bungled evidence and cops walked free. The Private Investigator murdered just shortly after uncovering police corruption had files which are now no more, and it all fits in too nicely with what we here have been telling readers about bent cops and judiciary...when things get too close to exposing them, things go missing and trials collapse, just as this one has done. The case is said to have cost so far --£30million!!  and taken 8 years and ruined or deliberately fouled over evidence being binned? It is claimed that one of the Anti-Corruption Officers was to blame.

Conveniently, the above case is a win for the police as it brings to a halt any further investigation into other police officers connected to those mentioned. We know from our files and an ex-cop that others do escape because of the lack of evidence and they count on that to shield them. Equally, one should look deeper into the CPS to see who might be on a payroll to sabotage the case enough to bring it crashing down, but will they do that? no, it serves them to keep this one invalided and unable to be resurrected.


' 160 Cops are sacked every year in each force '

A claim shows that as few as 160 cops from each area force are fired for various acts. These hearings are held behind closed doors it is said in a leaked report.  These disclosures came on a day when CHIEF CONSTABLE GRAHAME MAXWELL of the North Yorkshire Force was himself facing a tribunal for gross misconduct.  52 freedom of information requests across the UK uncovered a lottery of discipline moves and all of the proceedings were carried out in an atmosphere of secrecy.


' Former Met Cop Groomed Child for Sex '

THOMAS DAWES a former Met Policeman appeared at Snaresborough Crown Court charged with intending to, and grooming a young girl for sex via the Internet.  He was given a 33 month jail term. The Cop from Woodford admitted to five counts of possessing indecent images of children and the distribution of them.


' Cop jailed over Kiddie Porn '

POLICE OFFICER IAN REYNOLDS of the Norfolk Constabulary received nine months in jail imposed by Norwich Crown Court.  He served as an Emergency Response Officer. When they searched his home they found indecent images of children filed in his computer at Thetford.  He was discovered after Gloucester Detectives followed a lead on child porn images being uploaded to a porn site and traced the supplier. On discovering it was a policeman they contacted the Suffolk Police.


' Detective Constable faces murder charge '

POLICE DETECTIVE CONSTABLE PETER FOSTER appeared before Lewes Crown Court accused of murdering his Policewoman partner, Heather Cooper -- both worked in The Surrey Police Force.  Foster was remanded in custody until February 2012.  Heather Cooper was stabbed in the throat -- she was working in the Public Protection Investigation Unit at the time.


' Gay Policeman hounded by colleagues '

TRAINEE POLICEWOMAN LARA GOLDIE was said to have been driven to suicide by colleagues at Haringay Police Station where she was based.  She left a suicide note explaining that officers at the station and others at Hendon Training College were prejudiced and taunted her continually  --- of course, both Hendon and Haringay deny the allegations, but we have already seen and published similar cases that prove they indeed do resort to harassment and racial abuse as can be seen on this page.


' Woman Cop who couldn't be bothered is jailed '

POLICEWOMAN MICHELE SELBY of the Strathclyde Police was jailed for a year charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice.  It was stated that she caught a burglar on an attempted break-in while she was delivering mail to a police station -- she confiscated his tools and let him off saying ' she couldn't be bothered to deal with it' as she had more important things to do.


' EX Detective Inspector faces Perjury Charges '

FORMER POLICE DETECTIVE INSPECTOR RICHARD MUNRO of the Fife Constabulary stood in the dock accused of withholding information during a murder investigation in 1995, and lying about it afterwards.  He faced charges of attempting to defeat the ends of justice and perjury arising from the investigation.  Munro formerly of Dunfermline moved to the South of England.  The case heard at the High Court in Edinburgh in 2010 is expected to be complex and highly unusual according to lawyers.


' Forged Signature by Chief Superintendent is overlooked '

THE CASE OF OLDHAM POLICE INSPECTOR STEVE McGARRY who accused another officer of dishonesty and a lack of integrity was dropped, but only dropped because the costs were too high in the event it didn't succeed. This all came about because CHIEF SUPERINTENDENT CAROLINE BALL added McGarry's signature to a report he never saw or witnessed, and amazingly, the document was about him and why he should not be promoted, the Manchester Tribunal heard.  Assistant Chief Officer for Human Resources said ' Chief Superintendent Ball should not have typed McGarry's name onto the report and went on to say what she did -- did not cast doubt on her integrity or honesty??  

A retired fellow officer who knew McGarry said she was wrong to do what she did and nothing can gloss over that fact -- it was neither ethical or a minor error of judgement.


' Cop accused of hacking into computer '

POLICE CONSTABLE JAMES ADDIE has been charged with hacking into secret intelligence files at the Scottish Police Database.  Strathclyde Police who are investigating would not comment on the case before Paisley Sheriff Court in which Addie is facing 15 charges -- including the importing and being involved in handling four illegal handguns.  They said he is not a serving police officer now?


' Merseyside Cops accused over deaths of youngsters '

POLICE CONSTABLE MALCOLM SCAWN openly blamed Merseyside speed cops of causing two boys to crash and die as a result of the high speed chase.  The two 14 year-old boys stole a car in Chester and soon became involved in a 100 mph chase. Officer Scawn said his area cops who were wating at the Mersey tunnel had not been made aware of the speeds as the cars approached Wallasey and the Mersey tunnel.  He told the inquiry that the speed cops of the neighbouring force were spooking the boys and probably enjoying it and acting as if they were in some sort of game.


' Met's Racist Cops have not gone '

COMMISSIONER OF POLICE PAUL STEPHENSON recently bragged about racist cops of the past and how they had forced them out -- but this came back to haunt him and bite him hard as a tribunal in 2009 heard from Support Police Officer Asad Saeed who said 'Met Officers were granted a licence to bully ethnic and black colleagues.'  Saeed is suing the Met police for damages relating to racial discrimination. He was, apparently suspended for a brief period after two white colleagues 'framed him' -- but was later reinstated when CCTV evidence was recovered showing one of his accusers as being a liar.  Another officer Peter Campbell backed up these claims saying that a Station Police Inspector he knew drew up a 'hit list' of black and ethnic officers to be got rid of! and passed copies to white officers.  The bullies mentioned were PCSO GEOFF WHITEHEAD and PCSO ROYSTON UPSON, and it said no action was taken against these two?


' Met Adviser stopped 100 times by police was black '

KEN HINDS was awarded £22,000 in compensation after a wrongful arrest by Met Police.  Mr.Hinds was a member of the Met's Black Independent Advisory Committee and chairman of the Haringay Stop and Search Monitoring Group. He was grabbed by Transport Police for watching them detaining and searching a black youth, arrested and spent four hours in a cell. The police invented the reason being that Mr Hinds refused to give details and cooperate, However, the court did not see it this way and ordered the police payout.


' Suicide sacked Police Chief murders wife and child '

POLICE INSPECTOR TOBY DAY of the Leicestershire Police was originally fired for the misuse of the police computer in trying to establish whether his wife was having an affair with another man. The force suspended him  on the grounds that the misuse of the computer concerned honesty and integrity and the breach of these qualities required dismissal.  It was said that the breakdown of his marriage in the following weeks led him to stab his wife and daughter to death before turning the knife on himself. It was mentioned that his son Adam 13, survived the attack on him along with the older daughter, both suffered serious injuries.


' Cop charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice '

SWINDON POLICE CONSTABLE SEAN MILLWATERS appeared with others at Swindon Crown Court jointly charged with conspiring to pervert the course of justice. Detention Officer Neil Loader was one of the other men charged, they were accused of arranging to conceal that fellow accused Kenneth Hopkins did not have a    proper valid insurance certificate on a motor vehicle which was used on the road and was subject of a police check. It is said by the prosecution that Millwaters and Loader had attempted to conceal and try to prevent the prosecution of Hopkins on a motor vehicle charge.  Millwaters was suspended, and it was said that he had been in the police force for nine years.


'Corruption Investigation concerns four Police Chiefs'

A new corruption inquiry and investigation sparked off by lawyers and judges concerns top cops: Northamptonshire Chief Constable Adrian Lee, His Deputy Chief Constable Suzette Davenport, Staffordshire Assistant Chief Constable Jane Sawyers and West Midlands Chief  Constable Marcus Beale, plus five others connected with the Staffordshire Force. Charges being sought are conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and misconduct in public office.  The case concerns a miscarriage of justice and the actions of the officers involved in bringing the case against the men jailed. It is said Key information was withheld by the police at the time.


'Despite Denials Police do target the motorist '

NORFOLK POLICE were urged by bosses to step up the war against motorists in 2008. A row broke as rank and file bobbies condemned the order as a 'number crunching' exercise to penalise motorists. They said it would destroy an already fragile relationship they had with drivers already. Norfolk Police Chiefs instructed officers to focus on speeders, drivers without seat belts and mobile phone users. 


' Northumbria Cops in arrest incident condemned '

EIGHT COPS, HANDCUFFED AND THROWN INTO A CELL -- That's what happened to Anisa Borsberry after she confronted school bullies who were giving her eleven year old daughter constant harassment. Three Patrol cars and a Police van arrived at her house the following day and marched her out of her home.  One false claim by one of the bullies was withdrawn that she'd hit them.  It was stated that the group of child bullies and accusers admitted to having lied on their statements. 


' Lancashire Police and bodged surveillance operation '

A report revealed that Lancashire police officers smashed their way into a house, interrogated a pregnant woman naked in her bathroom forcing her to keep her hands above her head while six officers and her own daughter watched.  The degrading ordeal began because officers who were investigating the previous tenants had not updated their facts and gone in on the new tenants it is said.  Mrs Tracey Baron and her husband are considering suing the Lancashire police, who claim the raid was carried out with the best intentions?


' Greater Manchester Police swoop on wrong house '

Body armour, riot gear and special ops come to mind as police officers smash their way into the wrong house.  They grabbed and dragged away disabled granny Joyce Quirke 66 and subjected her to a strip-search as they hunted for crack cocaine.  Her 64yr old husband John was already being held by police as she was brought downstairs. Officers searched the house for a further 90 minutes before they realised they'd got the wrong house and had been a given a false address by a suspected drugs dealer they had arrested earlier.  Officers later said they would repair the smashed door of the council house in Withington, Manchester. John said ' They didn't even say they were sorry when they realised their mistake'


' Police add 250 innocents to DNA Database files for 1 removed '

A report as leaked the fact that Police conceal the fact that they keep around 250 innocent people's DNA results in the database files but only remove one in a sort of exchange.  It says 100,000 innocent people still have their DNA results kept on file and that the practice is illegal, but that doesn't make a slight bit of difference.  In 2008 the European Court of Human Rights made a ruling that innocent people's DNA must be removed and those kept must be exceptional circumstances. The Campaign Group Liberty said ' these Police DNA databases are silently growing to cover ever more people, including the entirely innocent'


' Bolton Police Inspector arrested with Solicitor '

POLICE INSPECTOR MOHAMMED RAZAQ was suspended from duty and bailed after being arrested by The Greater Manchester Police Internal Investigation Unit. The probe centres on meetings between the inspector and a solicitor who has also been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, and misconduct in public office.  The arrests were carried out by the Salford IIU, a covert squad of officers who investigate other police officers.


' Demoted to Constable for Chief Inspector '

WILTSHIRE COP RICHARD WRIGHT's misuse of the police computer led him to being reduced in rank to police constable says a report.  The former Chief Inspector Wright was found guilty by a disciplinary panel.  Details were not forthcoming, only that it was an internal matter within the Wiltshire Force Policy, but they did other colleagues who were shocked by the decision said ' they must have been serious charges to get a Chief down to constable'


' Bungle Cops swoop on wedding couple '

Horrified wedding guests looked on with alarm as 8 cops in heavy gear swooped in to arrest Neil McElwes and his bride Yanan Sun moments before the ceremony was to begin.  Police soon realised their blunder when Neil produced the legitimate documents as the police believed they'd stopped a marriage scam in order to take advantage of the immigration rules. Police were forced to admit their mistake and issue an apology.


' Rags to Riches Cop in Tax Fraud '

POLICE OFFICER NIGEL CRANSWICK, a member of the South Yorkshire Police Force appeared before Newcastle Crown Court charged with fraud.  With others, he set up a fake firm to claim back VAT, claiming to have sold £2billion worth of goods -- the scam scale was around £300million, and was said to be one of the biggest fraud cases seen -- Cranswick was jailed for ten years.


' Assault Police Inspector Charged '

POLICE INSPECTOR MUZTAQ PATALA of Greenbank Police Station, Blackburn, was held in the cells overnight accused of three counts of actual bodily harm. He was suspected of a domestic violence offence, and by coincidence was arrested on the same day as former Nelson POLICE SERGEANT SALIM RAZAQ, was facing a jail sentence for running his family's organised crime group.


' Cop in Dock over Robbery Spree '

Ex-Policeman WILLIAM MERCER faced two counts of robbery and one of attempted robbery when he appeared in the High Court.  It was stated that he entered premises masked and armed carrying a hammer on the attempted robbery, and was the getaway driver on the other two robberies, which happened at two fast-food outlets. The two successful robberies were said to have netted £270 on the first, and £900 on the second one.


' Police Inspector on Drink drive Charge '

POLICE INSPECTOR DIONE MAYFIELD of The Kent Police, appeared before Medway Magistrates on a drink drive charge and failing to stop at the scene of an accident.  She was suspended from duty at the Maidstone base, the report said she had just made it to temporary inspector before the crash in Rainham.  The police would not give details other than she was to appear in court later.


' Senior Cop suspended over dangerous driving '

CHIEF INSPECTOR TOM FORRESTER was charged with dangerous driving and neglect of duty by The Crown Office ---   A CONSTABLE in the same force PC ASHLEY FORBES was also charged with dangerous driving and failing to stop.  Both Officers from the Grampian Police were investigated following complaints in relation to a public incident in Dyce Road, Aberdeen.


' Woman Police Inspector arrested for anti-social behaviour '

POLICE INSPECTOR JO NORTHMORE was found to be drunk and incapable by beat cops in London -- she was spotted knocking over a road sign and stumbled.  The two officers approached her and found she was drunk at the scene and on being challenged, she then became abusive on being given a fixed penalty ticket of £80.  She continued to argue and refused to apologise at which stage, she was arrested and taken in. Scotland Yard said they were carrying out a 'misconduct investigation'


' Police Inspector in Child Abuse Case '

POLICE INSPECTOR GERAINT LLOYD EVANS was arrested over possession of child sex abuse images -- said to be ' extreme pornography' at Swansea Crown Court.  He was charged with conspiring with others to incite unlawful sexual activity with children under 13, and three offences of making indecent images of children.  He was remanded in custody so he could appear with three others on child sex charges at a later date.


'Cop on murder charge gets bail and kills one more '

POLICE INSPECTOR GARRY WEDDELL appeared in court charged with the murder of his wife and was granted bail by the court after brother GEOFFREY WEDDELL Barrister, put up £200,000 in surety, but this did not stop the cop from carrying out his plan to murder his mother-in-law who was to give evidence against him. Magistrates in Woking discovered Weddell had breached the condition that he should not enter the Bedfordshire area as he was barred, he then after killing the mother-in-law killed himself. A judge allowed the barrister to have his bail bond returned saying Weddell's brother could not have known what his brother intended to do?


' Phone Hacking Scandal Cops get substantial pay-off deals '

THE TWO SENIOR COPS WHO RESIGNED GET £500,000 in nice payout.  EX-MET CHIEF SIR PAUL STEPHENSON and colleague JOHN YATES share the package after agreeing not to sue the Met.  It appears that the payments were agreed by lawyers despite the MPA's Jenny Jones saying 'it is wrong for any public organisation to be so secretive about a matter of public interest and involves taxpayer's money'.


' Cop gives out info on suspect to burgled friend '

POLICE CONSTABLE MARK CLIFFORD of the Essex Police appeared before Chelmsford Crown Court and was found guilty of communicating police data and information to a friend.  He was said to have supplied the name of a suspect along with a photo to his friend who had been burgled.  The court accepted that their was no motive of revenge intended, but gave him a five month prison sentence suspended for 18 months and ordered him to work in the community for 120 hours unpaid in addition.


' Ex-Cop accused of theft from Care Trust '

FORMER POLICE OFFICER MARK HAMILTON formerly with the Cumbria Police was accused of dipping his hands into NHS cash. Hamilton of Manchester faced charges of theft, fraud and false accounting from the Primary Care Trust in Walsall accused of a £50,000 scam. It is stated that he ran a PCP computer programme for the Trust and put false signatures on time sheets, lied on his CV, and abused his position to obtain computer software.


' Inquiry into Met police Spending focuses on 40 cops -- 6 convicted of criminal acts '

THE IPPC who led a four year investigation into £3.7million of 'unreconciled' spending by Scotland Yard cops using corporate Amex cards --- American Express, said six officers have been convicted of criminal offences and another 40 have been disciplined.  But this figure was extended in a second report which stated that 60 police officers were investigated for the serious misuse of Met American Express cards. Although these figures are slightly at odds with each other we could not get confirmation either way. No officers are identified or named.


' Facebook Racist Cops sacked and others disciplined'

2009-2010 --- Seven Cops resign, one Hampshire Constable is immediately sacked, and so is another one, but un-named, for posting racist comments on the site Facebook.  150 cops are disciplined according to a report over inappropriate comments and postings of photos and racist language.  56 police officers receive written warnings, of which nine are said to be 'final warnings'  88 police offenders are said to be 'serious' and elevated up to senior level to decide on the action.  A four year probe on racist cops and the Internet said they looked into 187 complaints of racial abuse on Facebook and the Internet. No officers named or identified.


'Racist Cops in Met --- best not to complain says black PC '

Black PC Constable Dennis Edghill admitted that fellow cops at Hendon Police Training College called him a 'nigger' and 'Spade' during his time there.  He tells of how they even put a message on his locker door in the changing rooms at   the gymnasium sprawled in red crayon ' Leave Now' but he refused to pack the job in or be intimidated and never complained despite the racist attitude. He said it was best not to complain!!


' Race driven assault by police leads to payout for victim '

ANSON KING a black minicab driver received £70,000 as compensation for an assault by police officers from the Met Division of Stoke Newington, who deliberately took great delight in humiliating him and putting him through a strip search. In order to justify the assault they proceeded to charge him with a suspect drugs allegation and assault on police. Before continuing one should be aware of the fact that this station became the centre of a huge corruption Inquiry. On his later court appearance, Mr.King was found unanimously not guilty, afterwhich he sued the Met Cops and named Officers CONSTABLE MARK CARROLL and DETECTIVE CONSTABLE PETER McCULLOCH for misconduct. The court found the Met guilty for assault, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution.  It's also interesting to note the following -- 31 civil actions were made against the Stoke Newington Police -- 134 complaints were made against 45 officers for 'drug planting'. Mr.King never received an apology.

OPERATION JACKPOT was the corruption investigation into Stoke Newington, but one fact never came out about this so-called sweeping investigation, Mr.King's case was not included! -- in what was claimed was a 'thorough' investigation, and this raises not only doubt, but several questions about the integrity of The Police as a whole, The Met, The CPS and Government, especially as they claimed the investigation would leave no stone unturned!


' Black Singing Star slams the Met Cops '

80's Chart Topper Billy Ocean ran into racism when he himself was arrested in Portobello Rd, West London. He was taken to Notting Hill Police Station accused of supplying drugs and passing drugs to another man. Billy used his real name when under police questioning of Leslie Charles, and being black like many others lumped together under this banner, he was not recognised by anyone immediately so it was just a black man caught doing drugs and they were going to have it easy -- so thought the cops at that stage. To make matters worse, they put him through a humiliating strip search that left Billy in a state of shock, and went on to say that having searched his clothes and finding a cheque book they had proof he was passing large sums to his drug supplier! Billy quickly said they were for studio time and his manager. One cop staring at him asked him if he was a musician. Billy said yes and then he was asked if he'd made any records. The cop asked him to name any, so Billy said 'Caribbean Queen' 'Loverboy' and 'When the tough gets going' which caused silence in the room. 'Are you Billy Ocean?' Billy nodded, and suddenly the interview was over and he redressed and was allowed to leave under police bail. The drugs charge was dropped by the police and CPS, but no one apologised for the Star's treatment.  Under the guidance of his manager Laurie Jay they had the option of suing the Met cops, but all Billy wanted was an apology as the experience caused him to retreat home to his Barbados House and cut his tour by several days.


'Racist stereotyping cops hold black man for five hours '

BIRMINGHAM COPS famous for THE WEST MIDLANDS COP CORRUPTION  - refused to listen to the suspect -- because he was black, said a spokesperson for the black community in Wolverhampton. Mr Denny Garrison was held in a police cell for five hours because arrogant police officers didn't want to listen to his explanation or be proved wrong.  Mr Garrison was arrested on suspicion of using a stolen cheque card. The police first arrested his father and after realising their mistake let him go, but when the son, Denny Garrison went on his own accord to the police station to sort the matter out, he was arrested and thrown into a cell. After five hours the cops realised that on checking they'd made another mistake, and Mr. Garrison was immediately freed without an apology.


' P.C.Dennis Edghill resigns -- bosses claim he is too nice '

The cop who was racially abused at the Hendon Police Training College (see article earlier) has resigned after he was told by bosses that he was too nice, and not aggressive enough.   A colleague and fellow cop from a county force spoke out on his behalf as he resigned also -- he said ' There are two types of police officer, those who 'talk' to the public, and those who are aggressive and produce confrontations in order to push the public into an arrestable offence by provocation ' This was said by ex-cop S.Bloom of Boston, Lancashire.


' Police DNA blunder results in man suing the police '

As we can see by now, the police are sued more times than they admit to, and this case is yet another example of crass ignorance and police arrogance -- Raymond Easton was branded a criminal by Wiltshire Police when Swindon Cops claimed they had the right man. But they refused to listen and handed him over to The Manchester Police who said they wanted him for a crime committed in Manchester, strangely, Mr.Easton had never visited Manchester in his life. They refused to listen and said his DNA proved he was at the scene of a break-in -- 200 miles from where he lived!  He was quizzed for hours and despite evidence from his sick daughter to the contrary the police insisted they had their man.  Professor Sir Alec Jeffrey's a DNA specialist and Forensic Scientist carried out a more sophisticated genetic test and it was discovered there had been a blunder on the database.  Mr.Easton instructed a firm of solicitors in Manchester to sue the Manchester Police for damages.


'Cops who assault prisoner remain unidentified '

TWO MET COPS from The Golders Green Police Station were kept safe by colleagues who claimed not to be able to identify the officers? nor could they give any explanation on how prisoner Brian Foster suffered a broken nose and heavy facial injuries much bloodied.  Mr.Foster said he was handcuffed and laid on the floor of a police van and punched viciously whilst travelling to the Golders Green Station.  Witnesses who saw Foster being arrested at the scene before being bundled into a police van testified to the fact there were no marks on Foster. Brian admitted freely he was no friend of the cops and that there had been previous trouble, but he said this was out of order and that he was planning to sue the police.


' Manchester Cops stop car and harass the gay occupants '

An Abuse Complaint was lodged against two patrol officers of the Greater Manchester Police by two citizens who had their vehicle stopped by officers in a van in Wilmslow Rd, Withington on the 7th March at 3-30am. The two cops referred to them as 'Queers', 'Fucking Queers' and alleged they'd been having sex in their car -- then going on to say that one of them must be a 'rent boy'.  Greater Manchester Police acknowledged the incident and confirmed they were investigating a complaint of harassment and would not comment further.


' Perjury Drink-Drive Cop faces Jail '

MANCHESTER POLICE CONSTABLE MYLES HUGHES of The Greater Manchester Police admitted to lying under oath in court to escape a driving ban  -- he made false claims of ignorance backed up by a barman who was later charged with collusion and attempting to pervert the course of justice. Both men from Macclesfield have now pleaded guilty of perjury at Chester Crown Court.  The report says the policeman is expected to be dismissed for drink-driving and perjury.


' Policeman jailed for attack on soldier '

MANCHESTER SPECIAL CONSTABLE PETER LIGHTFOOT was jailed for three years by Manchester Minshull St Crown Court after CCTV showed the bullying cop pushing the soldier's head into the ground and hitting him repeatedly. Lightfoot was also jailed for perjury as he was found to have lied about the incident. Insufficient evidence meant that colleagues SERGEANT STEPHEN RUSSELL and POLICE CONSTABLE RICHARD KELSALL escaped justice. As in many other cases we have, soldier Mark Aspinall was charged with attacking the cops!! but he was acquitted at Liverpool Crown Court. Constable Lightfoot was branded as a lying thug despite having obtained 20 character references from other police officers??


' Assault Cop Resigns after being ordered to compensate victim '

POLICE CONSTABLE GEORGE STEWART resorted to 'kinky methods' when handcuffing a bail hostel worker by wrapping sticking tape around her head. She subsequently made an assault complaint which the policeman said he found amazing as he said they had a flirty relationship.  He and police colleague Shirley Tindal are both charged with assault. Before the judgement, Constable Stewart made the claim it was just two adults mucking about. However, the judge said    it went beyond normal procedures in an arrest and ordered him to pay compensation of £1,000 to the victim in Dundee.  Stewart resigned from the Tayside Police.


' Bradford Cop on Assault Charge '

CLECKHEATON POLICE OFFICER GLYN DUTTON is set to appear before Sheffield Magistrates Court accused of assaulting a prisoner while in custody. The incident arose over the execution of a warrant in connection with a disturbance.


' Un-named Cop is suspended over assault '

A POLICEMAN FROM NEWCASTLE  has been bailed to appear before Newcastle Magistrates after he was charged with being armed with intent, assault, and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.  The circumstances though brief, are said to have originated from a reported fight the police officer engaged in.


' Cop under investigation tells prisoner to stitch up solicitors '

In direct confliction to orders given and an undertaking by the Chief Constable DETECTIVE SERGEANT JAMES MCMANUS secretly hoped he could get away with visiting a prisoner at a Remand Centre intent on threatening the man to make a false accusation and statement.  It was revealed that the Police Officer threatened the prisoner and told him that he would re-arrest the man unless he agreed to say that solicitors representing another man had offered him money to give evidence against the detective. McManus was spotted at the Centre by other solicitors who made a note of it. McManus of The Serious Crime Squad is on the team of 39 officers under a corruption investigation. The Chief Constable Geoffrey Dear gave assurances when he assigned the officers to non-operational tasks that they were contained. Judge Malcolm Potter said the Chief Constable should clarify the officer's credibility to the satisfaction of the court as they viewed this matter very seriously as it had raised serious doubts about the Chief Constable's capability to keep his men in check plus the possibility of perverting the course of justice.


' Oppressive Cops in Trespass say to man 'Sue Us -- and he did '

TWO HIGH COURT JUDGES Lord Justice Woolf and Justice McCullough ruled that two police officers behaved in an 'oppressive manner' when they followed rich Ferrari owner Mr Matto onto his property and Mansion when they arrested him for drink-driving.  Although Mr.Matto was convicted of the driving offence at a Wolverhampton Court, it was overturned due to the arrogance of the cops who destroyed their own case. The officer who spoke to Mr.Matto said ' If I wrongfully arrest you, you can sue us '  which of course he did and the police achieved nothing but a cost to the taxpayer of one case and the cost of an appeal and compensation, three lots of money.


'Police raid on family home results in legal action against cops '

SOUTHALL POLICE smashed their way into a home searching for drugs they did not find. They smashed down the front door and back door hoping to find drugs. After sniffer dogs failed to come up with the evidence the cops took away the contents of the bathroom cabinet for examination. The Dhaliwal family are suing Chief superintendent Robert Hay and his officers who gave no apology for what they did. The evidence taken did not turn out to be a drugs haul, but normal medicines on prescription and flu tablets etc.


' Aids sticker put on wrong file by police leads to compensation claim '

NORFOLK POLICE maintained their position of not being at fault right up to an inquiry urged by the then Attorney General.  A prosecution file on Michael MacLaine in regard to a motoring offence had a pink ticket attached saying he had Aids -- Michael said he lost his job as a result of this and it landed him in solitary confinement for three weeks. He was further shocked to learn that the file had lies contained in it -- in that a false report was written by police inside it saying he was positively tested for Aids eight years earlier.  Michael had not even been for such a test at any time. He said he had suffered great hardship for a lie created by the police.  He said he was consulting a lawyer to begin suing the police -- Norfolk Police said they were unable to comment while investigations were ongoing.


'Cop issues ticket to man blowing nose in stationary traffic '

The strange but true case of a cop called 'brainless' by the press issued a fixed penalty ticket to a motorist who blew his nose and took his hands off the wheel in a stationary line of traffic. The officer POLICE CONSTABLE STUART GRAY was also the same cop who gave a fixed penalty ticket to a man who accidentally dropped a £10 note, and accused him of littering!


' Man sues Greater Manchester Cops '

A Police raid on a gay nightclub - the Rockies, in Manchester, left one man fuming who was arrested along with 12 other men. He with the twelve were accused of drug offences and lewd acts.  Mr.Barrie Redfearn who moved to the Netherlands afterward the incident, has instructed a barrister through his solicitor, Angus Hamilton, to sue the Greater Manchester Police. The facts are that he was cautioned but never charged, but he says this action is being brought because one needs to know what rights are being abused by police and it should be published.


' Police Lies Catch Cops Out '

Nottinghamshire Police never imagined that a suspect they held for a jewellery robbery was secretly recording them on a mini-tape recorder during the interview. When he appeared in court cops failed to impress the judge with explanations that did not ring true about the interview or time the man was held. Although the police did not admit liability, the court awarded Kevin Morledge £10,000 in compensation and acquitted him.


' Boy to sue cops over wanted poster '

19 year-old Christopher Lapworth of Rugby, Warwickshire, sought legal advice and plans to sue the police and Lloyds Bank after they put out a poster with his photograph on it and posted a reward of £500 on his capture or information leading to his arrest.  The police claimed they got the photo mixed up in the video evidence provided by the bank...Chris was pointed out as he was at the ATM at the same time as the crook who was wanted for car theft and stolen foreign currency.


' Police fake story for amusement '

Luton and Bedford Police came under criticism after it was discovered they had told a reporter on the local press that they had officers out chasing an escaped wallaby kangaroo that had escaped from Whipsnade Zoo Wildlife Park. The local paper said they were deeply displeased by the prank and said it was inexcusable, and might lead the public to believe they are capable of inventing evidence against suspects' --- well done local paper.


' Fraud Detective is busted for Fraud '

DETECTIVE SERGEANT CHARLES OVEREND, a Fraud Investigator with the Police, was jailed for 5 years and 9 months at Southwark Crown Court for his part in a huge property scam.  The Met  Officer pleaded guilty to five counts of obtaining property by deception -- and possession of a false identity.  Overend from Chertsey, was building up a secret portfolio of buy-to-let houses, six in all, after obtaining 31.37 million in loans from three banks.


' Bully Cops Smash into Fulham House '

Fulham Family, The Greens' are to sue the Met Police after they received rough treatment including, being thrown on the floor, arms pinned behind their backs, denied access to a phone to call an ambulance for their sick mother who suffered from a heart condition.  When she eventually got to the hospital she was diagnosed as suffering from a broken rib and chest injuries. Her daughters were both handcuffed and kept in cells at Fulham police Station for seven and a half hours.


' Car Driver who beat up woman was a Police Officer '

A Bromley Police Officer was set to appear before magistrates in Kent after assaulting Carole Brierley at an incident where she was thrown from the car. The Volvo Estate owner tried to hit her with his car, but got out and dragged her into bushes were he continued with the assault. She was later rushed to Farnborough hospital and treated for fractured ribs etc. Police confirmed that an officer had been arrested in connection with the incident.


' £1.6 Million VAT Fraud Cop goes to jail '

FORMER CID DETECTIVE NEIL WALKER of the Nottingham Police Force was jailed for four years  --- Walker was convicted of running a mobile phone scam from his retirement villa in Spain. Walker and eight others were found guilty of being involved in a £12million VAT Fraud.


' Suppressed Police Evidence jails two men for 7 years '

SOUTH WALES POLICE FORCE came under fire from an Appeals judge when it was revealed that officers in a murder investigation had suppressed crucial forensic evidence at the trial of Paul and Darvell Wayne who went to jail for seven years in the 'sex shop killing case'  The court freed the two men on the grounds of 'police malpractice'.  The two men were advised to sue the South Wales Force.  They said to reporters present -- ' We want the money to represent time we cannot get back, but it will never be enough '  A Police spokesperson said 'several policemen may face charges in relation to the Appeal Court's findings '


' Special Constable in Child Rape Case '

Norwich Crown Court found POLICE CONSTABLE ANDREW BARBER guilty of raping a 15 year-old girl and having underage sex with her on two occasions.  In evidence the court heard how he was obsessed  with girls' underwear and kept one or two items as trophies from the victim.  It went on to say two girls had been subject to sexual abuse by the constable since 2003. It was said that when he was a 'football referee' he had sex with a 14 year old. The Ipswich based bobby is awaiting sentence  and was remanded in custody.


' Fraud Cop dismissed from Police Force '

MET POLICEMAN DEWAR RITCHIE, a shamed cop, was fined £500 pounds and ordered to pay costs by Forfar Sheriffs Court after he was found guilty to a £9,000 credit card fraud. Tayside Police established that Dewar, living in Finchley, North London, ordered the cards, although he contested this figure. It was said that his career in the London Met Police was now under review.


' Police pay compensation to Pilkington Family '

THE PILKINGTON'S WIN FIVE FIGURE PAYOUT -- Leicester Cops had to pay undisclosed damages in thousands agreed at the High Court.  The Pilkington's son Anthony Hardwick launched the writ against the Police over the claim that the police failed to protect the family who reported their torment 33 times over ten years, which resulted in the suicide of herself and her disabled daughter who were tormented by yobs. The police denied they could have done more, but the court accepted the settlement from the police to close the case.


' Ten Years jail for Rape Cop '

POLICE CONSTABLE MIKE YARDLEY of the Lincolnshire Police appeared before Lincoln Crown Court charged with raping a girl of twelve years.  It was said he befriended the girl while working as a Community Officer who lives at Morton in Lancashire took her as his 'girlfriend' despite being a married man. He admitted to rape and four charges of sexual activity with a minor, he was also put on the sex offender's list. He was jailed for 10 years.


' Drug Link Cop in Court '

DETECTIVE SERGEANT PAUL THOMPSON was arrested with his business executive wife for dealing in cocaine and accused of being the 'eyes and ears' for the gang -- Brian Thompson, David Thompson, his wife and Stephen Wood. They all appeared at Newcastle Crown Court -- The policeman denies committing misconduct in Public Office.


' Cop strip search of girl did not adhere to rights '

TWO WPC's were not identified despite a complaint from the mother of the 12 year old girl who was strip searched for drugs.  The South Wales force admitted it was 'regrettable'  that Georgina Wood underwent the search without an 'appropriate' adult being present, which was a normal procedure in regard to minors being detained.  No drugs were found and the girl was released, Karen Wood of Pontardawe intends to sue the force.


' Detective Sergeant tips off former colleague in Fraud Investigation '

A £272 MILLION FORGED BOND SCAM led to the arrest of DETECTIVE SERGEANT WILLIAM MCKELVIE, who was jailed for two years at Southwark Crown Court.  McKelvie being with the National Criminal Intelligence Service was said to have used confidential information to tip off ex-colleague ROBERT MILES.  McKelvie from Aberdeen was convicted by a jury on three charges of misconduct. Former Cop Robert Miles was jailed for twelve months for aiding and abetting.


' Another Corruption Probe into Lawrence Cops '

THE STEPHEN LAWRENCE CASE IS NOT OVER -- A Corruption probe into police is being called for by his mother who wants the re-opening of the Macpherson Inquiry in the light of claims of corruption coming to light concerning the original investigation. She claims that revealed secret police files show that a detective at the original investigation was a major player in a 'corrupt ring of Metropolitan Police Officers'  -- the leaked report pointed the finger at DETECTIVE SERGEANT JOHN DAVIDSON who was reportedly getting payments from one of the accused murderers father, David Norris. Davidson subsequently retired and was never charged.


'Race Rant of Drunken Cop'

POLICE CONSTABLE PHILIP JUHASZ was convicted of a racially aggravated offence, the Met Cop was found guilty of harassment after an outburst at a takeway establishment in Kings Cross Railway Station because he was refused a discount by the owners.  He was in a drunken state as he approached the counter demanding to get food at half price. When refused by the owner, he produced his warrant card saying 'Do you know who I am? I am a Police Officer' he then gave the Pakistan born man a lot of racial abusive remarks. Two other Met Officers came to see what was happening and tried to play down the scene. Even in court three officers vouched for his good character. He was convicted and fined £1,000.


' Cop refuses to help Pensioner who later died '

POLICE CONSTABLE PAUL RAINES, off duty at the time, was said to have refused to help a struggling pensioner who was suffering from a heart attack.  He refused to help her despite being in a 'road rage' skirmish with her husband, Patrick.  An incident happened in foggy conditions and the PC had a minor scrape with their car. He got out and grabbed Mr Patrick Roche a 72 year old, which brought on his wife's attack. He then left the scene and was later arrested on suspicion of manslaughter.  Yet despite the inquest, he was given just a written warning although he was guilty of discreditable conduct.  In court he was represented by TWO lawyers.. Mr. Roche who could not afford legal representation was on his own.


'Racism comes back to haunt the Met Police '

NEVER GONE...even though the Police made great overtures of how they had tackled it and erased it, several times in fact if you read further back on this page and feature.  Now there is up to TWENTY POLICE OFFICERS involved in Racial Abuse Allegations, and there will probably be more before somebody in the Government or Police Federation request it to be sidelined in the good of morale.  This has all stemmed from a recorded tape which had the interview by officers.  Arrested Mauro Demetrio, 21, secretly recorded POLICEMAN ALEX MACFARLANE and others as they threatened and abused him with racial taunts. Eight Officers at the station were suspended. New allegations include a Police Sergeant and two constables in Newham.  Two more officers were also suspended in Wandsworth in connection with bullying a colleague. In Islington a constable and civilian employee faced charges of using racist language.  Another Constable on Phone call response was also caught in the net. In one matter raid police seized a TV from Demetrio saying it was stolen after he made his complaint of racism, he produced a receipt and that silenced them. However, it must be said, THE CPS LAWYER said there had been no offence committed....but now, they are reviewing that decision....and who is the lawyer? they will not say. This 2012 Racism Scandal will not be the last, there will be others yet to be published by us.

THE RACISM REVELATIONS are still rolling downhill taking in new cases and many cops  -- It's been revealed that in the last ten years there has been 120 officers 'officially' found guilty of racism...with only one sacking. Eight were given fines, six were forced to hand in their resignations, and one fired! but what of the other 105? nothing mentioned on that.  Channel 4 TV on the other hand uncovered the following -- of 79 found guilty, thirteen were Sergeants, four were Detective Inspectors and four others were Detective Chief Inspectors..which leaves us with the others not mentioned being Police Constables!  In London there were 1,339 allegations of racial abuse by police over a three year period.  The City of London Police are being sued by a former black trainee officer, Anthony Joseph who says he was forced out because of bigotry. Another case rising up from the ashes thought to be swept away is the incident of Kester David, a black bus driver who died suspiciously...so it will run on until the brakes are applied by a Commissioner that asks for the Government to intervene.


' £113,000 Stolen from Police Storage Compound '

INSIDE JOB OR WHAT? that is the question....Warwickshire Police admitted that more than £100,000 had been stolen from one of their own police stations.  It was taken from a 'secure storage area' at their headquarters in Leak, Wootton a village.  The cash had been held there since it had been seized under the 'proceeds of crime Act' in 2009.  An investigation is being carried out by the Anti-Corruption Unit of Warwickshire Police's Professional Standards Department.


'Met police Media Director quits over proceedings against him'

DICK FEDORCIO was the Metropolitan Police Media Director until he faced gross misconduct allegations against him over his connection with an ex-News of the World (Hacking Scandal) Executive. It has been reported that the Met Cops accepted his resignation and that the charges were subsequently dropped. This result frequently halts any proceedings in police enquiries.


'Cops ruin man's life and pay nothing'

Alan Bryce spent almost a year in Lincoln Prison because of dubious evidence that led to a Judge and Jury acquitting him of all charges.  The Judge stopped the case after hearing the evidence, and directed the jury immediately.  Mr Bryce lost his freedom, his dignity and self-esteem for 11 months.....and eventually his home and job.  Police had 'bugged' his house and put 100 tape recordings into evidence at his trial.  Mr.Bryce hat to move away because of the situation, and long after, his son still thinks the police are coming every time the doorbell goes.  Yet the Police have had to pay nothing! --- nor the equally guilty state,  They have a 'get out ' clause which allows them to detain suspects on remand in a prison --- and pay no compensation whatever the outcome in court...this is enabled because officially 'he hasn't been sentenced to jail' despite being held in one!


'Police victimise man in drink-drive case '

JUDGE GABRIEL HUTTON made the decision to send a report to the Deputy Chief Constable of Gloucestershire after he accepted that there was an 'organised victimisation' of Nigel Cragg, who appeared in court charged with drink-driving. Quashing a previous conviction, he said of the Police Witness -- POLICE CONSTABLE PAUL HUMPHRIES --- 'he was not convinced that he'd been telling the truth'   Mr Louis Whitton who oversees discipline in the force said he would be responding to the case and report. However, P C Humphries would remain on duty until a decision was made by Mr.Whitton.  Force Inspector Mike Pennington would not comment about the case.


' Street Swoop by Cops on Innocent Victims '

Apology wanted, none came, after armed police in Birmingham wrongly accused Thomas Jones and Jason Estridge of robbing the Lloyds Bank in Alum Road.  Gun-totting cops in an unmarked car jumped out and forced the pair to lie face down in a busy street -- in snow conditions!  One cop searched their nearby car.  They were handcuffed and questioned for fifteen minutes.  All they wanted to do as they drove up to the bank that day -- was to cash a cheque.  But they found the Bank doors locked so they knocked on the window when they saw movement from inside. No-one answered so they immediately went to the cash machine.  That's when they were swooped upon.  They were released and told that they could claim for damaged clothing!  Acting Inspector Michael Blackman defended the police as they do...and didn't see the need to give an apology.


'40 Cops in raid on couple with baby'

SURREY POLICE burst into a Liverpool flat, smashed down the door and forced the parents of a baby to the floor with guns at their heads. Despite the baby crying, they were not allowed to attend their six month old son Kyle.  Council worker Reg Morton and his girlfriend Debbie were in bed when an almighty crash happened as the cops stormed in.  It turned out to be the wrong identity arising out of a crimewatch bungle.  It took 30 minutes for the cops to realise they had made a mistake.  Reg had to virtually force an apology from one of the raid officers who showed no signs of regret.  Merseyside Police confirmed that the Surrey Police were on assignment in the area, and that they were in control of the operation.  There was even a later dispute as to which police force should pay for the damaged door?  --- they are not big on owning up...as they are told to admit nothing by their police federation.


'New owners of house in wrong raid by cops '

EDMONTON POLICE in North London were awoken as a police raid began at 5-35 am.  Leslie and Rosenda Barrow couldn't believe it when Met Cops battered down their door in Chalfont Road in Edmonton.  Armed cops swooped in shouting and waving guns.  They were both marched off and thrown into police vans in their underwear and handcuffed. Even long after the raid they are suffering from the after - effects.  Luckily, their children were staying with friends at the time of the raid. It was discovered later by the police that the suspect they wanted was involved with the previous occupants of the house, and that's how the mistake occurred.


'Race Relations Unit Hits Out at Cop racism '

David Haslam of The British Council of Churches Community and Race Relations Unit in London, said that he received endless complaints either directly or through the Black press about mistreatment and abuse allegations against the police.  He said ' The majority of complaints involve abuse, sometimes threats and occasionally physical violence.  There are frequent accusations of stop and search without good reason of arrest and even assault without cause -- and fabricated evidence'.   He accepted that not all of them can be true -- but not all can be untrue either, the majority do not go through the hell and discomfort of making a complaint for the fun of it' he said, 'they genuinely feel discriminated against, hurt and being a victim of police racism'.


'Racial abuse and Assault Cop is put on restricted duties'

POLICE CONSTABLE JOE HARRINGTON was accused of assaulting a 15 year old and using racial abuse. The Forest Gate Met Cop was put on restricted duties after Terelle Ferguson complained about the treatment as he was being held in custody at Forest Gate Police Station.


' Police and the Defence Lawyers -- the web of dirty tricks '

We reveal for the first time -- the not-so-perfect relationship with police and solicitors, and the travesty of justice that fails the system believed to be fair and above board.    The Association of Chief Police Officers and Law Society met to discuss the 'Chatham House Rules' after a communicate to the Law Committee revealing shocking cases of abuse and dirty tricks facing duty solicitors who answer calls to attend clients held in police stations.  One sole Practice Solicitor David Powis of Bournemouth considered the opening of a second firm in the town as business increased -- but six months later he'd lost everything.  He was a victim of death threats, spent two months in prison before being cleared -- all resulting from a campaign against him because cops at the local station did not like his style or interventions or reference to police behaviour in open court.  Every time he did, something happened.  Even John Wadham of Liberty found himself under arrest after he went to advise organisors of a house party event.  Another solicitor was arrested when he was taking in a client-cum-suspect to the police station.  Roger Ede with the Law Society admitted that the police often react badly and see the solicitor as 'in cahoots with the offender'  --- it was discovered in a communicate that the police divide solicitors into two categories --- 'good solicitors' who don't advise suspects to remain silent in interviews, -- and 'bad solicitors' who put their interests of the client first.

Judith Naylor, former chairwoman of The Criminal Law Solicitors' Association remembers her experience of returning home after a holiday only to find at her practice two of her partners were in police custody, when she went and intervened, they were released and all charges dropped.

David Hurley, who defended solicitor David Powis said ' Any Police Force is a powerful Organisation --- and when you are in a police station, you are in their territory and anything can happen.  Solicitors are vulnerable like anyone else outside a court to police abusing their powers if they choose to take against you.'


'Cops in training caught fooling around with weapons'

Police were taken to task as they were observed joking and larking about with their guns. These elite Firearms officers were condemned as reckless by bosses. The Greater Manchester Police began an investigation into the supplied photo after it was found on a police computer last year. Three officers have been removed from the firearms unit pending the outcome of the Internal Inquiry.


'Man shot by cops 4 times is then Tasered'

Goerge Asare fell to the ground in a pool of blood after being shot four times by police marksmen. Witnesses claimed as he even laid there motionless, officers kicked him, and then used a taser gun. They were accused of chaotic going-over the top reactions, luckily the man lived. He is now being held at a hospital in Bromley until he appears before magistrates. A police spokesperson says that the IPPC is conducting a full investigation into the shooting.


'Five cops lied on oath -- judge says '

FIVE SOUTH YORKSHIRE POLICE OFFICERS are said to have lied over a police ballot.  The 'Rigging Case' was heard by Judge John Bullimore at Sheffield County Court.  The action was brought by PC TOM GOODHILL who claimed damages over his ill health, believing he'd lost the ballot by The Police Federation because it had been rigged by colleagues.  He was standing against INSPECTOR GARY WEST for the position of Secretary --- there were 30 cops eligible to vote -- Goodhill was convinced he was due to win by the support he had from most of those officers -- but on the day, Inspector West got 17 votes, and Goodhill got only 9.  However, during the court hearing 14 of the cops gave evidence that they had voted for Goodhill?


'Cops seen assaulting youth on YouTube escape justice'

Greater Manchester Police said it wasn't investigating an incident that was shown on Youtube when a phone camera showed police knocking a youth to the ground and hitting him. Although there were five other complaints, they said there was no complaint lodged about this specific incident!


'Motoring Offence Cop is Jailed'

POLICE OFFICER DEAN HARDY of the North Wales Police was said by the court -- ' showed a cavalier disregard for the law' when he was stopped by colleagues in a traffic operation. He told the officers them he had a valid MOT, and then said he was taking his car for an MOT and signed a validation form declaring this, and lied because there was no current MOT on his vehicle. Judge Paul Thomas jailed him for 4 months for attempting to pervert the course of justice.


'Police Chief is accused of Contempt of Court'

DEPUTY ASSISTANT COMMISSIONER SUE AKERS who appeared before The Leveson Inquiry into the Hacking Scandal has been referred to the Attorney General over her submission she made to the team.  Her evidence which is understood to relate to a potential breach of strict contempt of court rules has been put in question. The Inquiry is looking into payments made to police by the Newspapers. 


'Inspector Attacks Woman Cop '

POLICE INSPECTOR ADRIAN ROWLSON was facing a jail sentence after he appeared at Northampton Crown Court -- where he admitted to Actual Bodily Harm to a woman police officer.  The attack was said to have taken place in Market Harborough in Leicestershire.  He'd been in the police service for 17 years, and a colleague said in this incident, Rowlson had done a rather nasty assault.  (Rowlson was later found to have committed suicide)


'Cop accused of lies over Speeding'

MET COP MARK WILLIAMS of Luton tried to evade prosecution even though his car had been caught speeding on camera in Bedfordshire.  He appeared before Luton Crown Court charged with perverting the course of justice. He claimed he was in the Midlands when the event of speeding was recorded and said it must be a cloning of his car or number plate. This did not sit well when the jury heard that 18 months previously he had used the same excuse in another speeding charge.


' Cops in MI6 Death Probe admit to errors'

The word 'errors' found its way via cop statements in connection with their evidence and investigation of the death of Gareth Williams who had been discovered in a 'holdall'.  Mr.Willams conveniently called a spy, worked at MI6 and it was feared they may have been a breach of security. The Police said at the Inquest that there had been 'administrative errors' in that they gave three names for the same witness ahead of the inquest.


' Police Station Assault Cop Faces Sack '

POLICE CONSTABLE NEIL CAWTHORNE was caught assaulting a man on camera at Newton Stewart Police Office in Wigtonshire.  He was caught in full view of the station's CCTV cameras, and was suspended by the Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary.  At Stranrear Sheriff's Court he was fined £660 after pleading guilty to assault.  His bosses said that the matter would be for a disciplinary board to consider and it may result in a dismissal after the misconduct investigation.


'Shot man that led to riots -- police hold inquest in secrecy '

A Report has said that an inquest into the shooting of Mark Duggan whose death sparked the infamous riots, must remain a secret. The police claim sensitive material relating to police decision making and case notes must not be revealed to the public.  They said they may have ' material about Mr.Duggan's death that it could not properly disclose to a coroner ' They also claimed that operational tactics and details are by their nature withheld from the public and that these could only be seen by a judge in a 'closed inquiry'  -- so much for accountability?


' Protected Witness is exposed by bumbling Cops '

The Protection Witness Scheme is by all accounts is tight as a drum and leak proof? well no, it isn't, The Met Police let down a 16 year-old boy who promised to testify and reveal the circumstances of a vicious attack he saw on condition he remained anonymous and put in a witness protection scheme, which was also backed by the CPS. Instead his name and address were passed onto the gang members in what they said was a sad mistake. At first, in order to conceal the mistake they claimed it wasn't them, but later admitted to it.  The boy and his family had to immediately flee the house and area at a cost to the taxpayer of £600,000. Strange really, the cops are fairly good at keeping cop misbehaviour a secret, but apparently not, if you are a valuable witness.


'Two Cops and a Community Support Officer lied to convict a Squatter'

TWO REGULAR POLICE OFFICERS and a PCSO arrested Benjamin Thacker because they saw him as an easy target to frame -- and relied on the notion that no-one would believe a person of his sort anyway. But Thacker was not as ignorant as they thought, he actually recorded them, and this was played in court when they brought a charge of possessing cannabis against him.  The Court hearing was halted, and the three police officers were themselves arrested.  They all appeared at Southwark Crown Court charged with perverting the course of justice. SERGEANT MARCUS GARVEY from Abbey Wood, London -- POLICE CONSTABLE WAYNE CAMPBELL from Cliffe in Kent --- POLICE COMMUNITY SUPPORT OFFICER STEPHANIE LOFTUS of Ilford. The judge threw out the case against Mr.Thacker and questioned the drugs element, which was not revealed to the public. It was also another shaming for the CPS who backed the case unaware of the taped evidence even though they knew the whole thing looked strange.


' Cops caught on CCTV in 'torture actions' on suspect '

THE POLICE STATION SCENE is one that belongs in bygone days of police assault, but as other cases tell us, it hasn't gone away despite the so-called safeguards promised to show accountability and proper standards now in place. The shocking scene shows two burly cops POLICE OFFICERS STEPHEN HARVEY and MICHAEL MOUNT in Peterlee, County Durham, assisted by two cowardly uniformed cops with faces blanked out taking the meaning to restrain beyond what it should be, when they grab suspect David Healer and throw him facedown over the station desk and twist his arm up his back until he yells for help and is heard screaming. What we don't see is the accused struggling beforehand or attempting to be violent, he suddenly becomes the victim of an assault calmly executed by two cops who couldn't care less if they are seen on camera. This ITN NEWS footage has now been seen by thousands of people on the Internet 11/5/2012. One can only hope these cops are arrested very soon, and experience what it is like to be the accused suspects themselves.


' 67 Humberside Cops in Data Misuse Case '

THIS QUICKLY BURIED STORY OF 2011 -- involving The Humberside Police Force has revealed that 35 police officers were involved along with 32 police civilian staff.  One Police Officer was dismissed and 34 other police officers were subject to an internal Disciplinary hearing -- it involved serious breaches of the Data Protection Act --- the misuse of the Police Database Computer.  The story broke and briefly appeared in The Scunthorpe Telegraph in connection with 'The Big Brother Watch' group and Daniel Hamilton reported that police employees had been running unauthorised background checks on friends etc. It was said that this obtained info could have been used and passed onto criminal gangs and drug dealers. This story utterly disappeared.....why? and who was able to influence this move?


' Former Woman Cop cons colleagues '

EX-POLICEWOMAN RACHEL HEWITT of The North Yorkshire Police, pleaded guilty at Hull Crown Court to charges of fraud and misconduct in public office.  It is said that between 2009 and 2011 she falsely obtained money from fellow colleagues, saying this was needed to help her ailing daughter get treatment that was too expensive for her to bear alone.   A spokesperson said she could face up to twelve months in prison.


' Belfast Cop faces 38 charges related to Computer Misuse '

POLICE OFFICER ALAN MACHINI was suspended from duty after being charged with illegally obtaining information on twelve people via unauthorised use of the police computer. It is stated that he was bailed to appear before Laganside Crown Court, and is yet to enter a plea regarding 30 counts of obtaining personal data without authorisation.  The other eight charges were not specified in the news brief.


' £60,000 Damages for victim of Police Assault '

VICTIM BABAR AHMED was beaten and abused by four police officers when arrested --- officers: POLICE CONSTABLE NIGEL COWLEY, POLICE CONSTABLE JOHN DONOHUE, POLICE CONSTABLE RODERICK JAMES-BOWEN and POLICE CONSTABLE MARK JONES were said to have attacked the man in Tooting where the incident took place.  They were all members of The Territorial Support Group.  They are summoned to appear before the Westminster Magistrates Court.  Follow up news obtained revealed 'amazingly' that one member of the accused officers - John Donohue got promotion to Detective level!!


' Man sues Cops for Libel '

MOTORIST MARTIN EDWARDS decided to sue the Gwent Police who had used images of his wrecked vehicle in a drink-drive campaign.  He said the pictures showed personal documents clearly visible in the photos that identified him.  Martin spent six weeks in a coma after the accident that was totally unrelated to any kind of drinking accident, and was not involved in a drink-drive accident.  'This clearly brands me as a driver who smashed his car up in a drink-drive incident' he said.  The police declined to comment.


' Police Van Driver in Drink-Drive Arrest '

POLICE CONSTABLE IVAN ALLONBY a police van driver in the Cumbria Police Force, appeared before Newcastle Magistrates charged with drink-driving.  The officer based at Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria denied being drunk after being accused of it by the station sergeant.  District Judge Gary Garland rejected his defence and banned the officer from driving for twelve months and fined him £700.   He now faces a disciplinary hearing.


' Cop spared jail time over fatal crash '

Another cop on the escape list -- POLICE INSPECTOR PAUL STUBBS of The Lincolnshire Police received an alternate sentence -- A Suspended Sentence, after crashing into a parked car in a Burton street --- The jury waived the 'death by dangerous driving charge' and convicted him of 'death by careless driving' giving him a 36 week suspended jail sentence -- suspended for two years. He was additionally given 150 hours community work and disqualified from driving for three years.  The force indicated there would be a 'misconduct hearing' to decide his future with the police?


' Police Chief Inspector dismissed by Merseyside force for porn downloading '

CHIEF INSPECTOR MARK BREW of The Merseyside Cops was dismissed from the force after being found guilty of gross misconduct at a two day disciplinary hearing.  The Cop who was also assigned to firearms and was in charge of around 100 other policeman had been downloading porn on work phones and sending inappropriate texts to two other police females.  One incident mentioned was his use of a junior constable who he had drive him 200 miles home from a conference.  It was said he was in charge of 'The Matrix 'disruption teams'


' The other story on Commander Dizael -the disgraced Police Officer '

WHISTLEBLOWER OR CONCERNED VIEW?  Former Detective Sergeant Christopher Hobbs puts another not mentioned angle on the 'Dizael Incident and Saga'  --- He categorically says that the former Commander of Police at Scotland Yard was disliked by many colleagues and that the brass were terrified of him.  He says that they even backed off when Dizael published a book which more or less defamed everyone while he was still on the force.  Hobbs says instead of taking action against him they promoted him to Commander a year after doing the book.  He says he was turned against when he suggested writing about a light-hearted look at the time working for the Met in Jamaica, and all hell broke loose!


' Under-Cover Cop of the 80's accused of setting-off Firebomb '

SECRET UNDERCOVER COP BOB LAMBERT has been accused of setting off the firebomb in Debenhams in the attack on the store in 1987, one of three co-ordinated attacks by animal rights extremists. This story was released using Parliamentary Privilege by Caroline Lucas, leader of The Green Party.  She said information that POLICE OFFICER ROBERT LAMBERT under cover as Bob Robinson infiltrating the Group as a member planted the device in the store and set it off, and Geoff Shepherd who served four years along with member, Andrew Clarke (three years) say he was the third activist in the bombing who was never caught -- for obvious reasons! Lambert denies this today saying it was necessary to give the others the impression he planted the bomb at the store in Harrow....and says the proof is not there to show he did it, but only proof of his involvement as authorised to be so by the police authority.....which was legal under the Intelligence Network Powers at the time.


' The Six incidents and no officers named '

INCIDENT ONE: THE KILLING IN A CAR PARK BY GUN COP -- Involving The Greater Manchester Police, and the investigation into the death of Anthony Grainger, who was killed by one single shot to his chest by an armed policeman.  THE IPCC say that the officer will be 'criminally interviewed' -(whatever that means), over his actions.  No weapons were found in the victim's car, who was killed when he stopped for driving a stolen vehicle in Culcheth, Cheshire.

999 CAR KILLS STUDENT --- This incident concerns the death of student, Xuan wei Zhang who was a student at Birmingham University. He died after the unmarked police BMW on response hit him and caused him to be thrown through the air like a 'rag doll'...and to make the situation worse, the student was on a pedestrian crossing.  The IPCC say the officer who was driving has been suspended from motoring duties?

THE RACIST EIGHT COPS -- Scotland yard are responding to allegations that police inside who take calls, dumped 999 calls if they were from black callers or Asians.

ANOTHER COP ARRESTED OVER RACISM -- A Met Police Inspector from the Barnet Area of North London was arrested on suspicion of committing 'Racism' by the use of 'aggravated words and behaviour likely to cause harassment or alarm' -- he was suspended from his duties?

ANTI-TERRORIST SQUAD OFFICER -- was arrested in connection with 'The Hacking Affair' in the Operation Elveden brief --- his home was searched by officers in connection with the payments to police investigation and was questioned on suspicion of misconduct in public office?

RACISM CLAIMED BY FIREFIGHTER --- Edric Kennedy MacFoy claimed he was assaulted and tasered by a group of police officers, and was arrested without just cause.  He said he was going to assist the five officers dealing with a disturbance, but things turned ugly when he was assaulted by a police inspector, police sergeant, detective constable and two constables from Harrow Police Station.  The cops actually charged him? and at Brent Magistrates Court he was found not guilty. His solicitor issued a formal complaint against the officers complete with details of the incident....but so far, none of the officers have been suspended...what a surprise?


' Racial Incident at Police College '

A 20 YEAR OLD POLICE TRAINEE, A SIKH, from Nottingham made allegations that they were racially abused by a police Sergeant at Ryton Hall Police College at Ryton-on-Dunsmore in Warwickshire.  Warwickshire Constabulary and the PCA said they had launched an investigation on receiving the complaint.


' Cop gets £840,000 after being framed by colleague cops '

ASIAN POLICEMAN SULTAN ALAM was awarded compensation of £841,000 because he'd been framed and jailed on false testimony by colleagues who wanted rid of him. The traffic Officer was with The Cleveland Police Force. It all began with him accusing fellow cops of racism as he lodged the claim with an employment tribunal. In 1994 he was about to conduct himself in the tribunal, but was suddenly arrested by a relative to a senior officer who he had complained about. Incredulously, he was charged with handling stolen goods and car-ringing....several officers had colluded and went on to perjure themselves at the court which resulted in him being given an 18 month prison sentence. When he got out, he decided to pursue the bent cops and get the evidence against them because he wanted to clear his name. It took him until until 2007 and at the Court of Appeal they quashed his previous conviction and found that several police officers had deliberately misled and suppressed evidence that could have cleared him. Four officers were charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, but they all got off due to the Police Federation and its lawyers.  He then turned to the civil court and took out an action against the Cleveland Police Force and Chief Constable. At Leeds County Court, the Cleveland Police admitted to having made a malicious prosecution and misfeasance in public office.  Judge Andrew Keyser congratulated Mr Alam on his perseverance over 18 years to get justice, who gave the large payout for a combination of damages and injury to future earnings brought about by the damage to his reputation. It was said he lost his marriage, home, freedom and everything due to a vile conspiracy originated by hate and carried out by the law that was supposed to protect him and fight crime.


' Detective arrested over street attack on wife '

FORMER POLICE DETECTIVE IVAN ESACK was arrested over the stabbing of his wife Natalie in a high street in Ashford. The former detective with one of Britain's biggest police forces was taken into custody, and the knife at the scene retrieved in evidence. The Kent police told reporters that an Ashford man was in custody. Statements said the Detective was originally from Middlesboro and the victim was his wife who was an hairdresser at the salon in Ashford where the murder took place. Reasons tendered were that she had walked out on him.


' Suicide Police Chief was under investigation '

DEPUTY CHIEF CONSTABLE DAVID AINSWORTH who hanged himself was under investigation for making lewd and inconsiderate remarks which had attracted twenty four complaints against him. He was head of the Wiltshire Police Force with a £110,000 a year job. Before that, he'd served in the Kent Police for 22 years. It was said that he felt abandoned by the police force and under close scrutiny making him a pariah. As he waited for the investigations to begin he told close colleagues he was subject of a 'witch-hunt'


'  UK Police Reputation is over-exaggerated '

The Police Federation and Government always claim that the British Police Force is a model of perfection that the world admires? but is this true? NO -- far from it, We show you just a sample on this site of what they would prefer not to be seen -- in this country or around the world.  We show you their indiscretions and many court cases to back this fact up...the past and present is consolidated to make this a fact, we exaggerate nothing, but instead of isolated incidents without a thread to string them, we collect, investigate and wait until the collection can be put together like a jigsaw, trapping the overall picture for public view.  Yet, the police force go on with the charade....and that is the propoganda.


' Cop discovered buying badges from the BNP '

The Met Police began an inquiry after a cop from an elite squad was formally disciplined by Scotland Yard. It said it had read a message from the BNP Member Martin Roberts saying ' Another Happy Customer, the Met Police, thank you'  The order for the badges was not paid out of police funds, said the police -- the badges emblaze the names of far-right groups - combat 18 and blood and honour. The Police said this was an internal matter!


' More Corruption in the Met Police '

As the phone hacking scandal continues and concentrates on how many players were involved and how many cops took payments.....we begin with the case concerning a Detective Inspector, and two Detective Constables taking pay offs (story emerged May 2012) --  One former Scotland Yard Detective arrested was Cliff Knuckey who rose to the rank of Chief Inspector who incidentally set up the Yard's 'anti-money-laundering unit in the 1990's is currently accused of bribing a serving officer.  Lawyer Mike Schwarz of Bindmans LLP told the Home Affairs Select Committee that possible cash payments made by Rise Management Ltd hired by Nigerian Fraudster James Ibon (a former Governor who was recently jailed for 13 years after admitting to fraud charges involving £50million). Schwarz accused Private Investigators Rise Management of serious illegality which involves apparent corruption right at the heart of Scotland Yard -- that being The Proceeds of Corruption Unit -- and that the detectives appear to be the key players in the operation.  In answer to this, Scotland Yard said they were investigating the allegations that illegal payments were made to police officers for information by a private investigation agency.  A fourth policeman was arrested (23rd May), he remains in custody after voluntarily attending a police station interview on suspicion of bribing a serving police officer.

The above case is not over and is set to go on for some time, but it is most certain that some stable doors will be closing because the 'horses' will have already bolted for a 'safe-house'....and from there to foreign parts.

Private detectives were in the news again, central theme being that ex cops were involved in data misuse and all things rather dodgy -- Channel 4's 'Watching the Detectives' programme featured the sale of private data and criminal records of members of the public. Illegal personal data checks carried out by a company called Xfor run by Mick Fisher, a former Detective Inspector with the Manchester Police.  He was aptly named - Director of Compliance. It showed guys within Xfor able to access communications for a price with no questions.


' The spanking sessions the police didn't want you to know '

CYNTHIA PAYNE, now much older re-emerged to recall the memories of her trial, and the house that hosted sex parties and the many clients, who numbered judges, Senior Police Officers, vicars, MP's, bank managers who came with their fetishes ranging from spanking to whipping and stranger than that. Now in her 80's she is able to look back and realise how the judiciary and police got too afraid to let her continue.....which it did in some way as police tried to cover up this side of things in the force, and the infamous 'SPANNER TRIALS' in 1990 - 1991 was used to satisfy this.  It started with the Bolton Police and four tapes -- and those were obtained by the police interfering with Her Majesty's Mail? not that this actually worried them, they found no real crime which only fuelled them up.  Despite looking foolish, they opted for a crime of conspiracy to corrupt public morals? as if!  This began an investigation costing the taxpayers £500,000 -- and they had to get a result.  So they went out and arrested fifteen males engaged in spankings and whippings under the banner of Sadomasochism -- The charges were considered ridiculous by criminologists brought into bolster the case. Even the Psychiatrists consulted  said many couples and people including police officers were doing this kind of thing themselves albeit behind closed doors and clubs.  The Prosecution at the trials made no mention of this in court as they knew it would ruin their case on day one. It was the Obscene Publications Squad E8's intention to promote an official or legal 'norm' to sex and punishment in order to get 'sex' re-set on a level whereby they could get more authority. The Squad had suffered setbacks in the 80's due to internal corruption inquiries that nabbed one of their men.  They now climbed on any moral bandwagon and were well aware of getting their fingers 'burnt' on 'gay issues and literature' mistakes that backfired on them and outraged the gay community.  SPANNER enabled Detective Superintendent Michael Hames to take advantage of the ruling made by Judge Rant -- and sought more new powers to pounce on the public and grab their video collections and anything else such as family photos with children in them.  After words by The Law Commission, it became obvious that the authorities were prepared to waste time and money covering up why the Spanner case had been launched, and how police had made a farce of British Law -- making perversions unlawful in a society that regularly enjoyed them, including police officers!


' Police lose case to keep photos of innocent suspects until they are 100 '

A Schoolboy of fifteen challenged the police in court after they refused to remove his photo after no charges were brought against him.  The police calmly told him they had the right to keep all photos of suspects on file until they were a hundred years old, but The High Court disagreed saying the police had no right to retain any photographs of suspects who have never been charged, and to do so was a breach of the Human Rights Act. The judge reviewing the policy said that it contained 'no adequate distinction between those who are convicted and those who are either acquitted or not even charged' --- the only drawback revealed was that he allowed them to hold onto details of the alleged offence on the national database of the police computer?

POLICE STORE PHONE DATA STORY -- linking this to the above, a report has revealed that the police are storing huge amounts of personal data from mobile phones of innocent people who have neither been charged or convicted of any offence. Flying contradictive in the face of the above court win, the cops are gaining access to website connections, e-mail messages and stored private data when they seize phones from suspects, Scotland Yard said the retrieved data could be held indefinitely.

THE £70 MILLION PHONE FIASCO FOR COPS -- Taxpayers cash is being 'woefully' spent on providing police officers and staff with 'Smartphone's' and extra devices to relieve them of the burden of paperwork it is sad.

'SECOND JOBS OF TASER TRAINING FOR COPS --- It now seems that more public money is being spent on cops training cops to use taser guns.....offered to 'off-duty' police officers.  A Watchdog Inspectorate has revealed that twenty one police forces were involved in a scheme that supplements their salaries.  Some 10,000 police officers are now being trained to fire tasers.


' Police Sergeant admits murder attempt on Wife '

POLICE SERGEANT JOHN KELLY admitted to strangling of his wife and partner Audrey when he appeared at the High Court in Dumfries, Ayrshire. In court he admitted strangling her until she was unconscious and hitting her several times with a saw.  He previously denied the charges in interviews and remained suspended after his arrest -- he was stationed with the Dumfries and Galloway Police Constabulary.


' Police Detective confesses to killing his partner '

A FORMER POLICE DETECTIVE PETER FOSTER was given a sentence of seventeen years in prison after he stabbed Heather Cooper, his partner, and colleague Detective Constable in the Surrey Police Force.  He appeared before Lewes Crown Court and changed his plea to guilty to the murder of the mother of two young children.


' Special Branch -- National Security, or another agenda? '

THE SECRETIVE PART OF POLICING -- Scotland Yard have always tried to get past the secrecy object of this special unit at its headquarters...it is a unit with unique powers, and mostly unaccountable and not transparent -- It is in the realms of spy-catching, guarding Royalty and VIP's and often works with MI5. Its other roles are less distinctive and not declared, and more often than that shrouded in mystery.  But from the 1970's it became obvious they were doing other work on a more 'local' level in society as a general --- infiltrating groups such as protestors, activists and anyone else challenging the structure and fabric of government -- and doing this using the 'terrorist' tab in attempt to justify any and all infringements of Human Rights and Natural Justice.  In 1984 they raided local peace groups - Earth and Greenpeace, hiding behind a trumped up ' search for leaked cabinet papers' armed with a warrant issued under the Official Secrets Act. As you will have guessed by now, no papers were found, and no charges brought --- it was a fishing raid to get information on those groups.  In one poignant case, West Midlands Chief Constable Sir Philip Knights admitted 'two years later' after the Special Branch incident -- that their raid on Madeline Haigh masked by ' an investigation into mail fraud' was bogus and its real intention was to gain access to information on members of a local protest group she supported and worked with.  Of course, for those who cannot determine what the Special Branch are? - they are in fact -- Britain's Political Police Force who work with MI5.  This Scotland Yard special team carry out surveillance on all manner of activities including the Internet -- keeping data and observing conversations and traffic through the Web.  One main reason they act as a colleague to MI5 is because they have the power of arrest and MI5 don't.  Special Branch have access to using the CID Squads throughout the city and constabularies, as and when required. One thing that worries MP's is people/suspects considered as 'subversives' -- people who would contemplate the overthrow of government by 'unlawful' means -- hence the reason for the secrecy surrounding Special Branch. Members of Special Branch are actually recruited from the ranks of the Police Force -- and one of their remits is 'Public Order' and the maintaining of it their way?


'   The Harassment of 'Gays' by The Police '

'ENTRAPMENT' -- A ploy frequently embarked upon by the police who act as ' Agents Provocateurs ' -- actively behaving in a provocative seductive manner to encourage the intended victim to react in a way that can get them arrested.  Most cops see this as saving time -- otherwise they'd be at the 'target zone' a lot longer and more to the point; without a single arrest.  Those that were 'entrapped' were charged with 'Importuning for immoral purposes' --- police morals in doing this were not addressed or questioned, because many beat officers considered gays as scum and thought they should be eradicated.  One particular case altered things, one they failed to see coming.  The status quo on police confidence in this area was going to be shocked, -- They bagged MP Keith Hampson in a Soho Night Club for Gays, and charged him with the 'indecent assault of a plain clothes police officer' --- apart from the protests by the manager of the club, the timing was bad, and Parliament got wind of the case and rushed through amendments to the procedures -- that required that plain clothes policemen should not act as 'agent provocateurs ' --- the MP was acquitted by the jury much to the annoyance of the Met Police's Solicitor who said that this gave a signal to the public that police officers were therefore liars.  However, The Obscene Publications Squad were hungering for a better position in Scotland Yard and the chance to get more convictions led them into committing a bungle of enormous 'silliness' --- a raid by 50 cops on a Kings Cross public house where a gay disco was in operation proved to be very law-abiding, and they only seized one man for 'drunkenness' which behind the scenes -- annoyed them. So, they raided a Gay Bookshop called 'Gays the Word' and seized 800 books --- then continued with the onslaught by raiding the offices of Gay Rights, which only led to embarrassment and official charges against the police of harassment by GALOP.  Then two men began taking civil proceedings against the police, encouraging others to begin many more.   Meanwhile, the police had left their 'back door open and unlocked' on this tirade of ' a queer bashing spree ' --- and gay men in the police force suddenly found themselves and their position in danger! --- they were hiding behind the manly show of a police uniform keeping their secrets from colleagues -- and the witch hunt was about to turn inwards and cause a great change that was on the horizon........ A Met police constable found himself being told to resign or be dismissed by a senior officer who'd discovered his secret life. Two Hampshire police officers who were living together were torn apart and posted to different police stations, and told to end their relationship. Another young constable was asked to resign or face suspension after an off-duty cop saw him going to a Gay Public House... all of which began to cause concerns for the Police Federation who had turned a blind eye to what was going on, but were now becoming involved with rights....something they had dismissed for the arrested gay men.


' The Tottenham Shooting -- Police change their story '

SUSPICIONS in the public domain began when the police began ' evading' questions about whether the victims had been armed? -- Two versions by them hit the Newspaper headlines -- The Standard ran ' Police in Shoot-Out' alleging that the two men shot had been shot in a 'Gun Battle' with police -- and in the article, the two men had been described as 'Gunmen' by police.  In a later edition the headline 'shoot-out' no longer existed and was replaced with ' stake-out' -- and a police statement saying the two men were 'unarmed?'   The Standard got the two quotes from two senior Scotland Yard officers connected with the Operation -- Deputy Assistant Commissioner David Powis the operational Head of the CID and Commander Frank Chater -- Head of the Robbery Squad.  The statement pre-empted the findings of an inquiry into what happened by justifying the action of the two officer who shot the men. They further said that the two men were shot in a struggle?  The police game was getting busy and working out (conspiring) what the next move might be to calm the press. They said Danny Carey and Alf Ficken had been given a 'warning' before the shooting (their word only for that) and that they were satisfied that the two Detective Sergeants who shot the men were totally justified?  However, the story did not disappear as quickly as they'd hoped and the only witness at the attempted robbery, Marjory Simmons the Post Office Counter Clerk, contradicted the 'struggle' claim and also said that she heard no 'warning' given by the two officers. This totally went against the 'hand to hand struggle  version' by the police, and within days new disturbing allegations appeared in The Sunday Times revealing that in addition to the two officers 'only' referred to in evidence at the inquiry, four other police officers were in the building at the time of the incident -- and they were unaware of the two male intruders?  The police followed this by refusing to discuss the case so that it would go away........for obvious reasons too!!


' The Deaths in Police Custody '

NOT A SUBJECT THE POLICE LIKE TO TALK ABOUT, LET ALONE DISCUSS? --- But we are going to take but a few sample cases to illustrate the 'secret situation of police cells and the abuse of police power' --- and examine the subject via data obtained and past occurrences that were documented.  Figures issued by the Police on this as we see it are deliberately 'low' and inaccurate for reasons we well know --- therefore we shall treat the following as suspicious and vastly reduced for public consumption.  In as far back as 1983, they 'admitted' to 43 deaths, and 18 of those happened in the Met Police area. Strangely enough, a watch group INQUEST remarked that this was unusually lower than the previous years. They said this was worrying in that the police might be massaging the figures to gain favour in a time of public mistrust of the police.  These figures were supposed to have come from The Home Office Unit.  In the years following, the information seemed to be getting less and the interest in custody deaths fell out of the public's interest, which of course, suited the police.  It only resurfaced when a 'high-profile' death occurred, mainly through a court case or Journalist Paul Foot featuring a case he saw as suspicious on his page in The Mirror.  He with others, such as Inquest were increasingly alarmed at strange decisions being qualified as ' suicide due to a lack of care' that began to accompany custody deaths, when it was often discovered the victims had 'bruising' which was not accounted for, and dismissed as self-inflicted.  We shall now look at a sample of these cases taken from a large file we have. ----

'THE DEATH OF LEON PATTERSON IN CUSTODY' -- He was found lying naked and in handcuffs on the cell floor at The Stockport Police Station. Deborah Coles of INQUEST said ' At an earlier hearing, a verdict of unlawful killing was made -- but on appeal after disagreement between medical opinions, it had been changed to a verdict of 'misadventure' which was a damning indictment of his treatment -- the attitude of the police and police doctors was one of callous indifference and appalling neglect'   (Patterson suffered heavy bruising in police hands)

'THE DEATH OF BRIAN DOUGLAS IN CUSTODY' -- He was taken after his arrest to Vauxhall Police Station, and was found dead in the cell with a 'fractured skull'.  Medical opinion suggested this was the result of a police baton. The Brixton Community were outraged and called for a public inquiry into his death.

'THE DEATH OF SHIJI LAPITE IN CUSTODY'  -- The death occurred while he was held at Stoke Newington Police Station. At the inquest Robert Howes in giving evidence, said 'there were terrible screams like someone being hurt'  It was further disclosed that officers unknown? had kicked him about the head -- Counsel for the victim and deceased said one of the assisting police officers, Constable Jonathan Ridley was lying to assist his brother officers.

' THE DEATH OF JAMIE STEWART IN CUSTODY' -- Incarcerated at Holloway Police Station, -- this incident caused people to look into the behaviour of the police, and officers at the station came quickly under suspicion.... as the medical examination of the deceased found that his tongue was cut and that no other bruises were found?  But it emerged later that there had been a violent struggle in the cell with several officers before his death. Another young man in a different cell said he could hear the banging about and crashes along with cops swearing and telling others to 'give him it' --- That young man lodged a complaint on his release. It also emerged that Jamie was handcuffed when they threw him into the cell -- and the young man said ' they went in mob-handed to teach him a lesson'

'THE DEATH OF JOSHUA WARD IN CUSTODY' -- This young man was arrested and taken to Whetstone Police Station. The medical examiner said that he died from a 'fractured skull' --- This incident might have been accepted it were not for one person, -- his father was Detective Constable Jon Ward, who was very unhappy with this explanation...he had visited his son after the arrest and talked to him in the custody cell, and was perfectly convinced that Joshua was lively and healthy --- he said 'there is an answer and I am going to get it whatever it takes to find it'

CUSTODY DEATHS TOO STRANGE TO IGNORE -- A call for a Commission with far-reaching powers followed after several similar cases and the fact that 75 black men had died in police cells....the final prod to get one going arrived when teenager Philip Knight 15, and 23 yr old Garry Grace met their deaths in police cells....and the list unhappily goes on.

DEATHS IN CUSTODY ARE SAID TO BE AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL FOR EIGHT YEARS -- A new report (2012) has indicated that 230 people have died in cells  (prison too) making a fifteen percent rise. Last year alone their were 229 investigations carried out by the PPO. 

IPCC FAILED TO CAUTION DEATH CUSTODY POLICE -- Although the IPCC interviewed police officers  in the case of the death of Olaseni Lewis in 2010 after he was pinned to the floor at a mental hospital, none of the 11 cops were under caution (as required).  The High Court has now decided to re-open the inquiry because of 'the bizarre set of circumstances'  The family claim that he was handcuffed and held down for 40 minutes after being restrained by police.


'Police Corruption and Staffordshire Police Corruption '

TWO STRANGE ONES HERE -- The Police Corruption site that was organised and set up by a police officer suffered its demise because the police were very unhappy? probably with the name of the site...though it was said they were embarrassed by the fact it was a police officer running it. This in later months disappeared and the site was no more...there was no explanation given for its vanishing act, but reasonable deduction points to the force putting pressure on the officer involved.  As for Staffordshire Police Corruption...this was again short lived and the man behind it claimed he had a huge dossier on bent cops and more, as he had been secretly following them and had documented every transgression he could along with taking some photos at the scene. Perhaps the strangest outcome to this was that he changed his name to 'Staffordshire Police Corruption' by deed poll, which must have caused some strange moments whenever he filled in forms....however, he too seems to have disappeared despite him feeling so strongly about his cause.....we have been going three and a half years, slowly building......and have no plans to quit, in fact quite the contrary....we do not have enough hours in the day to upload the backlog of material that is destined for the site because of the bulky files that need our attention, so we will be here for many years...maybe with different servers and hosts, but that's the nature of sites that are controversial and disliked by those we feature!


' Police Officer rebuked over 'handcuffing' of an 84 year old '

POLICE CONSTABLE ALAN TWENTYMAN of The Greater Manchester Police was told by the judge at the inquiry that 'he was heavy handed in his approach to this elderly confused pensioner who suffered from Dementia' he further went onto say ' that it was degrading treatment and totally ridiculous and beggared belief' ... 84 year old Alan Bailey was described as 'frail' and frightened at the time of the incident, he had no family present when police and health workers decided to bundle him into an ambulance....who died a month later, and there are suggestions this contributed to his death. Joyce Robins of Patient Concern was quick to accuse the police and all concerned -- she said ' It was absolutely disgraceful' ---- Detective Chief Inspector Koran Sellars tried to justify this as he spoke to reporters, but then...of course he would!  The Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy wanted to look more concerned in his reply and admitted that a policeman should not have been present and said it was 'inappropriate'........ wriggle, wriggle....that is police procedure, and always will be in cases like this.

NB This has happened before and with the same police force -- Cheadle Heath Police Station, and a 91 year old woman who was suffering from dementia. It also involved the same Social Services Department too -- this fact was revealed by Caroline Blood from Bramhall, Cheshire.


' Police Officer dismissed for drunken abusive behaviour '

POLICE CONSTABLE PHILIP JOHASS was dismissed at a tribunal held by the Met Police after it was heard that he abused a Pakistani takeway manager at a railway station. The abuse whilst not 'tagged' as so is thought to be racial in motivation because it was said he told the man to 'f....king go back to your country'   he also used that definitive line ' Do you know who I am? --- I'm a Police Officer' which is one of those arrogant remarks often wheeled out by cops who can't get their own way. The case was heard by a Judge and Court first, but the judge failed to recognise racism it is said and ruled on the abuse side of the argument! Mr Nazir, the owner of the take-away was said to have refused the officer and give him cheaper food in recognition of who he was! ....this is not the first case of its kind...we have already mentioned a few others similar to this.


' Spot the tendencies? something vaguely familiar throughout '

POLICE INQUIRIES -- It might involve up to fifty officers, or in other cases twelve or so, but when one looks at the average case involving corruption investigations, only four to six officers are actually 'bagged and tagged' in nearly all the major cases on this site and in the research....why is that? and how is this really possible? in plain terms it isn't, it is obviously fixed. There is nothing random about the reoccurrence of this same low figure being present in all court cases and internal investigations, it clearly shows 'an allowable number being given up for damage limitation'  It doesn't wash that a mere handful of officers in a police squad or station carry out criminal acts without any of the others being aware of it.....one often hears the term 'buddy boys and cops watching out for each other'.....so it defies logic that a few remain undiscovered committing crime or misbehaving.  What you have here is a system, an internal think-tank that works out who should go and who they can pension off or move to another district to save embarrassment. 


' The Outrage against P.C.Harwood '

THE CPS have much to answer for, as well as the jury who were not allowed to hear previous information on Police Constable Simon Harwood who walked free from a court after being the contributor to a man's death. Harwood used his baton on Ian Tomlinson and aggressively shoved him around before the man fell to the ground and suffered a heart attack. The jury at Southwark Crown Court agreed that Mr Tomlinson had been unlawfully killed, yet came to the decision that Harwood should go free.  Many protestors are looking forward to this cop being brought before a civil court for damages....one can only hope the damages will be extraordinarily high.  A rough biog says Harwood joined the Met Police in 1995....in April 2000 he was accused of road rage and unlawful arrest...in 2001 he retires on a full pension due to ill health?......within months he's back as a civilian worker on computers......in 2003 he transfers to the Surrey Police Force......in 2004 he is accused of assault by a suspect....later he applies to be in the Territorial Support Group.......in 2005 he is seen assaulting a man by a member of the public....in 2006 he is accused of attempting to steal a mobile phone and threatening violence.....in 2008 he is caught unlawfully using the police computer to check on a motorist who'd been in a road accident with his wife...later he tussles with a fellow cop after he is stopped in a speeding check.....in 2009 complaint about a violent arrest by Harwood made by another officer....later he hits Mr Tomlinson who dies as a result of his actions.


' The despicable police campaign to jail a gay man'

We go back a few years and home in on THE LIVERPOOL MERSEYSIDE POLICE......seemingly tough on crime and inventing it too.  The victim, a gentle timid man Jonathan Dutton led a quiet gay life, but loved meeting people, young people but not underage if he could help it. His generosity came first as sex really took a back seat...he liked company and helping those who needed it. One young man did and after a while realised he could extract more...so much so that they eventually parted.  Years later this meeting was to have a disastrous effect on the life of Jonathan. The boy now grown was going out with a Policewoman...and between them they hatched the idea to have him, especially as the boy had been bitter when Jonathan wanted him to go.  The two then accused Jonathan of engaging in underage sex...but Jonathan remembers that this didn't take place...underage or after coming of age. But he was now up against the police and the pressure was on. False Testimony was sworn and he was arrested...his lawyer was fairly inadequate and did little to challenge the police which resulted in him going to prison for a year. The Papers ran the story and Jonathan's house was trashed and made unfit to live in. It was only at his appeal; and an outside High Court Judge, that saved him from more prison. The Judge said there were inconsistencies in the police evidence that should have been seen by the defence solicitor, nor should the jury have been directed by the judge who made bias comments throughout about Jonathan's lifestyle at every opportunity.  Even after his release he felt frightened when police came near, and they did regularly! and it later emerged that the policewoman was helped by colleagues to fabricate evidence against Jonathan.


'Outraged Man to sue Police Officer over 'Gay' comment'

THE WEST MIDLANDS POLICE were officially informed that a complaint against a police officer would be pursued by a 42 year old Landlord.  The man who was not named said his life had been virtually demolished by an officer who told his teenage son that he had arrested the boy's father in a 'gay' toilet previously, causing the married man's wife to walk out on him.  He said his two teenage son's are now shocked and confused.  Civil Rights Group, Liberty's Legal Officer Philip Leach said they were handling the matter, and would push for the 'inexcusable' officer to be disciplined or dismissed besides damages.


' The 'Catch 22' -- Bent Cops seek to hide behind '

CONSTABULARIES, THE POLICE FEDERATION, Judiciary and legal practices are making moves to suppress the revealing of police officers names who have been arrested, but not appeared in court.  They say it causes the families of these cops distress, and attempt to dress it up as 'a defamation characteristic' --- they add to it by saying they have not been found guilty in a court ---- somewhat laughable really.  One is told that police work and investigations are thorough and not in the least based on flimsy or unsupportable evidence...yet this line falls to pieces when a reporter gets to know that several officers have been arrested or suspended in suspicious circumstances.  We have had proof supplied to us by way of 'secret' documents, taped conversations etc, that some of these cases after being discovered have been dropped 'without explanation' or a little chat with the CPS has resulted in 'it not going further' and that ambiguous 'insufficient evidence' --- we know that just before some court sessions that talks have gone on with the judge prior to hearing the case have suddenly come to an abrupt stop with the case being taken off the day's listing.....and no questions are asked.  Why should it be taken as a sign of proper justice when a cop charged with serious offences is considered innocent just because the CPS have decided to drop the case....what about the evidence that certainly existed up to that day, who sees that? not the public....only the police, the lawyers and the Judiciary...what you would call an imbalance of the scales!

Who can get rid of evidence? -- The Police......and deal making lawyers......because disclose rules allow for certain things to be left out in the interest of ?  Security, Police Intelligence, not in the public interest....and a whole lot more they can make up by interpreting the law to their own ends.  This is British Justice and the Law system we have in place.....and it all smacks of 'cover-up' and the corruption of natural justice....those in power cannot risk challenge or anything that exposes their activities....even injustice and evil has to be protected! ...and they will go to extraordinary lengths to make sure you don't find out.

We of course will go on looking for more and naming them despite their attempts to get us off their backs....it's what we do as an organisation.....exposing corruption is our goal.


' Merseyside Police Officer filmed hitting youth '

The Liverpool Police admitted that a 31  year-old officer was under investigation as a result of a mobile phone film that was showed on the Internet...lasting around a minute.  Although the incident of a drugs search happened months earlier, the film shows the young man being hit around his head from behind.  This assault would not have been known or admitted to if it had not been for the film said a reporter ' luckily these days, phones can do what videos did...and that is something the police haven't got used to' he said. The Police said they couldn't comment until a thorough investigation had been completed!  (Monday 13th August 2012).


'Oh What Lies the Police do Tell '

LYING IS ALMOST MANDATORY FOR THE POLICE, Woman Police Officer Rachel Hewitt who worked in the North Yorkshire Police Force, was jailed for eighteen months after her appearance at Hull Crown Court.  The court said she told lie after lie to her bosses and colleagues for months telling everyone her daughter was battling cancer.  Unknowing that this was made up, the force gave her compassionate leave to be with her daughter, and the sham went on for two years....and in that time she was off to show jumping events and she even let colleagues donate cash....her daughter was perfectly well, and so was her sister, ....they were promoting their equestrian careers.  The traffic Constable joined the force in 2009 and wasn't caught out until 2011....and she resigned in disgrace.


' Concentrate on Public Crime, not what the Police do '

POLICE CRIMES should not receive the harmful publicity it does! --- A plea in an internal memo to the IPCC from The Police Federation and backed by The Association of Senior Police Officers which says the following -- ' We'd appreciate your cooperation in maintaining a good image of policing that can only be achieved by the removal of adverse publicity given to disciplinary cases and internal inquiries that make their way to the public domain by an unknown route.  Morale is of the utmost importance as you will no doubt appreciate and is of great importance, and that can only be aspired to by not arming our critics '  (supplied by blogger/hacker V)


' Detective shows contempt in court case that collapses '

DETECTIVE CONSTABLE ANDREW WOODWARD caused a judge to abandon an 'armed burglary trial' because the police officer was making 'faces' at the defendant.  It was said that whilst in the public gallery he shook his head at various comments and questions so much so that the lawyers became very concerned with his behaviour, and reported it to the judge who halted the case on the grounds of 'conduct and behaviour of the police officer '   The Stockport policeman who works in the Chorley CID said he was disappointed at the judge's decision.  A retrial has now been ordered -- the trial was already in its second day and costs were already in the thousands, which has to be borne by the taxpayer.


' Cop charged who ran a brothel '

Northumbrian POLICE CONSTABLE PHILIP TATE faced nine charges of misconduct in public office when he appeared before Newcastle Crown Court -- the charges related to him managing and keeping a brothel, plus a drugs offence not specified.  He was suspended from the Northumbria Police who said the investigation was still ongoing and that the policeman would appear in court again in October (2012).


' Facebook 'Troll' and vile messenger turns out to be a Cop '

While hunting for what they thought was some teenage yob on the Internet sending vile messages, they never expected it to be a fellow policeman.  POLICE CONSTABLE LEE RIMELL who is based at Stechford Police Station in Birmingham was not suspended after being arrested. Nicola Brookes was hounded for months with messages containing abusive language and threats after she wrote a message on a site supporting an X Factor contestant. It was not until her appearance in the High Court that she learnt who her bullies were...it appears that the officer has now been bailed while a full investigation is carried out by the Sussex Force who seized a computer with traces of the hacker on it.


' Cop caught cheating on Insurance is nicked '

Insurance Investigators could not quite see how a relatively small car accident could result in such a large claim so they decided to have the man under surveillance -- that man was a cop -- POLICEMAN MICHAEL HORE of Herne Bay, Kent.  The Judge at his eventual trial actually halted the case and told him it would be better if he pleaded guilty.  Filmed evidence revealed too much for Hore to challenge despite his invalidity claims.  The fraud involved a 'vehicle accident' -- although there was only £15,000 of damage, his claimed injuries did not make sense.  He feigned the image of someone badly injured and unable to walk properly.  Secret filming showed him pulling out a boat and attaching to a vehicle, and then going off to the sea for a day out on the sea.  He was given 12 months.


' Crime Scene Officer is Arrested '

Senior Investigator STEPHEN BEATTIE was arrested on the charge of Perverting the Course of Justice and Theft.  The arrest has led to new enquiries concerning previous cases he had worked on while with the Cleveland Police Force.  Beattie also worked with the Staffordshire Police in 1996 to 2002.  As this is a criminal investigation, the police are giving no real details, only that they have contacted some in prison who were there on his evidence and going back through records of it is said '90 cases' that may be tainted.  It is said he was suspended in February 2011 and arrested in May.


' Judge issues warrant for the arrest of Police Worker '

Elidon Habilaj who worked for the Met Police and a member of the SOCA team is being sought by the authorities after it was discovered he had faked his UK application for a passport.  On being exposed while he was with the Serious Organised Crime Agency he fled abroad before he could be apprehended.  A Crown Lawyer has made suggestions that this was a 'very sensitive case'


'Two Cops charged over fatal restraint of patient '

POLICE CONSTABLE MAURICE LEIGH and POLICE CONSTABLE NEIL BOWDERY are to appear before Medway Magistrates concerning the restraint of a 52 year-old patient who died.  The IPCC along with the CPS decided to charge both officers with 'misconduct in public office ' after completing their inquiries.


'Essex Police in fatal car accident fined '

MAGISTRATES IN COLCHESTER FINED THE POLICE £60 after it was revealed that a police patrol car that had a collision with a civilian vehicle whose driver died as a result of the accident, had a worn tyre that would fail the normal test required under a MOT.


' Unarmed Man shot six times by Officer '

It was revealed after a wait of 6 years -- that the inquiry into the shooting of Azelle Rodney was shot at six times by one officer only referred to as 'E7' as the man sat in the back seat of a Volkswagon Golf when it was forced to stop in a North London High Street by three unmarked police cars.  The inquiry stated that the tip off was initiated by The Customs and Excise people!  The police were never shot at. What is apparent here is the six years! obviously to fix a story and make other investigations difficult to proceed.


' 1000 Cops caught speeding in the South '

A report in BBC News South revealed that in the region of a 1000 police officers were caught speeding and only around fifty of them were charged or given fixed penalties (Jan 2013).

Whilst Speeding is the topic here -- In 2005 a freedom of information request revealed that 303 officers from the North Wales Police received fixed penalties for exceeding the statutory limits, but strangely only 29 cases resulted in a fine being paid?  The report went on to say some documentation disappeared completely?

The South Wales Police Force refused to give any information about their speeding cops.


' Cop assaults pregnant girlfriend '

FORMER POLICEMAN MATTHEW CHERRY was jailed for ten years after he appeared before Winchester Crown Court. Cherry was with the Dorset Police when he burst into her flat 'masked' and repeatedly punched her, which resulted in the loss of her baby.  The Judge described it as a 'callous attack' on a girl he once fancied when she was a constable but they later fell out.  The Police confirmed that at the time of the attack Cherry was a serving police officer. It was said that he left clues at the scene that he probably did not intend to leave.


' Private Prosecution against two police officers '

A COURT CASE AGAINST MET POLICE SERGEANT GARETH BLACKBURN and DETECTIVE CONSTABLE STEPHEN MACDONALD is about to go to the Crown Court.  The Private Prosecution was brought before Westminster Magistrates Court in Aug 2012, it accuses both officers of Kidnap, False Imprisonment, Aggravated Burglary, Affray and misconduct in Public Office. At this point we have no info on who brought the case or the date for the trial, but we will get back to this when the facts arrive.


' The Store Theft and Two PCSO Cops accused '

Police Officers SHANE ALBOROUGH and JAMES NOUCHIN appeared before Snaresbrook Crown Court on a charge of theft from a Tesco Branch Store.  It is said they were both on pilfering sprees and seen by the store detective taking chocolates and household items. It said the pair were both searched and a number of items were discovered....the store manager on realising they were officers on a beat...decided they were not just ordinary customers and gave them a chance to pay, but couldn't and then tried to put items back on the shelf. When arrested they insisted they were going to pay, but the prosecution said this was not the first time it had happened.

Pc Shane Alborough was found guilty and ordered to do 200 hours of community work and pay costs of £600.


' Woman Police Superintendent accused of stealing from ASDA '

POLICE SUPERINTENDENT RACHEL ADAMS of the Kent Police was suspended after being accused of shoplifting from an Asda store -- taking £30 of make up articles and walking out of the store without paying for them.  It is said she became Area Commander of Medway in Kent and previous to that - Detective Chief Inspector.  She is now on bail until October.


' Misconduct Investigation into Chief Constable '

CUMBRIA POLICE AUTHORITY have suspended their Chief Constable STUART HYDE for alleged serious misconduct.  They are not releasing any details and have only described the charges as relating to ' standards of professional behaviour'  Chief Constable Hyde is a serving officer of 29 years experience.


' Back to the Hillsborough Police lies and deception '

ITS 2012 and the Hillsborough Cover-up will not go away despite police attempts to do so.  The CPS knew about the cover up (that is dealt with in Featured Lawyers so go to that page) yet did nothing.  However, that aside, it now appears the establishment had a big hand in steering the enquiry and derailing it.  The Police have been manipulating the case from the very start, even smearing dead fans was allowable besides the rewriting of accounts and altering statements.  Misinformation was routinely spread to get the attention off police officers and lies were concocted to falsely prove the police case!  Doctored evidence was entered into the inquiry, and many cops and lawyers already knew they did not tell the truth, but that did not matter in the light of a whole police force failing to act correctly and honestly.....they had to be protected by government and the Police Authorities...that was their first and last priority.....now the public have demanded explanations....but will they ever really learn the truth?

RECENT DEVELOPMENTS: The IPCC has publicly announced that they will undertake a huge investigation involving the interviewing of many officers involved.....some are dead of course, some retired, but they claim it will be thorough and charge those involved in perjury etc.  The Chief Constable is taking early retirement, which effectively means he will probably get away with it...because illness and retirement before charges are brought to court ends up with a cop not being subject to a trial.

THE HILLSBOROUGH SAGA -- Recent newspaper reports say ' Police Officers COULD face charges' which is yet another ambiguous statement.....this has been seen over and over in these big cases where officers have been named and talked to, investigated and reprimanded behind closed doors..... Could isn't will be.....so don't hold your hopes out to see any officer go to jail......other investigations of this sort that we have shown end up in the poorest return -- a couple or maybe four.....but often NONE.....they merely slide away to retirement.....the public will turn to something else like 'Pop Idol'  or 'XFactor' .....much more important.

POLICE MAY BE FORCED TO GIVE EVIDENCE -- Yet another ridiculous episode of the Hillsborough Police Saga that should be laughed at --- The Police Federation will swoop all over this with indignant replies of unfair tactics against a 'union' body that will be resisted immediately.  They will roll out the manual and conditions of service before any Government Brief can say 'boo'   --- Yvette Cooper Shadow Home Secretary proposes to compel Officers to give evidence? --- Come off it, Yvette....it's time you lived in the real World....if your lot get into power you will shelve and make no mention of this......and then cosy up to the police and back them with all your might.

200 COPS TO BE INVESTIGATED? (says The Mail)-- I think we saw something like that in the failed investigation  'Operation Countryman' -- it sounds good....but when you have the so-called investigation being looked at by the CPS and DPP man Keir Starmer who says to the Press ' The purpose of this investigation is to identify what the focus of any further criminal investigation should be in order for The Crown Prosecution Service to determine whether this is now sufficient evidence to charge any individual or corporate body with any criminal offence' meaning in translation --' we shall make sure there is no large cop hunt, no harm to morale, and with luck, they will have been crafty enough to dispose of any relevant evidence that might implicate them and the force' hence a good result!

THE IPCC GIVEN 1,444 POLICE NAMES IN COVER-UP -- The latest news now says they have ONE THOUSAND, FOUR HUNDRED AND FORTY FOUR POLICE OFFICERS INVOLVED? --- but as you will be aware of now, it hasn't bothered the police one bit.....we have noticed over the years on this site amassing cases against the police that they are becoming impervious to criticism and adverse publicity -- the public have made it possible for them to shrug off any attack on their 'feigned respectability'                The Hillsborough Inquiry suggests that 164 police statements were 'altered' and 116 were 'removed or changed'  --- The sheer scale of the Cover-up has been known for a very long time, yet it is now being looked on as a shocking piece of news!!      There is no way the Government or Police are going to let 1,444 cops be investigated let alone charged -- you will find that as little as four officers are actually 'got' and they will retire if they haven't already.....this whole thing on wanting to reveal the truth is a stunt, ruse or worse, to make it all go away and disappear --- it is pure theatre and grandstanding!

In 1989 there was a probe into 'Police Corruption' at Hillsborough....were it was said that some officers asked for money in return for allowing supporters without tickets into the Leppings Lane end where many fans were crushed.  The claim was revealed by South Yorkshire chief Constable Peter Wright in a report that went before The Police Authority.  It was one of seven complaints made against police after April's F A Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest.

ANGER MOUNTS AS INQUIRY GOES INTO SLOWDOWN -- Not really unexpected here, as news begins to say that the investigation has made 'very little progress' into the 'Scandal that will not go away'  One can see that the Police are trying their best to shelve this incident and have no cops netted....that is their objective and agenda. The new update says that not a single person or organisation has been held to account for the 96 deaths in 1989 and Professor Phil Scraton author of 'The Hillsborough Report' doubts that the  IPCC investigation will ever get the truth on police misconduct....he said that this isn't a truly independent body, and that casts a shadow over the commitment to find the guilty ones....especially the police.  All this delay and slowdown doesn't tally with the report of a year back that announced there was a major cover-up by police to avoid blame.

VIDEO EVIDENCE MAY HAVE BEEN ALTERED says the by-line reports into more Hillsborough news.  The QC representing the victims, Pete Weatherby told an Inquest that video handheld footage shot by police may have been edited before it was handed over to an expert....suggesting doubt and possible altering by police.

ANOTHER INSTALMENT -- 'The Mystery Gap in Police Video' ....... the Saga goes on without any conclusion or police arrest for that matter.... and that looks unlikely as this matter is being kicked around the public arena until the ball goes out of play!   One now learns that  the Met Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe is to be subject of an IPCC investigation..... as he was a former officer with The South Yorkshire Police at the time.  19 former or serving officers have declined to be interviewed or failed to respond to requests by investigators?  And finally, the 20 minute recording which is incomplete by ten minutes!.......which remains unexplained...... What Next?

POLICE HACKING CLAIMS AT HILLSBOROUGH -- more news on the situation saga, that tends to lead nowhere mainly due to police grandstanding, and the 'invention of complications' (skilfully enacted by crafty lawyers who work for the police). An inquiry has now begun into claims of 'police phone tapping' on the victims families.  Relatives of 96 dead Liverpool fans were said to have been put under police surveillance in 1989,  Campaigners for the truth, say that telephones were monitored and post opened in the years after the disaster.

HILLSBOROUGH COP SAYS HE WAS 'WARNED OFF' BY SENIOR COLLEAGUES -- A new revelation goes forward to prove a cover-up as former South Yorkshire Cop Frank Brayford claims that several days after the disaster he wrote up a report and it was suppressed by senior colleagues.  His testimony comes as the Hillsborough issue is in a new round of inquiry.  The former Chief inspector said that he was told it was not in his best interests to discuss his report or talk about it.  He also says he was visited by a 'mystery policeman' claiming to be from The West Midlands Police Force (they were brought in to investigate after the disaster).  Under questioning he admitted that he failed to take this report to Lord Taylor's Inquiry.

UPDATE 2015 -- SENIOR COPS TELL OFFICERS TO BLAME DRUNKEN FANS --- In a new twist to the case that won't go away, a report says that 'on the ground' officers at Hillsborough were briefed by Senior Officers who told them to blame the events on drunken football fans.  It reportedly goes on to say that Chief Superintendent Terry Wain issued an order 48 hours after the disaster telling patrols to look on the M62 motorway for beer cans for evidence and photograph fans behaving badly in case this evidence was needed to throw off the blame.

HILLSBOROUGH POLICE CHIEF ADMITS LIE --- First we have denial, denial and more moves going over many years, and now the 'retired' cop in charge at the time says 'the gate lie was a major mistake'.... Former Chief Superintendent David Duckenfield possibly thinks that the admission given now will absolve any blame and pacify the relatives of the dead.......but this has been denied and remained secret since 1989, showing that a cover up was entered into, and sealed down tight until 2015, and this cop is in retirement.  He realises many fans and the police knew the truth that we'd opened the gates and let a huge number of people through causing a danger to the capacity of the ground and safety.......and the police went on to lay the blame on fans saying that they had forced the gate open.

HILLSBOROUGH COP DENIES CONCOCTING STORY ABOUT DRUNK FANS -- The twisting saga is most likely to end in going nowhere, and no prosecution.......this epic tale of corruption will soon be railroaded by the police and government......Sir Norman Bettison who was a Police Chief Inspector at the time, resigning in 2012, has denied having anything to do with making up a story in a conversation with another officer.


' Dismissed Police Inspector killed family '

POLICE INSPECTOR TOBY DAY was said to have strangled and knifed his wife and killed his daughter before turning on himself.  This evidentially took place one week after being sacked from The Leicestershire Police Force.  The Inquest said his older children survived despite stab wounds inflicted at their home in Melton Mowbray.


'Back to the Mark Duggan Inquest and why was he shot dead?'

An inquest which should be titled ' police invent gun story to save face' opened with a 'concealed' officer behind a screen giving evidence almost a year after they shot Mark Duggan -- which sparked off the riots.  We've all heard about the U.S. Cops and the 'throw away' gun situation at a scene where they've shot the victim but found no weapon.  An officer gets out a gun (that he is carrying -just in case) and throws it down near the victim -- the gun is of course untraceable-- it is then admitted into evidence as the weapon used at the scene by the man they apprehended in order to prove the cops acted 'properly'  This scenario is well documented -- what we have here is a cop giving evidence a year later saying he found a gun near the scene?


' 347 Children held in Police Detention '

A Report reveals that children as young as eleven are held in police cells (but we revealed that three years ago), and some are detained in cells being categorised by the station officers as 'mentally ill -- being held under the Mental Health Act.  Some being left for 24 hours, many being paranoid and delusional suffering from fear and distress.  The BBC Programme 'World this Weekend' pointed to a more serious aspect of police locking youngsters in cells -- some said they were treated like criminals, which was by no means unusual for the police.

'Troubled Children being held in cells' and others 'being held in adult detention centres' --- Reports that 305 children as young as 10, suspected of having mental disorders were being held in police cells, and that young immigration applicants were still being kept in adult detention centres despite having committed no crimes.  Despite the Authorities admitting that 'this situation is harmful to young minds' The Children's Commissioner seemed unable to give any meaningful answer to solving it.


' Cop is dismissed over treatment of boy in custody '

POLICE CONSTABLE STEPHEN HUDSON had his career ended over a clash with a suspect youth of fifteen.  The Prosecution labelled the boy as 'simply cheeky' and that the officer had over-reacted. The boy it was said had refused to hand over his property (in his pockets) before being placed in the police cell which then led to a confrontation.


' Children 'Tasered' by Police happen 140 times a year '

An Official report has revealed that the Police have used Taser guns on children 140 times, and that it is believed that youths who are subject to taser shocks face potential fatal health problems.  Police are continually using the taser which delivers a 50,000 volt charge at the victim.  The report went on to say that the cops had used the gun in almost 4,500 confrontations, and that it is being used more as each year shows.  Lawyers have come forward to say they represented 'young clients' who are a high risk to cardiac arrest, and that the use of the taser on the young should be prohibited........the Taser of course, was introduced by the American Cops to this country in 2004, another one of those nasty habits imported from the USA.  The Home Office admitted to there being 12,000 tasers on the streets - mostly used by trained officers!

TASER USE ON CHILDREN RISES IN THE MET POLICE -- A report says that in London's Capital, that police taser incidents on children has risen nearly six-fold over four years....between 2008 and 2012, there were 131 incidents were cops used these guns on kids.